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Many recognize that telepathy with extraterrestrials is a part of the Ufo and Alien Abduction Phenomenon. I believe that telepathic communication is also a part of the natural evolution of all sentient beings within creation. Since, childhood I have been aware that we all are capable of communicating without words. In fact, we communicate all the time without even being aware of it. We communicate with our eyes, our body language, the tone of our voice and the inflections we use when sharing information with each other.

Essentially, we are already, each of us, capable and participating in some measure of communication without words or intellect. Our intellect and ego tend to sensor or assess what is appropriate and what is not, while sharing information, feelings, thoughts and ideas through the use of written or spoken language.

If we are willing to take the time and observe human behavior, we find that we are able to become clear observers, able to listen without internal sensors editing what we hear. With the development of this skill, we are able to see people and their thoughts on many levels of consciousness, clearly.

As a caution here, we need to learn how to be clear minded ourselves. We must be able to sustain a level of consciousness that is not involved in judging or blaming others for their thoughts and actions. If we are not clear within ourselves and compassionate toward ignorance, then it is highly possible that we will just be projecting our perceptions on someone else, which has nothing to do with any kind of real communication. In this instance, there can be no real possibility for developing these levels of our abilities. We find this also relevant in relationships with others, while in the normal use of communication, like our spoken language.

Children are always much more aware of psychic human abilities. However, as the enculturation process takes them over, they are literally taught not to develop their Extra-Sensory Perception, Telepathic Communication and other natural evolutionary abilities that our cultures do not value or recognize. From an early age we are all told what  to think, what we must do and how we need to behave in the world, to gain acceptance.

All children and adults crave love and acceptance. So, these negative responses to our natural tendencies and understanding, cause us to suppress these Extra-sensory qualities, which are really just a part of our natural evolution. Within this paradigm we learn that developing these abilities is not socially acceptable or encouraged.

Consequently, in our attempt to be accepted within our cultures of origin, we have literally dumbed ourselves down. This behavior is much like the messages given to young girls telling them not to appear to smart or they might never find a husband. Or for young boys who are told if they cry, they are not going to be strong men. These behaviors shape our understanding of the world around us and how we fit into that paradigm, to be accepted by our families, our educational institutions and our economies.

We have literally learned that seeing into others minds, even if we are capable, is not an acceptable way to live in this world. Throughout my life, I saw how people were treated who appeared in any way different from what the culture dictated. Any departure from the status quo and you are immediately singled out, which is not something anyone wishes to experience, as it is usually very unpleasant. Even those people who appear to receive accolades for their psychic abilities or other Extra-Sensory Perception skills, also are confronted with a great deal of negative feed back from our culture. 

Whereas, in other more evolved, dimensional realities there is no distinction between what one entity thinks and another. They recognize themselves as ONE Being and each entity exists as a significant and valuable part of the process of life. These evolved Beings share information without the laborious effort involved in what we perceive as language, in this human, physical dimension. Here in this dimension we may find that a great deal of our life’s energy and process is involved in communication. Unfortunately, conflict often arises out of a lack of understanding, when sharing information with each other.

ETs, UFO, Alien Abduction, Human Evolution, Consciousness

We all tend to over think when we are trying to figure out what the right words are to convey a thought. With Telepathic Communication this laborious task is completely eliminated, creating far more clarity and efficiency. It allow us the ability to see and literally experience where that other entity or person is coming from inside themselves, which fosters incredibly, deep understanding and love. Further, using Telepathic Communication uses far less energy, allowing us to develop other important aspect of ourselves.

Of course, a human perceptual, downside is the fact that you can hide nothing of yourself within this model of communication. You cannot sustain the closed off worlds inside you that many people develop and maintain, to protect themselves from the unkindness of others. Nor can you sustain situations, like in many religions, where we find people who become so indoctrinated in the dogma of their teachings that they have learned, almost to well, the proper, expected and accepted behaviors without ever developing any real understanding on a deep, soul level. So, they operate out of habitual patterns of behavior, rather than truly one of care or regard for others.

