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Below are “Pictures of Glacier National Park”, which represent the glaring and profound measures of the Glaciers, within the Continental United States that are in recession. Initially, scientists thought that the Alpine Glaciers, of Glacier National Park would be gone by 2030. However, what is happening, is a global climate change, which is creating a set of circumstances where the Glaciers are receding much faster than originally believed. At present, it is believed that the Glaciers within Glacier National Park, which is known as the Crown Jewel of the Continent, will be gone by 2020, in only 6 years from the time of this entry.

Continental U.S. glaciers disappearing – YouTube 2012 – Uploaded by CBS Continental U.S. glaciers disappearing. CBS News ·45,848 videos. Arctic ice melting at record level. Continental U.S. glaciers receding at alarming rate!

Glacier Park’s Night of the Grizzlies | APT Worldwide Occurring over the course of one summer night in 1967, they would leave one young … Glacier National Park … Glacier Park has a number of Grizzly Bears and if you visit the Park you have to be very careful about where you go and make certain that you have the Bear Spray with you at all times.

The best Places for Viewing Bears in Glacier National Park › MontanaMontana – Other Dec 16, 2011 – In late March at Glacier National Park, Montana, bear tracks in the snow alert rangers that bears awaken from hibernation and hunt for food. … when they felt threatened by grizzlies, but they were injured nearly half the time.

0:15 UFOs_Glacier National Park Home Video August 13, 2012 12:37 PM Several colored orbs of light flying around a mountain valley in Glacier National Park. Recorded images sometimes reveal things that were not visible to the naked eye.
Whoever shot this home video may not have seen what we are seeing now.
Original Poster commented:
“I Found this video on a miniDV tape in a camcorder I bought from a pawn shop. The tape was labeled Glacier. Does anyone recognize this location? I am trying to hunt down person or persons that shot this.”


The pictures below were taken on the “Road to the Sun” and Logan Pass in Glacier National Park at dusk.

The pictures below were taken at the top of Logan Pass and remind me of a Moonscape!

The pictures below were taken on “The Road to the Sun”, driving up toward Logan Pass, in Glacier National Park.

Below are some pictures we were able to take of Mountain Goats that we saw on Logan Pass not too far from the road, during our recent visit. Also, here is a link to provide more information on these amazing creatures. Mountain Goat Study to Begin at Logan Pass – Glacier National Park

Below: In this picture these three Mountain Goats are about 75 feet from the road. At first, it seemed that they were going back into the forest area.  Then, they turned around and started heading toward us.

Below: In this picture you can see a very young, baby goat frolicking behind his Mother!

Below: Here the Mother Goat is looking like she is moving directly toward us as I take these pictures. I had started talking to her quietly and gently when she was a long way off, telling her not to be afraid. But, then she started coming toward us, off the meadow and I am thinking, “She couldn’t be coming to the car, could she?” She seems to be looking straight at us, as I am hanging out the car window taking the pictures.  There were other people mulling around, closer to her.

Below: “Oh”, I am thinking! She is about 15 feet from me as I take this picture and I am thinking, “Is she jumping off that ledge and coming to our car?”  Here you can see the baby goat coming up behind her, trying to keep up.

Below: At this point, I realize she is planning to come up to our car and I quickly take the picture and drop the camera and roll up my window.  Amrita is in the back seat also taking pictures and she does the same and we begin to drive off….Wow! This Mountain Goat up close and personal is very strong, which you can really see when she is this close! You can see how committed she is!