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The purpose of this website is to educate, provide resources and tools to comprehend paranormal, anomalous phenomena and specifically for  Experiencers/Alien Abductees. 

Within this website you will never find a place where we ask for money, ever! We may direct you to stores, services or to reputable clinicians who do charge for their services. However, we created this website for the soul purpose of education, to increase your knowledge and unde

Table of Contents of this Page: “Introduction of Alien Contact & Human Evolution”


This Introduction is described through my personal experiences as an Experiencer/Alien Abductee, which has been within my complete, conscious awareness for the last 23 years. Although, it was clear to me that I had been experiencing and confronted with unusual, paranormal and anomalous events since childhood. It is my hope that the information provided within this website can help those who find themselves in similar circumstances, to find a way through those experiences into understanding, awareness and realization.

There are many Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Physicists and people involved in Scientific Research who are enthralled by the UFO and Alien Abduction Phenomena. They study these events with great sincerity, clarity and interest, not unlike Dr. John Mack, Psychiatrist of Harvard University. You will find a wide range of responses to the question, “Are these experiences and events valid, REAL phenomenon, or are they constructs created in the minds of those having these experiences for a host of reasons associated with Mental Illness”. Consequently, many who experience these occurrences keep them to themselves and never share them either with family or openly, which is much worse for their mental health.

Either way, whatever is true, people throughout the world with seemingly no connection, persons with no access to media, and persons of differing Socio-Economic levels and Education, are experiencing a “Constellation of Experiences” that lead Scientists to the conclusion that those purporting these events are not fabricating these experiences.

Many clinicians are trained to see these experiences as a departure or considered Abnormal, from what is perceived as “Normal”. There are just as many people in different disciplines throughout the world who absolutely believe that these experiences are happening and REAL.

The bottom line is that whoever believes these experiences are happening to them, are experiencing something. The Scientific Research associated with Brain Waves, Meditation and these kinds of Paranormal Events support this supposition. Something IS happening within the Brains of those who have these experiences.

Alien Contact and Human Evolution seeks to address the most significant aspect of living a life well-lived, which leads each and everyone of us to confront either through experience or intellect our consciousness as an Experiencer/Alien Abductee. I believe the most important attribute a human being can develop is using the opportunity of their life, to develop and evolve, to exceed ourselves and work to live beyond our self-perception, our biology and our enculturation. When you look around this world do you SEE those around you attempting to be the best part of who they are capable of being?  Or do they settle for mediocrity and accept a life lived by other’s expectations and cultural perceptions?

Do we just  exist, moment to moment to survive, or are we driven to find and choose meaning for our lives? Alien Contact and Human Evolution acknowledges that none of us, or the abductees I have known, as children or even as adults, ever seeks to see the world differently than the norm. Each of us, at least initially in our childhood, wanted to fit into our culture of origin. And it is very clear that each of us on this planet lives in our own world and seeks what everyone seeks, fulfillment and happiness. Yet, it continues to elude the majority of the 7 billion & 80 million people living on Earth.

Joy S. Gilbert,  April, 2012

In creating this website, Alien Contact and Human Evolution, I did not wake up one morning and decide that I was an Experiencer/Alien Abductee, a Starseed or a Contactee and that was IT. Nor had I determined that my departure from the status quo was something I was looking to add to the paradox of my existence. Life can be difficult for everyone here on this little planet and I certainly wasn’t looking to add to mine. Rather, my intimate and deeply personal experiences were clearly present and teaching me about the world behind the veil long before I realized what was happening. ..

Heaven and Earth



Remembering had been a life long process. Consequently, there was profound knowledge around Awakening to these experiences, which is something in this culture you do alone. I did reach out in the early stages of my Awakening, after I wrote my book, to a well-known and respected researcher. He was lovely, kind and respectful but in no way understood the invasive nature of these events that had been happening to me since childhood and throughout my life. Nor did he comprehend the spiritual implications toward Universal Awareness. He understood these things in theory, in his intellect, but not in reality or application to life.

The implications of these events for me were predominantly spiritual in nature and design. They were not spiritual in the way many people “think” of spirituality. Rather, they were logical and pragmatic. They made sense of this world, allowing me to REMEMBER why I was here and who I was in reality. While these experiences were traumatic, they were also exquisite and filled with more knowledge than I could even begin to “think” or speak. Language can never convey the amount of knowledge and awareness inherent, within these experiences.

Yet, these Beings were very clear about the direction they wished me to move in and  I felt profoundly compelled to fulfill both their requests, my own awareness of them and my life’s imperative. In other words, I did not follow blindly. I took all that knowledge into myself and assessed for myself what this phenomenon was all about, what it meant to me and what it meant for others. My Ego was completely shattered. There was nothing more I could have experienced or known that was outside the box of accepted and our “Consensual Reality”, than these shocking and traumatic events. I knew speaking about these paranormal experiences and being authentic in relationship to myself and within  my relationship to others, could have intense consequences and they did.

The Beings were essentially guiding and giving me direction on how I was to move forward, which in and of itself was overwhelming. Throughout my life they had been guiding, protecting and teaching me, which was something I had always been aware. But, I had not previously realized they came in ships and that they were Extraterrestrial……until that night, twenty-one years ago.

In the early years, after they made themselves completely known to me and I REMEMBERED who and what I was, I most certainly experienced a deep resistance. I knew that I had been born into this dimension/world to go into Enlightenment in a human form, which I did. But, it was clear that I had to walk away from my life and those people, ideas, places and things that did not connect with my purpose, my work or my soul.

Ironically, these residual ego feelings did not impact my ability to move forward with my awareness and understanding of these events. I unequivocally knew that I had come into this dimension to forget who I was and again be Awakened, to go into Enlightenment. I say again, because these are experiences and patterns, which I have been involved in and participating in several times…That is, I have previously come into this dimensional reality to accomplish the same mission or tasks.

This process effects all people and all life in the Universe, because contrary to popular, intellectual belief, Awakening and Enlightenment are physical events.. Just the term ENLIGHTENMENT allows us to recognize and realize ourselves as who we truly are. Enlightenment in this dimension can only occur on a cellular level to be effective in altering the consciousness of all life, which is it’s very purpose.

Enlightenment has never existed or been experienced just as a philosophy! It is a physiological event, from which you can never go back. Once that state is breached in form you cannot return to the habitual patterns and lower levels of consciousness that existed while you lived in the world in your slumber and ignorance. No matter what the appearance or what the action is around you, you are completely and utterly AWARE!

When someone chooses a path to Awaken or go into Enlightenment in their physical form, their form effects everything in all dimensional realities and Creation. Even physicists tell us that all life exists as a dynamic exchange of energy with everything else in the Universe. I saw behind the curtain, which is where I now live. Entering into this state of consciousness fully meant that I could never accept mediocrity, ignorance and the impermeable sleep states existing on this planet and within humankind, without working on whatever level available to me, to help human evolution.

