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This Forum exists to provide information on Ets, Consciousness, Angels, Aliens & Interdimensional Beings, clarifying issues related to the paranormal experiences that are associated with Alien Abduction, Et Contact and other anomalous phenomenon or human experiences. Through “Alien Contact & Human Evolution” we show the links between these paranormal events and the volution of Humanity.


December 28, 2016

Some people love all those stories about Star Beings and Starseeds. However, they may not be seeing the whole picture. Rather, they have a small snapshot of what is happening and they “attach” to that perception. In stating this, I am not saying that the Starseed, or Star Being scenarios, discussed by many, are wrong or…….right. I am suggesting that they are not the point, never have been and never will be.
It is like watching an Eclipse of the Sun. If we were looking at it from another place in space, not Earth, it wouldn’t look like an Eclipse of the Sun at all. Would it?
Belief is a relative construct that is always changing. Something may be true one moment and not true the next. Too many people are speaking without being aware of all the unknown variables that need to be addressed to believe anything and too few variables to be of any significance to evaluate or comprehend. All you have is the knowing within yourself and that is where you find your truth.
What I like to tell people is, hold all knowledge and everything you may believe or even think in the palm of your hand, with an open palm up. That way when new knowledge presents itself you can move in the direction you need, to mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually move, toward greater growth and/or greater evolution. It doesn’t matter where the Beings you communicate with come from. What is important is what knowledge you can take for your own precious mind, your development.
As a side note, I have seen African appearing Extra-terrestrials and/or Inter-dimensional. They are beautiful. I also, see them coming from another Star System. We are all colors, all sizes, all genders and we all live at differing levels of consciousness. We are all a part of the diversity and beauty of Creation/God/Infinite Mind……There is no separation.
I have heard many of the scenarios out there surrounding the Starseed Construct and there is some truth to them. I have to say, I pay very little attention to those constructs. It is not how I live my life.
Partial truth isn’t all true. Those paradigms are a distraction from the truth. Hence, these theories of planetary influence and the Starseed construct take away from the most important things you can do to evolve, which is to be fully in this moment, to be awake, to watch your mind and participate in the world, all at the same time.
Focus on being the best you can be in each moment and you will never regret a moment of your life.
With Much Love,  Joy

Question:  On Mon, Dec 26, 2016 at 6:12 PM,

Dear Joy,

Happy holidays. I am writing with regards to starseeds and star origins. I am not sure the beings I experience are part of the whole star beings narrative because I have not been able to find out any information about these beings. I was hoping you could fill me in.
The beings I experience resemble black Africans. It would really help me to let go of the whole ET thing if I could place these beings.
Thank you and God bless




Ah!  Wouldn’t it be nice if CFIDS/Fibromyalgia within the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena were only brought on by stress? It may be that the stress increases the manifestation and/or severity of the appearance of CFIDs. However, research suggests that CFIDS has a hereditary component, as you suggest, which fits perfectly within the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena. There has been some research suggesting hereditary components to the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena. But for myself, it has been my experience, as I traveled and lectured in the 1990s, I met woman after woman who expressed experiencing CFIDS/Fibromyalgia. Many of them, not unlike myself, did not understand what was happening. For years I had lived with the maladies associated with CFIDS/Fibromyalgia, as did the many women and some men I met, without being able to find a medical cause or relief. I was put down when I tried to seek clinical support. I was told I was malingering, etc…..etc…  Many of the women I met at my lectures experienced exactly the same things, leading to incredible distrust of ourselves and the medical community.
If you look at the literature within the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena, you find that there appears to be a hereditary component, that is the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena is seen within families, going back through their ancestors. This knowledge makes it all the more likely that these two aspects of the human experience could/would be connected. In the CFIDS/Fibromyalgia research, by Dr. R. Paul St. Amand, who has been researching the CFIDS for over 40 years Fibromyalgia Treatment Center , found a gene that was missing in our DNA. Dr. St. Amand is really the only doctor out there who has provided credible and intelligent research and information surrounding CFIDS/Fibromyalgia, at least that I have found.
There are two woman who have been doing research surrounding the CFIDS/Fibromyalgia and the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena, The Marden-Stoner Study on Commonalities Among …  You might find their information and research compelling, useful and helpful for fully understanding.
As for those of us who are confronted with both the CFIDS/Fibromyalgia and the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena,  in a society that neither regards CFIDs/Fibromyalgia and/or the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena, as anything real, significant or even relevant to life here on planet Earth, we have had to endure a significant burden of both an ironic humor and pain….  I will happily take the humor aspect of living in this dimension. We live without a particular gene that allows us to release physical stress in the human body and at the same time, we have always known that we were really not human….. Hmmmmm!  I did wonder at points in my life whether it was meant to be that way or if it was some kind of glitch in the hardwiring? Certainly, even with profound knowledge of genetics we can and do make mistakes. But, many of us realize that we are here to work and what that work entails is experiencing the totality of the human experience, which pain is a profoundly significant and critical part. Do we feel more because we are programed to feel more? Or do we feel more by mistake?  I am not asking you for an answer, because for myself I know. But, maybe it is significant to understand or maybe not……
With Much Love,  Joy



3-4-16 This is an email that Joy wrote in response to an email she received.

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for your kind words and I am grateful to know that my lectures are helpful. Yes, meditation and the work that you do on yourself, to evolve, is the most important work you can do. It is awesome that you want to help others and share your knowledge. And, I am sure that you are aware that every living creature exists in polarity, positive and negative energies. Sometimes, we are out in the world teaching what we need to teach and other times it is important for us to go within,  nurturing and feeding ourselves, so that we can be truly useful to fulfill the work we are here to accomplish.  Human language is so small. But, what you emanate can be life changes for those around you or for those who come into contact with you. When I go out in the world, I never wear clothing that suggest who I am. But, I can assure you that people are affected profoundly by just seeing me. They cannot stop looking and they are often very unaware of how they stare at me or literally gawking at me. I often have people come up to me and say beautiful things, just to touch me or make contact. And they don’t know why they react to me the way that they do and that is how I like it. It is very sweet that way for me, to watch, inside them and see where they go. Humans are very young here on this planet.

There have been Rishis, Shaman and Yogis who have spent their lives living in the mountains of the Himalayas, the Andes and the Mountains of Africa. They have worked to hold the balance of energy on this Earth and in our Universe. Of course, our planet is passing into a new phase and within that process there is death and rebirth. It is the natural state of creation and it will fulfill itself. As much as you wish or hope that people will move out of duality you cannot change another human being. The changes they make have to come from inside them. You can teach them things, but they will understand what you are saying from their level of consciousness, not yours. Learning to let go is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself and the world. Absolutely, be who you are in the world, but maybe it isn’t important to tell anyone? Yes, as you suggested, emanating those frequencies and vibrations is more powerful than speech. Try not to think too much about what people do with what you give them. Try to let it go and know that they are where they want or need to be. But, you have planted a seed and that is powerful, isn’t it!!!!!!! So, don’t think your efforts are in vein. But take care of YOURSELF……..You are the master of your Universe.

Keep in mind that you are not responsible for how someone else perceives you or what you share with them.

