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Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee

Above is a picture of myself on my property in Montana. Behind me is Coyote Canyon and off in the distance are the Canadian Rockies.

I have presented another view for decades of the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena, as well as, the connected paranormal, anomalous phenomena that I have experienced, along with my personal CONTACT with Extraterrestrial Life.  Humans deserve another view of these profound human experiences, then the ignorant, plethora of fear based projections surrounding the UFO/Alien Abduction Phenomena within our culture. 

The question I have for all those who purport negative precepts is, are these Extraterrestrials the Beings/Angels that have guided humanity since human inception? My experiences with the Beings I have been involved with since childhood and before my birth, is one of soulful, interconnectedness, love and profound intelligence.

I experience a love with the Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Beings I am involved with that is complete and an utter sense of Universal Awareness, which causes me to experience a love for all life that transcends perception, thought, emotion or the physical attachments we feel to each other and the “things” we want.  For me these Beings are my teachers, my friends, my companions and my real family.

I find that these Beings are the very essence of humanities perception of Angels, as I understand that definition. However, they never ascribe qualities to themselves that indicate their superiority or that they are God, in fact quite the contrary. They express a humility, intelligence and joy that far exceeds any human being I have ever known, which already makes them smarter than 99.999999999999% of all the human beings I have met.




Many of the negative views are often depicted by researchers or clinicians with no personal experience themselves and who often have unspoken agendas. Recently, I spoke with a clinician hoping to find a like-minded person that I could refer. His response was, “I am willing to help anyone who is suffering from anything in their lives.” 

Maybe he could have said that he had looked into this phenomena, had worked with Experiencers/Alien Abductees and appreciated their circumstances? But instead, he lumped the subject into a category of suffering that he was capable of fixing.

Further, this clinician portrayed himself as caring, spiritual and interested in all evolutionary growth.  Here I see that this clinician is willing to devote energy and knowledge to what he “believes” is spiritual and evolutionary! It is clear he has made a determination that the Alien Abduction Phenomena does not fit in his box of spirituality…. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

For many years I have looked for competent, caring and respectful clinicians, who might recognize and respect the paranormal, anomalous phenomena that many Experiencers/Alien Abductees go through. However, I have been disappointed over and over again finding an abundance of  arrogant, all knowing educated clinicians with no real awareness or true essence, to even begin to comprehend what most Experiencers/Alien Abductess are confronted with, as they traverse the worlds of light and dark energy. Too often mainstream clinicians place Experiencers/Alien Abductees into a category of mental illness that they feel obligated to fix…. Suggesting, yet again that these experiences and this phenomena are not normal.

Other clinicians or researchers who profess their understanding and claim years of studying the Alien Abduction Phenomena, believe this gives them the ability to make assumptions about what is happening. Some even suggest we are on the brink of being invaded and taken over by Aliens. Wow! I think we have to look at the level of knowledge, awareness and consciousness of the people who purport such theories. Have they ever done any work on themselves to understand any thing other than the intellect or the mainstream perceptual, reality presented by the status quo? This is an important question that each of us need to ask if we are going to seek help from a clinical professional.

I find these statements without merit or fact. They are profoundly irresponsible and devastatingly deleterious to the well-being of Experiencers/Alien Abductees, who are attempting to comprehend their experiences and to those Experiencers/Alien Abductees who have come to differing conclusions for their paranormal, anomalous phenomenon. 

While it is possible that there are Races of Extraterrestrial Beings that may fit into categories of “Good & Evil”, or be involved in these types of efforts, I find that the majority of the experiences that Abductees/Contactees are having, are connected to the Evolution of Human Consciousness and the profound need for the human species to evolve beyond what is presently perceived as our “Consensus Reality”. 

It may be that these perceptions are a part of some of the experiences involved in this phenomena, certainly not all. Further, these kinds of theories promote negative images and perpetuate irresponsible constructs and statements that led people into profound states of fear, which may translate into violence against all Abductees.