In time, I was able to overcome the internal paradox I initially experienced. It was clear to me on all levels that these precious Beings were my true family. They were sweet, kind and the world I live in now with them, is eons away from the world designed by those people who want humanity to stay ignorant, arrogant and asleep. Further, whether people like me or not, whether they understand me or not or whether they believe me or not, my work continues to be profoundly fulfilling and my only focus. I am living my authentic self. I do not allow others to determine my life experience. I had always known that these Beings were here with me. Still, having the physical experience of Awakening, I REMEMBERED that I was not what I appeared to be and no one is.

Now tell me, how would you go about sharing these experiences with someone who was not having them or someone who had lived in the world in a profoundly different way than you? After all, I studied both Eastern and Western philosophy. Still, I am certain you can see the issues here? How can you find the resolution in a culture that denies the fact that Extraterrestrials and Interdimensional Beings exist?

Okay, now forget everything I have said and just imagine anyone, trying to convey these experiences in an intelligent way? Yep….It is really not an easy task to accomplish. Yet, I do it every moment of every day. I make the effort to share this knowledge with others, because I think it is important for humanity to comprehend its present circumstances, which is a part of the message the Beings share. This knowledge doesn’t just flow through me, now does it? But there is a bigger problem here and that is the fear, doubt and secrecy.

Here you can see a picture of how they appear as they come into my home. They are entering into the roof of my bedroom, which is on the second floor. For more pictures you can go to  Pictures Ufos & Ets   

Ultimately, these events are profoundly and deeply spiritual. While I can share much of these experiences with others, it often feels off the point. Of course, only those of us who are having these experiences now or have had them in the past, but do not completely remember their connection to these events,  recognize their traumatic and profoundly life shattering nature. Experiencers/Alien Abductees have not just thought or read about these events for fun, we have the experience of these Beings and the worlds they live in, which they share with us.

So how could someone who does not have these experiences comprehend the effect that these Beings may have and continue to have on my life and other Experiencers/Alien Abductees, in consciousness and awareness within this human life experience? I do not say this to diminish significant life experiences that others may have. I recognize the power and value of all life experience. I only wish to point out the shocking, shattering, and cultural devastation that these events bring to those who have them. Many of the Experiencers/Alien Abductees that I have met over the years do have a difficult time reconciling their experiences with the world as it appears around them.

It  is  my hope that for those who have recently become new to their involvement within this phenomenon and for those who wish to understand these experiences, but may not have as yet had the experience, that this website will help those Experiencers, their families and their friends deal with these life shattering events!

Certainly, no one gives a speech on career day in high school stating that, “When I grow up I want to be an Alien Abductee”. When I was having these experiences from a very young age, I realized that they could not be shared with others. I learned to keep the things that were happening to me private and away from those who could not comprehend these experiences.

As I was experiencing these paranormal events throughout my life, I couldn’t comprehend what was happening myself! So, how was I to understand what was going on, except through studying at University and the knowledge I gained with Maharishi and living with Tibetan Lamas. While a part of me always remembered who I was, the part of me that had become enculturated into this society and now existed in a physical form, longed to keep this knowledge at bay. The fact that this phenomenon is devastating, causing people to react to my sharing these events with fear and laughter has never been lost to me… But, often what people believe has nothing to do with the truth. Here in this situation, whether you believe in these Beings or not, doesn’t make them any less real.

It actually felt as if the Beings did not want me to remember anything when I was very young, until I was capable of handling the shock of it. In the minds of the majority within this culture, including my own, I would have been perceived as having some psychological issues, which is the case today.

There are those out there who do assume I had a break with reality, which is fine with me. Because I think their perception of reality is derelict and absurd. Their minds and their lives are very small. So, while they are laughing at me, I could be enjoying a laugh at their expense too. But in reality, I really don’t think much about what others may think.

Maybe at one point in my life I cared what others thought, but that was a very long time ago.  I have developed the inner and outer strength, which defines my own mind and my own character. What people think of me, I have learned has nothing to do with me. As a result of all my training with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Gyaltrul Rinpoche and His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche and the years of study at Universities, I was able to overcome the delusional perception that this life I live was about me.

Of course, when the Beings came for me and stayed with me, as they have IN EVERY MOMENT OF MY LIFE since they told me, “It was time to Remember and that I was theirs and not my mothers,” I was liberated or free. They also told me, “You are in this world but not of it”, which I understood completely. It is very clear to me that I do not come from this place or this Universe. I am visiting in an attempt to help awaken mankind. Consequently, I am comfortable with my life experience here. Particularly, because I know unequivocally that I will go HOME when my work and commitment here is completed.

While I may listen to others I respect, I always determine my own life experience, which commits me to the responsibility as well.  I stopped allowing others who would define or tell me what I should think, how I should act or what my experience of my life is, many years before this event. I had always tried to look inside myself and see what it is that I feel and know to be true for me, deep within my soul. Then, I go with that….understanding, because my life is a gift that I was given to live and evolve. So, when I make a mistake, it is my mistake and I have no one to blame but myself. Obviously, I did not always do this well, but I have always made the effort to work on myself instead of blaming someone else, which is profoundly ignorant.

Presently, I am not OWNED BY THIS CULTURE OR THIS WORLD. But, some part of myself, when I was younger did try to fit into this culture and this world.  In my early years, as is the case with many children, I just wanted to please my Mother and Father. I had experienced an enculturation in this society through the information they conveyed, the church I attended and the educational institutions where I learned about the phenomenal world. But, it was my work studying psychology, neuroscience, religion, philosophy, death & dying, with Maharishi and in particular with Gyaltrul Rinpoche a Tibetan Lama that truly taught me how to live in the world successfully, at least my perception of what success truly is.


As a child I was always aware, watching and collecting information about the intrinsic issues that affected my life, the evolution of humanity and the well-being of all life on this planet, not that I understood why! While I loved my family of origin here, I never felt that we were deeply connected. Their focus on life was something I did not comprehend. It did not seem rational or relevant to focus so intently on what you could “get” from life and not what you could “give”. It just always felt off. And it was clear that my family did not feel connected to me, either!

When the Beings came for me that night on January 31st, 1993, it was shocking. I didn’t want to believe what had been happening to me throughout my entire life, as the Beings made it absolutely clear that I was a part of them and not of the world I saw around me. During all my spiritual efforts and academic studies over the years, I never thought there was a possibility that these Beings, who had been my guides and what I perceived were Angels, were Extraterrestrials and/or Interdimensional Beings!

So, the realization that these Beings, who had been with me my entire life were Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional; and that they had ships for interstellar  travel, was completely outside my accepted reality. I felt blindsided and I experienced a “Shock and Ah” that was not the news media kind. This shock and the moments of terror I felt was something I experienced incessantly during the first few days, weeks and months. The Ontological Shock was staggering.

What was my life really about and who was I? I could hardly speak to anyone, nor did I want to. Speaking these things out loud would only force me to hear and therefore I would have to accept. I couldn’t deny that what had been happening and continuing to occur over the course of my life had taken place. It was real. It had happened. You see, I remembered too much to pretend it wasn’t happening or that it wasn’t real.

