Joy’s Past Entries


Joy’s Past Entries


From: Joy S. Gilbert

Subject: The Physical Component in Awakening and Enlightenment

Many times, over the years people have shared their experiences with me, as I lectured and traveled. It has been an interesting process, watching how people relate to the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena and how they perceive its relevance or lack of relevance! It seems that many people see this phenomenon and those whom experience this phenomenon as fringe dwellers, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.  

Some people become interested in this phenomenon for entertainment purposes and amusement. Others are compelled by reasons they do not understand themselves, but still they are enchanted. Others still, think this phenomena is absurd and crazy! I can assure you that this is not the way an Experiencer/Alien Abductee perceives the events that are happening to them.

When I meet someone who is actually involved in this phenomenon there is a level of awareness within them that has a staggering recognition of the intensely profound impact their experiences have on their perception of reality, their relationships with others and their relationship to their cultures of origin. Say for instance, in 1995 I saw Travis Walton many years ago at a convention, where he was speaking. I was speaking also. I was there speaking about human evolution and consciousness, as endemic aspects of these experiences. Travis was speaking of the terror. At one point during my time there, his eyes met mine. For a moment as I looked into his eyes from a distance I could feel his terror and shock. He was still, after many years, devastated by his experience.

Later, In 2011 I saw him briefly on TV and he was still in the same place mentally, emotionally and physically that he was in 1995 when I saw him at that convention in Pasadena, California. It appeared to me that he had never come to terms with his experiences in a way the benefits his soul. It seemed that he was experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which I can certainly identify with. I wonder sometimes how I might have perceived my experiences if I had not spent all those years prior, studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche, Sufism, Psychology, Neuroscience and Counseling.

The difficult thing for me is to see people in that place, crystalized in the fear and hatred, without being able to move on. I know that place inside myself, because you cannot have an experience like this and be in La La Land. It rips your world a part. But, there are other places inside ourselves that we can go, which have the potential to take us beyond the fear. We have the right and the responsibility to see more and know more about this phenomenon for ourselves and the precious people in our lives we love. There is much more to this phenomenon than terror. But, that is an element that cannot be reduced by thinking or pretense, for the simple reason that these experiences happen in the physical world. They are physical experiences.

Then, there are others who “believe” they have had some experiences and they may well have. But, an experience like an Experiencer/Alien Abductee knows, is not the same as people might think. I am constantly surprised and shocked that some “think” that this phenomenon is just an experience, like tasting a new type of bread or eating something new for the first time. In their minds they think it is nothing more than hearing a new piece of music?

Many times I have had people come to me who have never had a soulful experience in their lives. But, they deeply want to identify themselves with this phenomenon and other supernatural phenomenon, for some other purpose, which I understand in theory but not in reality. Most of the people I have met who do have these experiences were not looking for this….. In fact, all the years I spent, in my perception, wishing I could be of value and working toward ”Awakening”, never included an experience like this one; where there were entities interfacing with myself and others and they were clearly Extraterrestrials and Inter-Dimensional Beings.

This was something I could not “think”. Nor did I comprehend the profoundly, physical aspects of Enlightenment. I don’t believe that I understood the ramifications for pursuing more expanded states of consciousness or what evolution meant. That is until I experienced the ontological shock that came with the awareness of myself and others, as incredible Universal Beings. I really didn’t have any idea, as to what Enlightenment truly was?

But of course, it was very clear and completely logical to realize that Enlightenment had to happen on the physical level, to be relevant. Otherwise, it would have no significance. If Enlightenment, as part of our evolutionary process was not physical, it would be incapable of impacting the physical world, which is the point. So, within the process of changing consciousness, a physical alteration to our bodies is required. 

Essentially, our physical bodies are receptors and transformers, which are constantly in the process of receiving and emitting vast amounts of information both internally and externally, out into the far reaches of the Universe. This process creates physical events on the level of thought or on our subatomic particles, which profoundly impact everything around us! (This is not conjecture or theory. It has been proven over and over again by physicists.)

These people who believe that they have had some experiences and yet they do not experience it in their physical bodies, are not yet experiencing what I would call an “Awakening” or an “Abduction Event”. If you have experienced this level of devastation, seeing beyond present human perception or thinking, into the workings of the Universe, you can see it and feel it in others as well. Many people only “believe” they have had some experiences, which is no small thing and could be the beginning of them becoming aware of more. But, it is in no way the same as having been removed and taken from your environment.

An environment that you had believed was safe, into another dimension or world with your body….. This experience is not a dream or a mental aberration. It is not a belief and you cannot “think” it away.  It is a physical event, which involves all your senses, your body, your mind, your heart and your soul. This is just like the experience of Enlightenment. It occurs in the physical body and in the physical world. This is not a dream or an illusion. You are taken from this dimension with your body, mind and heart intact, into another dimension. As a result you SEE behind the curtain.

Whether your experience of seeing behind the veil or curtain is one of terror, peace or both; you know absolutely now that the world as it has been depicted, isn’t real. How could you not be effected by both the ontological shock and ah of that realization? Even if you know you are a Starseed and remember everything about the world you come from, you will still have to overcome the small minded “thinking” and perceptions of this physical reality, which have been placed upon your physical, emotional and mental bodies, since you entered this world, at birth.

To be of real value to others, you need to know the experiences that humans must go through to Awaken, to move into Enlightenment. Or you cannot know what they feel or how difficult it is for humanity in this reality, to extricate itself from the bondage exerted by the Reptilian Brain, which is a part of the human brain’s anatomy. I realized that I had been fed a steady diet of ignorance from my earliest memory. Throughout my whole life I had been taught by everyone except Maharishi and the Tibetan Lamas, to focus on a delusional reality that doesn’t even exist. This reality was not originally created to be filled with fear and doubt. Yet, it has taken a detour, which created a physical world that seeks to manipulate behavior, thought, action and to keep humanity under control. The question is; “Who has deceived you?” “Why have they deceived you?” and “Where has this deception occurred?”

What would be the reason for a whole planet, which is filled with an array, of a staggering number of diverse and exquisite sentient life, to be literally “played” and lied to by those that may know what is true and happening? Ah, one of the biggest difficulties here is that our governments are at a loss. While they do know some of what is happening, they do not know all of what is happening. In many ways they are in the dark and they do not know where to turn to meet these events.

All they know to do, is to keep gathering as much information as possible, to overcome their thoughts of impending threats. I am always dumbfounded by those who wish to be a part of this phenomenon and yet are not in reality having these experiences. Sadly, I find that many people who come to me, saying they have these experiences do not truly exhibit the recognition and awareness on a physical level that people who do have these experiences all share in common.

That is their bodies do not represent the shock or terror that one feels when they have been able to look behind the curtain or they have seen the Universe for the first time. I remember when the Beings asked me to share these experiences with others. Obviously, my experience was not just one of terror, but also one of abject peace, joy and understandings of the Universe we all live in. I felt a love and familial relationship with these Beings. Still, I was devastated at the thought. First of all, I couldn’t even imagine how I would share such shocking and profound events in words.

What words could I possible find to express the shock and devastation that these experiences create inside a human being? It is as if you literally implode and there is no place to go either inside yourself or outside yourself. You are confronted with the truth about this Universe. There were no words. There were no thoughts or descriptions that I could find in my mind. The Beings told me that it would come as soon as I got up in front of an audience and that was not reassuring.

They told me that I would say what it is that the audience needed to hear. With absolute awareness of what I was doing and yet, not fully understanding the consequences, I set out to share these events. And shockingly 20 years later, I am still working to share events that have the potential to change the consciousness of humanity. I found in lecturing and traveling an amazing world of incredible people, both good and bad.. I remember people coming up to me after a lecture as if I was like them. They would say, “Oh isn’t this fun! My husband and I watch the X Files all the time. Would you like to go to lunch?”

Here I was bringing everything of myself to the table, opening up to the most intimate and devastating experiences of my life and people perceived it as entertainment. Many times, I had to ask myself, “What is the purpose for “others” that would cause a whole population on a planet, to be lied to for thousands of years, completely deceived?” It could not be for their well-being could it? When you just think about it for a moment you realize that without their knowledge or awareness that everyone in your life and culture perpetuated and continue to perpetuate a lie. A lie that is repeated by your own family, institutions of learning, your clergy and your government.

Somehow, a few people on this planet have determined that you are not intelligent or important enough to know the truth about the world you live in. Never, has it been told to you that there are other dimensions, other Beings or Entities and that you are a part of a vast Universe and Universes filled with such incredible life that it makes everything here in this reality even more exquisite?

But the world you know is not the truth. Consequently, entering into a Universal State of Consciousness through an Experience/Alien Abduction causes a tear or rift to occur in your reality, which is a profound gift. Now, you can SEE. This experience creates a place inside you that I have only seen in very few accomplished Yogis, people who devote their lives to God, people that have had Near Death Experiences and some of the people who work to comprehend the Universe, like physicists.