There is an old Hindu/Indian proverb that speaks to what we SEE, as being a manifestation of our consciousness. The story says that a man was out walking in the evening around dusk and he saw something he thought was moving by the side of the road. He began to feel immense fear and terror as it had become quite dark, seemingly very fast. He determined that this object was a venomous snake and in his fear and terror he went screaming home. The next day he went back to that same place and saw that what he thought was a venomous snake was in reality only a three-foot long stick. It was not a snake at all! His fear drove him to “see and think” he saw a venomous snake.

Most Experiencers/Alien Abductees, if left to  their own understandings, come to the awareness that they are experiencing levels of Universal Consciousness, whether they are able to convey those concepts in words that others can understand or not. And  that their ongoing deep connections to these Beings open a door into an awareness of all life, which can be experienced as magnificent, exquisite and filled with a level of knowledge and awareness that can never be spoken.  

As an Experiencer myself, I realized many years ago that I had  entered into a Universe and Universes filled with such exquisite diversity, beauty and love that I could not help but feel a reverence for all the incredible life that literally takes my breath away. This awareness’ took me over, allowing me to become one with all life, all creation. Whether someone perceives this phenomena as good or bad, I knew unequivocally that I like every human being on this planet was and is a complete and utter Being of Transcendence, Essence. I am home!

Researchers who are steeped in Western cultural perceptions often with no clinical training, offer absolutely no statistically, valid data, nor do they reveal any methodology to suggest that their conclusions should be taken seriously. They only offer hype and rhetoric. Their statements are baseless conjecture, innuendo and theoretical in nature. Therefore, I conclude that their theories have no real significance. It is very clear that they have no basis to make such claims and to suggest these kinds of ridiculous theories. So, one might want to ask what it is they hope to gain? I doubt very much that they know what they are doing. Nor do they recognize the consequences or the context within these paranormal experiences.

These ignorant, divisive constructs only create fear in the minds of human beings who are struggling to extricate themselves from the dark ages, where the Reptilian Brain has dominated human behavior for eons and continues to dominate our behavior today, as indicated by the constant wars, greed, ignorance and profound suffering that run unchecked throughout much of our world.

Others who work with Experiencers/Alien Abductees suggest that the Aliens need us, our DNA and our physical bodies to propagate and  maintain the survival of their species. If you take just a moment to look at the whole picture one might be moved to see that these perceptions are absurd. These are Beings with such an advanced level of consciousness that they have the ability to manipulate matter anyway they wish. So, this theory doesn’t hold up in my experience either.

In defense of the clinicians who believe this theory, I realize that these researchers and clinicians may think that these perceptions come from the Experiencers/Alien Abductees that they have worked with for many years. But, I have noticed over the years that some of the races of entities often don’t tell Experiencers everything. Instead, the Et Beings often share what they perceive the Experiencer/Alien Abductee can handle, at their level of consciousness and/or awareness. It may also be true that the Et Beings create stories with half-truths that humankind can accept at the time the  events occur.

When the motive for CONTACT lies outside the field of human understanding, it may be deleterious to share too much, too soon. It is just a thought that may offer more truth then the previous theories presented by those who study the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena. Having lived with this phenomena my entire life, I have a clear vantage point to assess what has been happening to me.

One is left to wonder however, if Experiencers/Alien Abductees have differing perceptions and conclusions regarding their experiences, based on their level of involvement and the races of Et Beings they have relationships with? So, the question needs to be asked, do those having these experiences and sharing their thoughts, within the context of a our culture, define their experiences in terms of “This is good and this is bad”, duality? Because this mind-set is the dominant perception of reality within our western culture. Do these perceptions of “This is good or this is bad”, represent the reality or only their minuscule perceptions of what is happening based solely on a three-dimensional world, a three dimensional model of reality? 

For the researchers to gain any credibility in my mind, there are some questions that need to be addressed. Only one of these questions is, “What is the level of understanding, the life experience and the level of knowledge that the clinician or researcher has that may affect the Experiencers/Alien Abductees perception of their experience?”

