Starseeds & Bodhisattvas

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“These “star seeds”, “star children” or “star people” are described by Brad and Francie Steiger as individuals whose ‘souls’ were formally incarnated on the worlds of other star systems and then traveled to Earth and decided to incarnate here in order to “boost” the spiritual evolutionary development of humanity. Most of humanity would consider this group of extraterrestrials to be ‘benevolent’ as described by ‘Contactees’ .” by John Stokes

Starseeds & Bodhisattvas

The “Starseeds & Bodhisattvas” page shares my views on the Starseed construct while revealing other constructs, which have existed within many cultures throughout the world for thousands of years. This construct is very significant. Still, I find that some cautions need to be expressed. I have found over the years an abundance of those who attach to these constructs and ideals to the exclusion of their purpose and significance.  Instead of using this knowledge to free themselves from the chains of ignorance, too often those who identify themselves as Starseeds use this model to enhance their egos and yet have no real connection to the construct.

For myself I experienced living in this dimension for years, never ascribing the value that the Beings told me I had, in this world. When I went into an Enlightened and an Awakened state 21 years ago, I did not want to share that realization with others. I did not want to identify myself with those states of consciousness. Being open about the levels of consciousness I was living in felt like an abhorrent thought. However, at the request of the Beings, who told me that humans needed to know because there was so much confusion in this dimension, I finally began to speak about what Enlightenment IS from that state of consciousness.

The Beings told me that there were too many people who believed they were Enlightened, yet pursued positions of power, seeking ego gratification and not the well-being of others, which made it critical for those who were truly Awake to speak out. Consequently, I have been lecturing for the past 21 years.  

Here within the “Starseed Construct” we may find yet another paradigm that humans love to attach, which ends up just  being more “things” that need to be overcome for humanity to REALIZE themselves.

Bodhisattva: A Bodhisattva is a concept known in Tibetan Buddhism, where an entity who has achieved Enlightenment in the past, chooses to be born again into the human condition, to help guide humanity out of ignorance and suffering. It is believed that these entities come into this dimension from an exalted position, out of profound love and care for humanity and all sentient beings. It is their solemn duty after attaining advanced levels of consciousness, to enter back into this level of consciousness in an effort to free human kind from the chains of ignorance and sleep. This concept and many variations have been in existence within Tibetan Buddhism and other religions for thousands of years.

Avatars: We find similar concepts within Hinduism, as many believe that there are those who are born into this dimension who have previously achieved more advanced states of consciousness, such as Avatars. There are some that believe Jesus was an Avatar. It is believed that they come into this dimension to guide, protect, teach and show humanity the purpose of all life. The question is always, “Does humanity seek the truth or are they so trapped in ignorance there is no hope?”

We always want to believe there is hope for humanity and many believe absolutely we are coming into a time of Enlightenment. But always before a shift in consciousness occurs, there is a cleansing where things are shaken up.

Star Beings: Further, there continue to be stories and knowledge within Indigenous cultures throughout the Americas, Africa and the world, describing “Star Beings”, coming down to Earth, to intermingle and breed with humanity in an attempt to raise human consciousness. It is said that these “Star Beings” teach, interact and mate with human beings, suggesting a mingling of DNA and genetic information. These stories tell of great leaders, with knowledge that awakens and Enlightens all who come into contact with them.

A Starseed, as you all may already know, is someone who was genetically created from Beings in more advanced civilizations, dimensions and realities, who have agreed to come into this dimension, to help shift the frequency, vibration, and consciousness for the evolution of humanity. Their purpose is to emanate and act as examples to those who are still unaware of how their power, knowledge and awareness has been and continues to be siphoned off and/or taken away from them, through manipulation and control.

Thumbnail   26:21  The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light (This is an important video!)

Starseeds, Lightworkers and Walkins come into this dimension to aid in the advancement of more evolved states consciousness, in an attempt to jump-start and override the present levels of ignorance and sleep states, existing on this planet. They come to Enlighten, Awaken and Teach, bringing the frequency of vibration in alignment with the more spiritually advanced civilizations within this Universe. It is the Universes attempt to extricate humanity from the chains of ignorance, duality and to bring mankind back to his/her rightful place of harmony in and with the Universe.