Here is a link to a page where I discuss how to meditate. I taught Transcendental Mediation for years and I found that profoundly useful, as it uses a mantra, which seems much easier than trying to focus on a flame or do breathing exercises, although you can do that with a mantra meditation. I still meditate, using more mantras now but I still also use that mantra I received from my Teacher in the late 60s, early 70s. Keep in mind that we are not all at a place where it is time for us to completely pull away from the world. We still need balance of work and meditation. Here is that link: Meditation by Joy S. Gilbert Here Joy shares some tips for ……/meditation-by-joys-gilbert 

There is also the practice of “Self Observation”, which has been a very powerful tool for me and some of my students. Self-Observation Looks into the patterns to overcome the …    With lots of love,  Joy

1-31- 15 Pt 4 “The Death of The Ego” wlmp

 11:51   Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee, 1-31-15 Pt. 5 “Creation’s Imperative Fulfills Itself Not Your Ego!”


Below is a link to an interesting website that discusses UFOs & Extraterrestrials within Art History. It was sent to our Website from Ray Mellas and it  appears to be an amazing and interesting Website

   10:57  Joy S. Gilbert, 1-31-15 Pt 1 “Enlightenment Transcends Time, Space & Matter”

22:56 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee 11-30-14 “Money Is Simply Energy”

21:03 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee 9-20-14 Pt. 6 “Expanding the Consciousness of God”


Subject:“ The Economics of Happiness.” Streaming rent or purchase : Here you can see a trailer. This is an amazing film that literally shares the process of a previously isolated culture that has great respect and appreciation for their way of life, customs and traditions, until western ideas, attitudes and financial institutions suggest they are not fine. We see through the film over time how this culture’s regard and respect is eroded when competing images through technology and television creep into their culture, literally eroding their worth and value. They begin to feel less then, that they are backward and they begin to feel that they need the images that are for sale in media.


Entry on 11-4-14

Subject: The Legalization of Marijuana and it’s Medical Significance

By:  Joy S. Gilbert

I have recently spent several months going over tremendous amounts of research on Marijuana/Hemp Plant and the different properties of cannabinoids, as well as, their impact on the human body. I have been dump struck by the profoundly positive effects of certain cannabinoids found in the Marijuana Plant. Of course, the difficulty has been it’s criminalization, which has made it difficult to study and for those who find it illegally, there is concern as to how the plant is produced and treated before it is used. Therefore, there still remains concerns for those who cannot procure cannabinoids legally as to “What is in the product?”

I read one article where, very near a Shaman’s grave, from over 2000 years ago, were 2 pounds of Marijuana, indicating that the healing, medical qualities and values of this plant have been used for centuries. One wonders then, if this plant, as researchers are now finding, has the values and qualities to heal and allay symptoms of cancers, seizures, tremors and the pain associated with thousands of other human maladies, “Why was it criminalize in the first place?” Was it all just for money?

For those who suffer endlessly with chronic illness, like various forms of Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Seizures and other devastating illnesses there are reasons for hope found in the cannabinoids within the Marijuana Plant.

States like Colorado are finding that legalizing Marijuana is putting money in their coffers and that seems to be an incentive for other states to also legalize the use of Marijuana. It seems unbelievable that our medical communities have been unwilling to take a look at this plant within the United States and abroad because of the tremendous fear created by the media and movies like “Reefer Madness”, that are really very funny. 

Doctors have taken a Hippocratic Oath to cause no harm and to help heal their patients. Yet, the medical community prescribes narcotics and other drugs with profoundly devastating side effects with no problem at all. One might speculate or conclude that withholding medicines that might significantly or altogether allay the devastating symptoms associated with many illnesses seems to cause tremendous harm. It seems odd that they were unwilling to look at beneficial aspects of this plant, only until recently. However, Israel has been conducting studies on cannabinoids on a large scale for decades and have found its use profoundly beneficial for a plethora of illnesses.

Even now in states where Marijuana is legal for medical purposes, only a very few brave doctors will prescribe these substances openly and most will not even consider prescribing medical Marijuana at all. It is important to note here that presently, you can legally purchase CBD Hemp Oil in 50 states. The CBD or Cannabidiols are the cannabinoids within the Marijuana plant that are considered to have the most healing properties. These oils are made without THC, which is the psychotropic cannabinoids within the Marijuana or Hemp Plant. However, some of the research indicates that a combination of THC & CBDs enhances the healing properties within the CBDs creating a synergistic effect when used in harmony and with equal parts.

One significant attribute of ingesting cannabinoids seems to be emerging throughout all the research, cannabinoids appear to create Homeostasis within all our body systems.

We can only wonder why, after all these years, doctors have not been willing to prescribe these cannabinoids to those who most need them and for those who could truly benefit from their medical qualities.

Below are two very informative videos on the positive and negative effects of Marijuana.

29:36  Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee 5-17-14 Pt. 4 “Tragically We Too Often Become a Victim of Our Own Mind” HD

August 21, 2014 5:06 PM
24:19 Joy S.Gilbert, Contactee 5-17-14 Pt.5 “Universal Awareness & Experiencing Physical Density”


This is a drawing that was made as I lectured in Las Vegas on July 3rd. Audrey Fox is an amazing Artist, Teacher and operates in several different mediums. If you are interested in this picture or others that she has available or that can be commissioned, please contact her through her website

31:07 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee 5-17-14 Pt. 2 “You Cannot Live Habitual Patterns & Evolve” HD July 27, 2014 12:09 AM

 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee 5-17-14 Pt. 1 “Our Brain Can Effect a Change in the Universe”


17:58 Joy S. Gilbert, #8 of 8 Orbs, Lion Ets, Tau Cetia Ets &


5-20-14 Entry: home MONTANA CONNECTIONS A Metaphysical & Holistic … MONTANA CONNECTIONS A Metaphysical & Healing Arts Network for Montana Since 2000. “Creating Conscious Connections by. Opening of Hearts and …etc. Kali Rose Star is the maintainer of this website, which she created to help others connect to the spiritual knowledge that they needed for their Awakening.

4-24-13 Entry: Home Page Banner

Below is a link to a beautiful website that recognize that their other Hybrid here on Earth besides the Greys or Reptilians. This website seeks to help Hybrids find their people for greater understanding and knowledge. This website is sincere, built on authenticity and truth, offering a wealth of knowledge for anyone who might need to understand their experiences! . The next link gives you a clear view into this site: Pure Science Specials – Automatic Brain: The Magic of the Unconscious Mind.

I have been teaching these concepts for decades, in hopes that people would understand that the subconscious mind is in control, not the conscious mind. Here is the science that backs this concept up. This video provides the evidence proving that we humans do not SEE the world as it is, at all! Maybe this will help people become more authentically who they truly are.I have been teaching these concepts for decades, in hopes that people would understand that the subconscious mind is in control, not the conscious mind. Here is the science that backs this concept up. This video provides the evidence proving that we humans do not SEE the world as it is, at all! Maybe this will help people become more authentically who they truly are.

4-24-14 Entry: Apollo Solaris

I AM God’s Divine LOVE in Action I AM God’s Divine WILL and POWER in Action. I AM God’s Divine WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE in ACTION. and I intend to bring PEACE, Love and Light to BALANCE the powers in the world – NOW! I AM APOLLO SOLARIS. I AM God’s Divine LOVE in Action I AM God’s Divine WILL and POWER in Action. I AM God’s Divine WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE in ACTION. and I intend to bring PEACE, Love and Light to BALANCE the powers in the world – NOW! I AM APOLLO SOLARIS


#1 This is a picture taken of her upper arm/shoulder area.