Anyone who would be interested in understanding the Universe would have a compelling need to know, which would indicate to me some level of awareness. I have met many people who have these experiences and do not yet comprehend their truth or the reality they come from and the potential impact they may have on human life. If people find support from those who have traversed this territory of human consciousness, then there is a good chance these events can lead an Experiencer/Alien Abductee into such states of consciousness, as to be without any awareness left, of mortality.

Once you pass through the gates of fear and the unknown, you enter into a new World of such profound and significant wonder that you are unable to see life as limited. You know life as an exquisite, immense, infinite and transcendent display of dancing light. The Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomenon is shocking beyond anything, anyone could possibly think. And people do not think of it at all. If they do think of it, it is with amusement or horror, or both. So, I am further shocked by those people who think a few experiences equate to a lifetime of being connected to other dimensions in awareness and comprehension. Some have even fooled me. When you are Enlightened you see everyone as being awake too. You do realize that they are not aware that they are Universal Beings, but you still accept what they say about themselves at face value. Because that is what is in your heart.

However, too often I have found that many people who think they are aware do not have the awareness they ascribe to themselves. And those people who only “think” they have these levels of awareness will never reach them. To reach for the Sun and become one with the Universe, or to become an accomplished human being, you have to believe you do not have all the answers. Since there is no end to evolution, there is no one who has all the answers, except in this dimension, someone who is Enlightened and sustains a level of Union with all life in the Universe and all life in all Universes. They have the ability to point you in the right direction. But still, you must do the work with your body and that is in Action, not sitting around “thinking” about it. You can reach a point of Enlightenment and Awakening to Universal Consciousness, but not if you “think” it.

These states of consciousness involve your physical body. And that is why most people who will go into an Enlightenment, experience levels of physical suffering that exceed understanding. The body, mind, heart and soul must all be involved and a change to accommodate levels of knowledge and understanding which are substances that exceed the abilities accepted as appropriate for the human body, which require its alteration. So the concept of health and well-being in this unaware and unconscious dimension, has nothing to do with Enlightenment or people’s perception of what Enlightenment is all about.

Of course, you can Awaken and become Enlightened. But, it requires a fortitude, perseverance and a willingness to SEE yourself as you are and not as you “think” you are….And facing who you are is the hardest thing any human being can ever do both your good qualities and your bad qualities. Within that reality there is the need for acceptance, forgiveness and a willingness to change, which is the hardest thing to do. You have to be willing to give up everything you believe and everything you think about the world and yourself. This is harder than you can “think” because it includes cellular memory. Can you do that? Most people would rather just buy a new car!





One thing has become profoundly clear to me over the years, that is,  people believe exactly what they want to believe, whether it is true or not and they will believe nothing more……………………… Then, they go about the task of proving to themselves that what they believe is the truth. They are right, so they do not have to grow or change or ever see the world differently from what the culture and the status quo prescribe.

I loved studying the law for that very reason. You could find factual, clear evidence to back up any theory you wanted to suggest, one view became no different than the other. It was just a matter of how well the attorney presented their case. It had nothing to do with the facts or what was true, or even the laws of the land. It was all about how you present your case.

But even in the end if someone did not want to believe this or that, they did not….no matter what the evidence suggested. And they would pretend to everyone that they were open minded and really looked at all sides. But somehow in the end it was always their opinion, their belief that was right….

This subject, “Et or Alien Contact” fits just as easily into those dynamics as everything in this world. There are those experts who dismiss it and those experts who know it to be true and factual.

The sad part of this mental game, is when people literally believe their own lies and no amount of proof will deter them from their perceptions of being right. You see they are right and that is all there is to it.

When you “Awaken” from the dream of this world, you can no longer play games with those who are asleep!



From: Joy S. Gilbert

Subject: Manifestation of the Et & Interdimensional Beings

Tonight we are working on some Et & Inter-Dimensional Being pictures, where you can literally see a Tau Cetian Bear-Like Being manifest from the “Blue & Purple Light Configurations”. You will be able to see them, as well as other Beings manifesting within the light, itself. You can see these configurations coming into my home every night. They do not stop coming in profound numbers and their willingness to make contact with myself on a conscious level continues to increase in magnitude and clarity. Their sharing is getting much clearer and stronger by the moment.

I have for years felt that part of my work was to have the faith to trust what I knew in my heart to be true and to listen to that voice within me. Many circumstances have brought profoundly negative consequences….back, on me, as you might well understand. People think I am mentally ill and others think I am just completely crazy… Others have threatened my life and the fear that moves people just goes on and on and on…..

But I will continue this website and I will share things that I feel intensely about, not just for myself, but for all of us here on this little ball. There are so many of us who these experiences are happening to and we can choose to accept them and embrace them while learning everything we can from them. Or we can be in fear. I prefer the first response. These experiences do not go away.

So each of us and other people just have to determine what they choose to believe! And trust me, I have been involved in this phenomenon my whole life and I am always pushed passed the limits of my own understandings and for that I am eternally grateful. My own growth never ends.

Some of the pictures that we have taken, which I am not yet ready to reveal, will show some staggering information, at least staggering in its implications to humanity. There are things happening and things that have been happening on this planet to profoundly impact consciousness and human evolution.

Please also realize that I have only put a couple of days of pictures and that with in those days, I am only sharing a infinitesimal number of pictures, maybe about 10 or so. I have approximately 1000 pictures and each picture is filled with more entities than I could possibly share in a life time. And we are presently working to set up a video camera. If it works it will show the sequence of events even better. I haven’t been concerned that they will stop coming, trust me. They come where ever I am.

I will continue to move forward, changing the direction of this website or whatever, as I am moved. Certainly, I started this website with the thought to help abductees address their issues and while I hope this website can help with that, it has also taken on a life of its own. It appears to be moving in another direction, as well. And I don’t know how to speak about that direction…..

I will continue to share these things with all of you who have the heart and soul to choose to be aware and those of you who can comprehend the changes that are occurring here within all of us, on our little blue planet.

If you have followed me for a while or have heard me speak, you probably also know that I bristle at the thought of concepts like Starseeds, or the Galactic Federation designations, even though I may use those terms from time to time to explain something…..I just have a very rebellious nature and those ways of identifying the Beings feel very human-like, or intellectual-like… and thinking-like…

Not necessarily bad, just not my way of meeting the experiences myself or dealing with the world. I just don’t think we need anymore labels or religions. These experiences that I am having all the time, I prefer to meet them, seeing in the old ways of the Maharishis and the Tibetan Lamas that I have known in my past and how they see or express the evolution of humanity.

Here you may say, “What do they say”?  Then, I would have to tell you, “Nothing”.  They don’t make a big deal out of it…

It may absolutely be shocking for some people to realize that some of the most evolved entities within our Universe are not……human in appearance. Some appear as Lion Beings, Cat Beings, Horse Beings, Bear Beings and they are without a doubt shockingly conscious with the ability to move through matter, manipulate time and space, as well as having enough compassion for the ignorance on this planet, to extend themselves in aid… I feel and continue to feel gratitude and that we are all very fortunate!


From: Joy S. Gilbert

Subject: Experiencing Paranormal Phenomena can be difficult!

After all these years, being aware of my relationship with these Beings, one would think that it would be easy. In many ways it is easy. It is certainly easy to deal with other people in relationship to these events, I tend to ignore their perceptions, ideas and taunts. They have no power over what I know to be true. I do not attach to anything they may think or feel entitled to say to me. How can I feel any connection to them or concern for what comes out of their mouths? They are asleep to what is happening right in front of their eyes.

I feel a connection to the Beings who come at night and teach me, take me places and tell me about the world we all live in; those Beings who continue to change my body, my consciousness and my relationship to everything on this planet and within this Universe. My respect, love and appreciation for all the diversity that exist in this Universe  is magnified, thousands upon thousands of times, as a result of my relationship with these Beings.

It is incredible to be so close to these amazing Beings. I am seeing them all and for the most part, I know who they are and where they come from. I can watch them operate in time and space,  which in and of itself is a profound teaching. It is amazing to be able to feel where they come from, from inside them and experience their knowledge, while actually seeing them. The last few years have been staggering. So you would think that all this exquisite knowledge would lead me to be completely enamored with everything they are and the amazing things I am experiencing?

I am ecstatic and grateful on many different levels and especially for all the things I have learned from them, like how to SEE. I became AWAKE with their help. But there is still a physical shock that seems to come up for me from time to time, experiencing something in this world that seems to come from another world, outside human understanding. It often feels like an arm that reaches out into this world, from their world, to touch me again, and again and again.

These Beings, do not look like me or talk like me or think like I was taught to think in this world, not that I ever felt connected to this world, because I did not. Still, everything is upside down with them here in  my life, every moment. And the learning and remembering they inspire inside me never ends, it never, ever stops. There are no breaks for me. They come every night and are here with me, within every day.

They are within my home, within its walls and stones. They are within my body, my heart and my mind, every second.  I feel and seem to know that inside myself, I remember that they have always been here with me. It has always been this way. I just wasn’t as aware, to the profound degrees that I am now, in this moment. These Beings are exquisite, filled with such light and such knowledge.

I could never be unhappy with this life, I am so fortunate to live. But it is always shocking to see how real this world feels to the touch and yet how much more real the world these Beings are from, then the people around me. These Beings are older and much more real than humanity. They have greater knowledge, than anyone on this planet.