Starseeds are like older Brothers and Sisters who have come to remind humanity of its incredible and inherent knowledge, beauty, abilities and power. 

A true Starseed will do everything they can to help Humans detach from the perceptual, illusory worlds. They are not interested in pandering to the human ego. One person who said she was a Starseed emailed me many years ago, to tell me what to do in a particular situation. Her advice was to wrap myself in White Light to protect me from the evil ones…. OMG! If you are evolved you know unequivocally that this perception and behavior is contrary to REALIZATION.

Her perception and thus her behavior smacked of profound and obvious ignorance.  First of all, the statement represents New Age Religion and has absolutely no consciousness attached to it. It is profoundly attached to the ignorant human perception of duality. She was a parrot, not a Starseed. The only time someone would think that this world is divided between good and evil and act on it, is when they are asleep. She was not conscious or AWAKE on any level. She was totally wrapped in the culture of “wrong or right”, “good or bad”; living on the level of Ego and Arrogance.

Further, I had never asked her opinion in an email or a letter. Someone else had in their delusion believed I wanted that information, which they made up in their mind to feel superior. Wow! Both she and the other person didn’t even know my name, who I was, what I did, where I was from or where I had been. They kept using my last name as a first name, which indicated to me that they hadn’t even bothered to read the email I sent.

Yet, they felt entitled to dispense this pathetic, despicable, ignorant information, which could never be perceived by someone who is Enlightened or Awake, as knowledge. I had never even had a conversation or met with either of these two people. I had only emailed in an attempt to make contact with someone who said they knew EVERYTHING about this topic. They did not! They came up with this goofiness, “thinking” that they knew and ascribing qualities and levels of consciousness to  themselves that they did not live and clearly they did not have an experience of Awakening. 

Awakening is the first level of real Enlightenment and means you realize the truth behind all illusion, behind the dream world. The definition of being Awake, means that you would never promote concepts of separation and duality, as those perceptions maintain the illusory world, ignorance and they promote human suffering. 

This person who referred to herself as a Starseed, just assumed she was so important that I would want her opinion, which I did not ask for or want. I could not believe anyone who would say such an ignorant thing, in the pretense of helping someone and in the pretense of holding more expanded levels of consciousness…That is like saying, “Don’t feed the animals, just throw them some popcorn”. Her suggestion is a level of consciousness that cancels out LOVE. 

Anyone who is conscious and aware recognizes that love is INCLUSIVE.  It does not distinguish or create a separation between good and evil. That construct is what our culture and society teaches. It perpetuates fear, ignorance, doubt, separateness and all the suffering we experience in this dimension follows from those precepts.

Human’s in their ignorance “think” that they are separate from Creation. This is what causes them so much pain. Wrapping oneself in white light is just another confirmation that you do not recognize yourself as a part of this vast and beautiful Universe. This is saying, “I am not already the love of all creation and everything in this exquisite creation is not love.” The message is that you need to separate yourself from something that is not LOVE”, which is a concept that cannot be. This kind of thinking literally separates you from the most precious aspect of yourself, your inclusive nature, which is LOVE  ITSELF, LOVE INCARNATE.

Sadly, some humans become indoctrinated in these philosophies to the point that they actually create another religion out of these precepts. Maybe the Starseed Construct is yet another delusion? Although, these Beings from other dimensions and planets make  it very clear that they do not want any mistakes of humanity thinking they are GODS…………I believe that creating a paradigm like the Starseed Construct, is devastating and not the point or purpose of those who might be or who are truly Starseeds.

Creating another attachment to the illusory reality just feeds the darkness and continues the cycles of sleep states. I do comprehend that the Human mind wants to understand. But, this paradigm attempts to bring the idea down to the Human level, instead of expanding Human consciousness. The awareness of whether you are a Starseed or not, is not the point of being here in this dimension and doing this work. Starseeds do not come into this world to attach to the sleep states and forget the whole point of why they came here.

If you are a Starseed, you came into this dimension with the complete awareness that you were here, to help humanity extricate itself from ignorance. If you are a true Starseed you came into this dimension, illusory world, to help humanity release itself from FEAR and DOUBT, not to buy another “movie” about FEAR and DOUBT by wrapping yourself in white light. If you are Awake you don’t need to wrap yourself in white light because you already are white light.