#2. This picture was taken of her torso area.The two pictures above are actually two different marks that were sent to me by a beautiful, young woman who lives on another continent, then the woman who sent in the previous pictures of the mark she found on her stomach. Picture #1 was taken of the young woman’s upper arm, shoulder area and picture #2 was taken a couple of days later, of her torso. These two marks occurred over a several days and the young woman was overwhelmed and shocked at seeing them on her body. She had no memory of anything significant occurring, as to how those marks came to be on her body. When she saw the first mark on her upper arm, she thought/hoped it might be a broken blood vessel. But, as you can see both marks are discernible and clearly defined marks that appeared on different parts of her body, taken on two different dates. The first mark on her shoulder/upper arm went away in about 2 to 3 days.This beautiful young woman told me that she believed that the symbol meant Earth… I like that!

Thumbnail 30:09 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee 2-5-14 Pt. 2 “The MYTH of an Alien Invasion” HD March 12, 2014 11:40 AM

Thumbnail 15:13 Watch Later Joy S.Gilbert, Contactee 2-15-14 Pt 3, “Ets Don’t Care About Your Perception” UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Extraordinary stories of documented sightings and encounters [Kindle Edition]


▶ 17:08  Testimony Of Dying CIA Official , About UFO’s And The … 17:08 Video testimony by an anonymous former CIA official was shown at the …

Thumbnail 2:32 Major Hans C. Petersen talks about his encounter with Ufo’s Major Hans C. Petersen talks about his encounter with Ufo’s. “>Major Hans C. Petersen talks about his encounter with Ufo’s.

Thumbnail 1:43:18 UFOs: THE SECRET EVIDENCE – 4-TIME EBE Award Winner – FEATURE FILM Also, 1:13:02 ALIEN CONTACT – A Global Phenomena – FEATURE FILM


IMG_0487 IMG_0498These two amazing pictures were sent to me by LLM, a woman who awoke one morning to this mark on her stomach, above her navel. Because of her profession she wishes to remain anonymous, but she has given me permission to share these amazing pictures with others, in the hopes it will help others become more aware of their experiences.

What is significant about this incredibly clear mark & it’s design is that LLM was not completely aware she was a Contactee/Alien Abductee. She was aware of many paranormal experiences throughout her life, but she was not totally aware of her contact with Et/Alien Beings. I think this mark profoundly indicates that LLM has been taken and is a part of the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena.

LLM had her doctor look at this mark and he said, “In my 30 years of practice I have never seen anything like this.” The mark was literally engraved into LLM’s skin.

While Skeptics will want to debunk this exquisite mark, saying it is manufactured, I believe that this mark is valid and that LLM is definitely not the type of person who seeks attention, approval or needs validation from others. LLM is a successful professional who gives back to her community and is a very kind, humble and warm woman.

Thumbnail 30:05 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee 2-15-14 Pt 1 “Preparing the Body: The Next Step in Human Evolution”


Dante Santori: Sadly Dante Santori’s YouTube Channel was just removed. Dante who resides in Italy became friends with a gentleman, many years ago that lead him to be involved and the caretaker of a little book Alien Races Book. This book was believed to be created by the Russian Military.

This little book “Alien Races Book” is very important because it clearly indicates that the Russian Government had knowledge of the Extraterrestrial Life interceding in Humanity. For myself, I found it compelling and I also recognized “who” had written it.

ALIEN RACE BOOK – Dante Santori´s Talk included !!!! Watch … This is the Alien Race Book von by Dante Santori and his Friend. It was given to a few government agents as a kind of a notebook and they added stuff to it over the time. Dante translated it from Russian to English… The Voice is Dante Santori.


This is an article that highlights the deeply concerning issues our country is faced with at this time. It reveals why we cannot trust our government to function for the well-being, not only of our country, but our planet. Each moment we delay facing the significant issues we are faced with makes the outcome obvious and clear.

The US Congress Anti-Science Committee : Bad Astronomy Wait, I thought the young Earth creationists thought the Earth was 6000 years old, now it’s 9000! They can’t even get their made up facts straight.… More from


COMETA Report – UFO Evidence In 1999 an important document was published in France entitled, UFOs and Defense: What must we be prepared for? (“Les Ovni Et La Defense: A quoi doit-on se préparer?”). This ninety-page report is the result of an in-depth study of UFOs, covering many aspects of the subject, especially questions of national defense. The study was carried out over several years by an independent group of former “auditors” at the Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defense, or IHEDN, and by qualified experts from various fields.

Before its public release, it has been sent to French President Jacques Chirac and to Prime Minister Lionel Jospin. The report is prefaced by General Bernard Norlain of the Air Force, former Director of IHEDN, and it begins with a preamble by André Lebeau, former President of the National Center for Space Studies (Centre National D’études Spatiales), or CNES, the French equivalent of NASA. The group itself, collective author of the report, is an association of experts, many of whom are or have been auditors of IHEDN, and it is presided over by General Denis Letty of the Air Force, former auditor (FA) of IHEDN.

I remember that I was out lecturing about Alien Abduction when this Report was presented and I was very much looking forward to seeing it.


Brookings Report – Brookings Report – Wikipedia, the free

The NY Times 12/15/1960

Dateline: The New York Times, Thursday, December 15, 1960

Mankind is warned to Prepare for Discovery of Life in Space – Brookings Institution Report Says Earth’s Civilization Might Topple if faced by a Race of Superior Beings New York Times article (transcript only)

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 07:38:09 -0500

From: Francis Ridge <> Subject: Brookings Report, 1960 Cat: 0 Distribution: CE, SHG, NCP On

December 14, 1960, The Brookings Research Institute in Washington released a report prepared during 1960 for NASA entitled “Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs”, including a section entitled “Implications of a Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life”. (Commonly referred to as “the Brookings Institute report”.) The report discusses effects of meeting extraterrestrial life: “It is possible that if the intelligence of these creatures were sufficiently superior to ours, they would choose to have little if any contact with us. . . ” (New York Times, Dec. 15, 1960)

The original site for the 219-page report and the 50-page summary is listed below. For security reasons, if the site would go down, the NICAP site also hosts the full documents, also listed below. The article in the NICAP UFO Investigator that announced the release of the report in its Dec/Jan issue is produced below. Recently added is the New York Times article transcript, Brookings Report, 1960 or brookings _summary.pdfNew York Times article transcript only)


Below is some very interesting research on Alien Abductees/Contactees, which was sent to us by Tony Sandy:

TELEPATHY CONNECTIONS! “TELEPATHY and the HUMAN MIND after ALIEN-ABDUCTION”. Norman Don is, a Neuroscientist at the University of Illinois and his study showed that Abductees / Contactees are the only group of people on the planet that can instantaneously achieve and maintain certain brain wave patterns in a spontaneous and self imposed trance state, at will. (This trance state is similar to what scientist have found exhibited by accomplished Yogis who can also achieve these states. However, their ability to reach these same trance states only occurs after years of effort and it is not guaranteed, even then.).

Topography of Alien Abductees Brains

Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. I I, No. 4, pp. 435-453, 1997 OS92-33 10/97 © 1997 Society tor Scientific Exploration Topographic Brain Mapping of UFO Experiencers NORMAN S. DON Kairos Foundation and University of Illinois at Chicago, 1107 Wilmette Ave.. #174. Wilmette, IL 60091 norman.s.don@ Gilda Moura Kairoa Foundation, Caixa Postal 14520, CEP 2241’2-000, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil gilda.moura Topography of Alien Abductees Brains

Abstract — A cohort of Brazilian subjects, claiming experiences with UFOs involving contact or abduction, were selected for topographic brain mapping.