Sometimes at night I can feel them filling my bedroom. There are thousands of them within every square inch of my home and my land. I will sometimes keep the TV on and the light on next to my bed, only because my body begins to feel them waiting for me to slip off to sleep. So they can take me, to teach me, to talk to me when I am without a trace of fear or blocking the knowledge they wish to share with me.

Most of the time I am aware when they are speaking to me, in my mind, because it is so clear and simple; they say very little, but I can feel them here. I know they are here and then, every once in a while a thought will come up from the silence, which I know comes from them and I will follow it to its conclusion.

They are soft and quiet when they speak in my mind. Always they are very loving toward me. They express gratitude that I am willing, open and able to work with them. They tell me that I am one of them. They tell me that I am a portal into their world for this world and I am theirs.

But I have a tendency to ignore them because that is not my focus. And I have learned after years of studying with Enlightened teachers that any thanking they do is often a trick to see if you will attach to feeling superior to others and then they quickly drop you on your head.

Further, I really do not work to please them or others. I work to know I am doing what I was created to do in this world. I work because it fulfills my own existence and my soul to do the work, I was sent into this world to accomplish. I do not expect praise nor do I seek it from others. Really, for me when I know inside myself that I have given everything I can give, then that is the most powerful, self gratifying experience of being alive, on this Earth.

The action of doing my work is the praise within my life, of your life and of others. It is the fulfillment of an act of love, in and of itself.  I do not need others to tell me whether I am doing well or not. How would they know anyway? The thought never occurs to me, unless I meet someone who seems to think they deserve praise for doing what is right, which seems very odd to me!

My attention is on the work and learning how to communicate something that does not translate into English or any verbal language. I continue to try and hopefully it will open up and the words will speak for themselves? I am aware that I am still here in this world and in this human body. This body has a memory from the Earth. So, I remember that I am human too and I live in this dimension while I live in other dimensions simultaneously.

I am profoundly grateful the Beings are here and that they help me remember in every second who I really am. These Beings show me, teach me and help me remember what is truly real within this world and it will never be a new car or a house or what someone thinks of me.

Still, some nights I will keep the TV on longer, than I want to watch it, because my body is afraid when I feel them coming to fill my bedroom. Then, maybe I will finally give up and turn off the TV and the light. Or sometimes I will just try to fall asleep so I am not in any fear at all. Then, once I turn off the light within moments, I can feel them sit on my bed. The bed literally moves and I feel them there in the dark, waiting. I may be too tired to move or I will jump up, turn on the light and the TV once more,  until I can collect myself enough to turn off the light and TV again and meet them in that place!

Sometimes, they put me to sleep so I won’t be in any fear and sometimes they help me move through my fear, because they want me to become comfortable with their forms. They want me to become accustom to their energy and their presence.

Most of the time, these days, I am not afraid when they come for me, to take me someplace at night or some place I do not want to say! But my body does react to their energy. My stomach flips, my body may shiver and my heart begins to pound. Our bodies are tricky because really it is the excitement that my body feels,  not fear, not fear itself. I fear them least of all Beings existing in all worlds. They are love incarnate.

Humans seem to think they are special. Humans may think they are so special in fact that they feel nothing in destroying the Earth, drilling anywhere they want, burning anything they want, building without any sense of connection for the Earth, which is a living Being. They do not seem to be aware that there are other living creatures here on this Earth with them?  The Beings that are in my life, maybe are not as enamored with Humans as Humans may think they are?

Maybe these Beings are concerned about the Earth and all living things here, not just the Human Beings? Maybe Humans are not the most important thing!


Joy S. Gilbert

Subject: The Forum Involves many levels of our life experiences!

One might think that this Forum should be just about Aliens, UFOs and Extra-terrestrials. But I think we all need to focus on integration and living our lives because that is where the real magic is…… The ordinary is where we find the most extra-ordinary life experiences…

Yes, we have all had the experiences of Alien Abduction and Extra-terrestrial Contact and while we are engaged in growing, evolving, understanding and living our lives, all of the experiences we share here on this little planet are as significant as any other experience. Thus, we choose to live our lives with meaning……….. and as if our life might end at any moment. Not unlike the Tibetan people whose culture and religion points to the realization of our impermanence, our death, while constantly forcing us to focus our life on living, loving and caring for each other.

So you see no life experience is better than another. But it is important to acknowledge them all, including your experiences that may seem to others as “out of the box”….

Ancient Aliens, Alien Abduction, Inter-dimensional Beings, Extraterrestrial Beings, Multi-dimensional Beings, ufos

This is a picture of Lisbon, Portugal looking out over the bay into the Atlantic Ocean. You can see all the stucco homes and apartments and their red tile roofs…. March 18th, 2012


From: Joy S. Gilbert

Subject: Portugal and Consciousness

It often happens that I am moved to go to a particular place on our Earth for the purposes of collecting energy or having an experience associated with that place. In certain parts of this planet there are specific energies and things that have happened that enliven our cells and awaken our memories. Portugal is one of those places for me.

The most significant of these places was where the Mother Mary appeared to the three children and gave three prophecies about what was to happen in the future, to the people and to this Earth. Fatima is a place on Earth where the Human inhabitants were able with some degree of skepticism, to finally overcome their disbelief, to believe in the Vision of Mother Mary by three young children.

These three precious children, two girls and one boy, experienced an event so powerful that it brought the authority of the Pope, of the Catholic Church. These children were assaulted by their families and communities for sharing their experiences as the Mother Mary had instructed. They were even thrown in the local jail for lying and threatened with death if they did not recant their stories. It was only when some of the villagers around them of faith, began to believe in their Visions and went to the place Mother Mary had asked the children to tell them to assemble, that their difficulties eased. However, they suffered intensely throughout their short lives.

It was there that Mother Mary appeared and preformed the miracle of light. Still, no matter what others may have thought of the children or said about them, these three children believed their own experience and to the end of their lives they were aware and stayed true to that experience. Each of them, followed the dictates of their shared experience with the Mother Mary and never recanted.

Fatima, Portugal is a precious place on Earth, where people from all over the world come as pilgrims, to take communion, to worship and to pray. You can feel the Earth there is saturated with the love and prayers of the faithful. This was the reason I felt so compelled and drawn to Fatima, as I have my entire life. An event occurred there that changed and shaped the lives of many and possibly the course of human beings. This is profoundly significant and important.

Within this website, I choose to not share many things and to keep many of my own thoughts to myself. It does not seem appropriate to say everything here, because each of us have our own path. So, whatever anyone can find inspiring about a place, a person or an idea is something I find relevant and exquisite. I will reserve my opinion of the prophecies and revelations, as told to these three children, as they do not need an explanation.

These were events that happened and each person must determine their own spiritual experiences and what they mean to them within their lives. It is enough to say that each of us who went on this trip to Fatima, Portugal came back a little changed. However, I will say that I do believe that what these children experienced is profoundly connected to the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomenon.

March 6th, 2012

Joy S. Gilbert

An exciting and significant aspect of pursuing your evolution and growth, we have found is exposure to other cultures, countries and ways of living in the world. So many of us make certain we continue traveling within North America, our homeland and to other places around the globe. Last year we spent a couple of weeks in Belize and this year we are visiting Portugal.

In our adventures, we seek to not only have unique life experiences, but to connect with different cultures in an effort to comprehend and keep ourselves aware of the intrinsic similarities and differences within the human experience that impact the world we live in. In that effort we planned a trip to Portugal, a country many of us have longed to visit.

We arrived in Lisbon yesterday, March 5th around 9:00 AM and after spending a few hours sorting out luggage, participants and vehicles we made our way to Sintra, Portugal, where we had rented a Villa for our stay. When we arrived in Sintra we found it a really beautiful and ancient city filled with amazing architecture, museums, extraordinary gardens and parks, and lovely people. We spent what seemed like hours and hours driving around and around this small city, which was built into the hills, looking for our Villa. When we finally found it we were all stunned.

Our Villa was as it was represented on-line and in the photos. It held all the tile and old world charm of Portugal. It also held within its walls all the humidity and all the mold of all those years. We all became very ill within seconds, as we are all extremely sensitive to our environments. We quickly found our way back to the cars we had just unloaded, loaded them back up and made our way out-of-town.

Now, it had been almost three days without sleep, which felt more like 10 years. We were all in very high spirits, laughing almost continuously about our circumstances and looking at a map to find our next destination. Cascais, Portugal was less than a half an hour away and in seconds our cars were turned toward the town and we were on our way. Driving toward this little seaside town, each of us could feel the softness of the coast line with beautiful white beaches that we had all seen when we flew into Lisbon.

When we arrived in Cascais we all felt as if we had come home. Seeing and feeling the Atlantic Ocean was really amazing and beautiful. The air was clean and we found a very upscale hotel, had an exquisite meal and we slept through the night and most of the next day. After a night of finally being able to relax, rest and sleep we all felt what could only be called magic. This is….heaven.

Now we are on a new adventure and tomorrow we visit the Sanctuary of Fatima.

