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 The Evolutionary Impact of Extraterrestrial Contact

Most Experiencers/Alien Abductees have experiences that never go away, nor do they decrease in intensity or substance. The paranormal experiences might go away for several years or you may not be aware they are  going on, but as you grow and evolve you find your awareness and deep connection  to these Beings strengthening. The Evolutionary Impact to this phenomenon is staggering. For example, our experiences will more than likely be the reverse of the drug induced experiences touted by the well-known American Gurus of the 1960’s.  Of course, I am excluding the gifts of Ram Dass.

Having never taken recreational drugs, I cannot speak to this with any real authority. However, when I have communicated with people attending my lectures and seminars, who have used recreational drugs and particularly those who try to compare my experiences to their drug induced experiences; I can easily see that their experiences came and went with very little impact on their consciousness, except maybe a good story. You see they can pretty much rationalize their experiences as drug related. Differing from true Experiencers/Alien Abductees, they continue to see the world in terms of their personal perceptual reality of, “this is Good & and this is Bad”, this is Light and this is Darkness…

Generally, these people are still attached to the world around them, the world of illusion. They still long to have the feelings of falling in love. They continue to be deeply attached to what others may think of them and to their careers. They continue to believe that their financial situation is a determining factor in their worth. The material world is how they define themselves and the value of their lives.

Experiencers/Alien Abductees evolve at a very fast rate and those who are evolved clearly use the material world. But, they are never owned or defined by the “things or thoughts” they experience. These ongoing anomalous, paranormal experiences create an interesting movement within our bodies, minds and hearts. We cannot attach to the world around us! Nor do we see the significance of attaching to the phenomenal world, because it feels empty and devoid of anything substantive or real. We know that it has no real substance, energy, life, or essence beyond what we give it.

While many people may have this knowledge on an intellectual or thinking level, Experiencers/Alien Abductees and at the very least myself, experience the world around us as if it was a dream or an illusion, not REAL. (Reality is an Illusion.) Within this video you hear physicists tell you that Quantum Physics confirms what the Sages, Lamas, Gurus, Yogis, Seers and Metaphysicians have been saying for over a millennia, reality is an illusion. Reality is a projection of our own mind, essentially a dream that allows us to experience ourselves in form, to learn about who and what we truly are, everything and nothing…all at the same time.

Many Experiencers/Alien Abductees realize that they are living in a world of light, which operates in distinctly different frequencies of energy, in a different way altogether, than the way people relate in this dense,  physical world that they perceive as real.  At present, my only interest in operating within this time space continuum at all is in the Evolution of Humanity, the spiritual development of human beings and the development of the human soul, essence. Nothing else has any significance for me or for my life.

There was a research paper Topography of Alien Abductees Brains done by Norman S. Don a Neuroscientist, from the University of Illinois in Chicago, in coordination with Gilda Moura from the  Kairoa Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This study indicated that Contactees/Alien Abductees were able to go into a trance state at will producing and sustaining a frequency of brain wave patterns that was similar to Accomplished Yogis and Mystics who had spent years meditating. The Yogis and Mystics were not able to sustain those brain wave patterns to the same degree attained by the Contactees/Alien Abductees. This clearly indicates that there is a change occurring in the brain wave patterns of Contactee/Alien Abductees.

Initially, 21 years ago or so, there was a profound and heightened awareness or vigilance that pierced through my day to day life, coming from knowing that these experiences would never end. Presently, I experience the paranormal events very differently. But in the beginning, the awareness and knowing that these events were never going to end, created a profound need to pay attention to everything that was happening to me and everything that was happening around me. Within this new reality and the need to pay attention to everything the paranormal phenomena was heightened and dramatically increased.

While I feel a sense of acceptance and a feeling of becoming accustom to these paranormal events, even when they are overwhelming, they hold the ability to see fresh new insights and new ways of looking at the world. Consequently, you are literally forced into a consuming need, to observe what is happening. Ironically, the realization that these events are not going to end keeps me vital, awake and enhances my life, creating more and more expanded awareness, the Ah Ha moments never end.