One of the most important selection criteria was the ability to enter into a self-reported, non-ordinary state of consciousness or trance that developed spontaneously after their abduction or contact experiences.

Analysis of their EEGs revealed that all subjects entered voluntarily into an hyperaroused trance. In this state, they maintained a condition of muscular relaxation and immobility while their EEGs exhibited high frequency (beta) activity at all 19 electrode sites, but with maximum activity at the prefrontal and adjacent loci.

Inspection of the EEGs from the prefrontal/frontal sites revealed intermittent trains of rhythmic, approximately 40 Hz activity, attaining very high amplitudes, at times exceeding 40 microvolts.

This activity was distinct in morphology and frequency from faster, usually concurrent activity, probably attributable to scalp muscle discharge (EMG). Analysis of 40 Hz, midline scalp activity, statistically controlling for the effects of EMG, revealed significantly more 40 Hz activity in trance than in baseline (p < .006). Also, the dominant alpha frequency increased during trance (p < .01). Both EEG findings suggest the occurrence of a state of hyperarousal.

There was no evidence of epileptiform discharges in our data or clinical indications of possible epilepsy. Also, there was no brain activity suggestive of psychopathology, particularly schizophrenia, nor were there clinical indications of psychopathology.

The EEG results were related to the physiological effects of highly focused attention and recent findings in neuroscience. Also noted were similarities to advanced meditative states and differences from psychopathology.

I. Introduction As part of a larger program of research into brain function and altered states of consciousness (ASC), the authors have recorded electroencephalograms (EEGs) and produced topographic brain maps for over 100 people in Brazil who engage in various types of trances, most of whom were not involved in the 435

436 N. Don & G. Maura UFO phenomenon. This particular study reports data from the subgroup that claims episodes of abduction by or contact with nonhuman (alien) beings from unidentified flying objects (UFOs). “Contact,” or “close encounters of the third kind,” involves the supposed meeting and interaction with alien beings, and is usually reported to be a beneficial experience.

“Abduction,” or “close encounters of the fourth kind,” involves kidnapping, either in a conscious or unconscious state, and the performance of medical-like procedures on the abductee. The sequelae of these reported abductions usually involve significant psychological trauma.

In the preliminary phase of our investigations, which involved 10 UFO ex-periencers who were not in the final sample of 13, the data suggested that these subjects could voluntarily self-induce a state of hyperaroused trance, with high frequency, high amplitude brain waves, probably not attributable to scalp muscle artifact. For reports on the early phase of this work, please see Moura (1994a, p. 186-190; 1994b, p. 485-492) and Don (1994, p. 493-496).

We chose to investigate the UFO experiencers because they evidenced advanced stages of hyperaroused trance not found in Brazilian mystics and rare even among experienced yogi meditators from India.

The purpose of this study was to determine whether the frequency and amplitude characteristics (as evidenced in EEG recordings) of the subjects’ brain function while in trance differed significantly from baseline, pre-trance measurements. Also, if such differences existed, we wanted to compare our results with EEG studies done on people who meditate. The veridicality of the subjects’ experiences was not addressed.’

For the full paper go to: Topography of Alien Abductees Brains


Here is a sweet and haunting letter of TRUTH & REALITY about impending times, if we do not change our behaviors on this planet. Dr. James Hansen of Columbia University writes to his Granddaughter. He speaks lovingly of their experiences together, what has happened to the Monarch Butterflies and much, much more!

Quest of a Broken-Wing Butterfly
Quest of a Broken-Wing Butterfly, a letter to my oldest grandchild, is available here or on my web site. ~Jim 31 January 2014

Jaime MaussanJaime Maussan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jaime Maussan is one of the most important Ufo Researchers of our time…It is not lost to me that many sightings have occurred in Mexico because the people in Mexico are open, sweeter and not so pragmatic or cynical, as we are here in America and in many other western cultures. What is also significant about the Ufo and Alien Contact in Mexico is the Mayan Prophesies made hundreds of years ago depicting and prophesizing contact with Star Beings or Extraterrestrials, which have come to pass.

José Jaime Maussan Flota (born May 31, 1953) is a Mexican journalist and Mexico’s leading ufologist. Contents. 1 Career. 1.1 Education; 1.2 Journalism. UFO Sightings Cryptoid Alien Species Found In Mexico? Jaime …► 1:42► 1:42 Thirdphaseofmoon spoke exclusively to the world’s leading foremost ufologist, Jaime Maussan. Full …

T3rcer Milenio TV Translate this page Bienvenido al portal oficial de Tercer Milenio, el programa de TV conducido por el periodista Jaime Maussan.

Jaime Maussan | Facebook‎ Jaime Maussan está en Facebook. Únete a Facebook para conectar con Jaime Maussan y otras personas que tal vez conozcas. Facebook da a la gente el …

Extraño acontecimiento mientras Jaime Maussán despedía uno de …

► 5:07► 5:07 › … › Videos Oct 31, 2013 La extraña energía, ente o fenómeno atravesó la pierna de Maussán mientras hacia su reportaje.

Thumbnail 58:20 The Buddha as a Businessman by University of California Television (UCTV) Gregory Schopen, chair of the UCLA Department of Asian Languages and Cultures and an authority on ancient Indian Buddhism has been separating Buddhist fact from fiction for the past 30 years. In this UCLA Faculty Research Lecture, Schopen explores the Buddha as an astute businessman, economist and lawyer Series: UCLA Faculty Research Lectures [5/2009] [Humanities]

This is a video I watched several years ago and found quite interesting! It is always significant to look at all sides of a thought or perception to either add weight to it’s significance or find reasons to see it as not useful in our times. Still, I believe that true knowledge transcends time.

1-1-14 Happy New Year!

By: Joy

I have had a link to the New York Times article below and the author of a book, Jeffrey J. Kripal, a professor of religion at Rice University in Houston, on my website since I created it, a year or so ago. But, there is so much information on this website that often important information can be overlooked. This is an amazing and intelligent article about the cultural response to paranormal experiences and Experiencers/Alien Abductees. I hope it can shed some light on how this phenomena is treated by our culture and more important why. This article and Dr. Kripal’s work is especially helpful for us as Experiencers/Alien Abductees, because it asks people to look at what they believe.

Presently, most of us, if we dare openly speak about our experiences, are perceived as insane, fringe dwellers & lunatics. Great upheaval and consequences occur for those of us who are willing to put ourselves on the line and not back down to meet the needs of a fearful culture.

Of course, I realize that the devastation associated with the reality of these kinds of paranormal experiences, intimidate and create fear in the hearts and minds of those who would like the world to remain the way their social institutions have defined them. I also am aware that it may bring people comfort to laugh at myself and other Experiencers/Alien Abductees. But, most of us who are involved in this phenomena and have come to terms with the reality of what is happening within our lives, on this little planet, recognize that what others may “believe” will never be our truth, our facts or our reality….

Jeffrey J. Kripal, a professor of religion at Rice University in Houston and a renegade advocate for including the paranormal in religious studies. In his new book, Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred: Jeffrey J ……/0226453871‎(University of Chicago Press). Dr. Kripal tries to convince serious religious scholars that they ought to study, say, ESP or alien abduction. The Burning Bush They’ll Buy, but Not ESP or Alien Abduction An article about the negation of the paranormal and alien abduction….


