Amrita’s Experiences

Her Memories of Contact with Extraterrestrial Life

My first memory of contact was as a young child of about 4.  I shared a room with my two sisters and a bed with one of them.  Every night I would awaken when the house was silent and feel I was not alone, I was aware of a presence in the room.  Often I would try to awaken one of my sisters but could seldom stir them.  I would reach under the bed for slippers but sometimes saw a face there.  My next move was to try to make my way down the hall to my Mother’s room.  Behind the toy box there was a being I called ‘the burglar’ because I thought burglars were made of metal.  I remember him having a bulbous nose.  Sometimes I could slip by him, but more often I would freeze in my tracks and try to reshape him into something else in the room, usually I would cry out, and if no one came I would crawl back in bed with a sister and lie awake for what seemed like hours.

After being initiated in the Maha Devata (the great process of Knowing) I remembered an incident from when I was 9 years old.  We were vacationing in Tennessee, visiting my father ‘s side of the family.  My Uncle was driving and my Grandmother and I were squeezed with him in the front of his Studebaker.  My sisters were in the back seat, and my parents followed in the car behind.  At a blind intersection we were struck.  My grandmother and I were thrown from the car.  As my parents rushed forward, and crowds gathered, and the police and ambulance arrived, no one could find me.  I heard my family calling me, and I felt the curb in my back as I saw my sisters pass me by. For 10 minutes I was unseen.  This remained a puzzle in my life for many years until I decided to be hypnotized.  Under trance I saw a beam of light come down from a yet as unseen craft.  Two small beings stood on either side of this light and gently they came forward and retrieved me.  I was lifted into the air and observed the trauma happening below, and felt the emotions of the people but felt no attachment.  We entered through a circular hole in the bottom of the ship, five beings stood around a hospital looking table. The ones around the table seemed more like silhouettes, I felt they did that so their appearance would not frighten me.  The ‘doctor’ stood at the foot of the bed, seemingly instructing the others but without speaking.  With his large eyes and gentle manner reminded me of a fairy tale book I had, and I referred  to him as ‘ The Ladybug Man’. I was never laid directly on the table but held about 8″ above it.  I ‘understood’ that in my condition the table would be to painful for me to lie on.  I saw them working on me, even reaching into my body to do repairs.  I felt no fear, only that they wanted to heal me.  I was turned over and further work was done.  It just felt normal.  When the work was complete they stepped back and the 2 small beings escorted me back through the beam of light.  I opened my eyes and saw my older sister coming my way and stood to greet her.

Later that evening my Grandmother passed away. I was lying alone in a dark room to heal my concussion. I heard my Father cry for the first time in my life and he said, ‘Why did it have to be her. Why couldn’t be one of the girls.’  A beautiful female being appeared in the room, she was so filled with love, and told me that it was alright.  That I needed to feel all these feelings.  She said the first 9 years was concentrated on growing my body but now They had ‘taken out all the stops’ so I could feel what others felt even though it will hurt. I understood but I didn’t like it, it was too painful.

No one could comprehend how I, sitting next to the car door and survived with a minor concussion and my Grandmother, who was in excellent physical condition, died.

At about age 10, I was playing in the yard with my sisters on a warm summer afternoon. A man from the neighborhood was coming up the side walk.  My sisters ran and hid behind our large tree.  Earl was a well-known in the neighborhood.  His legs were damaged, one curled up, and the other was turned in, he traveled on crutches many miles a day.  He had lived with his Mother until her death and now he lived alone.  My sisters hid, not because of his disability, but because once he got your ear, he could talk for hours.  He was known in the neighborhood as Walkie-Talkie.  Two beings appeared beside me and walked with me to the yard’s gate to where Earl waited having seen me in the yard.  The ‘beings’ spoke in my mind ‘feel what it is like to be disabled in this culture, feel his loneliness’.  I went to him with openness and smiles, I knew he loved children but many were repulsed by him.  I felt his frequent rejection by people and the sadness of his circumstance.  We talked for a long time this day and for many years to come.  He was such a gift. I hold him in my heart to this day.

Like most people, the beings show themselves to me in my dream state.  Which I believe to be just as real, if not more real then this perceptual reality.

About 2 years after my initiation into meditation, I dreamed I was on board a craft, everything was smooth and shiny.   Joy Gilbert was standing outside a door and said ‘ I am going to test your level of fear’.  The door slid open and on a hospital looking table sat a young alien being.  He stared at me and his huge eyes were so filled with love that I immediately went to his side and wrapped my arms around him.  I knew in an instant that he was my child.

Shortly after moving to Montana I had another such ‘dream’. My husband Craig, was going to school and working at the movie theater.  It was long hard hours and when he is exhausted, he snores, loudly.  He had come to bed about 2AM and began to snore, loudly.  After about 15 min. I took a blanket and went upstairs to sleep on the loft couch.

I ‘dreamed’ Craig and another woman and I were in the loft looking out towards the lake. It was deepening twilight when we saw a light appear in the sky.  Craig and I immediately knew what it was but were hesitant at first to speak it, the woman with us was not open.  As it came towards us I knew that I had to say something.  I told her what it was and she mockingly dismissed me.  It came right up to the window and it only appeared to be 3-4 feet in diameter.  The woman said, look, it is just a toy.   The craft moved up above the house, I could feel it expand as it went.  As it expanded I felt myself expand with it, like our physicality was connected, yet unlimited.  In moments the craft grew larger than the house and suddenly the loft was flooded with light.  The woman gasped and I awoke.

In February 2009 I was aware of being taken from my bed.  Flanked by two beings I could not see, but only glimpse out of the corner of my eye as my head could not move. My whole body tingled.  They took me through the roof of my house and up into the air. We entered the ship from below.  The craft had arches and moving lights.  We went through the ship and out the top of it and looked out at the sky.  It was beautiful.  Then returning to my house they seemed to be moving me all around my home.  I asked if I could tell Craig and suddenly I was back in bed.  I awoke Craig and told him.  Upon going back to sleep I was lifted again into the air and brought on board.  The beings and I watched the moon set from that height.  It filled me with such joy, and a deeper love for beauty of this planet.