In those first few days, weeks and months, I desperately clung to the hope that it was all just a  “dream” and I would soon wake up. I hoped that it would all fade away quickly. Then early on in this process I realized that “they” were still with me. While I was comforted by the fact that I knew they would never leave me, these events caused me to reassess everything and every moment of my life.  Although, I believed what had happened, how could I not, I still needed to integrate. It was definitely an uncomfortable process. But, it was a lot better than being asleep and not remembering where the information I seemed to know inside me had come from, as well as the experiences I seemed to already know.

It was as if I had died to this world and I needed to go through a process, which was very much like the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. I seemed to have a foot in both worlds and neither was real, which I experienced as pure transcendence, a place of silence. I remember trying to bargain with the Beings, to keep my life as it was, as I didn’t want to disrupt my daughter’s life, my life or my relationship with my husband. That didn’t turn out to be something I was capable of accomplishing. I had changed and while I wanted my life to remain the same, it could not. I was not the same.

I thought that integration would be the most difficult aspect of dealing with these events. But, I was only fooling myself. I thought I could integrate these experiences. But these events live outside the mind or thought entirely, as I had understood it.  Integration was an absurd construct. The only thing I could do under these circumstances was to “Let Go”!

The real difficulty came in the awareness that I had been taken into another world, their world, which I soon realized was the world that I was from. Then, I had been brought back into this world, never to be who I had been in the earlier hours of that day, before they came. After they showed me where I was from I was so intoxicated and in love that initially when they brought me back into this world, I did not want to leave them or come back into this dimension at all.

In order to allow me to feel okay about coming back into this world the Beings told me, “We will always be with you and you can come home in 2034, when your work is completed”. And this was the most important message I could receive from them. Because those words keep me focused on my work and allow me to be here and present within this insane and beautiful physical world. At this point I am not concerned with going Home or staying here. Still what a beautiful gift to give me so I would know how much I am loved.

In that moment of now and forever, I was changed. It was as if they had literally ripped away the delusion, the darkness and the ignorance of humanity, which plagues the Earth. We here on this little planet have allowed ourselves to become something other than what we were meant to BE. We have walked this Earth in sleep and ignorance for thousands of years, never realizing what our lives were really about or for.

Once you SEE the world and the Universe as it really is, you can never go back to being asleep or believing what the people who are ignorant try to feed you. You are AWAKE and you SEE everything as it is, not as you were taught or told and your mind is very clear. Belief is no longer an option. But what was left for me was to REALIZE how much more magnificent and powerful, yet sweet and simple the Universe is, than any human being could ever possibly “think”. The true experience of our precious human life outweighs any intellectual attachments, ideas or perceptions, existing in the mind, which do nothing but lead humanity into deep sleep states and ignorance.

Awakening to who I was, meant that I could no longer pretend that how I or others live in this dimension is acceptable. Knowing what was required of me also meant that I couldn’t live in the world in the way I had been living. I could not hide who I was any more. I needed to be authentic and my true self, as I had realized myself as a Universal Being and for someone who is Awake, authenticity is the clearest aspect of an Enlightened Mind.

Knowledge flows in and out of me with amazing speed and accuracy and I could not hold on to my old and small mind, which had ceased to have any significance to my life. Yes, you may want to say that I lost my mind….and I might even feel in-sane. But, I am so incredibly grateful to have lost my mind, because now I SEE. So, at the same time I may feel insane, I realize that I am only now, since these amazing Beings told me to remember, a sane human being living with the awareness of who and what we are.


These Beings have shown me a Universe filled with infinite nature of creation and mind, existing behind the facade of a world we “think” is real. As a result of these experiences I know I am HOME inside this physical body and that these experiences are more real than the life I thought I was living. While very few people in my life from that time, 23 years ago when they came for me, believed that my experiences were real, I still  found the strength, conviction and commitment to do the work I was born in this dimension to do. 

I realized that everything here in this reality that humans have been taught and attached to as real or fixed, is nothing more than an illusion. And if I buy it, I become delusional….The truth is that how people SEE their lives and the Earth dimension as created and maintained by the few, is an upside down version of the reality we truly live in.

Initially, in the moments that followed these experiences and  the impending awareness, I felt profound conflict. I felt a sense of isolation and separateness from the people around me. Of course, it wasn’t so different from the isolation and separateness I had felt from others throughout my life. Only now, it was clear as to why I had felt so far away and so foreign. For years I tried to understand the way people perceived reality and behaved in this dimension. I tried to fit into this world, as it was expected of me by my family and the culture, without any real sense of belonging or understanding why. 

Living simply to make money, buy a new car, get married, work, go to educational institutions and have children and then to work toward buying a house or two or three, all seemed to be going round and round and round with very little fulfillment. The ride although beautifully designed and executed, felt pointless and without essence. Not that I didn’t find incredible growth and love in studies, in being a Mother or Wife, but at the time I realized that it was not enough, nor could it ever be a sufficient replacement of the incredible joy of discovery and experience we have access to on this planet, which is our right, the right to our human evolution.

Further, it was very clear that there was no one around me, especially when I was young and in early adulthood that I could comfortably share these experiences with. Except for a few people, I had found outside my family and social environment, like the Spiritualists and Mediums I speak of on the Starseeds & Bodhisattvas page.

My life did not happen in a vacuum. I realized that every exquisite part of it had been designed and planned. Still, I was profoundly fortunate to have found Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in my late teens and early 20’s. His knowledge and the comprehension of the Universe he shared with us, his students, allowed me to understand that everything I had been taught in this western culture, did not represent or speak to the breadth and depth of human knowledge that existed throughout the world.

I remember my family thinking that I thought I was better than them, when I began to meditate. “Self-righteous and arrogant”, were some of the terms they used to describe me, as well as other unflattering expletives. I was a middle child and by my mid-teens I had decided not to accept the role in the family my parents wished me to  fulfill. I had always been very shy, which was something I realized later no one noticed. And most of my time at home with my family involved me being the caretaker for my two little brothers.

I did feel a connection with my youngest brother. He was 10 years younger than I and it was hardly an equal relationship. However, I always felt that I left him and I wanted to make it up to him, which I tried to do some years later. Of course, we all know that you can never go back. The other aspect to this issue is that it was never my responsibility to be his parent. Although, when he was very young I felt that he was mine, my child and not my mothers. 

I left home the first time when my youngest brother was 6 years old. I was 16 years old at the time and I was gone for several months. I came back home for a few months to graduate from high school. Then, I was off to be with Maharishi and the next time I saw my little brother was in 1972 when I came back from my Teacher Training Course (Transcendental Meditation) with Maharishi.  My little brother was 12 years old and living with my sister. I stayed at home for a couple of months, if that, and then moved to Texas to set up a TM Meditation Center with a friend who was also a  TM Teacher.  When I came back home to Seattle in 1973, I married and my husband and I moved back East, to Newport Rhode Island.

My older sister was an equity actress by the time she was 12 years old, which is quite an accomplishment. But, it meant that when she was not in school, she was gone, to the theater. I had to pick up the slack at home for the family. I didn’t really feel as if I had any significant value other than as a caretaker. My parents had inadvertently set up a very real competition relationship between my sister and myself. Consequently, we were never very close. My other brother was 5 years younger than I and he died of a drug overdose at 28 years old, two weeks before my marriage, to my second husband.