TheDakini Principle – Druk Gawa Khilwa Abbey


3:18:06 The Four Noble Truths – Day 1 – New Delhi 2012 The Four Noble Truths given in New Delhi, India, on March 23-24. The first day of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s two day teaching on the four noble truths. We westerners often feel very smart and think we know everything. Yet the most powerful knowledge continues to be the knowledge that is the most simple! Bringing our minds back to what is true and real, instead of the grandiose stuff that we absorb ourselves in can keep us focused on the path, bringing closer always to our essence.

Thumbnail 5:31 The Dalai Lama’s 18 Rules for Living

Thumbnail 19:35 Joy S Gilbert, Contact Lecture 11-16-13 Part 1

Thumbnail 26:08 Joy S Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 11-16-13 Part 2 Joy talks about Starseeds and Enlightenment and the work we have to do to Awaken!

Thumbnail 28:21 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 10-26-13 Part 1 HD CC November 23, 2013 11:48 AM

Thumbnail 23:37 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 10-26-13 Part 2 HD November 23, 2013 1:16 PM

Thumbnail 17:03 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 10-26-13 Part 3 HD November 27, 2013 1:11 AM

Turning Air Into Plastic – YouTube The Weather Channel, October 16, 2013 Dave Malkoff talks about how Newlight Technologies might be a game changer in climate change.

Bees Underwent Massive Extinction Along With Dinosaurs, Researchers Say

Please click on the written link: 45:55 The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident [FULL VIDEO]

1980, Rendlesham Forest incident. Within this documentary John Burroughs and Jim Penniston experience hypnosis years of their contact with a UFO during the Rendlesham Forest Incident in England where they experienced direct contact with a UFO over two or three nights. This is an important documentary for those of us who are experiencing contact.

Thumbnail 14:41 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 8-18-13 Part 1 HD Joy talks about what the Ets are doing here on Earth at this time and how they are working to change the consciousness of humanity, on this planet. Humanity needs to come into alignment, in consciousness with the rest of the Universe in order for this Universe to fulfill itself, to fulfill the Universe’s Completion.There is a profound resistance in humanity to the realization and recognizing that the way we live in this world is not compatible or working with the natural world and humanity needs to change, shift it’s consciousness to be in harmony with our environment on Earth. Joy speaks about the consequences for humanity, if it humanity does not choose to shift their consciousness.The Ets and Beings of Light will move off world those who are willing to change and evolve onto another compatible planet. Then, decide what to do with those remaining on the planet Earth. Either, the Universe will quarantine the planet Earth and allow it to continue, to destroy itself or the Earth will be obliterated.The ignorance, fear and hatred on this planet will annihilate itself when left without intervention. Or maybe by some stroke of love humanity will find it’s way back to itself and become once again a contributing part of the Universe.Joy shares how the world she comes from operates, within the dimensions and planets that she lives in, outside this Universe.A new article (below), just out by Professor James Edward Hansen who is an American adjunct professor at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University.Dr. James E. Hansen – 5 days ago submitted a paper of his recent investigations into the global climate issues on his site called, “Storms of My Grandchildren”. On the webpage is his article titled, “Updating the Climate Science: What Path is the Real World Following? In it he suggests that if the policy makers continue to pander to fossil fuel corporations that our planet will not be able to sustain life in the very near future. Humanity will become extinct! We will literally being creating a “scorched earth policy” where no life will be able to exist.Thumbnail 15:03 Joy S Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 8-18-13 Part 2 HD Joy speaks about what it is like in the world she comes from and how she is only here in this dimension to serve the greater good in creation. She tells how within the world she comes from there is no lack, no loneliness, no longing, no hunger and no need and that her only reason to be in this dimension is to act as a receptacle for light, which desperately needs to flood into this world, to destroy any ignorance in humanities thinking that somehow they are separate from Creation. So, much of the suffering within humanity comes from the perception that human beings are not already one with creation. This is faulty thinking, which is created by the world of sleep! Professor: James Edward Hansen is an American adjunct professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University. Dr. James E. Hansen – Columbia University 5 days ago – “Storms of My Grandchildren”, by James Hansen. On the webpage “Updating the Climate Science: What Path is the Real World Following?Within this recently submitted paper, Dr. Hansen suggests that if law makers continue pandering to the corporations that promote fossil fuels, our planet will soon be unable to sustain life. That is, he suggests that the law makers will be instrumental in creating a “Scorched Earth Policy” where no life can exist and that the consequences of not altering this immanent danger that needs to be addressed NOW, all Humanity not just Americans and life on planet Earth will become extinct.In my view, if you are headed for a concrete wall in your car, going 150 miles per hour, any discussion about whether or not you will hit the wall, is insane and absurd.

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Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Pictures: Praying Mantis, Ancient Bird, Lion E (I have never seen myself this way, but why not?) This video clearly shows a Praying Mantis Et, Ancient Bird Et, Lion & Cat Ets, Orbs and Light Configurations filled with Extraterrestrial & Interdimensional Life, living within and outside our known Universe.

The pictures of the Experiencers/Alien Abductees and their relationship to Ets is clear and as with all the pictures taken on my property, we have used 2 – 4 cameras, at the same time, aimed at the same area and we see exactly the same Beings and Light Configurations in each of the picture, no matter the camera. These Light Configurations are themselves the very means or vehicles used by the Et and Interdimensional Beings, allowing them to move in unison, together, through time and space. The Light Configurations are filled with intelligent life. These Ets are all Beings of Light that live and are sustained by the light. They have the ability to move into thousands of dimensions as they live simultaneously in advanced states of consciousness.

Some believe the Praying Mantis Ets are Master Teachers within this Universe. Some believe that the Lion & Cat Ets created many of the species of life that exist in this Universe and that they have been charged with the responsibility of altering the DNA & manipulating our human DNA, to enhance it. So humanity may evolve into more advanced levels of consciousness and develop the ability to live in vast numbers of dimensions simultaneously while living in human form, in this physical reality. Many realize that the Ancient Bird Ets have been a part of helping humanity evolve for thousands of years. We hear many stories about all these Beings within Indigenous cultures throughout the world and their teachings have been passed down from generation to generation through oral and written teachings.THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT – Do not reserve your greatest Love for Thumbnail 2:32 2012-12-12 Blackheath Australia by Kerrie Brown 8-27-13Re: The 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s iconic speech “I Had a Dream”.By: Joy S. GilbertTomorrow is the 50th Anniversary of the speech given by Martin Luther King in Washington DC, on August 28th, 1963. This was not just a speech that impacted and spoke just to the freedom and human rights of America. It was a speech and a plea that sent waves throughout the world of peace, love, tolerance, inclusion and unification for all humankind. I have spoken about racism and prejudice for years. Where there is one human being on this Earth perceived as less than, subservient, chained by culture, religion or governments, we are all chained and enslaved. What we do to one, we do to ourselves.We, the people of the United States of America, did more than elect President Obama, with his land slide two time victories, as President of the United States. We set a very important and powerful precedent and a message to the world that we the majority of people in the United States can come together in important moments and overcome our ignorance and prejudice. That message needed to be sent to the world!