Within our educational model, I realized a long time ago that a person who is teaching a particular subject cannot teach it properly if they do not have long time experiences within the subject they are attempting to teach. So, a teacher in any subject cannot teach well something they do not know, live or experience. They may be able to teach the intellectual aspects of events without the experience. But, if they have no experience then they do not hold that knowledge and wisdom within their cells or body. They do not embody the knowledge they are teachings, which inevitably eliminates their ability to pass on the knowledge gained through the experience, to their student.

Hence, their students, client, or patients will never be able to grasp the subject on its deepest levels, at least from those teachers who do not embody what they are teaching. You might even say that if osmosis is significant to understanding and learning, which I believe it is, then the person who is instructing, teaching or leading can only share their knowledge on a particular subject at a minuscule level. Thinking or intellect alone, is not understanding. Understanding comes through the personal experience, not thinking or talking about a subject.

A teacher or clinician has to actually study, experience and evolve their own personal understanding, in lieu of mimicry or parroting information provided by others, to adequately share knowledge before it can become truly substantive.

(Coliseum in Rome, Italy)


Within Education and Psychology there has been a concept, which has been seen working within human behavior. It is called the “Self Fulfilling Prophecy.” There continues to be a link between what a teacher, researcher or clinician may think and how that impacts the perceptual outcome of their clinical relationships. It is a factor within these relationships that has been proven over and over again. The facilitator’s thoughts and prejudices, being the teacher, researcher, or clinician, does impact the outcome or results.

I do not believe that either of the two theories I have presented above are relevant. They may only be a product of our human process! Rather, I see the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomenon as part of the natural evolution of humanity. It appears to me that these Beings have always been here and have always been a part of human evolution. There have been stories in every culture on Earth written about these Beings and their ships, since the beginning of time and since man could express himself/herself in pictographs and in the written word. 

The most obvious and horrendous flaw within the approach of most researchers and clinicians is their inclination and habit of creating a way for the Experiencers/Alien Abductees to fit into their mind-set, their boxes of thought, or understanding around this phenomena, which only creates more paradigms. A box is still just a box, whether it is a big box or little box. It is like stuffing the Universe into a “Jack in the Box”. You know, one of those music boxes that you wind up and when the tension reaches its maximum energy the clown or the monkey jumps out. I am certain you don’t want that to be you, do you?

A grove of aspens

 (A Grove of Aspen Trees!)


I see this phenomenon as part of a broader picture. When I speak about the concept of Hybrids I am not just suggesting the concepts already understood by UFO Investigators. They suggest that our DNA has been manipulated by the Beings, causing us to appear human and yet we carry the DNA of these perceived Aliens.

I am also referring to every human being as a  part of that model, like the Aspen Trees. When you see an Aspen Tree you think it stands alone in the forest, next to another Aspen Tree. It appears separate, individual. But when you examine the root systems you find that all the Aspen Trees in a grove are connected to only one, very large root system. They are not individual trees at all. They are instead connected at the very core of their very being, their very existence is dependant upon the health of the whole root system.

If you wish to look further into these, not only theoretical but factual constructs, all you need to do is study physics, cosmology, religions, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy and on and on and on and you will in the end discover what all truly intelligent people discover and come to realize, we are all connected.

This is a part of how I see our relationship with these Beings. We are all a part and connected to each other. While we appear or look individual and separate our very life is dependant upon the health of each other. We are connected at the very core of our being.

Now this knowledge of the Aspen Trees may appear like I am attempting to provide you with a metaphor, for understanding. I am! But it is also factual and a physical truth, not a theory.

So, I have created this website with the hope of offering an evolutionary view and a more conscious and productive construct of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon. While having many years of living with anomalous, paranormal experiences, as well as extensive formal Western education, Eastern education and a deep relationship to the Alien Abduction Phenomenon, I have worked to present the material here in this website.