Consequently, creating a language and constructs to uplift yourself when you are here only to help humanity lift itself out of the “poverty of soul” and the “chains of ignorance”, makes this paradigm and the whole idea of a Starseed Construct completely irrelevant and off point. 

If you are a Starseed you are here to work and help, not to make yourself supreme, which is the human equivalent of ignorance and darkness. So, if you slip into believing “good and bad” and duality, you become a part of the problem, a part of the game! Attaching to these paradigms only creates more opportunity for the EGO and “thinking” mind to see itself as better than others and the point of being here is lost and forgotten.

Unfortunately, I have met those who “think” they are Starseeds, but they are only playing a role…. A true Starseed will not have any interest in taking away your opportunity to grow here in this dimension and will not create more stuff for you to overcome. They will work to help you overcome the attachments you already have.

It is the actual learning, which allows the human species an ability to Remember and as a result, it activates your DNA. It is this process that serves to Awaken a Human Being. This is not another paradigm that lives in the “thinking” mind, while chaining your heart and soul to ignorance.

A true Starseed will focus on the present, the NOW….using all their abilities within each moment to help others realize they are not “Aware” and their life force is being siphoned off. A true Starseed will show people how to extricate themselves from the illusory world, which exists as a creation to feed the lower levels of consciousness within this Universe. They will not just stand there spouting intellectual garbage.

Through meditation and other practices a Starseed will raise the  levels of consciousness around them of this phenomenal world. They are not at all interested in pandering to the will of the ignorant; the societies protocols that only deepen the hold on what is exquisite about being a Human Being, which is your creativity, your joy, your inquisitive nature and most important how you feel and that profound connection to your soul.

You cannot fit into this society, social structure or the ignorance here and do your job. It is too small. You need to be the example, helping others open to their creative impulse and AWAKENING to the flow of life inside them and all around them. So they can Remember who they are and I mean all Human Beings, not just Starseeds! You realize that you are not the important one, but humanity is.

You are well aware that you have all experienced a person or two, who portrayed themselves as a Starseed and they were more like a Starweed…..So you have a beautiful mind to discern and you should use it. Authenticity will always equal consciousness and when you meet someone who is not authentically themselves, they are not in touch with their soul.

I am certain you will enjoy these videos, which I feel carry some credibility and truth. Again, when something is real it doesn’t need to create a religion or another paradigm or a false bravado thrown in with New Age music, not that that can’t be pleasant!

My suggestion is that you, “KEEP OPEN, BELIEVE EVERYTHING AND BELIEVE NOTHING”. ABOVE ALL THINGS YOU DO IN THIS WORLD, DO NOT ATTACH,  DO NOT ATTACH,  DO NOT ATTACH. Very soon this test will end and you will be  facing yourself. It is much easier to accomplish this in a Human body. If you are here than this is where you are supposed to be and you can work to accomplish profound states of consciousness here. But it is more difficult after your death. Of course there is not death and you will be able to move forward. But here in this dimension you have the potential to develop tremendous, expanded states of consciousness.

Focus on uplifting your consciousness at every possible opportunity. If you really want to know what is happening here on the Earth than, the only way to truly SEE IT is to let go of everything you “think you know and believe.” Allow creation to show you who you are. It will lead you into yourself. So, meditate, studying spiritual knowledge and open your heart. After some practice with this, okay maybe years, you will become an empty vessel, prepared to receive and be aware of the divine inside you, all around you and on all levels of consciousness within this Universe.

One day you will be standing on a precipice, either physically or spiritually, looking out and a wind will come up blowing so hard you think that it might knock  you off your feet. This wind will blow into you, through you and around you with no impediment, just the flow of creation. You will know who you are and what you are.

If you are unwilling to do the work needed to accomplish such a courageous act of rebellion against the status quo, you will never evolve. If you are brave and willing to risk experiencing the unknown, life comes to you sharing her secrets with a profound and magnificent recognition of yourself as all things. You will know the power and the sweetness of the winds of life and its profound love for you.

You will feel an energy blowing through you with such a fierceness that you literally cannot breathe, everything in the world stops. You stop breathing in that moment and that something else behind your breath is there in the silence sustaining you. THAT IS LOVE. 