Instead, of being involved in the things that were happening around me when I was growing up, I would watch, feeling very much outside the family unit.

I had also been the easy child in a family of four children for many years, never asking anything from anyone. When I began to question the circumstances around my life situation in the family, I asked my Mother about her relationship to her children. She said, “The child that screams the loudest is the one that gets the most attention.” By that point my younger brother by 5 years, had gotten involved in drugs. It was the 1960s! I remember that I thought that that wasn’t a very intelligent approach to parenting. But, I know that she was trying to do her best and just telling me the truth, which I appreciated.

My mother’s statement began to fall a part for me when I hit my mid to late teens and found that I did not want or like the role my family had prescribed for me. I began to voice my opposition, which was not accepted well, as you can imagine. It always felt as though there was a chasm between their world and mine and I didn’t know how to bridge the gap. It was very clear that my family just wanted me to conform to their wishes, which wasn’t good for me. While I did go back and forth inside myself, trying to be a good daughter and sister, by the time I was in my late teens all I wanted to do was graduate from high school and get as far away from my family as I could. This behavior is certainly not unlike many people of that age. It is quite natural to want to make your own life in this world, yours and not become a product of your parents or family.

I was in my early 20’s when I started meditating, became a vegetarian and a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. 

While I did continue to make efforts to mend family relationships through University studies, counseling and reading anything I could, it seemed that there was just too great a chasm. I lived in Eugene, Oregon, which may be perceived as hippy land, certainly it was to them… They lived in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Consequently, I had only sporadic contact with them over the last 45 years. It has probably been around 15 years since I have had contact with anyone in my family of origin from this planet. 

When you are an Experiencer/Alien Abductee, until you realize what is happening you have no understanding of either the implications or the cost of those paranormal events in your life. However, you still have an awareness that there is a profound difference. You cannot help but recognize that the chasm is much bigger than many other people…. Finding it very difficult to communicate with anyone in my family for years, I just stopped.

It was true that I did not know how to share what had been happening for me with the paranormal, anomalous experiences that had been occurring throughout my life. It was  also true that my family did not really care.  My parents were busy working and trying to fulfill their commitments. They had very little time for their children, which is a common issue for many families. No one was really interested in what I was doing; my thoughts or what I was interested in doing with my life. As long as I fulfilled their requirements everything was fine, which I stopped doing at a certain point. Eventually, as young adults do, I created my own life, which was expressed a profoundly different focus than theirs. 

My family and the culture I was raised, seemed to focus on competition, monetary gain, status, prestige and who you know. I thought this was frivolous and not at all the way I wanted to live my life. While it did not feel right, as a child I tried to fit into their paradigms and to operate in the world the way I was taught, which proved impossible.

I just couldn’t understand how my family, the culture and the people who I saw around me, went to church and after attending church every Sunday, as if they believed the teachings of Jesus; they continued living out their every day life, in the dog eat dog mentality! “Get them before they get you”! There was the idea, in the 1950s that as long as you succeeded it didn’t matter how. I could never wrap my brain around those concepts. If I spoke of this cognitive  dissonance within me everyone told me I was crazy and/or just plain wrong.

I found this attitude was an issue for me throughout the years of  growing up in my perceived family of origin. I had learned that I could not share my perceptions with anyone until I started meditating with TM and met Maharishi. Even then, he did not want me to speak of these experiences. He explained that when you hold your experiences, keeping them to yourself in an aware and productive manner, you have the ability to develop greater awareness and build a powerful energy. Not talking about these things allows you to build the energy inside your body to expand your consciousness even further.

In Western cultures, to speak of these things invites those people who are entrenched in the status quo and they are happy to tell you that you are mentally ill. There is always “blow back” and someone who will happily impugn you. Consequently, for many years I did not share any of these experiences with anyone. I worked, raised my daughter and until the Beings came that night and told me, “It’s Time to Remember”, I had not spoken or talked about the things I knew or the people I had studied with for many years. I did not share with people openly that I had spent years with Maharishi and the Tibetan Lamas. I didn’t believe that they needed to know.

When the Beings came it was literally like being turned on and I was so happy and ecstatic to be able to be who I was in the world, finally. I am still very grateful to live my life, as I see and feel it from the inside out, instead of what others wanted me to be for them.

Our society makes it very clear to everyone at an early age that you have to become part of the status quo. You need to do what you are told, never asking the “wrong” questions and never “seeking” any “real” answers. “Don’t make waves!” How many of you were told not to make waves? I learned to hide and shut down until I became rebellious, which I believe was a powerful and healthy response to an unconscious environment that surrounded me.

An example of this would be what my Mother told me over and over again in my early years. “Men do not want to marry a woman smarter than they are.” “Don’t let them know you are smart or you will spend the rest of your life alone”.  My Mother was raised Catholic and lived in a Convent from 7 years old and on through the high school equivalent, in Ottawa, Canada. Of course now, I don’t care…But in her mind not being married was a very bad thing.  If I cannot be myself with someone I will be myself alone, which is a far better experience in life.

Beginning to meditate and being with Maharishi caused me to finally feel that I understood what had been happening to me throughout my life. So, I was in profound states of bliss and gratitude, because I had finally found someone in this world who was able to teach me about what was happening and what Maharishi taught felt true.

It was the first time in my life, I felt okay being the person I was and the person I wanted to be. This knowledge allowed me to feel an interconnection to life and a way to learn how to live that I had never previously experienced. I finally felt a level of comfort with my feelings of separateness from my family and the people I loved. As a child and young woman I was driven to find meaning for my life and humanity, which seemed to me to be filled with paradox and confusion.  Maharishi seemed like a part of the answer.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

(“Whatever we put our attention on will grow stronger in our life” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)


In his teachings Maharishi made it clear that when you are speaking about inner worlds and consciousness, it can have a great cost both energetically, emotionally and spiritually.  In Western societies there is so much arrogance and ignorance, as to what the Universe is all about and our level of consciousness. If someone reads a book on Quantum Physics, then they “think” they understand. While you are “living it” they are “thinking it”. But in their mind they believe, beyond all doubt that they know it. Those two realities are not at all the same thing.

Maharishi took the time to make it very clear to me that the experiences and perceptions I was having were normal, human experiences. He even went so far, as to say that human beings who were not having these experiences were not having normal human experiences.

Once I started meditating and studying with Maharishi over 45 years ago, his knowledge and teachings outweighed any feelings I had felt in the past of being displaced by the western, cultural perceptions of reality. Still, there was a process I had to go through, which I wasn’t aware of in my 20’s, of learning how to let go and overcome my enculturation, which had become a part of my biology, as well. I did not realize at the time that the profound connection between our body and mind, caused our cells to hold those memories. Although Maharishi spoke of this on many occasions, it was something I came to understand more clearly through studying Biology and Neuroscience at University.

