Abductees & Starseeds Stories

Alien Abductees & Starseeds Stories

Amazingly, creating these pictures was in response to connecting with someone recently who recognized the deep connection to Extraterrestrial Life and our natural environment. It seemed a beautiful premise, to create a visual connection with human beings, the natural world and our deep inter-connected nature with Extraterrestrials and Interdimensional Beings. Since, they are in the process of creating something truly spectacular and I feel it is inappropriate to refer to them at this time, I will only share a few photos here so I don’t disrespect their project.

These pictures of us may give a small idea to others as to how myself and the Abductees I know, feel toward all life and this Universe. I also thought this would be a good way to share ourselves with you.

 Many Ets and Interdimensional Beings live in the mountainous terrain of the Rocky Mountains. Within the physical world, both seen and unseen, Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional life has been sustained and maintained in these small Alpine Glaciers for millions of years.

Here I will share just a few photos of each Experiencer/Alien Abductee involved in helping me maintain this website. It is an evolution in itself to continue adding and updating the significant information I share, as well as, maintaining this website. Everyone on this website has had paranormal experiences and recognizes that they are experiencing CONTACT with Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Life. We all openly reveal our relationship to Ets, in order to help other Experiencers/Alien Abductees who do not yet understand what this phenomenon is all about and the experiences that may be happening to them.

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Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Pictures: Praying Mantis, Ancient Bird, Lion E

This video clearly shows a Praying Mantis Et, Ancient Bird Et, Lion & Cat Ets, Orbs and Light Configurations filled with Extraterrestrial & Interdimensional Life, living within and outside our known Universe. The pictures of the Experiencers/Alien Abductees and their relationship to Ets is clear and as with all the pictures taken on my property, we have used 2 – 4 cameras, at the same time, aimed at the same area and we see exactly the same Beings and Light Configurations in each of the picture, no matter the camera. These Light Configurations are themselves the very means or vehicles used by the Et and Interdimensional Beings, allowing them to move in unison, together, through time and space. The Light Configurations are filled with intelligent life. These Ets are all Beings of Light that live and are sustained by the light. They have the ability to move into thousands of dimensions as they live simultaneously in advanced states of consciousness.

Some believe the Praying Mantis Ets are Master Teachers within this Universe. Some believe that the Lion & Cat Ets created many of the species of life that exist in this Universe and that they have been charged with the responsibility of altering the DNA & manipulating our human DNA, to enhance it. So humanity may evolve into more advanced levels of consciousness and develop the ability to live in vast numbers of dimensions simultaneously while living in human form, in this physical reality. Many realize that the Ancient Bird Ets have been a part of helping humanity evolve for thousands of years. We hear many stories about all these Beings within Indigenous cultures throughout the world and their teachings have been passed down from generation to generation through oral and written teachings.

Joy S. Gilbert: I created this website to help those having these experiences answer fundamental questions related to Extraterrestrials and Interdimensional Beings and their connection with our physical reality and human evolution. I have experienced contact with awareness since I was 3 years old. Of course, at that time I didn’t understand they were Extraterrestrial. I only knew that they were my true family, they loved me and they cared for my well-being in times when I did not. I have experienced constant and ongoing Contact with these precious Beings both in and outside our known Universe. I became aware that they were Extraterrestrial in an Awakening that occurred during an Alien Abduction over 20 years ago. 

Within this website I share my views and knowledge about the Alien Abduction Phenomena and my CONTACT with  Extraterrestrial life on the Joy S Gilbert, Contactee page where I put my biography at the end of that page or you can get my book at amazon.com (It’s Time to Remember) to read the other experiences, I have shared there.  I have written all of the material and information you will find on this website in an attempt to reveal a more holistic, true and expanded view. I hope it will provide for you the information you may need to understand more deeply your experiences.

I have spent my lifetime focusing on spirituality, through my studies with His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche and Venerable Gyaltrul Rinpoche, Tibetan Lamas, Teaching and Practicing Meditation, receiving high honors in academics, in the field of Psychology, Early Childhood Education and Neuroscience. I have researched, lectured and written a book about my Awakening to Extraterrestrials and the paranormal experiences that have been constant companions, from the moment I was born into this dimension.

I am in constant Communion and Contact, completely aware of who I am and what my relationship is to this world I now live and this Universe. The interconnected nature of my relationship with the Extraterrestrial Beings allows me to feel a deep love for them as my most precious friends, my teachers, my real companions and my true biological family…

In the picture below I am giving a talk and sharing my love for Glacier National Park, while speaking about my deep relationship with Ets and Interdimensional Beings in Glacier National Park on “The Road to the Sun”!

I have concern for all sentient life on this planet and the recession of our exquisite Glaciers throughout the world.  The Extraterrestrials Beings love our world and have asked myself along with others like me, to share their/our concerns for our planet, humanity and all sentient life. It seems that humanity, from their clear actions, which I have stated for decades, has no awareness or recognition that the Earth is a living Being. 

The Earth is a living, breathing Being that is dying, as a result of human apathy, arrogance and ignorance. If you are aware at all as a conscious human being you can actually hear her, the Earth, crying out. I continue to ask those who will listen, to care about the Earth, all sentient life and the generations of human beings that have yet to be born into this physical reality.  

The greatest pollution that exists on this planet is the pollution within the minds of human beings. I ask that people work to change their consciousness, in the hopes of averting cataclysmic events! 

Humanity is our most precious resource on this planet and yet we are killing off millions of our own people through senseless wars, famine and the shear lack of caring.

Each human being on this little planet Earth, that sits two-thirds of the way out on Orion’s Arm, in the outer regions of our Milky Way Galaxy, effects all life, past, present and future, within our Universe. Although, it is clear to me that the outlook for humanity appears bleak, there is truly no reason why we cannot all come together and turn around the staggering issues that face our precious planet Earth.

by Joy S. Gilbert

Some of Joy’s written experiences: Joy S. Gilbert’s Paranormal Experiences 


Within these 9 videos I share some of the paranormal experiences that have been a part of my life and how they led to an Awakening, which occurred during an Alien Abduction on January 31, 1993 over 20 years ago. While, I agreed to share that event occurring so many years ago, one more time, I have had many paranormal experiences before and since that Awakening event, which continues to allow me to see the world in more expanded ways. The Awakening event I share here, was not the beginning of my experiences of Awakening and it was not the end. However, I experienced it as a defining moment, a moment I completely AWOKE to who I was and who we all  are, Universal Beings. We humans all have the ability to cognize and become aware of our Oneness with the UNIVERSE and all life! The human body/instrument was created to know itself as the Universe!



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Trisha is a therapist, specializing in substance abuse and trauma. She was born and grew up in the Seattle area where she maintains a healthy practice and continues her work on herself. She has had paranormal experiences since early childhood and recognizes that her anomalous phenomena comes from Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Life. She has been on a spiritual journey, studying with Tibetan Lamas and Native American Indians throughout the majority of her life. She is devoted to truth, authenticity and becoming Enlightened, to serve creation.

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