Don’t focus on what someone else is doing because that is just a distraction. You are the only one who can choose to be AWAKE, doing the work on yourself to become a Conscious Aware Human Being AND COMPLETELY AWARE AND CONNECTED TO THE WHOLE. 

If these ideas and constructs do not fit in your box of paradigms, concepts and beliefs, than throw your box away and just BE. Now, watch! Continue the activity of your life as if you are already home, aware and one with everything else in the Universe.

Soon you will be SHOCKED AND SURPRISED TO REALIZE THAT WHEN YOU ACTUALLY STOP AND EMPTY THE THINKING MIND, you will really be alive, living in this moment, now instead of tomorrow or yesterday…

We/You can do this….We can turn the darkness into light. We can turn fertilizer into a garden of exquisite flowers. We just need to light our match………..and turn on our light.

By, Joy S. Gilbert

The Pleiades:

Thumbnail7:0 Spiritual Awakening – Get ready for Earth changes.

Thumbnail   26:21  The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light (This is an important video!)  This Pleiadian Message was communicated through Barbara Marciniak in 1992! From the book …

Thumbnail10:00 Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians Pt. 1 Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom …

Thumbnail  9:31  Pleiadian Star Council January-15-2013 by Matt Muckleroy We come to offer you IMPORTANT INFORMATION. We promise, your blinders will be removed. You will see the truth for yourself. All we ask is that you …

The Arcturians:

Thumbnail  6:37   Galactic Federation of Light Arcturian Group March-10-2013

Thumbnail   13:49 ETs Assisting earth: Arcturians Part 4 – Earth Transformation

Arcturian Frequencies – Timeshift Activation -YouTube► 4:32► 4:32  Sep 20, 2007 – 5 min – The activation ‘Timeshift’ from Arcturian Frequencies

An illustration of the Arcturian Beings (Above is an illustration of the Arcturian Beings through someone’s perception. There are moments when they are in their dematerialization and materialization phases they look very similar to this illustration, like Tweedy Bird! Like Humans they are each of them very diverse in their appearance.)

Below are magnified photographs of the Inter-dimensional, Extraterrestrial Arcturian Beings, I have experienced at and in my home and around me since childhood. In the first two photographs below you can see the Arcturian Horse-Like Beings in various stages of materialization. I should point out here that all these different races have diversity within them. I have seen the Horse-Like Beings in Gold, White, pale Blues, light Greens, soft Violets, Purples, Browns, Tan, Pink and even deep shades of Crimson Red.

I have seen some looking more human-like and some that look very much like the creatures here we refer to as Horses. They are bi-pedal, tall, profoundly intelligent, kind, conscious and aware entities, whose evolutionary knowledge and understanding of creation exceeds our abilities to comprehend, by millions of our years. They are each of them as diverse, incredible and beautiful as we Humans.

We have put a few pictures here but there are many more pictures on the “Pictures – ETs & Inter-dimensional Beings” Page.

Below #1: Taken on 4-29-2012.

 Below #2: Taken on 4-29-2012.

Within the next three photographs you can see the Arcturian Horse-Like Beings & Sirian Lion & Cat-Like Beings manifesting in different states of materialization.

Below #1: Taken on 4-25-2012. If you look on the right half way up the picture you will notice several Cat-Like Beings and Lion-Like Beings!

Below #2: Taken on 4-25-2012.

Below #3: Taken on 4-25-2012. Here you also see 2 Human appearing men, who we believe are Pleiadean, in the lower right of this picture. All these Inter-dimensional, Extraterrestrial Beings come within and around the “Blue & Purple Light Configurations” as seen on our “Pictures-UFOs & Alien Beings” & the “Pictures – ETs & Inter-Dimensional Beings” Page

Below are pictures we took of Arcturian Beings – We refer to this Race as the Arcturian Dolphin-Nose Beings…They along with a few other races of Beings are a part of our lives, with us in every moment!


 “Arcturus is the highest civilization in our galaxy.” – Edgar Cayce. 

As seen above, these are real photo/picture, which we took of the Arcturian Beings. There are more pictures on the Photos-Alien Beings page. Their precious noses are even bigger than the illustration depicts above. Their noses appear almost dolphin-like or bird-like.