As a result of this experience with the Beings, telling me, “It’s Time to Remember”, I had Awakened to the incredible knowledge inside myself, which is something that people in this culture may speak about, but do not truly respect. People want you to stay in a position that they can understand. Unfortunately, for the majority of people, their focus is on the acquisition of “things”, status, money, knowledge, degrees and power. Spirituality is often relegated to that tenet. People often end up without realizing it and through their cultural habit, using spirituality to amass information, which I perceive as spiritual materialism. It seems that what people say they believe and what they live are very different things. 

One might initially think that all these experiences are amazing and wonderful and THEY ARE. But, we live in a society that demeans these types of experiences and those people who are willing to share those experiences with others. Not to mention that here in western cultures there are constant reminders of duality, as perceptions of good and evil flood our culture and our minds. I realized all too well that Awakening to who I was, had just destroyed what I had believed was my life. At that moment, my life was rewritten, my past annihilated along with any perception of who I had thought I was.

My life had been touched by something profound, but outside the acceptable mores of the culture I was born. So, initially I thought, “How do I deal with this?” You know, it all felt like there was a particular path that was all laid out for me and I was somehow completely aware of how this “movie” was going to play out!

Dignity + Respect = Inclusion


It is important that you believe your experience and having been given a profound and unique gift, even if at first  you do not feel it is a gift, you have an opportunity. So what are you going to do with it? Do you pretend it isn’t happening? Do you become a victim? Or do you embrace the experience as a gift and use it to become a better, more conscious human being? I prefer the last approach, which for me meant that all my relationships and everything in my life changed.

First, I needed to determine the value and significance of these events for me personally, on a soul level, then for my life. If you perceive your experiences as valuable and life changing, then you find that you need to choose to experience a greater view of all life and your life continues to evolve and change. I found myself compelled beyond all sense or perception to become something else. My life is no longer about what I want.  It is about what others may need to awaken and this is where the natural flow of my evolution took me.

I realized swiftly that these experiences were without a doubt spiritual awakenings. With all the work I had done on myself and these events had pushed me over the edge of life between worlds and dimension, into emptiness, pure essence and the void. I was now living in all worlds simultaneously, which makes it impossible to pretend you are asleep. However, most of the people in this culture do not understand who these Beings truly are. Nor do they have the awareness to comprehend the fact that there are thousands of races of Beings, living within other dimensions and on other planetary systems.

Most Westerners give very little credit to the Masters and Teachers of Eastern Philosophies. However, for me it was only those understandings that allowed me to integrate, coming to terms with and comprehending the vast nature of ourselves as human beings and as a Universal Consciousness. The development of consciousness is what this phenomenon is all about. We are part of a vast, expansive Universe and it is within our grasp to understand and comprehend, if we choose.

People seem to think that in this culture you are the same after these events. For them it is just  another intellectual conversation and something they can think about for fun or a curiosity. Of course, certainly not everyone on this planet falls into this category. But for those who are like me or the millions of Abductees throughout the world, it is something we live every moment of our lives. And to live here in this dimension and agree with the status quo, which suggests that this world is real or even relevant, was no longer possible. 

I cannot pretend to be ignorant to what is happening in this Universe in relationship to our planet, which makes many people who are ego driven, very uncomfortable and maybe a little confused.

Tibetan Buddhist Rainbow Body of Light

(Above is a drawing of the “Tibetan Buddhist Rainbow Body of Light”, depicting an expression of Enlightenment through a great teacher of Tibetan Buddhism Padmsambava, as well as the integration of all aspects of the Universe. Here it is believed that the “Rainbow Body of Light” holds within it all the frequencies defining the phenomenal world, all physical creation. The symbolism of a rainbow represents the merging of all states of being into ONE. Once aligned with creation, One is in perfect harmony & union with the Universe. Enlightenment is the REALIZATION OF ALL LIFE, which brings you as an aspect of Creation into the awareness that the life in this Universe is ONE BEING. In this state of consciousness you recognize that you are the Universe. “Thou art That”.)


Of primary significance for Experiencers/Alien Abductees, would be the recognition and acceptance of these paranormal experiences by mainstream scientists, psychologists and the like. When that kind of acceptance is not available, as it is not right now, it takes one much longer to assess and comprehend what is happening, because there is no support in Western cultures, consequently no acceptance.

I have been experiencing these anomalous, paranormal experiences since early childhood with no real understanding of what was happening at the time. When I was very young, I believed the Beings were my assigned angels, like my Grandfather who died when I was 3 years old. They were my caretakers. But it was very clear to me that I couldn’t share these experiences and the feeling of isolation began..

As I grew through my teenage years it was even more clear that these experiences were not acceptable within my family or  in this culture. I continued to suppress my feelings and experiences from my conscious mind. Still, I felt that these Beings guided me throughout my life, to all the different knowledge I needed to be prepared for awakening, to CONTACT.  But until January of 1993, I didn’t realize who they were. I only knew they were there in my life. I loved them and could feel their profound and deep care and love for me.

One of most difficult aspects within this phenomenon is the family relationships. As these events were occurring throughout my life, I lived in a state of isolation. The Beings made it clear that I was not to share these experiences, which wasn’t difficult. I would only remember glimpses of events as they would pierce through my dream world, as JOY…  Still, as I look back I can see how they impacted my life, I found it impossible to communicate with anyone including my family.

Actually, I liked the silence and quiet  that my anonimity allowed.  I never felt it was the least bit relevant to communicate with anyone of my family members, except from time to time my father.  I really didn’t have anything to say. I felt compelled to watch everyone from deep within myself.

Any recognition of my circumstances and acceptance required that I do it alone. The amazing knowledge that you as a person develop without your family being aware or understanding what you are experiencing, is staggering. You are forced to recognize and accept yourself without family support or other external supports. You become very strong and very smart….You realize that your value and worth cannot be determined by someone else or outside yourself…This is a very powerful experience. Within this situation I was alone. I had to find my own path of self-recognition and self-acceptance. However, I can say that the Beings were always present, with me and I could feel their recognition, love and acceptance. Outside acceptance can never be as powerful or as beautiful as the acceptance you find inside yourself, for your life and your life experiences.


Parvati bowing to Lord Shiva.

(Above is a picture of Parvati bowing to Lord Shiva, honoring in herself the love she carries for her beloved.)


Another significant aspect to these experiences is that you need to realize yourself, having an awareness and the ability to know that what you feel and think is just as valuable as anyone else on the planet. You have the right and the responsibility to own and respect your life process and the life experiences you have been given.

Consequently, when external supports are non-existent, you have the rare opportunity to develop significant inner resources, inner strength and a deep inner self-respect.  You will rarely if ever, convince an Experiencer/Alien Abductee that their experiences are not real, at least no one I have ever met. Experiencers/Alien Abductees may determine it is better for them to keep their experiences secret. But even those of you who believe that the Experiencers/Alien Abductees you know or have counseled, gave up their experiences; they may have only decided not to share their experiences with you. 

No one should ever try to convince an Experiencer/Alien Abductee that these events are not a part of their life’s experience, because if they experience them, they are real. There is nothing more true!