Sadly, instead of growing and evolving as loving human beings, they have learned to suppress behaviors that are unacceptable to their culture or social environment. These habitual behaviors very often create schisms within their personalities that may last a life time.

Often, through the process of stuffing their negative feelings and emotions, instead of acknowledging their feelings and emotions, people can develop a great deal of inner anger, as well as other physical and mental attributes.  As a consequence these unresolved feelings and emotions surface at inappropriate moments and sometimes they just seethe below the surface, causing one to feel intense agitation. Clearly, their motives are sincere. But often times the execution within their behavior lacks sincere understanding and it is there that people develop the inner anger.

I learned that relating to people in a deep or profound way was unacceptable in this culture, unless they were family members or there was some association through church or school that allowed intimate relationships to develop. In other words I was told who I should feel familiar to and who I should not. What my inner awareness told me was not something I was suppose to acknowledge. Instead, I was suppose to do what was expected of me.

I was taught as many people are, not to get close to others. It was never really clear as to why, exactly. But there was a lot of reasons offered such as, people may misinterpret your intentions. However, throughout my life, I found it difficult to believe what I was told by the people I knew in this culture. Because what I saw about human behavior disturbed me! That is the way too many human beings behave on this planet did not seem appropriate on any level, for any reality.

What has always been so exquisite for me with these Extraterrestrial and Inter-Dimensional Beings is the feelings of freedom I have, because there is very little they are not aware of regarding my thoughts and visa versa. Of course, I am not going to tell you that thoughts haven’t arisen in me of fear from time to time in the past. I am a part of the Human experiment, so I am aware of the animal nature within me and the contributions from my Reptilain Brain. However, I am also aware that those aspects of myself are not relevant. When they pass through me they are fleeting and have very little value or substance to my life.

I am acutely aware that the way these Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Beings communicate is very different from how we communicate in this dimension. It is not at all similar in nature to the way we use words and ideas. Their communications present more like feelings and impressions of knowledge, warmth and love, which are conveyed telepathically at such a profound rate of speed that you are literally rendered paralyzed. Often, it felt that I was being downloaded with knowledge so vast and full that I could never speak it on a physical level. The languages we have developed in this dimension, at this level of consciousness, are so limited.

Their communications go unimpeded directly into my mind from their mind. This is the way I experience them conveying knowledge to me. It is like a sharing of their experiences in a manner that allows  me to also have the same level of mental, emotional and physical involvement, of an event that they have experienced. This type of communication allows me to gain knowledge through their experience, once it is shared directly with me from their mind into mine. I recognize this kind of sharing, as expansive, with greater clarity than our verbal language, which is extremely slow , laborious and lacking in clarity.

This kind of communication supports the thought that we are all connected, by our very nature at the core of creation, the Unified Field. We are all ONE. The thought that keeps coming into my mind is, “What we do to one, we do to ourselves and everyone in the Universe”.

The communications these Beings share with me and others, is something that may occur during the “perceived” alien abduction encounters, as well as during waking, dreaming and sleep states of consciousness. As a child, I was unable to discern their communications from my own mind and the way I think. It all seemed very natural and just a part of my life experience. I didn’t have another life experience, in my awareness at the time to compare these experiences too. So, initially I thought that everyone had these kinds of experiences. However, later in my young adulthood it was clear that no one I knew was having these kinds of experiences.

As time passed, over the course of my life, I became clear about who these Beings were to me and I perceived them as my Angels and Guardians. I also became more and more clear when these Beings would communicate with me. They use language differently then I had learned from the people and educational institutions I attended.

When describing relevant facts, concepts or ideas, their projections into words or thoughts were very different from my normal syntax and vocabulary. They speak from other levels of consciousness and dimensions.  An example would be when they told me, “You are completely activated”. This was 20 years ago and I had never heard words describing anything like that before that moment.

These concepts and style of language was certainly nothing I had heard studying at Universities, with Maharishi or with Tibetan Lamas.  Now, you may hear people referring to this concept, the “Activation of DNA” with similar language. However, it is still a very unique way to communicate in our culture and not widely understood!