ETs, UFO, Alien Abduction, Human Evolution, Consciousness

If a person having these experiences wishes to meet them and to survive the onslaughts of these profound events, they find out very quickly that there is NO cultural support. Many times when I shared my experiences, I found myself the butt of endless jokes, verbal assaults and people have either very positive or very negative reactions. They seem to be afraid of the things you might be aware of that they are not. Many people have felt fear toward my experiences, which cause them to react in very strange ways. Humanity seems to be constantly afraid of the things that we do not understand and when we do not understand these events, unfortunately many people just react in negative ways.

These reactions left me no alternative, but to continue working on myself through avenues that enhanced my awareness. As indicated through thousands of scientific studies at this point, over the last 60 or 70 years, the work you do on yourself through Meditation, Yoga, Tai chi, and Prayer all allow our bodies the ability to sustain more expanded levels of consciousness. To see some studies on the impact of Meditation you may go to Research on Transcendental Meditation, Transcendental Meditation Research | David Lynch or [PDF]Summary of Scientific Research on Maharishi’s

These disciplines have helped me increase my stamina, my ability to address personal and evolutionary issues continually over time. Not to mention the fact that they have provided me a deepening understanding of our human physical connection, spirituality and the essence of all life found within our very hearts and minds.

Further, these disciplines synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain, reduce anxiety and they enable us to maintain a clear mind, to see things as they are, not necessarily as our ego wants them to be. These skills aid us in our continuing evolution, as it moves faster with greater awareness and understanding about the paranormal experiences we are having.

When you observe my life, it may be hard to say what came first. Did the Extraterrestrial & Interdimensional Beings come first or did the Meditation create the Contact? However, I started experiencing the paranormal as a small child and it was a driving force within me to seek out ways of understanding the world around. I wanted to understand not only what was happening to me and around me, but why it was happening. At this point, I am aware that I was a part of their existence before I came into this reality. It is easy for me to be aware of the fact that I had already known this knowledge before I came into form, into a body in this dimension.

There is nothing so shattering to the EGO, then to realize the world you believed existed, doesn’t. There is nothing so staggering than to SEE the reality of life that exists beyond perception, thought and form. You cannot believe or accept the reality of this dimension as it is presented by the status quo or mass consciousness.

Still, like many Experiencers/Alien Abductees I needed to come to terms with these events or an understanding. But, over time I realized that the paranormal experiences that were coming, always exceeded my ability to think or understand. I found that the only way to meet these paranormal events was through the knowledge I gained within spiritual practices. This was the only path that I could embrace and address the vastness I experienced within this phenomenon. I embraced many of the teachings I had studied from Maharishi and the Tibetan Lamas in my past. While traditional science did make room for these experiences in theory most people’s minds are too small to include them as a true part of the human experience. Too often these perceptions remain a part of the intellect with no depth or awareness.

Unlike the UFO phenomenon, people seem to have the ability to accept an idea of something they do not comprehend in the sky, even when it doesn’t fit into any of their known attributes, such as vehicles that make absolutely no sound and may hover silently over a house, mountain top or body of water for hours. But, just try to bring up the Alien Abduction Phenomenon and you will find that most Ufologist cannot go there. Many are profoundly dismissive.

ETs, UFO, Alien Abduction, Human Evolution, Consciousness

(In this Sun Flower we find mathematical perfection. Scientists now find the formations of the Fibonacci spirals in the natural world.)

Many do not believe in this phenomenon as being “real”. I find it funny that they spend hours, months and even years studying and proving the existence of Alien Life and UFOs. They will even recognize and acknowledge the fact that these vehicles are guided by an intelligence. But they still do not believe in CONTACT, especially in a way that they do not like.


As a child I was always aware, watching and collecting information about the intrinsic issues that affected my life, the evolution of humanity and the well-being of all life on this planet. While I loved my family of origin here, I never felt that we were deeply connected. Their focus in life was something I did not comprehend. Rather, it felt confusing. It did not seem rational or relevant to focus so intently on what you could “get” from life and not what you could “give”. It just always felt off.

When the Beings came for me that night on January 31st, 1993, it was shocking. Initially, I didn’t want to believe what had been happening to me throughout my entire life, as they made it absolutely clear that I was one of them, they had created my body and placed it into my mother. I did not belong to the world I saw around me. They said, “You are in this world but not of it”.  During all my spiritual efforts and academic studies over the years, it never occurred to me that these Beings who I had been aware of throughout my life, who had guided me and were what I perceived as Angels, might be Extraterrestrials and/or Interdimensional Beings!