Our thoughts are with all of you, ACT

(Below is a picture of our hotel with a YouTube video link so you may join us…)

Ancient Aliens, Alien Abduction, Inter-dimensional Beings, Extraterrestrial Beings, Multi-dimensional Beings, ufos

Style Trendy & Elegant Hotel Grande Real Villa Italia, Cascais Portugal

Style Trendy & Elegant Hotel Grande Real Villa Italia, Cascais Portugal
Luxury by the Atlantic. Fascinating lobby combining subtle mix of styles and unique pieces. Gastronomical restaurant Belvedere offers traditional Portuguese cuisine with Mediterranean influence.

February 15, 2012

From:  Joy S Gilbert

Subject: Religion, Philosophy & New Age Thought

Throughout my travels, lecturing and meeting people all over who are involved or interested in this phenomenon, there have been some ideas that seem to creep into the Experiencer/Alien Abductee Phenomena. As a culture or maybe in just being a human being, we seem to want to identify the experiences in language and conversation, pairing them to religious ideas, philosophies, but sometimes to the exclusion and extinction of their intrinsic value.

It is as if the construct surrounding these experiences are so vast and their implications so devastating for our minds that we have to create some philosophy around them to make them feel reasonable; because for many of us, they are so out of context within Western culture. I have noticed that some people attempt to create a new religion, or paradigm, or they want to attach to a person and an idea to make it all feel reasonable, acceptable and maybe even safe.

People seem to want these experiences to be comprehensible. Instead of expanding their mind to meet the vastness of their experience, they want to put these experiences into a paradigm they can mentally manage. Often, they attach them to some idea associated with a New Age Religion.

Ironically, I find there is no difference in the knowledge and truth found in the Alien Abduction experience, from all the different religious belief systems created in the past, such as, but not to exclude others not mentioned here: Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism, as well as philosophies developed by Plato and Socrates.

Sadly, it seems that the moment we create another paradigm in our mind we only limit or slow down our ability to evolve and grow.  It seems to me that we have all created too many thoughts and religions that do relatively little to meet the soul needs of a human being. The reason I see it this way is because of the consequences for those people who believe in religious ideals to the exclusion of others and their own common sense.

When I lectured I found that people would attach to what I said as “New Age Thought”. Some people did not comprehend that I was speaking about what was behind our action, not another paradigm or religious idea.

If we look at our history as human beings there is nothing to substantiate an investment in creating more drama, more intellect and more New Age Thought. Essentially, many of us have developed our behaviors, habitual patterns and mind-set around “thinking” instead of doing or living. We have spent lifetimes it seems talking instead of acting.

When the alien abduction experiences emerged in my life with clarity, I found they were in no way different from anything I had studied in Sunday School, in Religious Studies, Psychology, with Maharishi or with the Tibetan Lamas. The only thing that was different was me, my perception of these constructs. It was no longer a thought….Now it was in the realm of experiencing and being.

There is a chasm between the thinking of these ideologies and the living experience. It is the manifestation of these ideals in action, coming from the center of your being and not action from an external dogma.

I poured over material from lectures I had attended in the past with Rinpoche, His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, the Dalai Lama and found staggering parallels to what I was experiencing and what they were saying. The language to describe it was exactly the way I might say it now, but the “living of it” and the “being of it” was utterly and profoundly different then the “thinking of it”.

"The Matrix" 1999 Film Still

So, we certainly do not need any more religions, as the knowledge on a phenomenal level is all out there, written, spoken and studied. What we do need is the ability to comprehend and live what we all know to be true, in terms of serving the greater good and working together to meet the challenges of a difficult time.

We all know that working together will produce more significant results. Still, too many of us just want to sit around and talk about it, think about this or that philosophy. But it doesn’t seem as if we realize that we are here in the human experience to develop the ability to become aware and to live it, not to just “think” about it.

It might mean that we would have to just quit talking and do it. It is in the doing that we awaken, not in the talking about it. We all know what we need to be doing to be better human beings and ironically that is what makes us happy, serving the needs of others on whatever level we can.


From:  Joy S. Gilbert

One of the most provocative aspects of the UFO and Alien Abduction Phenomena is that those entities coming into our bedrooms at night or telepathic whispering to us during our daytime life….can change their appearance into anything that comforts us or makes us feel as if we are not being threatened.

I listened a little recently to my Art Bell interview in 1996. What I may have failed to impart was that there are many different species that exist outside our periphery within the Universe. And while we wish to ascribe our small constructs of “this is good” and “this is bad” on this far-reaching phenomenon, we must also realize that in our culture there are good people in all races and there are people who wish us harm in all races.

So to ascribe negative constructs to all life we do not comprehend is as ridiculous as saying that a microbe is bad, all white people are bad or good and all Asians are smarter than White people….which research has proved is a popular stereotype in schools. 

The most profound aspect of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon is that it forces us to look inside ourselves; at our perceptions, our constructs and our beliefs, not just about ourselves but our place in the Universe. For me and all the experiences I have had with these beings throughout my life that appear like surgeries and the like, I perceive as physical adjustments. In my experience and perception these surgeries have allowed my body, which is an incredible and precise instrument, the ability to experience something “more”. 

These precepts are not new to me as Maharishi spoke of this truth many times over the years I studied with him. He would say, “Your mind is only as clear as your instrument, your body”. He would go on to say how important it was to take care of our bodies and to meditate. The greatest pollution being the pollution of the mind.

Art Bell clearly thought this was terrible… And yet would he think it was terrible if he took medicine prescribed by a doctor? Would it be wrong of him or his family to seek help from a clinician for a physical illness? I do not think so. Yet some of us immediately perceive the acts of these beings as having a dark, seedy and evil intention simply because it is out of our understanding. We feel fear for what we cannot understand and hate seems to follow fear.

My daughter’s friend had this exquisite horse that had developed an infection in her eye. Now, her friend had to give this horse ointment in her eye twice a day until the infection was healed. How do you think the horse reacted?  Did the horse happily submit to a painful process, a process that was only meant to heal her eye? 

In order to evolve and grow we have to change our VIEW…OUR CONSCIOUSNESS and open our minds to other realities. Then look inside ourselves and ask, “Have these anomalous experiences brought us a deeper and more vast perception of the world we live in?  Have these experiences allowed us to understand our own lives better”? 

Ultimately, beyond the shock and realization as you become aware of these anomalous experiences, you realize that we are not alone in the Universe. Consequently, WE ARE BETTER HUMAN BEINGS…So let’s get on with it….and choose to see the beauty around us! We each of us have difficulties to bear, challenges that push us to either exceed ourselves or become bogged down in our mental garbage.

“You can never solve a problem on the level of the problem” Albert Einstein.

The answers are within each of us, not someone else and they present themselves when we choose to let go and see the issues from another place. 

Ancient Aliens, Alien Abduction, Inter-dimensional Beings, Extraterrestrial Beings, Multi-dimensional Beings, ufos


From:  Joy S. Gilbert

The issues surrounding the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena continue to affect the lives of those people involved, their families and their friends. Presently, the most difficult aspects within this phenomenon are the very real experience of trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Whether this response comes from the realization that the world you thought you lived in is no longer there, or the fear engendered by a feeling of being out of control; there is the distress and confusion associated with the concept of Milabs and other aspects that cause human suffering.

Personally, I have been very fortunate to have been able to study with, who I believe are some of the most conscious people on this planet and they have taught me many spiritual arts such as; meditation, yoga, and many other teachings and techniques to free the mind of attachment. The most significant and powerful aspect of these systems for those experiencing these paranormal events, is that you develop the ability to see and accept your life experience as it comes to you. This does not mean you are passive, actually quite to the contrary, you are willing to become completely involved in your life because you do not FEAR the outcome.

Negative forces are a part of life and can only affect you if they are successful at controlling your mind and manipulating you through intense experiences, which create in you profound fear and doubt. Once you are trapped in those dynamic cycles you continue to spiral down into depression, fear and self-loathing. In these states you feed those negative levels of consciousness, literally doing the job for the negative forces in maintaining their ability to control and manipulate your mind and your behavior.

FEAR and DOUBT continue to be emotional elements that cause you to descend deep into ignorance and these emotions allow you to be manipulated and controlled by others.


Joy S. Gilbert

Here we are in a New Year…and we all have an opportunity to choose a life filled with something that serves the greater good, not just our small lives. The following poem Invictus, is held in esteem by Nelson Mandela. This is a poem that served to inspire a man whose nation was torn apart by Apartheid and at war within itself. This poem and the life of Nelson Mandela continues to touch my soul and keep me focused on what the job is and what is important here on this little planet, off in the swirls and far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy on Orion’s Arm.

We are too often unaware that we are responsible for how this world moves forward or how it does not move forward. We may speak and think we know. But do we just give mouth to truth? Do we just speak the platitudes?  Will we exceed our own expectations to be even better than what we think?

It is never the perception, the experience or the intellectual constructs that determine your level of consciousness because that is all just phenomena. It is the clarity, the silence and the VIEW that determines your place and service in the Universe!