No one has ever been able to photograph these Inter-dimensional, Extraterrestrial Beings. So, we are profoundly grateful and honored to have been able to take their pictures with our camera.

Arcturians | Arcturian Aliens | Who Are The Arcturians – Similar. Arcturian Aliens are benevolent beings that are said to exist in the fourth and fifth dimensions and Arcturians live in … Reptilians, Greys, and Arcturians Aliens ingest energy for their nutrition; … ARCTURIAN ALIENS / ARCTURIANS ARCHIVE …

The Arcturians on Ascension – Part 1/2 | The 2012 Scenario Dec 15, 2010 – This two-part series from the Arcturians on Ascension may just be one of the better short treatments I’ve read. It can serve as …. from “the horse headed one” and never knew what this meant until …..

the arcturians bilgisi – the arcturians bilgileri – – Arcturians – ( Arcturians From the start of Edgar Cayces remarks about the most advanced. The Arcturians are an alien race that hails from the blue planet orbiting the red giant star Arcturus …


      (“O Lion of Liberation, ever send through me Thy roar of all-conquering courage!” ~Paramahansa Yogananda “Whispers from Eternity”)

 Seeing these Beings with my eyes always makes me feel very emotional and very grateful. The picture above is of a Lion, which represents the Lion Beings of Sirius. These Beings are a race of Inter-dimensional and  Extraterrestrial Beings from Sirius. What is true about this particular illustration is the intensity, the dignity, the integrity and the power expressed in his face and eyes! This is a true representation of the feeling one has in the presence of these profoundly magnificent Beings.

The Blue Star People (Sirians) Those who have Sirius as their planetary origin are very focused, very determined and set on whatever path they are on at a given time. It is very … The Sirians of the Sirius Star System February 2011. The extraterrestrials who were known on Earth as ‘The Annunaki’ and whose scientist among other acts …

Cat Headed Beings – Crystalinks – Similar Cat Headed Beings. Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses usually wore masks in the shape of birds (ascension) and cats or lions. Most of the masks were …  Note: Except for the views and photographs that we provide and their explanations, much of the above links and material has been gathered from Mediums and Channels. I do not feel these are exactly reputable sources. However, some of the material expressed there does have some truth. So, I believe it is worth sharing. Just please, be aware that not all medium or channeled information is true. So keep your “poop” detector on ring & vibrate!


Don’t settle for anything less than Union, Unity Consciousness. Your life is too precious, valuable and significant for you to accept the projections of others and do not expect others to do your evolving for you!

My Grandfather passed away in 1952. He had owned a building in downtown Seattle and had left it to my father and that is where my father had his office. Every once in a while, I would take my little brother on the bus and we would go downtown to my father’s office to visit. I was about 10 years old at the time and my brother was 5 years old, when we started taking that little journey. Back then it wasn’t dangerous for children to go off like that and it was a long bus ride. 

Once we got there my brother’s idea of fun was going up and down in the elevator, which I had to supervise. During one of these rides, he stumbled off the elevator and walked into a Spiritualists Library. I stayed in the elevator with the elevator man and he came running back to me, grabbing my arm and dragging me off into this Library.

I remembered the women were old. I was just 10 years old, so everyone was old to me and they were very kind and sweet. My brother soon lost interest after the cookies ran out. But my experiences visiting the Library were sweet, innocent and something I continued to do through my teenage years. I would walk through the books looking at everything and I found all of them easy to understand. I knew what these women were talking about. They would talk to me about my Grandfather and tell me the things he wanted me to know.

One day the Spiritualists approached me about going to a camp where I could learn how to become a Medium. I was about 11 years old or so at the time and I had absolutely no interest in becoming a Medium. I could see what these women knew and how they related to the world and I deeply appreciated them and their knowledge. But, I knew in my heart that it was not what I had come into this dimension to do. And I didn’t want to waste my time or theirs.

When I told them this, they paused looking into my eyes and then without a word one of them got up and went into the back of their Library. She pulled out several brown, little books titled, “Masters of the Far East”, written by some English chap, who had gone into the Himalayas to study with the teachers and Gurus in that area of the world. I gratefully took the  books home, all of them and savored each and every word. I knew that I had found something very special, but of course this way of being in the world was not sanctioned by Western culture.