So, the realization that these Beings, who had been with me my entire life were Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional; and that they had ships for interstellar  travel, was outside my accepted reality. It was a complete shock to my understanding of all life, to that point. This shock created an opening within my mind and gave new meaning to all life. Within the first few days and weeks shock was my constant companion. I could hardly speak to anyone, nor did I want to.  I was terrified I might speak it all outloud and then what would happen to me? I would have to own it… Still, I couldn’t deny that what had been happening and continuing to occur over the course of my life, had absolutely taken place. You see, I remembered too much to pretend it wasn’t happening or that it wasn’t real.

In those first few weeks and months, I desperately clung to the hope that it was just a  “dream” I had experienced and nothing more. But that hope faded away quickly when I realized that “they” were still with me and while I was comforted by the fact that I knew they would never leave me, it was also something I couldn’t fathom with my poor little “thinking” mind. I needed to integrate these experiences into my life and overcome my terror within the shock of seeing what was behind the curtain, the veil. It was definitely uncomfortable!

It was as if I had died to this world and I needed to go through a process, which was very much like the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. I seemed to have a foot in both worlds and neither was real, which I experienced as pure transcendence, silence. I remember how I tried to bargain with them, to keep my life as it was, exactly the same.  I didn’t want to disrupt my daughter’s life, my life or my marriage. I wanted it all to stay the same. But obviously, I had changed from the inside out and life would never be the same. How could it?

I thought that dealing with these devastaing events was enough of a shock but I was wrong.  My real difficulty came in the awareness that I had been taken into another world, their world. As I soon realized the world that they took me to, was the world I had come from. Then, I had been brought back into this world, never to be who I had been in the earlier hours of that day, before they came. After they showed me where I was from I was so intoxicated and in love that initially when they brought me back into this world, I did not want to leave them or come back into this dimension at all. Further, the Beings wanted me to share what I knew with others and that was not something I wanted to do.

In order to allow me to feel okay about coming back into this world the Beings told me, “We will always be with you and you can come home in 2034, when your work is completed”. This was the most important message I could receive from them. Because those words keep me focused on my work and allow me to be here and completely present within this insane and beautiful physical world.

In that moment of now and forever, I was changed. It was as if they had literally ripped away the delusion, the darkness and the ignorance of humanity, which plagues the Earth and humanity. We here on this little planet have allowed ourselves to become something other than what we were meant to BE. We have walked this Earth in sleep and ignorance for thousands of years, never realizing what our lives were really about or for.

Once you SEE the world and the Universe as it really is, you can never go back to being asleep or believing what the people who are ignorant try to feed you. You are AWAKE and you SEE everything as it is, not as you were taught or told and your mind is very clear. Belief is no longer an option. But what was left for me was to REALIZE how much more magnificent and powerful, yet sweet and simple the Universe is, than any human being could ever possibly “think”. The true experience of our precious human life outweighs any intellectual attachments, ideas or perceptions, existing in the mind, which do nothing but lead humanity into deep sleep states and ignorance.

Awakening to who I was, meant that I could no longer pretend that how I or others live in this dimension is acceptable. Knowing what was required of me also meant that I couldn’t live in the world in the way I had been living. I could not hide who  I was any more. I needed to be authentic and my true self, as I had realized myself as a Universal Being and for someone who is Awake, authenticity is the greatest aspect of an Enlightened Mind.

Knowledge flows in and out of me with amazing speed and accuracy and I could not hold on to my old and small mind, which had ceased to have any significance to my life. Yes, you may want to say that I lost my mind….and I might even feel in-sane. But, I am so incredibly grateful to have lost my mind, because now I SEE. So, at the same time I may feel insane, I realize that I am only now, since these amazing Beings told me to remember, a sane human being living with the awareness of who and what we are.


These Beings have shown me a Universe filled with infinite nature of creation and mind, existing behind the facade of a world we “think” is real. As a result of these experiences I know I am HOME inside this physical body and that these experiences are more real than the life I thought I was living. While very few people in my life from that time, 21 years ago when they came for me, believed that my experiences were real, I still  found the strength, conviction and commitment to do the work I was born in this dimension to do.

I realized that everything here in this reality that humans have been taught and attached to as real or fixed, is nothing more than an illusion. And if I buy it, I become delusional….The truth is that how people SEE their lives and the Earth dimension as created and maintained by the few, is an upside down version of the reality we truly live in.