Joy S. Gilbert


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley

Ancient Aliens, Alien Abduction, Inter-dimensional Beings, Extraterrestrial Beings, Multi-dimensional Beings, ufos

From: Joy S. Gilbert, December 7, 2011 (Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941)

Message: Hybrids & Alien Abduction

Recently an issue came up, as you may have previously realized from recent postings, where someone inferred I was “IN SANE” because I believed I was of alien origins. If this person had read anything I had written or listened to me on the Art Bell program, recorded and presented in March of 1996, he would have realized that I have been very open about my affiliation or perception of the relationship I have with the Alien Abduction Phenomenon.

In 1993 these beings (Aliens) came for me in Sisters, Oregon on January 31st. It was Super Bowl Sunday. They told me that, “I was THEIRS and not my Mothers”. While this precept would make me look IN SANE to the world, it was my moment of AWAKENING and FREEDOM. You see, I knew that this was true and for the first time in my life I felt like myself. I understood why I had felt so disconnected from my family, people I had met in school, University and the culture at large. Finally I was remembering who I truly was.

It went on from there and to this day I have constant and life changing contact with these beings. So if that offends you, or makes you feel fear or even terror, then so be it. If you wish to judge me, assault me, call me deranged then have at it. Because there is nothing sane about the way Human Beings behave as so devastatingly expressed on this very day many years ago.

I as you and all of us should feel grateful for the experiences that shatter this illusory world of our own making and that those experiences draw us ever deeper into an awareness of ourselves as part of a family within the Stars, as well as part of a vast and miraculous Universe, filled with such power, love, knowledge and beauty as to make this world even better.

So please call me IN SANE….Because I would rather that term of incredibility than the terms given here by this culture of credibility. For the first time in my life that night, when they came for me to tell me, “It’s Time to Remember”, I felt SANE.. So if being IN SANE allows me to feel SANE then I choose INSANITY over the ignorance, sleep and death states exhibited here in this world. I choose to be IN SANE.

So if someone wishes to impugn me or you…because you SEE the world the way YOU do, then please have the courage to say THANK YOU!

Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala, Ancient Aliens, Alien Abduction, Inter-dimensional Beings, Extraterrestrial Beings, Multi-dimensional Beings, ufos

From: Joy S. Gilbert

11/15/2011, 12:34PM

Message: The Good Old Boy’s Club is Alive and Well in America! (How is it that these patterns continue to play out, without any resolution? For those of you who think this is about impugning men, you would be wrong. Please read it before you prejudge what is said here. This is a society issue endemic within the culture both in men and women.)

I had a very intense experience recently…An experience that made me see that almost nothing has changed in humanity between men and women’s roles. When you look at worldwide events we see that men are as encumbered by the constraints of their self-perceptions and roles, as they were in the 1950’s. And women still stay in their position of caretaker, holding tightly to roles that have never benefited or worked for the necessary evolutionary process of either gender.

One thing has become profoundly clear to me as I have traversed the academic and business worlds, there is an incessant ignorance within mankind of both genders, which continues in every continent and country on Earth. There is no working together; instead there is only one view…their view, whether it is women or men. One gender benefits by the way things are, while the other gender has learned to manipulate instead of being upfront and straight. I guess it is hard for people to change. They have to have a compelling and profound reason, which I have certainly had.

Being a woman in a male dominated world still shocks me to the core, to see that gender prejudice continues unchecked and women of all races continue to accept mediocrity in all their relationships with men; to be ignored, exploited and dismissed as children, unworthy of respect or regard even by their own gender.

Often when men are to the point, shrewd, decisive and reveal a strong stand, commanding respect, they are deemed “smart and great guys”. On the other hand women who display any of these traits are quickly dismissed as difficult, non-compliant and generally cast into negative, female stereotypes…

Even men who studied with me were happy to take all the credit and declare themselves much more evolved and much smarter than me as they sat around, being the “special arm chair gurus” that they are, sipping on their Martinis. The issue is that they believe they are better because they are men, not because they are more intelligent, more educated or because they have earned it.

According to the most recent studies in 2012, on gender differences in just lying, men are 8 times more likely to lie about how wonderful they are and when women lie, they are 3 times more likely to lie to protect someone they care about. There are other studies in gender differences that suggest men are far more likely to see themselves a really attractive even when they are unattractive. Women are far more likely to see themselves as unattractive when they are….very attractive.

In a world where education, government and commerce is filled with unqualified men and all fields of the work force including the perceived enlightened, academic environments rely on the low wages of women’s skills and their labor in every aspect to maintain those environments for them properly. Yet, women are rarely if ever given their due or credit through equal pay, for the work they continue to do and have done.

No matter how far we think we have evolved in Western societies it is still a male dominated world and a woman’s abilities are constantly negated, ignored and underestimated, which may afford women a profound power if realized, but chains both men and women in ignorance.

For years before I “woke up” in an alien abduction, I found the world I lived in distant, cruel and ignorant. Not necessarily within my family but in the Western world at large. The focus seemed to be external on the individual power of all types; war, survival, monetary gain, knowledge, beauty, prestige and status.

People seemed to strive, not to be the best human being they could be, but rather, how they could be the BEST. In all aspects of society financial gain is perceived as the most important kind of status. Yet, as a woman, even while I have attained a certain level of economic success, I am somehow looked upon as not having been intelligent enough to acquire these assets myself.

I had a young man studying with me…He had never gone to college, or finished high school, or studied spiritual teachings other than meditation, which I had taught him many years before. He had a good career but it was a very worldly endeavor with no connection to anything spiritual. Further, the meditation was not something he did regularly over the years but rather it was something on the side. Working with me and helping me for a time somehow made him feel that he should have all the credit of my teachings and that he should take over all my assets because he deserved them and I did not.

Now, I had done this work for many, many years of my life; going to University, teaching, studying, Judaism, Sufism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, teaching meditation, giving retreats, living with Tibetan Lamas, studying and living with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Further, I worked to create a successful retail business, worked as a director of a child abuse agency and then worked with terminally ill cancer and AIDS patients in the late 1980′s when medical practitioners were fleeing the field in droves because the CDC and scientists had not determined how AIDS was transmitted; and not the least of which was raising a daughter.

But he was the ONE and I apparently existed only for him, to pave the way for the great and powerful teacher that he perceived himself to be. This man felt that I owed him everything and that he deserved all the credit for everything I had done in my entire life. He believed that he should take over my work, while he made unkind comments about my Alien Abduction experiences and others who experienced this phenomenon.

Anyway that he could impugn me only made him feel that much more entitled. Trust me when I say that my behavior was never as inappropriate as his was over the years of my life. What he never realized was that this “work” wasn’t about him or me! Yet, in his mind I was supposed to exist only, to serve him and now that I had, I should just slip away or die. Oh yes, and it should all be on my dime. Because he knew he was the important person that all my work, all my life had been for and I should know that and give him everything. In the end, he said that I was a narcissist.  Okay!!

This has been the way many people were and still are raised in this culture, especially in families where Religion was a part of the training. A seven-year old boy came to visit me with his Mother on my birthday a couple of years ago. He rudely informed me that I wasn’t as important as he was, because he was a boy and I was a girl. He went on to tell me that I could never be a Priest and therefore I wasn’t as good as he was. Imagine!

In my family the boys were most important and since my sister was gone a lot of the time, it fell to me to be the caretaker. My Mother expected me to subjugate any of my own needs to serve and care for my brothers. And that is what they learned about women.

When this man came to visit, he walked through my home literally assessing the value of my home, my art, my land and the things I have accumulated. He acted as if he deserved them…and that he had the right to take everything I had. It was his house and his things, not mine. He felt entitled to use all the work I have developed throughout my life for his own self-grandisement… He assumed I was so stupid that he could manipulate me and others to do anything he wanted us to do, while he took the credit.

I was not impressed with his behavior as you can imagine.. He just assumed that he was the only important person in my home. He would sit around ordering everyone to do this and do that. He didn’t ask kindly or even attempt to pretend to care about anyone in my home other than himself. He ordered us around and expected us to serve and obey him. When he didn’t get exactly what he wanted he was rude and even nasty.

This man seemed to feel that he deserved everything I had worked for. HMMMMMMMMM…This behavior was reminiscent of many experiences in my past…from the men in my life. I thought he was going to take out a calculator at one point. After he left, he emailed me, very excited to continue figuring out how we could help him. I emailed him, informing him that I felt that we could not work together and I wished him well. He responded immediately telling me I misunderstood…”You are wrong”.

But, I think he was the one who misunderstood! I am certain after doing some whining with his compatriots, while commiserating and sharing his ”poor me” stuff, he will come to the only conclusion that he…… can come to, “Joy is wrong and I am right. I am a victim.”

Throughout the time he was in my home he complained about everyone, especially women who were involved in his work…”They never do what I ask”.  Apparently, they were not doing enough for him or what he wanted them to do. He saw an opportunity to use the people around him, my colleagues and people I have worked with and helped come to terms with their experiences for 20 years, as his to use anyway he chose without any regard for them or their needs. I don’t think so! I didn’t get that he ever wanted to work together… He was all about us ”working for him”.