Martin Luther King – I Have A Dream Speech – August 28, 1963 Video: Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech

Thumbnail 28:35 Watch Later FULL SPEECH™ – President Obama’s speech on the 50th anniversary of MLK March on Washington (8/28/13) Obama’s speech on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington – President Obama paid tribute to the … “>8/28/2013 – President Obama’s speech on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington – President Obama paid tribute to the … 8-19-13 By Joy S. GilbertBelow is a link to Jeff Mills, who continues to be an amazing force in techno arts, music and other innovative and uplifting arts.Jeff Mills – Sleeper Wakes (CD, Album) at DiscogsJeff Mills – One Man Spaceship (CD, Album) at DiscogsTRUE FAITH take me away – YouTube Axis Records – V1.6 is your second commissioned film for Alpha Centauri / Axis Records, working with Jeff Mills. How do you feel about the process? Jeff was at the cradle of my ….. Jeff Mills – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Thumbnail15:18 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 7-27-13 Part 1 In this video I speak about the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena being about human evolution and the development of consciousness. It seems that many Ufologist want to make the UFO phenomenon real, within their perceptions of what real is, by bringing it into the physical world. In truth and reality these events are taking place in another dimension that we as human beings need to evolve into and become aware of.. We do not need to think that bringing this phenomenon into our small perceptual reality makes it anymore or any less real. Instead, we need to expand our minds to recognize that there are many layers and dimensions within creation, like an onion. We are only living in one small part of the Universe.. The Et Beings have always been here in this world. However, most humans are so involved in their perceptions of life and distracted by those involvements to the exclusion of their evolution. Consequently, humans are not aware of a great many things that are right in front of them. These Beings have always been here in this Universe, living in other star systems, galaxies and planets, for millions of years. It is we humans who are young and unaware of ourselves as significant and worthwhile entities within this Universe. We have forgotten who and what we are!All of creation exists within each of us and when we know ourselves, we know the Universe…Thumbnail 15:12 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 7-27-13 Part 2 Within this part of my lecture I talk about the many races of Beings in the Universe and how they are here with us and have always been here. Many of these races are far older by millions of years than humanity. Meditation is a tool to go into ourselves and it allows us to become aware. Going into ourselves we proportionally go out into the Universe, as the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. Even more significant is the fact that the Universe is within us, our bodies and our cells, as it is out in the vastness of space and time within this Universe.We are all connected and when one person evolves, it benefits all humankind and all sentient life. The development of consciousness is the “game changer” for our planet. We need to shift our consciousness from an attachment to the world around us and recognize our deep and intimate connection with everything in the Universe, including time and space.7-23-13

Re:Karmapa speaks at TED, sharing his knowledge on “The Technology of the Heart..”

Thumbnail 25:57 His Holiness the Karmapa: The technology of the heart…by TEDtalksDirector His Holiness the Karmapa talks about how he was discovered to be the reincarnation of a revered figure in Tibetan Buddhism. In telling his story, he urges us to work on not just technology and design, but the technology and design of the heart. He is translated onstage by Tyler Dewar.

I had the opportunity, many years ago to attend the “Black Hat Ceremony” with the previous His Holiness the Karmapa while in Berkeley, California. His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche was giving teachings on the practices he is most accomplished work, during a retreat I attended in 1980 (I believe that was the year?) Their significant understandings and profound insight into the human condition was something I experienced the moment my eyes fell upon them.

The Tibetan Lamas I met during that time in my life, share significantly more conscious levels of understanding, related to the human mind, than I found in my studies at Universities. Further, they discuss how the ego operates within our lives, keeping our conscious mind attached. Thereby, causing humanity to be distracted by the lower levels of consciousness. As a result of these patterns and habits, literally a substantive energy within the cells of our bodies, we remain locked in the Wheel of Life, never moving forward within our evolution beyond Birth and Death. We do not have enough awareness, knowledge or heart to transcend the trappings of duality. Living in this way creates a cycle of constant suffering from which you cannot easily free yourself.

Further, their understandings speak to the level of work they accomplish within this dimension. It is clear that they are not only bringing the Buddha’s Teachings to the western world, they are also revealing their significant and relevant levels of consciousness. In their kindness they extend their levels of awareness to all of us, giving each of us an opportunity to learn how to live in the world in a way that unlocks and enlivens the memories of this Universe, coded in our DNA. These states of consciousness exist within us and all around us. We only have to open our minds to experience these incredible Teachers with the knowledge of mind, body and heart that they literally embody, allowing people who have never had an opportunity to study these works, an opportunity to work with profoundly accomplished Yogis.

While these are the Teachings of the Buddha and the Tibetan Buddhist Lamas etc, these are the states of consciousness that I experience. So, for me there is no issue between perception, substance and essence. The Teachings within Buddhism remain alive, a Living Teaching of the many layers and levels within Creation and our place in the Universe, which is the Universe Itself.

July 10th, 2013

Thumbnail15:18 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 6-29-13 Part 1 This is a somewhat intense lecture that Joy gave, talking about humanities seeming need to find validation from the culture and other people. Within this video Joy shares some of her experiences with Venerable Gyaltrul Rinpoche, a Tibetan Lama who was a very precious teacher to Joy many years ago and who she speaks about with love and regard today. She also shares how his teachings continue to impact her life today. She speaks about Dharma and how she sees the world of phenomena, as well as the true world of Essence, the Nature of Mind and Enlightenment. She speaks about how humans appear in this world at present, asleep and ignorant. Within these paradigms humanity lives in a “Sleeping World” that has no power in the Universe…She talks about how unconscious and unaware humans are in general and how through meditation we can develop our consciousness, clear our minds, our bodies and our souls. In working toward a clear mind the debris falls away and we are able to see the world as it truly is, which is the purpose of our lives in this dimension, to evolve and to Awaken.In being Awake or Enlightened, you realize that the phenomenal world as it appears in this dimension is simply an illusion. So, if you want to find and know real, lasting happiness and joy you must go within, to your soul and recognize that there is no true external validation that can ever fulfill you. External validation will never be enough to feed the “Beast”, which is how Joy refers to the Ego. The Ego operates in our lives to keep our minds trapped in the delusion of good vs. evil, duality, looking outside for something or someone to relieve our pain and feelings of separation. However, this is a waste of the precious life experiences we have all been given in this dimension to help us evolve. We can only find truth, knowledge, awareness, consciousness and the Buddha Mind, Enlightenment inside our cells, our souls and our human form.The same love that creates, destroys and maintains the world we see around us, created each of us and exists With In. Thumbnail 15:18 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 6-29-13 Part 2 Here Joy speaks to the fact that what we see in the world is more memory than truth or reality. We see .0008 (approximately) nanometers of the Electro Magnetic Spectrum, which would indicate that in truth we SEE almost nothing of the world around us. Yet, we develop a perception of the world through the memories that are retained in the Visual Cortex of our Brain, which we project on the world around us without any conscious awareness. So, Joy suggests that we are not seeing everything that is going on around us, at all. In fact, we are seeing only a very small, minuscule aspect of the physical world.

Joy goes on to point out that our seemingly innate need to seek affirmation and validation from those we perceive in authority, within our society. However, in doing so we literally limit our perception, understanding and our experience of the world around us. She suggests that the only “REAL” validation that we require is the validation we can only find within ourselves through meditation, spiritual development and expanding our consciousness.