As physicists have discovered in recent years, matter is more emptiness and waves of energy than mass. We are all a part of each other, flowing through creation rather than the perceived state of being fixed in time and space. While we may appear fixed, in reality we are a mass of energy held together by our frequencies and our thoughts.

Therefore, it is easier these days to comprehend the way these Beings convey information, telepathically.  It was very clear to me from the onset of my relationship with them that their only purpose is to awaken humanity, who is presently asleep; and to aid mankind in remembering not only who we are, but who they are and why they are here now.

Ironically, there is what appears to me to be military aspects to my relationship with these Beings.  First there is a concept at work, which is much like the military references of “Need to know”. It feels as if each of the people they contact have a different level of work, service or vocation. This is an awesome experience, because I find that my mind is not cluttered with extraneous thoughts or information that is not relevant to the task at hand, my focus and present work.

That is not to say that they do not share significant amounts of knowledge and information. Rather, it speaks to their clarity of mind and purpose, as well as my own understanding, which is one-pointed.

The second aspect of this work that seems to have a military reference is the concept of having a “Mission”. For years I had the feeling I was here to accomplish some task or mission that I just couldn’t remember. When they came for me 20 years ago, telling me to remember, I remembered what I was here on Earth to accomplish and accepted the responsibility of work I had agreed to participate in prior to entering my body.

ETs, UFO, Alien Abduction, Human Evolution, Consciousness

(This picture by Gisela Schneider, a Montana Artist – from the website Fine Art America unveils the world’s most powerful artist websites, is an exquisite portrait representing the “Vision Quest”, which is the integration of many dimensions and layers of creation into your awareness. It shows and teaches us that we are not alone and never have been.)

These Beings communicate in vivid, clear impressions, or visions that are much like the Native American Peoples speak about when they go on a “Vision Quest”. Native Peoples use a “Vision Quest” to experience a deepening of their relationship with Creation and the natural world. These visions can provide the experiencer with enlightenment, knowledge and awakenings for their lives or to share with their people or tribe. In many indigenous cultures it is the Shaman, Gurus, Rishis or Lamas that spend their lives connecting with the unseen worlds, or spiritual worlds to help guide their people in ways that serve them and allow them to live in harmony with Mother Earth and with care and respect for all life.

It seems that the information the Beings have shared with me and others, suggests significant information about what is happening on this planet and suggests alternative behavior to help humanity reconnect with their soul and to awaken to the awareness that we are all a part of a vast Universe filled with life, which is expanding and evolving moment by moment. When they share knowledge it feels like I am watching a movie, clip by clip by clip. Many times these visions have occurred when I was with them on the ships. But now, I am aware that their communications occur in all states of consciousness, not just during the Abduction event; that  is,  sleeping, waking, dreaming and during meditation.

They share expansive levels of knowledge and information and I am aware that the information is coming into me from them, someone  or something outside my mind. I am also keenly aware that this knowledge is coming from inside my own mind and consciousness at the same time. It is as if I have always known all these things and the moment they share them it triggers my memories of those realities in full. So, I am clear that this information is something I am actually remembering, not learning.

This knowledge and these  experiences have been imbedded in my DNA or blueprint and it seems to be available the moment it is needed. Telepathy is neither new to me or foreign. Rather, it feels like a natural, clear and intelligent way to communicate fully with others, in an efficient manner. And if I haven’t understood anything else about the Universe, I have understood that it is profoundly efficient, nothing is ever wasted and nothing is ever lost.

I do not feel any separation from these Beings and in fact I feel profound feelings of love and family with them, which I do not necessarily feel with many human beings. However, I am always aware that we share the same essence or Unified Field of Consciousness, as every creature in existence. I recognize them as a part of myself and I know that they experience me as a part of them, as that is a concept that they have made clear to me over and over again. I am also very clear that I do not have to listen to the things they share. I am given the choice to say “No”.

However, there is nothing so compelling or so rich with knowledge and love, then my relationship with each and every one of these precious Beings. Consequently, I could never choose to ignore their expression of life or their concern and love for humanity and our precious planet. All they have ever asked of me, is that I share the information they have given to me with others, to uplift the consciousness of human kind.