It was clear to me that the people around him had been complicit, to his arrogant and ego gratifying behavior. There is no way a person could operate that way in the world without others covering their behavior and attempting remedies to their fabrications. I wondered as this person invaded my home, the people I love and my art? Who is complicit in the maintenance of a person such as this, who behaves with such malice and disregard for all others, other than himself?

People have never seemed to want to be the best part of themselves women or men; rather they wanted to be better than others. From my observations early on, this drive within human beings often appeared as rational, normal behavior because it was culturally sanctioned, accepted and rewarded. It always felt off to me, like what? It seemed as if humanity had lost all awareness of itself as something greater or other than the animal level of consciousness. That is, if it had ever known other levels of consciousness or ways of living in the world?

The society I experienced certainly didn’t seem to have any interest in the concept of serving the greater good or the well-being of humanity. That is not to say there aren’t amazingly kind and generous people in the world. It is just to say that the ruling bodies of government and economies maintain the status quo. Their Reptilian Brain dominates them. People react to the world, never questioning those in authority, only desperately trying to fit in, to be accepted by the herd. It seems that humanity finds all ways to not accept responsibility for their behavior. It is always someone else’s fault. There is always someone else to blame.

These behaviors are a waste of life energy. It takes a great deal of energy to spend your life focusing on what is wrong with you and others. It isn’t that we shouldn’t understand our issues but to dwell within them and revel in them, over and over again becomes just another way to avoid growth and our evolution. Further these behaviors never solve anything, instead blaming others keep those behaviors in play.

The goal of personal or egoistic power is always at the cost of the SOUL or HEART of the human being. In this respect both genders suffer.

When you hear someone speak unkindly of someone do you chime in, like an animal seeking to tear apart whatever you can? Does the herd mentality take you over to the point you are unable to conceive your own thoughts…and can you feel the life force drain out of you when you engage in all sorts of behaviors that demean yourself and others?  Or is it more important to fit in and not look like you are weak, than it is to follow your own mind and path in this world, which is the ultimate cop-out and disrespect of your very life?

Or do you see all parts of others as whole beings, not just one behavior or another, but filled with paradox as you yourself ARE…? Or do you look for what you can assault within someone else to make yourself feel superior in that moment? Are you that person, never realizing that when you follow the thoughts of others without true resonance you not only lose your soul but you make your own thoughts weak and small-minded?

I was always shocked by the people who came to me to learn meditation and study consciousness, after I had given a lecture about alien abduction and consciousness. Some, seemed to feel that I wanted or needed them. Some came with the perception that they were magnificent and were doing me a favor by studying with me and that they were entitled to control everything I did. How bizarre!

There were those who would insinuate themselves into my personal life and push me to do for them what they would not do for themselves. Then they would become angry if I didn’t give them what they wanted. Of course, people didn’t generally have any idea what they want or need from their life. So, if I had given it to them, they wouldn’t have known it.

Of course, there were those who were sincere and I was happy to teach them for the time they came and I was very happy when they left. I used everyone’s experience to teach about the ego, our nemesis. Often I would hear people discussing a lecture with the perception that I was speaking about a person. I was never speaking about a person. I was attempting to show people parts of their ego, the parts that hold them back.

All the spiritual teachers I have studied with over the course of my life, including the study of psychology and neuroscience, is knowledge meant to comprehend and understand human behavior. It is most important to overcome the ego. We too often operate from what we do not understand about ourselves instead of operating from a place of realization. We are driven by what we do not know and in this mental place it becomes critical to comprehend the forces at work determining our behavior.

There is a recognition that if the ego and the unconscious/subconscious is in control of your life, chances are you will NEVER evolve. Throughout my life studying with whomever and teaching has been a profound level ”work” and “effort” because people do not want to see themselves. They only want to see what they “think” is good and right about the qualities within themselves, not the truth. Yet, we are all part of the human experience and what is true for one person is true for us all.

Instead, people have developed and learned behaviors over their lifetime with elaborate “poor me” scenarios for attention and to blame others for their actions. Thereby, dissolving any need for personal accountability. They develop these skill sets to take the focus off their frailties and mistakes, redirecting other’s attention toward the frailties and errors of people they blame. These habitual patterns and behaviors teach people that they do not have to take responsibility for their actions or choices, because it is always someone else’s fault.

If they were to recognize their behavior and take responsibility for it, then they could change the behaviors that lead them to a difficult or unsatisfactory result. They would be able to move on. When we do not accept responsibility for our ourselves and only seek to blame others for the difficulties in our lives, those difficulties continue to replay similar scenarios throughout our lives, over and over again.

People who develop these behavioral patterns can stay in them for years or for their entire lifetime. They see their behaviors as someone else’s problem. Here the real difficulty is that they can never overcome or transcend the issues they are challenged by in their lives, if they will not acknowledge their contribution to the results, their responsibility and their involvement in these actions and behaviors.

In my reality all problems are just opportunities. But when you choose to attach to the worst parts of yourself you just end up feeding them and making your life more deeply entrenched in all the stories you tell yourself. How can you move on if you love your misery?

The habitual patterns within our brains neural networks, supporting those behaviors need to be changed and expanded, which takes a profound effort to accomplish; as those neural pathways develop at a very young age. It is very hard to see the patterns within our own habitual behavior.

All teachers deserve, on any level of teaching whether it is Mathematics or Social Science, a modicum of respect and regard. Our higher educational institutes seem far more interested in the professor’s popularity than in excellence. As a teacher, I would not pretend to be any ones friend. Nor was I interested in those kinds of relationships with others. You cannot be a truly effective teacher of anything if you are invested in being liked.

Although, I have a great amount of Western education, the most personally satisfying and significant teachings within my life came from the training I received from Eastern Teachers, in Eastern Philosophies. Through them and their cultures I learned many traditional and more appropriate ways to respect a teacher no matter what they taught, which is not acceptable here because in this culture we are all so smart!

People in Western cultures see someone operating in respect and reverence and they immediately think there is submission, not so! Without respect as a teacher or clinician there can be no learning and no moving forward.

We see at every level that Education in the United States is not revered and we see many behaviors from children in the school system that reflect a lack of regard and awareness of the profound value and gift of education.

This level of respect that is valuable for any kind of knowledge reflects a desire to be open to learning and is very different from suggesting people give up their ability to think. In fact, when I taught whether it was at the pre-school level, the elementary level, high school, or University and adult level there did not seem to be an appreciation for the opportunity to learn. I taught in an effort to open people to new ways of thinking.

Of course, learning requires that people want to evolve and listen instead of thinking they already know, which is a very hard concept to overcome for Westerners and in particular Americans. And while I know I have some very profound understanding of the way the brain operates and how individuals process information, I am always learning new things about the world we all live in. The Universe is infinite and so is knowledge.

It was truly shocking, initially to come face to face with other races of beings from other realities, dimensions and/or other Universes. You can no longer feel arrogant, or that you know or understand anything. Your life has to start all over again from another place that is not sanctioned by the culture you live in and as a consequence you become very strong in the knowing of who you are and why you are here.

You feel profound love and humility in a world that has gone completely mad and has utterly missed the point of what it is to be alive…It is shocking to SEE and the pain of it all…… is very deep and very profound. The sadness you feel for humanities arrogance and ignorance is staggering. People would rather point fingers than to get down to the work of it all.

It is easy to see the weakness and pathology in others when we are projecting our own weakness and pathology on them…Unfortunately, within this culture many of the people we look to for answers seek to put people like Experiencers/Alien Abductees safely into their appropriate psychological boxes. As long as you can find someone else to blame, even like the aliens, for whatever difficulties you perceive exist in your life’s situations you never have to feel anything or truly be alive or even evolve.

Some people never seem interested in questioning their perceptions, their constructs or where those constructs originated…But Experiencers/Alien Abductees of both genders are forced to see the world from a different vantage point.. Unfortunately, if they do not accept their own experiences, or let others define their experiences, or if they project the phenomenal world on the experiences they know inside themselves to be true, what hope do any of us have to move forward in our evolution or to move anywhere, in any direction?

As I “awoke” on the ship that night almost 20 years ago, it was shocking and life changing. But very soon I realized the real difficulty within my situation. How do I meet the world, which I no longer saw in the same way prior to this event? It was devastating to try and relate in a “normal” way when there was nothing inside me that related to the world around me. The world had vanished and my perception of this life had vanished with it. Further, complicating my experience traditional therapy attempted their conventional approach.

You all know the drill, “You must have been traumatized as a child”. Boy that is a tired and old theory people and clinicians who are unaware of the research, like to dump on Abductees. Someone actually had the nerve to repeat that boring and unintelligent crap to me just a few days ago, while he was a guest in my home. He told me that “that must have been how the Aliens found their way into you”.. He didn’t even bother to hear what I said and yet he had a comment that I was supposed to revere.

Now, here is this man in my home, accepting my hospitality with no experience of Alien Abduction himself or awareness; who did not bother to find out anything about myself or anyone else in my home. Nor did he read this website that we all created, which is the only reason he was invited to my home. Nor does he have any idea or interest in what we represent, or our experiences and/or the credentials that I and others hold, represented in this website.