July 14th, 2013

Thumbnail15:18 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 6-29-13 Part 3 Joy speaks about the tremendous suffering on this planet and that a conscious population of people would not sit by and watch this suffering occur on and on and on. A conscious caring population of people would extend themselves in an effort to help those who were less fortunate. In helping each other we honor all sentient life, giving from whatever level of aid we have available. Again here, Joy speaks to the Victim/Perpetrator consciousness that seems pervasive in this phenomenal existence. She goes on to talk about how many cultures are just getting by day to day, eking out a living with nothing to spare and those populations do not have the luxury to even think about the mental, emotion and physical states beyond addressing their dire survival needs. Yet, here and in other western countries we have the ability to focus on those kinds of needs without any awareness of the human condition throughout the world. Joy speaks about PTSD and the paradox military personal experience when their tours of duty have been completed and how difficult it is for them to see people enjoying their lives, having barbeques and other social events, when in their minds eye they are still confronted, moment to moment, with the horrors of war. Many of us live in a kind of bubble, not really comprehending what is happening around the world and somehow believing that since we are not confronted with it directly, we are absolved of any responsibility. However, Joy suggests that we are all held accountable and responsible for the suffering going on all around us. She goes on to say that we humans are being watched and observed. We each of us have to find ways to respect and help those who live in greater suffering than we do. We must not forget that one persons suffering is something that we are all a part of ourselves, one way or the other.. Negation is not a proper response.Joy goes on to talk about the World vs. the Absolute or the Infinite nature of mind. Therapy and University knowledge would fit into worldly endeavors. Where as, Meditation and Spiritual work on ourselves falls under the work one would do to connect with their soul, infinite mind and the essence of all life.. So, while an external focus can have some value it cannot take the place of Meditation and other disciplines that awaken the soul. She talks briefly about religion, specifically Buddhism and Christianity where Jesus and Buddha lived to be the examples of how we need to live in the world. Thumbnail 15:07 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 6-29-13 Part 4 Joy speaks about how our perception of what we SEE in the world, comes more from our Visual Cortex and what we have been taught, than any truth or reality. We humans within our different cultures and societies have developed out a consensual reality. She speaks about how we project out our own level of consciousness on the world around us. Too often, humanity never even sees all the life existing around us, as it truly is. Instead, we see it as we “think” it is or as we have been “taught”….Joy continues suggesting that this knowledge leads us to literally demean ourselves and others because instead of developing consciousness we spend much of our time judging and assessing, rather than using our precious life on this planet, to develop our own consciousness, soul and essence. Joy speaks about how inept the clinical, medical community is when confronted with the paranormal, anomalous events that are common to Experiencers/Alien Abductees. Within this realm of understanding the significant answers that we may be seeking can only be found in spiritual knowledge from those who have spent their lives focused on internal, soulful awareness and the love of creation. Within this model an Experiencer/Alien Abductee would be better off seeking knowledge from those who are able to help humanity address these incomparable levels of awareness and consciousness; to help humanity use these profound experiences to awaken, to expand consciousness and to gain a deeper understanding of the Universe we all live in…. Joy goes on to speak about how everything in the Universe is inside us and that when you Awaken, into Enlightenment that awareness is a living reality, not just a thought. The recognition that we only see .008 nanometers of the Electromagnetic Spectrum should be enough recognition for humanity to realize that we are not truly seeing anything with our eyes and there is much more going on around us all the time, than we are physically capable of seeing with our eyes….This is an approximate figure and it is even too miniscule to be statistically relevant. Yet you hear people say over and over again that “I only believe what I can see”, which should, if they were truly discerning, really give them pause and encourage them to question their level of perception and what they “think” they are seeing!By the time you have Awakened to the Universe as it truly is, you have learned to see the world beyond perception, with your heart, mind and soul, not just your anatomy. In fact, Joy suggests that our perception of thinking that what we see with our eyes is true, borders on insanity. For humanity to “think and then believe” that it sees anything at all of the world around us, could really just be delusional and filled with hallucinations, therefore quite representative of a societal psychosis…….Joy also shares her experiences of the different Beings, like the Lion, Horse and the Bear Ets who can appear miniscule to becoming as large as 300 feet tall and 200 feet wide, especially the Bear Beings… Thumbnail 14:46 Joy S Gilbert, Contactee Lecture 6-9-13 Part 3 HD Joy speaks to the Dark Night of the Soul, where we realize and feel the pain of our separation from God/Creation. This process is the death of the Ego and as the Ego loses it’s grip on the soul you are tested in many different ways, on many different levels. Within those tests you have the ability to gain profound knowledge and power to overcome the negative aspects that would pull you into the lower levels of creation and consciousness. Every time you say no and stay firm in what you know is right for your soul, you gain more awareness and your consciousness is immersed in the love of all creation. Joy speaks about her life as a dream she awoke from, realizing it was only a moment and God/Creation is the Dreamer who dreams our lives…June 16th, 2013Thumbnail 12:02 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Pictures: Huge Ship, Ufos, Ets & Interdimensional Beings Video #6, Joy shares these pictures that have not been altered by photo shop, simply lightened, contrasted and saturated. The colors you see are the colors that these Beings present, they are not altered in any way. Nothing has been added or removed. Joy share these pictures that have been taken in her home and on her property at night, revealing a huge ship, Ufos and thousands of Sirian Lion & Cat Beings, Arcturian Horse Ets, Tau Cetian Human-Like Ets and thousands of other Ets & Interdimensional Beings that flood her life and the lives of those who choose their evolution over darkness and ignorance. This phenomenon is about human evolution. Joy has been aware of these Beings since childhood and is happy to share these pictures to help others become aware of their constant presence in our world. Many of these Ets & Interdimensional Beings are here to help humanity evolve as a species.6-6-13Thumbnail 1:21:21 Dalai Lama at the University of Oregon The University of Oregon hosted His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, at Matthew Knight Arena on Friday, May 10. More than 110006-5-13

Secret Mind Control Operations 3 – YouTube

▶ 1:01:43 Nov 15, 2014 – Uploaded by Darrell Pittman Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde discusses how the Illuminati & elite are killing us systematically with covert……

Thumbnail 12:22Joy S Gilbert Contactee Lecture 3-16-13 Part 1 Joy talks about empathy and consciousness… She discusses how important it is to develop the ability to watch your own mind, to see what is true for you and not just habitual patterns created by the culture you were born into.Thumbnail 11:08 Joy S Gilbert Contactee Lecture 3-16-13 Part 2 Joy reads from some of her writings on her website and discusses the significance and importance of meditation.. She states that “thinking” you know what is happening is not the same as having the “experience”. To live your life with only the thought, is not enough. Nor is it even acceptable or close to what Awakening truly is! You must meditate and develop your consciousness with what Joy refers to as an “Act of Will”… Your focus on your spirituality and your evolution must be something you work toward or you will never evolve, even if you “think” you will…..Thinking is not IT.Standing up for what you believe does not involve pushing your ideas on others or proselytizing, like people who believe that their religion is the only religion of value and significance.Thumbnail 15:03 Joy S Gilbert Contactee Lecture 3-16-13 Part 3 HD Joy talks about how important it is not to focus on the phenomena or the power that arises out of the development of consciousness. The goal is Enlightenment, serving the greater good and not being able to communicate with Ets or Interdimensional Beings. However, the phenomena follows when you become Enlightened. But, if you seek the phenomena without the level of consciousness needed to sustain it, you may end up drawing energies to yourself that do not serve the greater good or your own soul. Sasha Adams reads from the “Telepathy” page, which I wrote to help others understand these levels of communication with more clarity, in my website. She reads the text that sheds light on these skills as Joy comments. These gifts, like telepathy, empathy and being able to communicate with Ets, is not the point of our evolution. It is only a by product or a gift acquired after the fact. It is IMPORTANT TO CULTIVATE CONSCIOUSNESS FIRST. Then, when these gifts come you know what is real and true. You cannot be deceived by competing, lower energies.. You cultivate consciousness first and then you have the ability to SEE and connect with everything in the Universe..Thumbnail 14:03 Joy S. Gilbert Contactee Lecture 3-16-13 Part 4 HD. Joy speaks about Telepathy and how knowledge is shared in completion, from expanded states of consciousness, like the Ets & Interdimensional Beings she shares her life. Sasha Adams a long time student of Joy’s, reads from Joy’s writings on Telepathy within the website, while Joy gives a commentary on her writings. All knowledge in the Universe continues to lead to only one thing, the Unified Field of Consciousness. Each of us have the ability to know all things in the Universe through our physical body and mind. 5-28-13Thumbnail 49:57 The Life Of The Buddha Full BBC Documentary National Buddhist Authority Srilanka 5-22-13

Below is a photo taken by Elizabeth Thornton from Whitefish, MT, of Whitefish Lake. The picture was taken from her home in January 2013. If you look up in the sky you will see the UFO has 4 lights in an arched formation!