Even though in reality it took me only a very short time to find my way back to the knowledge associated with evolution and consciousness, feeling separate made it seem like forever! Channels and Mediums need to sustain a particular level of consciousness to allow the Beings to communicate to them and through them. However, they still have a filter that the Beings must push through, which are the filters of their EGOs. Because Mediums and Channels NEED to go into another state of consciousness or a trance state, it is clear that THEY CANNOT SUSTAIN that state of consciousness. We can therefore see that this is not a natural state of consciousness for the Medium or the Channel. It is shocking for me to realize that people accept a Medium or Channel in lieu of their own precious awareness.

It is very clear and evident that a Medium  and/or a Channel is still Earth Bound and does not experience the communication from these Beings in a completely pure manner. Unfortunately this allows energies to enter the field and body of a Channel or Medium, that may not be who they say they are. So operating from that place can be dangerous if you don’t first understand the terrain. Once you become Enlightened and comprehend those levels of consciousness, there is absolutely no need or inclination to ask anyone else outside yourself because you live the truth.

Of course, this is not to say that their work hasn’t been important or that people like Edgar Casey and others have not contributed profound insight and knowledge to humanity. It is just to convey the reality of the situation! Their work is not yours and it is not relevant in the times we now live. It is important to keep in mind that when you believe the information that a Medium or Channel shares with you, concerning you, your life experiences and your relationship to these Beings; it can be very damaging because it is more often than not misleading. You are certainly able to have your own relationship with these Beings and know the truth about your life and all life from your contact with the core of creation. If only you would learn to trust yourself.

There is nothing I have not known in regard to those Beings who work with Humans to help them evolve. My only regret (not really) is that I did not trust my own experience sooner. There was a time I tried to fit into the boxes of this culture.  We, each of us have our own process as  we go back into the light, which is our true home. Sometimes people will inadvertently listen to a Medium, Channel or a therapist that shouldn’t be working with Experiencers/Alien Abductees, instead of developing their own AWARENESS and ABILITIES. Just because someone believes they are hybrid or you believe they are conscious enough to be able to Channel or to become a Medium, does not mean that they are capable of determining what is true for you.

Your most significant work on Earth as a Human Being, is to develop your consciousness and evolve. If you are listening to someone outside yourself then that relationship should involve you becoming more in touch with your soul, heart and consciousness; not just making you feel one way or another on a superficial level. That relationship if it is healthy should be challenging you to be the best person that you can be.

When you listen to someone, particularly like Mediums and Channels about your development or about things that are happening to you, you give up your opportunity to touch that part of yourself without interference. You give up a piece of your priceless evolution and your power to someone else. Practicing Meditation and particularly Transcendental Meditation (I mention TM only because I have been a TM teacher and meditator for 45  years and it is the most powerful and easy meditation I have experienced.) you create a systematic way to connect with the essence or the state of being that connects all things, in all of creation.

Meditating every day, twice a day, attending meditation retreats, becoming a teacher of TM, then facilitating meditation retreats throughout my life, exposed me to profound levels of consciousness and experiences that forced the human body and mind, to evolve. The effects of meditation and other focused work you do to develop  understanding of all life and the Universe, creates a physical event. Many people believe that Awakening and Enlightenment is intellectual or metaphoric. But developing more expanded states of consciousness are physical events, as punctuated by the DNA manipulation we have experienced with the Beings.

The Beings had told me January, 31, 1993 that my DNA was completely Activated.  At the time, I didn’t quite understand what those words actually meant. They imply a  physical event, which Awakening and Enlightenment are…but I had never realize that it was visceral and something that took place in your body, not outside yourself or in your intellect. The genetic intervention from the Beings, gives us the tune ups we have needed over the years of our lives, to sustain higher frequencies and more expanded states of consciousness.

These levels of consciousness and your intentions determine the work we are capable of doing, which is something you choose. Our nervous system is transformed through these processes.  There is a physical response to evolution and as it becomes perfectly aligned with the Transcendental Field or if you wish, the Unified Field, you are sustained forever at more advanced and expanded levels of consciousness. These states allow you to realize your potential, setting you free from ignorance and the process of birth and death. 