Then, this person has the arrogance and audacity to tell me and others what our experiences are? When his views were not solicited or invited. We were not interested in his opinion of our experiences.  What business is it of his, when he not only has no clinical expertise, no training of any kind on any level and no apparent knowledge, either of this phenomena or of human behavior, on any level. I am wondering at this point, “How did this person become a first contact for Experiencers/Alien Abductees in a non-profit organization?”

He would never be a person any of us would even consider consulting about anything. He had no knowledge of anything of substance. His only field of expertise that we could determine was football. What would give a person such as this the perception that their input was of interest on any level to anyone experiencing this phenomena? How could such a person be in a position with absolutely no education, no expertise, no knowledge, no consciousness, no respect for others and living in a complete lack of any needed education, to have any comprehension of the Alien Abduction Phenomena and the evolution of Human Consciousness?

Yet, this man was in a position of authority about Alien Abductees, for a well-known non-profit organization and he was the first contact for abductees who had just become aware of their situation and who would contact this organization! What is the message to these people, Alien Abductees?

I had totally forgotten there were people like this in the world. Seriously, I was shocked. Tell me truly has this happened to any of you? And if it has how many times has it happened and what would you think of that person? Would you ever give up what you know to be true in your heart and soul for someone else’s perception?  Are you kidding me?  How rude and arrogant is this person’s behavior?

I was stunned. I couldn’t believe anyone could be that arrogant, ignorant and rude all at the same time. But there it was…right in front of me and I had to acknowledge where this person was inside themselves and that was not pleasant.

Many years ago, in the first two weeks of my alien abduction, I allowed friends who were clinicians to speak that way to me. And this happened almost 20 years ago, which is a very long time ago. Right? I realized quickly then that I wasn’t interested in their view-point because not only was it not true, I knew I was smart enough to know the difference. What they were saying was just rote, psychological jargon. It all came right out of a text-book. I know because I read it. So why would I now put up with someone speaking to me in that way after 20 years of living with these experiences day in and day out? Do you really think I would listen to someone else’s perception of my life experiences, ever? Would you?

What makes all of this even more shocking and disturbing is that this man in my home was in a position to be the first contact for abductees who had just realized they were a part of this phenomena. At this point, people are generally in a state of shock, confusion and trauma. It was clear to everyone that he was in this position only to gratify his own EGO.

He clearly cared about no one but himself as he gave lip service to the needs of Abductees. He was unable to listen to a soul without telling them what they were experiencing and his perceptions were primarily negative with no understanding of the evolutionary implications, unless of course, he said it and then……it was relevant.

His views seemed to dart around like notes in a song from moment to moment that never created a melody. He would attach to whatever idea he thought he could use to manipulate and lie to each person he spoke. Except that none of his thoughts or comments were connected to any particular idea and they imparted no concept or knowledge. He felt like one of those “Tin Men” from the late 1940′s and 1950′s selling abductees for whatever Ego gratification he could get out of them.

He imposed himself physically on the young women around him, touching them without their consent. He had absolutely no concern for their needs. When he spoke about his wife he referred to her as “working for him”. I bet she runs his whole business. But her only value in his mind is that she works for him.

Trust me when I tell you that there are probably numbers of female Abductees out there who will never seek out help again, after meeting this person. Certainly they will never have anything to do with that organization. Because of how this man treated the women around him. They and myself were all disgusted and repulsed by his behaviors. Yet, here he is in a position, in a well-respected non-profit organization and that is the only reason we had invited him to meet with us, to see how we could work together in the future.

Sadly, we learned very quickly that he was only interested in dominating everyone and saw us as “his” subjects, not worthy his respect or regard. Only the man who was working with us had any value to this person.

Further, this man clearly had no relevant education, knowledge or even an interest in meeting the needs of Experiencers/Alien Abductees. Yet, here he was and had been for some 20 years, in this very critical place in Experiencers/Alien Abductees lives; to meet them at the very moment they realized their situation. This was and continues to be a devastating thought for all of us!

This kind of interaction should never occur to Experiencers/Abductees. Support, yes but it is highly unprofessional to project out negative constructs and dump those perceptions on Abductees, particularly when they are so traumatized and new to these awareness’. Clearly they are calling or talking to this man because they haven’t been successful in finding the support they need and deserve.

Of course, you let people go through what ever processes they need to go through. Trust me when I say that abductees have enough to deal with, without having to deal with the lack of knowledge and sensitivity this man clearly expresses.

What was really amazing is that when many of us contacted the non-profit organization where this man volunteered and conveyed our deep concerns regarding his behavior toward abductees, his lack of competency and specifically his inappropriate behavior toward women; those parties in responsibility for making certain that their volunteers operate with accountability and integrity, acted immediately with profound concern for the needs of Experiencers/Alien Abductees, which showed their interest and deep commitment for the well-being of the abductees who connect with their organization.

We at ACT were all deeply gratified to know that there is such concern, care and respect for those who find themselves involved in this phenomena. Now we are hopeful that the quality and knowledge available for those seeking support will find qualified and caring professionals.

It was clear to me that the clinicians I met and knew 20 years ago expected me to just cut off my soul to make them comfortable and to meet whatever criteria they had established because they were too shocked by the idea, too lazy to evolve themselves or do any real research. When you stop for a moment to think about the Alien Abduction Phenomena it is not that farfetched in the light of all knowledge. I can think of many instances where events occur that we all think shouldn’t, but they do.

There are those who are very sincere and interested in meeting the needs of Experiencers/Alien Abductees and they have the experience to help. However many cannot even hope to meet the profound strangeness of their clients if they are not OPEN or even willing to SEE beyond what they themselves believe. Daaaaaaaaaa

Within this genre many of those offering help would rather put us in their criteria and Psychological  boxes, to check us off their list. They attach to descriptions and try to determine where “they” come from and “what do they look like” rather than to SEE why “they” might be coming and what message may be there for each of us. They want to focus on, “Are they the good Aliens or the bad Aliens”? I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked, “Where are they from?”

Sometimes people ask in sweet, longing questions and sometimes they ask with indignation and fear. I look at those people and think, “You do not even know where you ARE. You do not even know where you ARE FROM?” I think, “Do you realize that we are 2/3 down the Orion’s Arm, which is a spiral on the outer levels of the Milkey Way?  We are very far from the center of our  own galaxy. These issues have become very clear to me, as I realized the difference between the way I was prior to my “Awakening”  and who I am now. EVOLUTION!

We need to turn our attention in, on ourselves….not avoiding the work we need to do to actually develop more expanded states of consciousness within ourselves. If we would just do that, then we would all know all things and all of our questions would be answered. Once you become aware there are not questions.

I am truly devastated at the level of consciousness of some who study this phenomenon. Maybe that should be a warning sign for Experiencers/Alien Abductees to stay away from those people. But how do you know? Well, you have to ask questions to determine who the people are that you may work with. Do not share your soul with someone who doesn’t have one. Because they are more interested in their perception of your experiences, turning these experiences into negatives so they can have the power over you to fix you….But of course they can’t because many, many people who work with Abductees have no idea what it is about.

To add insult to injury many of the researchers are not interested in helping you deal with your experiences at all. And you need to see what the gifts are but you cannot if you stay trapped in the negative, fear and doubt about yourself and your sanity. After meeting with some recently, I wonder if they really ever want the truth at all. Or if they just want something to talk about that makes them feel superior to others and Abductees like us, or maybe they are just looking for dates?

I know there are some very serious, conscious, knowledgeable and truly spiritual people out there with ”real” evolutionary movement toward the development of their precious souls. Maybe the people who are humble and kind just cannot stand being around the levels of ignorance and stupidity created within some organizations? Maybe that is why I checked out of all this drama years ago.

What you believe or think you know to be true about the world you live in has never had anything to do with truth. I did not go dark because I didn’t understand what was happening within this phenomenon, but because I couldn’t tolerate all the egos.

All of this behavior surrounding much of the UFO/Alien Abduction Phenomenon appears to be mundane projections, reminiscent of an old style mediocre, research project; or an interview and interrogation rather than an exchange of soul and heart. What value could this possibly have for humanity, to fit this phenomenon in yet another absurd and arrogant Western, mind box?

How is it that many of the people involved are still focusing on the same things they were 20 years ago? How does it not move forward? How is it that many of the people involved for years do not comprehend the significance, but measure themselves by how big they can make their egos and by who they know?

Within the Experiencer/Alien Abduction encounters, especially when these events are not isolated, but constant and ongoing; the issues that continue seemingly forever to arise is that traditional therapy has absolutely no knowledge or experience with these types of events outside a pathological model that they are happy to expand and recreate.

Abductees are still considered mentally deficient and seen as fringe dwellers. Our culture demeans them, makes jokes about them and diminishes their experiences. It is no wonder that people who are Abductees choose to remain silent and hidden.

Our Western psychological communities never seem to move forward or progress to include new experiences of life and evolution, except in Paranormal Psychology, which is not highly respected. Unfortunately, these disciplines are all too happy to accept pathologies….Except for Dr. John E. Mack, who is no longer with us and clinicians like Dr. Janet Colli; nothing in this arena seems to have changed at all in the last 20 years, since I realized that I was intimately involved in this phenomenon.