These experiences are so detailed, clear and significant that they appear far more real than any event I or other Experiencers/Alien Abductees could have created in our minds. There is no way to even begin to make up experiences like these. They are too far outside the accepted cultural perceptions. Yet, they are completely plausible, if one takes a real look at them.

Some may say why or how can this phenomenon be real. I would say, “Do you think it isn’t real, because you don’t want it to be real? I don’t think you get to decide what is true. This phenomenon is true whether you believe it or not.

A Tsunami doesn’t ask humans if it is okay, if it comes and wipes out parts of the Earth. A tornado doesn’t seek mans approval before it tears the land, homes and businesses apart. These incredible events are a part of creation, nature and they happen whether you believe they will or not. You and I will die and many people will not think about their death until they come face to face with their demise and even than people do not seem to believe that they may die.

So, all the Experiencers, including myself know that your acceptance or disbelief about this phenomenon doesn’t change our experience one iota. Either you believe it or not and ultimate it is not my concern. These experiences continue and acceptance by those who do not believe this is real is not relevant. You see this phenomenon is about waking up.

The Sleeping Buddha

(Above is a portrait of the Sleeping Buddha. It is believed that one does not go into the full Enlightenment until they leave their body. Here you see the Buddha going into the final state of Enlightenment.)


I continue to be aware of the profound chasm between the reality of the world as I experience it every day and the conventional, perceptual reality depicted in our culture, media, Universities and Religious Communities. Unfortunately, for many involved in this phenomenon, it is generally perceived as lacking any real credibility. It doesn’t help that people are afraid to speak of it openly!

There continues to be a need for secrecy and anonymity among those sharing these experiences.  I have seen grown men weep, while others have taken several planes to reach me/us without anyone, even their families knowing what they are experiencing.Those who do connect with us will often speak in whispers about their experiences, as if someone might hear. While there are significant reasons for this behavior I do not believe it is an acceptable way to truly live a full life. No one should feel that they need to hide their own life experiences, from their neighbors, friends, family and loved ones. But, very often they do.

Often those surrounding this phenomenon camouflage themselves in our culture, to remain unnoticed and therefore “not a threat” to other’s perceptions of reality..If intelligent scientists, without bias would dare to venture into this arena with any real openness at all, they would find the staggering truth as many other really intelligent people have. Unfortunately, I have watched those “all-knowing ones”, from time to time at a lecture I gave or on TV while they are asked to share their opinions and comments of this subject.

First, there is a little smile that quickly turns into a smirk of arrogance and is often followed by snickers of laughter. The moment they open their mouths you are immediately struck with how uneducated they are in this field and yet they have no problem pretending to be experts. I have watched those scientists who not only believe this phenomenon is real but they are enchanted by the thought of contact, beyond all measure. Their excitement and passion for this subject is palpable to me when I watch them in a lecture. But, sadly focus on this subject with any sincere scientific research is the kiss of death for their careers.  They know they will be profoundly impugned by their colleagues for any serious investigation.

Of course, there are some very well-known and significant scientists, like Dr. Michio Kaku, a physicist, who has openly entered the field of UFOs and the potential for Alien life. Still, at this time there are very few scientists who will go near the Alien Abduction Phenomenon openly.  While they may willingly study and speak about the levels of contact and the levels of consciousness these Beings might live at, no one wants to deal with the Alien Abduction Phenomenon, as a serious scientific arena. They instead prefer to laugh at the information Experiencers share.

You have to wonder, “What would they be so afraid of that they would not even consider the possibility? What kind of scientist does not even ask the question to themselves, in their quiet moments?” Before the Beings came for me that night I did not believe in Aliens, maybe other entities that exist in other realities yes.

There were those experiences I had throughout my childhood and into my adulthood. The Beings didn’t speak to me, like we communicate in this dimension. It was all telepathic, allowing me to easily dismiss it as fantasy or imagination, which I believed was healthy. But Aliens….in that silver looking spaceship right out of a 1950s B rated movie? Until, I experienced it myself, I really  did not believe in Aliens. It was shocking…when I had my Awakening as I was trained in Psychology and this didn’t look too good for my mental status…..

Although, I had those perceptions, I had never felt entitled to abuse someone else because they believed in Extra-terrestrial life. In fact, I was certain Humanity was not alone in the Universe. It just wasn’t logical to assume there was no life anywhere else except Earth.  And as  it turned out, what I learned in Psychology and in our educational institutions was very wrong. Sadly, Psychologists are still pushing an agenda right out of the DSM IV !

Consciousness from



I created this website in an attempt to present a whole picture of the many facets and constellation of experiences associated with the paranormal events that surround Experiencers/Alien Abductees and their link to our evolving Consciousness. I believe these experiences present an opportunity for humanity to take a leap in consciousness. I believe that the real “Work” of a human being is to embrace the most precious parts of the human experience; our capacity to grow and evolve, as well as a conscious choice to see the beauty and perfection of the world we live in.

Ultimately, I believe that these profound experiences can be used to develop the heart, soul,  mind and body in consciousness of all humanity, helping human beings comprehend their interconnected nature and to become aware that, “what they do to one, they do to themselves and all life on this planet”.

One profound issue humanity and in particular Western cultures, must overcome is our staggering arrogance and perception that if they can “think it” or “read it” “we know it”…..and what we think is all there is……This is not the case now and never….has been true. Consciousness is not fixed. It is always expanding and changing. The perception that the things in life are fixed, like a 30 year mortgage has never been true and it is not true now. Arrogance is not a substitute for experience, knowledge and evolution.

True knowledge is integrated with heart, soul and essence; coming to something with an open mind.  Every time I hear a “naysayer” speak about this phenomenon it is always in defense of “their perceptions”. I heard one such naysayer recently say that after he heard a retired Air Force Colonel share his belief in UFOs, he thought the ex-military person was biased. Wow! So, even when he was presented verifiable, corroborating evidence as to the validity of certain UFO events, he denies it and reasserts his own view, his bias. It is as if the evidence was never presented to him. He does not even acknowledge its existence.

Wisdom requires an open investigation with an awareness of all the above mentioned qualities and it requires a conscious effort, not just the intellect or thinking it. Many scientist enter into a particular research project to perpetuate their view, not always to seek the truth. Further, there is no end to evolution. So how could anyone ever be done? Life, knowledge, experience and evolution is infinite. True knowledge without heart and soul however, will never equal wisdom.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

(Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile)


There is no personal gain or social upside associated with sharing this phenomenon on any level with anyone for the Experiencer. We all know and are aware that there are devastating consequences for revealing these kinds of experiences, as they live outside accepted norms and our Western cultural reality. Instead, Experiencers/Alien Abductees realize they are far more likely to be met with skepticism, denial, and perceptions of their insanity.

Many Experiencers/Alien Abductees who already face challenging circumstances in their attempt to reconcile and integrate their experiences, often have to face the loss of respect from their children, parents, siblings, colleagues and their communities. Marriages are torn a part and death threats are often experienced when people have shared their experiences openly.