Essentially, you step off the wheel of life into the transcendent or Union of all consciousness, becoming one with all creation and experiencing your inter-connected nature with all life in the Universe. You are then able to live in a state of inter-connection with awareness at all times, while functioning in the human form.  You also experience a unification of all worlds, all dimensions and in all other states of consciousness, like sleeping, dreaming and wakefulness.

You are now aware when in these states of consciousness. For instance, when you sleep your body is in a refined state of deep rest, but you are aware at the same time. It may appear to others that you are asleep, but that is just their projection and their perceptions. You are very capable of determining your own life experience without others telling you what they think you are experiencing, which is what people who do not know or respect their life experience, like to do to others. You can never see into a level of consciousness you do not yet live.

Before you enter your transformational process into Enlightenment or Awakening, along with the help of the Beings in the Activation of your DNA, as well as other gifts to help you evolve; you are not yet aware when you sleep, dream and sometimes even in states of wakefulness. An example of this would be, driving a car and ending up at home while you do not remember the trip! 

Until you go into Enlightenment you are not aware of your interconnected, infinite nature as a living, moment to moment experience. You are asleep. In entering into the process by which you may Awaken or become Enlightened you begin to be conscious and aware of everything that is happening around you. In meditation you go into yourself, transcending all phenomena into the absolute, essence of all creation. In going into yourself you literally open to the knowledge within your cells and the memory within your DNA.

This is not the end result. It is the beginning! It is in this place you become aware you are alive. In meditation, to the same degree you go into yourself, you extend yourself outward into the Universe, becoming part of civilizations you have long forgotten, where you have been involved in Interstellar Travel. We are all of us here just traveling through time. We are Time Travelers who have somehow forgotten who we are and our capabilities. We have forgotten all our knowledge and gifts.

If you stay asleep, which is your choice; you trade your awareness, your love, your soul and the true knowledge of this Universe with all its exquisite manifestations for the material world, which is infinitesimal by comparison. Choosing to deny and ignore your abilities to evolve and grow, is to literally give up your precious rights to learn, grow and explore the Universe. When you give up your rights to gain the perspective of a living Enlightened Being, you give up that which contains all knowledge, of all things in time, in space, in intelligence, for nothing more than a nice shiny car.

I see this as a tragic commentary on the present condition of humanity. Within this paradigm human beings who live in ignorance, lethargy, and apathy give up their potential, their true abilities and the life they have been given to  live. In their pathetic desire and attachment to “things, places and ideas.” They literally give up their ability to comprehend the Universe! You do not need to go into a trance state to connect with the Beings or to connect with anyone in the Universe .

When you meditate and work on your self you are tuning your physical body into a harmony with the Universe. And you slowly begin to experience an ongoing communion with these Beings and all life. If you continue to meditate and work on yourself, then creation sees this as an opportunity to help you and Beings of Light from all over the Universe descend into your life, to lead you out of the darkness. Remember you have to walk as far out of the forest as you have walked into the forest. So do not expect all this to happen over night!

You live in a dimension controlled by time, space, matter and anti-matter. It will take a profound ability to overcome all  of these aspects within you, to integrate and to reach your full potential as a Human Being. As you meditate you bring the transcendental state or Unified Field, of consciousness into your waking state, your sleep state and your dream state.

Eventually, as your nervous system evolves your awareness becomes present in every second, no matter what state of consciousness your body may be experiencing. In that place the witness or the absolute, infinite nature of all creation is always present. In this state of Being, you are always aware of the profound peace and emptiness behind the dream, the “movie” and the veil between Infinite Mind and the manifest world. Either with your conscious awareness or not, as you begin to meditate and work on yourself, you are led moment by moment into a state of integration with all the states of consciousness previously mentioned.

This creates a harmony and resonance that awakens and connects all these states of consciousness into One, creating a state of Cosmic awareness or more commonly understood as Cosmic Consciousness, the beginning state of true Enlightenment. From this point on your evolution makes a leap and your growth becomes not only linear but exponential, moving you swiftly into God Consciousness and finally Unity Consciousness, where you find your life is completely transformed.