When recognizing the fact that all life is infinite and that you yourself have  a soul that is infinite, looking absurd to this culture within this time/space continuum is hardly an issue. When does operating in the world from what you know is the right action to take, even when there may be considerable loss on a personal level, become a burden? Never!

I definitely have my moments and challenges, as this work requires a tremendous amount of repetition and energy. Tibetan Buddhists believe that you must recite a particular prayer or mantra at least 100,000 times to have just a glimpse into its significance and meaning. But this is the work and service I believe I was born in this dimension to do, as well as awakening to the REALIZATION of a UNION with all life and within the aspect of creation that I am.

We in western cultures communicate in a linear manner, because that is how we see, live and think in this dimension or reality. The Beings level of knowledge is not so limited. It is multi-dimensional and exponential. They neither think in linear terms nor do they communicate in linear terms. They are much bigger in all ways than we are, having the ability to move through time and space they have a more inclusive and cohesive understanding and connection with all life.

I am aware that the Beings have the ability to go back or forward in time, as they are not confined to one dimension. If a particular group of Beings live in the 10th dimension, then they have the ability to go to any dimension their evolution has already advanced through. So, if they are sustained in the 10th dimension, they have the ability to enter and leave at will, all the other dimensions previous to the dimension they inhabit at present. For  instance that would include the 1st dimension through the 10th dimension.

It wasn’t long after my completely conscious and aware contact with these Beings that the realization of the work I was expected and required to do in this dimension was revealed. I had heard my teachers say over the course of my studies that all the knowledge I was given, I would some day be required to share! I just never really believed it. Then, other times I thought it would be easy to share this exquisite knowledge with others. But, I did not really comprehend at that time, the staggering ramifications of this work on my personal life or the fact that people may not value or believe that these events and experiences have any merit.

Ah….then, the prodding by the Beings to write a book, which I dutifully did. The title states their most significant words to me, “It’s Time to Remember”, which was the moment I Awoke, triggering a tidal wave of memories and comprehension about this Universe.

Dr. John E. Mack made a stunning statement shortly before his death in 2004. He said, “The Alien Abduction Phenomena appears perfectly suited to completely shatter the Western World’s view of reality..” Clearly for those persons experiencing these profound events, we enter into a new world, which is profoundly different then the status quo or conventional, accepted reality of western cultures.


Since Telepathy is already coded into your DNA it is a natural part of your many abilities as a human being. If you wish to enhance your abilities to communicate with others using these levels of awareness you just need to overcome your “habitual patterns of behavior”. Those behaviors that have taught you not to be aware and open to what is happening around you, which is what occurs during the enculturation process.

You need to learn how to listen in a whole new way, with your body and your cells instead of just your ears. When you listen with your body you do not have the ability to sensor or judge what is being said or what you hear. This way you can learn to hear what is truly being shared with you, instead of your Ego’s perception of what the words may mean.

Consequently, developing your consciousness through meditation and other meditative practices uncovers the natural skills that are available within our DNA. It actually allows the body to reconfigure itself, back into the skills that are already present in every human being, like resetting your computer. So, meditation, prayer and focusing on our inner awareness quiets the mind, allowing us to access and become aware of these abilities that are already present. It is just a matter of clearing away the nonessential material and debris within our bodies, our cells and our minds.

Within the ability to use Telepathic communication you find that it ultimately requires much less energy and the thoughts you share can be perceived with greater accuracy. Of course others you wish to communicate with, need to also be working on themselves to be open enough to comprehend what you are conveying without their perceptions distorting your communications.

These skills, like any other skill takes time to develop and hone. But, if you are sincere, meditate, use prayer and other techniques to cleanse your mind there is a good chance you will be able to develop these abilities.

The key of course, is learning how to listen with your heart, mind, body and soul, instead of just your ears. Hearing and understanding are not the same things at all. You can hear words and ideas, but to understand what is being stated you need a certain ability to recognize and connect mentally and emotionally to what you are hearing and what is being said or conveyed. This is why Telepathy is such a profoundly beneficial ability to develop. It is efficient, fast and a very clear ability to develop.