Another aspect I faced was that those around me felt that I should use my experiences to gain financial benefit, which went against everything I felt was integral and sincere about who I was and my relationship with these precious Beings. There were those in Hollywood who wanted me to have my own radio show, do TV appearances on the big National scene and I had offers from movie studios to do a movie of my life. 

While I traveled and lectured, doing a lot of TV, Radio and Newspaper Interviews, I always watched to see whether it felt appropriate, sincere and integral. Notoriety or becoming an amusing road act, was never something I felt was the point.

Selling my soul  for money made me want to throw up. It felt like the antithesis of what the Beings had asked me to do. Taking these profoundly, heartfelt and soulful experiences to the level of material gain felt dirty to my heart and soul. I am unwilling to sell myself or what I believe are precious life experiences to entertain people in their ignorance and sleep states.

A world in conflict

(A world in conflict)


There are those who look upon Abductees with profound fear and feel threatened by any perceived affiliation to the UFO/Alien Abduction Phenomenon, suggesting mental illnesses like, Personality Disorders, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, Dissociative Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Even concepts of cultural superstitions or  archaic such as; “The Evil Eye” or “Demons”. The work of some researchers has heightened the levels of fear and hate toward Abductees. Others see Abductees as an amusing circus act, someone to make fun of and laugh at, because these types of experiences have been demeaned by our culture for decades.

Further, Experiencers/Alien Abductees are often subjected to physical, mental and  emotional harassment. There is significant loss and devastation for those having these experiences, who have been willing to go public. Therefore, it is impossible for others not experiencing these events, to even begin to comprehend the  life consequences.

Then, there  is the constant need for integration, which can be profoundly challenging when there is no one with any conscious awareness within this reality, to help guide you in a productive mental and emotional direction.

I have always felt very fortunate to be so aware of my very deep relationship with these Beings. But when I think about it, I find that the need to connect with them, when there is nothing here in this dimension that I can truly identify with, is the very cause of my deepening relationship with these Beings, which makes my love for them even more profound. What a set up and what an amazing world we get to live in.

Given the overwhelming assaults abductees who come forward experience, it  is shocking that any Abductees would continue making an effort to help others see the connections between these anomalous experiences, evolution and consciousness. Our society creates very real punishment for those who do not fall in line with the status quo.

Therefore, there is no good, logical reason to share these experiences, other than a deep and compelling concern to benefit those who may also need to understand their anomalous phenomena.

I was interviewed by a reporter in a major city on the west coast after my book was published. At the time I was doing a book tour. He was very critical of my book and the Alien Abduction Phenomenon. He told me that I was doing this just for the money. He looked at my wedding ring, my coat, my hair and make up and then assumed I was making a fortune. He wrote an article to that effect, which came out on the front page of the local paper.

This reporter was unaware, nor did he care to ask where my resources came from. And I decided that I did not want to offer the information because  I really didn’t care what he thought of me or the events that surround Experiencers/Alien Abductees. It was clear that he wasn’t interested in the truth, only his story, his projection. He had made up his mind before he had even met me. He wasn’t interested in knowing that I had been spending my own resources and I had spent into the hundreds of thousands to travel around and lecture. Of course it was all for me……Really!

At some point in your life you recognize that it is your experience that should matter to you and you realize your relationship to creation cannot be determined by what others may think, say or do. You learn to respect yourself and your experiences.

Glacier National Park Panorama

                                                  (Glacier National Park)


The Beings/Ets made it abundantly clear to me that I had to share what I knew with the world around me. It is a part of my work and imperative, coming into this dimension. So, that is why I created this website and I will continue working to help others come to terms with the reality of these events and their significance for the world we live in.

I am an Experiencer/Alien  Abductee, who lives in a world where I am considered insane by mainstream culture. Seriously, at this point in my life how could someone’s perception of me even phase me? People come to me and want to discuss these things, whether the Ets are real or not. But, I am not interested in proving or convincing anyone of anything. I am just interested in helping those who want to understand their experiences. If not, I really do not have the energy or time to waste being concerned about someone who is not interested.

My responsibility is only to be here and offer knowledge, not to force feed people or change them or even provide them material. People do what they want, always. I learned many years before I started publicly lecturing that what someone thinks of me, does not change me, nor does it have anything to do with me! I have work to do and I do it. I do not expect people to believe  me, one way or the other. Of course, we all care deeply about the mental status of all the people involved in these paranormal events. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to who absolutely knows that they are not crazy.

The Beings had asked me to share my experiences and tell people they were here and they were not here to harm anyone…These Beings are concerned with our evolutionary process and they are very concerned that we have developed weapons, which we could easily migrate into space. These Beings are not going to allow this to occur. Their main focus is to help us develop ourselves as conscious, caring human beings. They want us to stop participating in War and violence against each other.

This is the reason I had traveled for almost 10 years non-stop lecturing and giving seminars about the development of human consciousness and this phenomenon. This is why I created this website, because this is a perfect way to connect with people and maybe offer a different perspective from the plethora of fear based constructs about the Aliens……

It is important for Experiencers/Alien Abductees to know and trust in themselves. Whereas, many times Abductees believe their experiences and indeed, they themselves are bad, as a result of cultural stereotypes and un-enlightened perceptions.

"Universal Consciousness" by scottfacon on deviantART

(“Universal Consciousness” by ~scottfacon on deviantART Universal_Consciousness_by_scottfacon.png This picture reminds me of the Extraterrestrial Beings I have seen from Andromeda and Tau Ceti.)



People who experience this phenomenon have stepped into the Universe in a very profound and real way. They now understand something about themselves and the Universe that becomes a part of their lives and they live…in a place of knowing. But our culture continues to tell them/us that we are crazy. If those people who profess a knowledge of this phenomenon and yet openly demean Experiencers/Alien Abductees would actually take the time to look at the literature and research; then they would find that this is a very real phenomenon and that the people involved are not mentally compromised at all, as Harvard Medical School’s, Pulitzer Prize winning doctor has so openly stated, John Mack MD, Psychiatrist.

There are many like myself, Experiencers/Alien Abductees who are willing to persist, holding tightly with absolute conviction and clarity a constellation of experiences, usually beginning in childhood and the paranormal events that have affected our lives. Sadly, it is very clear that many people who live in the shadows with these experiences are right to do so.

Obviously, sharing these events and experiences lead to mostly negative responses from mainstream Western cultures. Although, there are statistics that suggest approximately 58% of the people in the United States believe in UFOs and Aliens, but that doesn’t mean they accept this phenomenon or the people involved.

Ammonite Fossil found in the Sahara Desert

(Fossil found in the Sahara Desert)



Further, the assumptions that this phenomenon is not real does nothing to address the 10% of the population world-wide sharing in profound detail, a constellation of experiences and events leading up to the abduction experience and their experiences while in the presence of Extraterrestrial or Interdimensional Beings.

These accounts are virtually identical all over the world and most notably in countries outside the Western world such as; countries in Africa, South America, Central America, China, Russia and not excluding those countries not mentioned here, where there is no contact with television or the media.