Initially, in the moments that followed these experiences and  the impending awareness, I felt profound conflict. I felt a sense of isolation and separateness from the people around me. Of course, it wasn’t so different from the isolation and separateness I had felt from others throughout my life. Only now, it was clear as to why I had felt so far away and so foreign. For years I tried to understand the way people perceived reality and behaved in this dimension. I tried to fit into this world, as it was expected of me by my family and the culture, without any real sense of belonging or understanding why.

Living simply to make money, buy a new car, get married, work, go to educational institutions and have children and then to work toward buying a house or two or three, all seemed to be going round and round and round with very little fulfillment. The ride although beautifully designed and executed, felt pointless and without essence. Not that I didn’t find incredible growth and love in studies, in being a Mother or Wife, but at the time I realized that it was not enough, nor could it ever be a sufficient replacement of the incredible joy of discovery and experience we have access to on this planet, which is our evolution.

Further, it was very clear that there was no one around me, especially when I was young and in early adulthood that I could comfortably share these experiences with. Except for a few people, I had found outside my family and social environment, like the Spiritualists and Mediums I speak of on the “Starseed Construct” page.

My life did not happen in a vacuum. I realized that every exquisite part of it had been designed and planned. I was profoundly fortunate to have found Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in my late teens and early 20’s. His knowledge and the comprehension of the Universe he shared with us, his students, allowed me to understand that everything I had been taught in this western culture, did not represent or speak to the breadth and depth of human knowledge that existed throughout the world.

I remember my family thinking that I thought I was better than them, when I began to meditate. Self-righteous and arrogant, were some of the terms they used to describe me, as well as other unflattering expletives. I was a middle child and by my mid-teens I had decided not to accept the role in the family my parents wished me to  fulfill. I had always been very shy, which was something I realized later no one noticed. And most of my time at home with my family involved me being the caretaker for my two little brothers.

My older sister was an equity actress by the time she was 12 years old, which is quite an accomplishment. But, it meant that when she was not in school, she was gone most of the time, to the theatre. I had to pick up the slack at home for the family. I didn’t really feel as if I had any significant value other than as a caretaker. Instead of being involved in the things that were happening around me, I would watch, feeling very much outside the family unit.

I was in my early 20’s when I started meditating, became a vegetarian and a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. It was always very clear that the Beings had been involved in my life, guiding me in a direction throughout my life that would allow me to have the knowledge and background I needed to comprehend the world as they had revealed it to me that night 21 years ago. I saw that each and every moment of my life had been a map, leading me into the world of illusion and then back into the world of essence and the nothing, much like a figure eight.

Beginning to meditate and being with Maharishi caused me to feel that I understood what had been happening to me throughout the early years of my life. So, I was in profound states of bliss and gratitude, because I had found someone in this phenomenal world who was able to discuss what was happening in a way that actually made sense. What Maharishi shared with his students and taught felt true when nothing else seem to fit. Later the work I did with the Tibetan Lamas and my studies at University gave me even a greater ability to connect the dots and to see the world more clearly. 

Maharishi was the first person I met in my life, that made me feel that it was okay being the person I was and being the person I wanted to become. This knowledge allowed me to feel an interconnection to life and a way to learn how to live in this world that was not readily available in western culture. Meditation literally enlivens the human brain and calmed my mind, allowing me to develop the ability to focus my attention on whatever I was doing, which is a profound gift. The combination of spiritual practices that I have been involved in over the years, as well as the paranormal experiences, Contact with the Ets, Alien Abduction experiences, the awareness that I am one of them and one with the universe, allows me to recognize that the frequency and vibration of a human brain can literally impact the world.

It has taken me many years to realize what had been happening to me and to find the words to convey the world as I experience it now. Still, I am profoundly aware that words can never convey or reveal the truth about the world we live in. The only way humanity can change and evolve is to experience these altered states of consciousness, which can lead one to Realization, Awakening and Enlightenment. Contact with Extraterrestrials and Interdimensional Beings is the next step in our human evolution.  Further, if we on this Earth wish to alter the damage we have already inflicted on this planet, we will need to evolve out of the patterns that humanity presently exists.

(There is much more to this topic and I will be adding more material to it over time.)