A part of you wonders how this all happened? Yet you are the one who makes the choices to either respect, care  and love your life and the lives of others or not. It is the deep desire to serve the greater good that takes a hold of your life and every cell in your body is enlivened, aware and you feel an exchange of all life, essence and energy between yourself and the rest of the Universe. You experience all life through Prana, which exists in everyone and everything. It is the most subtle aspect of your very breath, your life force and your inspiration. Prana is literally the essence of breath that ignites a love and recognition of life so profound, with everything else in the Universe.

Every second you live in all forms and take a breath in this world, you are aware of your infinite mind and your infinite nature. In Union/Unity Consciousness you have complete awareness and it is the awareness of your infinity and immortality. You have the ability to consciously interact with the Universe and everything that appears inanimate or animate exists as vital and viable living beings, within all the layers of creation.

You experience life from the finest to the densest and you now knowingly interact with the Universe as a conscious Human Being, always aware at your very core that everything that exists in the Universe is utterly alive. Now, clearly you certainly do not need validation from a Human do you? There is no separation of time and space or past, present and future. The awareness that all life is connected, interdependent and happening all at the same time is an awareness that is ever-present and within each moment.

We should not be so gullible as to believe what others tell us, like Mediums, Channels, the Beings or people like me. In studying with teachers like Maharishi and the Tibetan Lamas, I learned that their focus was always on you developing consciousness, to push you into the transcendent, emptiness and your immortality; which comes through meditation, sincerity, focusing on evolution, service and holding the right “View”.

The View is recognizing that all life is impermanence, suffering and all pain stems from our own minds. And since we create it, we have the ability to change it. And that is where we as humans have our work to do, understanding how the mind and ego operate, to keep us from overcoming ignorance, which feeds and maintains our suffering. All this work on one’s self brings those who are truly sincere and devoted to being a better human being, to greater truth, to wisdom, to serve creation and on into states of Enlightenment and the recognition of our infinite nature and immortality.

Tibetan Buddhism has a paradigm that states, “A Bodhisattva as an Enlightened Being will choose to come into this dimension over and over again, until all suffering is eradicated from the Earth.” After becoming an Enlightened Being those with the greatest love and compassion for the pain of others in this dimension, will choose to come back into this dimension again and again, to Enlighten their physical bodies, thereby uplifting the consciousness of thousands, upon thousands of entities in the material/manifest world and it Awakens the beings that live in these dense physical realms.

Then as someone took the time to help you remember, you are now required to guide others into the light, whether they realize what you are doing or not. Their perception of you is irrelevant. In their profound compassion and love for humanity the Enlightened ones will continue to be reborn into this world choosing to transmute the ignorance and the suffering of all humanity, until the last sentient being in this Universe has freed themselves from the pain of attachment and of this physical world. 

These are the vows that Monks and Nuns are required to take when they are allowed to enter into a Buddhist Monastery or are allowed to study closely with a very accomplished Tibetan Buddhist Lama. Meditation should become a part of your life, like brushing your teeth or washing your hair. Your mind is a beautiful expression of creation but you can use it to pretend, by believing you already know everything. It can play tricks on you. Except with the practice of meditation where you are cleansing your mind and all your cells of things you do not need, allowing you to go to the heart of your life.

If you want to know your truth, go within to find the truth that is compatible with your soul and then live that truth. In Unity Consciousness you have direct knowledge from the source of creation and you do not need someone else to intervene for you EVER. Nor do you need to go into an absurd or ridiculous trance state, to communicate with the Beings who are ultimately yourself. You just use your mind. Your precious life experience now belongs utterly and completely to you, in and for the service of all Beings and all creation.

Everything you think, know, feel and learn only deepens your profound connection with all that is inside you, around you and in the Universe. “Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven within and all things will be added unto you”. (I am not religious person, as such, might be assessed by humans in this culture, but truth is truth no matter where you find it.) You can never believe COMPLETELY a Teacher who wants you to be Enlightened and Awakened, because they will trick YOU into SEEING YOURSELF.

Overcoming the obstacles in your life is what makes you powerful. At every level of your development you are challenged to evolve and if you are sincere and your desire to serve the well-being of humanity, you will meet those challenges and beg for more……. As an Experiencer and before you AWAKE, you realize that the Beings create circumstances in your life and in your dream states, where you are not so deeply attached to the phenomenal reality, to help guide you, giving you knowledge and showing you the way things really are in this world, so you can over come any and all obstacles.



By Joy S. Gilbert