The result of these clinical assumptions and misdiagnosis cause the Alien Abduction Phenomenon to be ignored and any reference to it by the client/patient is stigmatized into previously discussed mental  implications. It is clear that Experiencers/Alien Abductees are seldom taken seriously by traditional Psychology and Psychiatry.

We are perceived not  just as “crazy” or “weird” but as victims or fringe dwellers, which adds to the trauma associated with this phenomenon and takes away any real possibility for integration and/or healing especially for those people who are just becoming aware of their experiences. It is for these reasons that this website has been created.

Many clinicians who are aware and sympathetic to the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomenon know that they could experience ridicule and their clinical credibility called into question. Many of those I have been in contact with over the years did not want their names mentioned within this website.

Much like Harvard’s attempt to terminate John E. Mack, MD, a Pulitzer Prize winning psychiatrist and author’s position, simply for his willingness to research and investigate this phenomenon. Dr. Mack  had the  audacity to suggest that after years of clinical research his findings clearly indicated that these Alien Abductees were not crazy and there is “something” happening to this population of people and it is significant.

Apparently, Harvard felt that his research would bring shame and humiliation to the prestigious University. Dr. Mack prevailed through a lengthy and costly court battle and continued his affiliation with Harvard. He is known for writing several papers and books on the subject until his death in London in 2004. Further, clinicians realize they will be laughed at by the majority of the clinical community.

These events are almost identical to every other Experiencer/Alien Abductee, indicating a very real phenomenon. Many of us continue to live in the unending nature of this phenomenon, which touches every aspect of our existence, throughout every flash of a moment within our lives.

After almost two decades of complete awareness of these Beings in every moment and the realization of my intricate involvement within this phenomenon, throughout my life and living it day-to-day, moment-to-moment; I remember in every second the deep and intrinsic connections, I experience with these Beings and this phenomenon, as well as all Creation.

At present, I am working on a page dedicated to the “Constellation of Experiences” surrounding this phenomenon. There are many who have created lists and features or attributes defining some of the experiences and events that fall into this heading. However, I will use my experience and the numbers of people’s experience I have had contact with throughout the 23 years I have been aware of my involvement in this phenomenon.

I am certain there will be overlap, since I have seen some material over the years that suggests these experiences. During most of the years I have been involved in this phenomenon, I have not been keen on attaching to others perceptions of these events. It has felt important that I keep sacred many of my own experiences, which allows me to comprehend my own work and assess my understanding and perceptions as I know them.

Taktshang Tibetan Buddhist Temple

(Built on a sheer cliff, Taktshang is the most famous Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Bhutan)


After you have experienced these kinds of events you can never go back to being the same person, or the person you had thought you were. However, you can and will become better, more aware and a more conscious human being.

The most difficult aspect for Experiencers can be the way that your family reacts to your situation and experiences. It can cause you to make efforts to be something you are not, in an effort to hold on to those relationships. Trust me when I say that this response cannot and/or does not work, either for your family or for your own mental and physical health.

While it can sting to realize that you can no longer relate to the people you love the way you have in the past; what is worse, is to lie to yourself and others, while you withhold acceptance for yourself and your experiences. This is a far more damaging response, than for you to choose to be open about your experiences. You may be as shocked as I was to find so many people who are open to accepting these kinds of events and experiences.

You are not alone, ever!

I use the word acceptance and not resignation, because as you become more and more aware of the meanings behind these events, you enter into life in a new way. And this new life you have is incredible. Every second you live you are more alive than you had ever known was even possible. After these events and prior to waking up to these memories, you realize that you were not really alive.

I would not lie here. There were many times, years ago, where I felt some resignation as to what was happening in my life. That is, I harbored resentment at having to go through these experiences alone, without truly understanding. I hope that this website can change those feelings for some of you.

Except for Maharishi and Gyaltrul Rinpoche, whom I knew understood these anomalous, paranormal experiences, because of the lectures and teachings they shared with me publicly and privately. Of course, neither one of those amazing people had English as a first language. And when I studied with them I knew that these phenomenal experiences were never the point of evolution or consciousness, except as it made you more aware, more compassionate and more respectful of all life.

The teachers I studied with would never speak of these things openly, because in their culture it is considered bragging. Within both of these other cultures bragging is a sign of bad character, ignorance, arrogance and not at all permissible. You would especially, never speak of those things to your teacher, as his/her time is too precious to waste talking about yourself, ever! You see they were Enlightened Beings and they saw me as I now see others, from the inside out. Speaking of these things is irrelevant in relationship to consciousness. Of course, in the western model of societies these events bring great suffering to anyone willing to expose their experiences.. We have not developed our consciousness.

Further, there are many things you cannot really learn from someone else. You have to find your own way and you must keep letting go and working to honor and respect your heart, your life and ignore what others think of you. Then, in time you become the person you were meant to be, not a product of your culture, your habitual patterns or your biology.

Having shared and worked through the feelings that Experiencers/Alien Abductees go through for two decades, I have learned effective methods to integrate these experiences. The exploration of this phenomenon continues to lead us into an expanded sense of spiritual connection with dimensions considered to be outside accepted reality, outside our perceptual boxes.

When you reach this point your experience is liberating, peaceful, soft, and filled with profound love for all aspects of creation. It is a feeling of completion that comes with a sense of knowing, understanding and living in gratitude to all life and to those who walked this path before you.

There is no reason why you and others can’t come to a place of peace within yourself, your soul and be in this world as who you truly are, without any feelings of needing to apologize for your unique and precious differences, to anyone, including your family. Nor is there a need to feel superior to others by creating another paradigm or religion, which is just more of the illusory world.

These ongoing experiences have led many to a deepening sense of ourselves as part of a vast and miraculous Universe, as well as our connection to each other and all creation. This growth and awareness always continues… evolve.

It is easy to feel insane, alone and apart from reality due to the lack of positive and supportive resources. This website was created in an attempt to reach out to others dealing with these issues from a place of compassion, regard and understanding. Our goal is to be a useful and supportive resource that is respectful and non-judgmental of all those who connect with us.

Because of this, I do not address issues of Government/Military involvement or Conspiracy Theories. I do not see these Beings as malicious or here on Earth to meet an agenda that has been created in someone’s mind and then projected on others. Especially, I am unwilling to push aside my own knowledge and experience to consider any information as intelligent from people who have no real or concrete experience with these Beings.

Nor do I align with those who purport negative theories, while never having studied or developed their own minds, through scholarly or soulful works such as: experienced in the study of, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Religion, Medicine, Physics, Ethics, Mathematics, Neuroscience or Education (To name just a few) that is relevant to understanding and comprehending the evolutionary consequences of CONTACT for all mankind; from the mere mention of these experiences and even more from those who experience these anomalous, paranormal events.

While I reserve the right on a personal level to accept or deny these theories, I choose to focus on the well-being of people associated with this phenomenon, their families, their friends and those clinicians who seek a supportive, authentic base to work from and with this phenomenon.

I will continue working and updating this site with new information that I perceive useful and relevant.

By, Joy S. Gilbert – Alien Contact & Human Evolution

Earth from Outer Space

(Earth and Moon from Space)