Thumbnail10:23 Ufos, Sirian Lion & Arcturian Horse Ets #5 Here we share pictures of Sirian Lion Ets & Arcturian Horse-Like Ets in and around the home. Some of the pictures are very ethereal and in some you can absolutely SEE CLEARLY a Lion Being inside and an Arcturian Horse-Like Et also CLEARLY VISABLE. Obviously, these Beings are Light Beings and live in more expansive levels of awareness and consciousness. They are profoundly aware of us and yet, most of humanity is asleep to their existence. Joy talks about the two distinct races of Horse-Like Ets from Arcturus in the Bootes Constellation. All of these Et & Interdimensional Beings are incredible Light Beings who work to uplift and heal humanity.


STOP THE PEBBLE MINE! Help stop global companies from turning the pristine wildlife Eden of Bristol Bay, Alaska into and industrial wasteland! Follow this link to read a plea for help from Robert Redford and Frances Beinecke, the president of NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

5-6-13 New Videos have been put on Joy’s Videos page…4-7-13CorporationCORPORATE PSYCHOPATHY by Montague Ullman, M.D.This is a fascinating and concise paper describing the similarities between the diagnostic entity known as the psychopath and the characteristics of corporate behavior devoid of social responsibilities – “If the ethical standards of those at the top fail to maintain a certain level of social responsibility, the result is the insidious onset of corporate psychopathic behavior.” March 16th, 2013 6:43 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Video Orbs & Ets #3 This Video displays many pictures of Orbs, Ets & Interdimensional Beings who are involved in the evolution and upliftment of humanity. They are Light Beings who exist in multiple dimensions, existing here in this Universe …3-20-13New videos have been added to the Video Page. Some of these videos were taken from lectures given by Joy S. Gilbert on March 10th, 2013. There is also a new video of ETs and Interdimensional Beings. Check them out if you are interested! 3-9-13From:AmritaSubject: Dogma Vs. EssenceI was communicating with a man about his experiences with the Beings. He was struggling with the fact that he, as a Christian councilor, was experiencing phenomena that did not, in any way fit into the “puritanical” way he had been taught to view the world. He also struggled with the fact that, if these Beings are real, and they are giving him such profound messages (he must help the “chosen” evolve) why was he the one receiving? He was not worthy. This was my response.Do you really wonder why these entities have engaged you? Or do you simply not want to look at it? There is a place in Joy’s book IT’S TIME TO REMEMBER where they tell her what many of us have known most of our lives, “You are in this world but you are not of it.” Have you never felt the same? Haven’t you questioned human motives, wars, cruelty to one another, indifference, responding from the reptilian brain rather than expanding ourselves to become more? Human actions make no sense. They seem confusing and often painful to those who have come from planets where every life is treasured, nurtured, fed and clothed without it even being a thought: it is just the way it is. Coming to a planet where a human being only has value as a consumer or an expendable commodity is devastating! We are the cells of the body of God, from the drunk in the Bowery to Mother Theresa. We all carry divinity. We are all precious.

Religious dogma is what people learn in childhood and it is comfortable to them. In times of trauma we often cling to what is familiar because we know what to expect in familiar. It is easy but it affords no growth. To make God a being outside you is also a way of handing off responsibility. If you honor the Essence of the Creator as living (within) inside you and you try to think and act and live from this knowledge, you become responsible for what your life becomes. If you are calling on a deity somewhere out there in the Universe to save you, how do you evolve as a human being?

Feeling unworthy is just a trick of the ego. I used to think the ego was just being egocentric. I have come to realize that it is also not feeling good enough. The ego wants to control. It doesn’t care if it makes you feel puffed up or useless to achieve its means. But here are expanded Entities communicating with you on a soul level, requesting you to be of service to another human being. They feel you are worthy otherwise they would not have chosen you. It’s that simple. Do not let the lowest part of yourself override what you know to be true.The Bible does hold a lot of truth but it also holds a great deal of information that was added for political reasons at different times. I had three semesters of Christian Thought in college from a professor who translated directly from the original. It was eye opening, mostly about the rules and regulations and why they were added, and the control the church had over the people after they were added. In Buddhism (who also have very strict dogma and many rules) say take the information with an open hand. Hold it but keep it open to change so you may take from it only what resonates with your soul. It is like taking an aspirin: 10% is medicine and will help you; the rest is filler to carry that medicine. You swallow the whole pill on good faith but only 10% is actually serving you. It is wonderful to be open to re-interpretation. To be able to expand a belief is such a good thing. Beliefs are fleeting. They are just thoughts and changeable. The truth is you are the truth. Whatever resonates with you on a soul level is your truth. When you take information in on a cellular level it becomes “knowing” rather than “believing”, then there is no doubt it is unmovable. As you know, there is only one Being here: God. Does it matter where we come from or how we look? We are just multiple aspects of God experiencing the infinite, all the ways the Creator exists in millions of Universes, and we get to have this experience with each encounter we have with human or nonhuman entities. We carry the DNA of everything within us and so does everyone we meet, so there can always be an exchange of energy, information and knowledge if you are open to it. The beings who come are thousands of years more knowledgeable than humans, probably millions of years, and are sharing their knowledge with you. You are worthy.In Love,3-6-13Below is another short video of pictures that were taken on 8-3-12 at Midnight, showing numbers of incredible Light Ets & Interdimensional Beings. 4:53

Pictures Ets, Interdimensional Beings & “The Centurian”!

Pictures Ets, Interdimensional Beings & “The Centurian” share pictures we have taken over the last year. “The Centurian” has never been previously shown or published. This is the first time we are sharing pictures we have of this Et, who stands about 7 feet tall. This Race of Beings come from the Star System Centurus and are known for their abilities in strategies & bringing differing groups of sentient beings together for purposes of unification and evolution. Photo Shop was NOT used with any of these pictures. They were all taken at night and in order to see them more clearly we lightened them and increased the saturation, to see what emerged. However, anyone could see the light configurations and Beings, as they were already discernible before we lightened them. No colors were ever added or taken away. These pictures represent what was already there in the photos that we could see. But we manipulated them some to allow for greater clarity. The program we used was a simple unsophisticated MS program, already installed in the computer. The colors you see are the colors that these “Configurations of Light” emitted. Their colors are luminescent blue, violet/purple & combinations of those shades. Also, the center is usually a soft luminescent white/blue, soft greens, pink and violet. Green never showed up as a dominant color except in some of the Orbs. Some of these configurations of light were 50′ in length & 20′ wide and filled with what seemed like thousands of Ets & Interdimensional Beings. It makes you wonder whether what we SEE with our eyes is on any level an accurate reflection of the world around us? 3-3-13 Below is a short video of pictures that were taken on 8-3-12 at Midnight, showing numbers of incredible Light Ets & Interdimensional Beings.