I am not interested in creating another religion or a new construct of reality. True or not, I find the Starseed Construct lacking in any value or significance. Rather, I would like to see those involved open to the exploration of life, which is always growing and changing.

For those experiencing these encounters there is so much knowledge and awareness within these paranormal events, as well as studying ancient and sacred spiritual disciplines. The question that always needs to be answered is, are you able to find the guidance, support and direction you need to open to the best parts of yourself, which is your very evolution and the only purpose you had in being born, to evolve in consciousness?

So often, I find that people think that it is the experience or the phenomena that is definitive. But in my mind it is how you choose to integrate those experiences and whether they set you free or create another attachment for you to overcome.

While awareness of those other worlds or other dimensions throughout my life, were bleeding through my ignorance and my attachment to the illusory reality, I had been compelled to study spiritual disciplines for many decades as well as psychology, counseling and neuroscience at University. Once I “awoke” I realized that I had to live here in this place and this was easier to “think” before that event, than to actually live out and “comprehend” being in the world after those events, especially when you knew what you had to do.

So “thinking” you understand this phenomenon based on lists of categories and box checking, is altogether absurd and profoundly divergent to BEING IN IT. IN LIVING IT, I do not feel the need to share my experiences with anyone unless there is some value for that other person. I realize my own inner worlds are not the point when trying to help others.

Consequently, to add just one more paradox to the blend, I was profoundly grateful to my spiritual teachers and in particular Venerable Gyaltrul Rinpoche for his constant love and guidance, showing me parts of the human experience unavailable to most in our Western cultural, mindset. Gyaltrul Rinpoche, His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi all forced me to expose my mind to an understanding of the different layers of creation and those entities within the Universe that we do not SEE.

I realized as a very young woman that “they” someone or something, was leading me to different places and people to teach me about this world, which I am certain many of you may also have experienced throughout your life. There was no other point of reference for these kinds of experiences or events, or recognition of our evolutionary process expressed anywhere in this culture that I observed, but the teachings and knowledge that my spiritual teachers so kindly taught me and many others.

These spiritual teachings were the only understandings that made any sense of what was happening in my life and they provided me a profound base of knowledge, which I needed to SEE. However, hard my teachers were on me during my training, I was now very clear and moved to tears, to comprehend the uncompromising compassion and care they had for me, while I struggled with ignorance.

Their willingness to endure my unconscious, arrogant and selfish Western mind was a staggering truth I clung too during that time and to this day. It was only because of their kindness and care for me that I understood why their disciplines had been so rigorous and why they had demanded excellence from me at all costs. I learned about commitment, integrity, focus and I learned how to choose what is good for me and others rather than what I “think” I want.

The truth being that when you truly understand what is at stake, when you have SEEN all sides, you are asked to choose. Evolution at this point in time is a choice, an “Act of Will”. This knowledge within me is the most significant and in my mind it is ABSOLUTE. It is the most important choice a human being will make. Your evolution at a certain level is something you are required to choose with awareness of what it all means and as in all things, it comes at a price. Or it is the choice you do not choose. It is as simple as that.

If you choose evolution then you have to be willing to let go of everything, especially being right and that is the power of the relationship between a teacher and a student. It is the practice, like in meditation, of giving up your wants and desires, which leads you to let go and flow in creation. (In no way do I wish to be anyone’s teacher and at this point feel no imperative to be available to teach anyone, just to be clear.)

You need to be aware of the subconscious motivation behind your every act, in every moment you are alive. And while you may feel the pain or prick of your own ignorance you must observe yourself without blame. With as clear an awareness as you can bring to your mind and realize that what PLAGUES and HAUNTS you also plagues and haunts all of humanity, every single human being alive. We all grapple with the same issues of suffering, which require acceptance, responsibility, accountability, forgiveness, or as you may wish, Love.

Wisdom and knowledge is never given. It is earned.

In the moment I “awoke” I wondered, how do I relate to the rest of the world? In the forefront of my mind I knew that I could not listen to anyone. Hence the paradox, because I know I would never have realized this wisdom nor would I have been prepared to experience a complete shattering of my ego, if I had not been with those who were willing to show me the way in this dimension. It was very clear from the onset that no one I knew had the knowledge I needed within the realities I was now traveling. I had to listen to what was within me…At that moment I was the only one who knew what was true for myself…as each of us have to find and live out our own paths.

Acceptance of our frailties as well as our beauty takes profound courage and great perseverance. Everything we do in habit is to avoid pain and yet pain is our greatest teacher, most powerful and closest true friend. Others want you to follow them…Even others want you to live up to their EXPECTATIONS, to be what they want you to be. But you have to be your own person at all costs, because you realize that it is your life you are meant to live, not theirs.

So whatever they have to say, good or bad about you is of no consequence. Ultimately, we all face ourselves. At the moment of your death you are the only one held accountable for the actions you have taken in your life. So you better be certain that you followed your own life and didn’t live out someone else’s, because that is a living death.

After I awoke 20 years ago and after spending the last 20 years SEEING behind the veil, only one thing remains constant and true whether you are male or female, or whether you are rich or poor… You must listen to yourself, your heart and soul, which is the only thing you can take with you when you leave this world…Trust in yourself to know what you need and follow your own path. Even if you go the wrong way you will win because you will eventually learn to take another path.


Our dear friend, fellow student and colleague was freed from her body on November 11, 2012 at 8:32 AM, after a three year struggle with Ovarian Cancer.

Memorial Ariel Amarra “Celebration of Life”

Memorial Service for Ariel Amarra was held at 2:00 PM, Sunday, November 25th 2012 at Lone Pine State Park, Kalispell, Montana 

The Service was Officiated by Joy S. Gilbert, Ariel’s Teacher of many years. 

Below are parts 1 – 6 of the Service for Ariel Amarra as Officiated by Joy S. Gilbert. All the videos below can also be viewed on the Joy S. Gilbert YouTube Channel.

Ms Gilbert had a bad cold and was hoarse when she gave this talk.Joy SGilbert Gives Eulogy For Ariel Amarra and A Teaching on Death & DyingPart 1.


Thumbnail14:46 Ms Gilberthad a bad cold and was hoarse when she gave this talk. Joy S. Gilbert Gives Eulogy For Ariel Amarra and A Teaching on Death & Dying. Part 2.


Thumbnail13:46Ms Gilberthad a bad cold and was hoarse when she gave this talk. Joy S. Gilbert Gives Eulogy For Ariel Amarra and A Teaching on Death & Dying. Part 3.


ThumbnailMs Gilbert had a bad cold and was hoarse when she gave this talk. Joy S. Gilbert Gives Eulogy For Ariel Amarra and A Teaching on Death & Dying. Part 4.


Thumbnail14:01Ms Gilbert had a bad cold and was hoarse when she gave this talk. Joy S. Gilbert Gives Eulogy For Ariel Amarra and A Teaching on Death & Dying. Part 5.


November 24, 1944 – November 11, 2012

Our dear friend, fellow student and colleague was freed from her body on November 11, 2012 at 8:32 AM, after a three year struggle with Ovarian Cancer. From the beginning, her journey into the next adventure was one of profound grace, good humor, care, love and dignity. She forged the path to death, showing many of us how to die, those of us who knew and loved her.  It was as though she had been given the opportunity to gift us, an example of acceptance and perseverance in the face of unconquerable human odds. And we were given the rare opportunity to love and care for her until the moment she drew her last breath, an experience each of us will forever treasure.

The contribution Ariel most desired to make was to add to the evolution of human consciousness. She dedicated her life to the Awakening of Consciousness in herself and those around her.

Ariel was a long time student of Joy S. Gilbert, who Initiated her into the meditative practice and techniques of the Maha Devata, The Great Process of Knowing. Joy created these teachings, which are inclusive and nondenominational, from her decades of spiritual training and study in religion, psychology, science and evolution, to help people recognize their paranormal, anomalous experiences as a part of their evolutionary process. After meeting Ms. Gilbert, Ariel devoted her life to consciously living these teachings and integrating them into the world through service, awareness, compassion and love.

Born in 1944 in Spokane Washington, Ariel held an Associate of Arts degree in Literature and History.  She worked as an Office Manager for a well established Law Firm in San Francisco, California. She was a Certified Hypnotherapist and Licensed Massage Therapist.  From 1968 to 1985 Ariel was one of the now infamous Stewardess’ with Pan American Airlines.  She had the opportunity to travel and experience the world and she drew on these rich experiences and integrated them into her work with each of her clients. 

Ariel was active with this website, “Alien Contact and Human Evolution”. She was drawn to work with Experiencers as a result of her own personal encounters and because of her desire to serve this population of people, who were disregarded, overlooked and ridiculed within our culture. Ariel knew that these experiences had the potential to contribute not only to the welfare of the planet through innovation and creativity, but to the evolution of all humanity.

We are joyous for Ariel that she has gone HOME.  She is now and forever a part of each of us who knew her and loved her. In her last moments she left us with this one thought.

“I pray that God will close my mind and open my heart.”

Ariel Amarra, 11-11-12


by Khit Harding, 11-12-12