Hidden Lake in Mt. Rainier National Park

(Hidden Lake in Mt. Rainier National Park)


My view is not exclusive, in that I do not believe the Alien Abduction Phenomenon is about good or bad, wrong or right, or duality; but what is significant here IS ITS EXISTENCE.  The fact that “IT IS” and that people are experiencing what appears to be alien contact and/or contact with inter-dimensional beings, requires a conscious ability to transcend perceptual constructs, essentially your thinking mind. Our world view no longer fits in Western cultures very small perceptions of life.

Until you let go of your beliefs you will be doing nothing……..but fighting and resisting the natural flow of life. The natural flow of the river to flow into the Ocean. It is the will of creation to fulfill itself and it really doesn’t care what you think. Like a tsunami, life is something that you have an opportunity to experience, like riding the waves. But you do not get to tell it…..what to do. Life will go on whether you believe it or not. You are born and you will die to this world, whether you believe it or not.

Consequently, whether you believe in this phenomena or not doesn’t affect the fact that it is happening. Belief is not truth. The mere fact that this phenomenon exists suggests a need for inclusion, integration and a restructuring of our core beliefs.

While people may “believe” that this phenomenon is manufactured by the Experiencers/Alien Abductees who share these encounters, there is too much evidence available at this point for those with the courage to look, for this phenomenon not be real.

If you see the world as a three-dimensional model of reality, it is very likely that you are projecting your perceptions on the Alien Abduction Phenomenon, without truly comprehending the magnitude or the big picture. I hope you will take the time to research, recognize and realize that all paranormal experiences are connected.

Neuron Diagram within the Brain    Neural Network Depiction of Connections with in the Brain

Neural Networks within the Brain. Here we see pictures of the Dendrites, the Soma (cell body), Axon, Myelin Sheath & Terminal Button. The light you see that appears like fire, represents the neurotransmitters connecting, creating a synapse to another neuron. It is transmitting information! Isn’t it beautiful.


For those who live with the Alien Abduction Phenomenon, their families, their friends and for those whose experiences are so intense that they take you beyond your self-perception, shattering your perceived reality; I see these experiences, no matter how devastating and shocking as a profound gift. It is here we have an opportunity to SEE into another reality or other levels of consciousness. Through these profound experiences we have the ability to see beyond the constructs and perceptions of our world view.

It is here in this place we also have the ability and capability to see reality and truth about the world we live in, which is expansive and more vast than the one we have been taught to believe. A reality that is multi-dimensional, inclusive, less divisive and not just for your individual life, but for yourself and the lives of all those around you!

I was profoundly fortunate to find Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at a very young age. While he never explained what the paranormal and anomalous phenomena was that had been happening to me throughout my life, he made certain that I understood these experiences were a part of the natural life process, our natural evolution.  Although, my concern for these experiences continued to manifest, I also felt that there would be a moment when I would understand and the moment came and I did.

Maharishi’s sanctioning of these experiences allowed me to move through the fear, the doubt, the assaults from others and maintained me in a state of clarity and resolve, when there were no external supports available. Of course, eventually I realized the anomalous, paranormal experiences were connected to these Beings. Maharishi’s response to my experiences when I was very young, contributed to an inner strength and awareness, which has caused me to never doubt or fear my own life experience. Okay sometimes I may want to hide from others. However, that hasn’t been an option. I have had to be who I truly am in this world, in spite of how others reacted in the past or they may react now.

The most significant aspect of seeking support as an Experiencer/Alien Abductee is to find a someone who does not have a bias or perception of what this phenomenon is all about. Someone who is open and has not made assumptions or come to conclusions as to what it all means; unfortunately, only too much like some of the known researchers working in this field.

Clinicians are taught that this phenomenon is an attribute of pathology. Consequently, many are not open or willing to see it in a new light. Rather, they accept the status quo never questioning their own training or education. Even some who say that they accept the paranormal, many will NOT accept the Alien Abduction Phenomena as REAL. Unfortunately, they are not willing to tell you this upfront, which results in many Experiencers/Alien Abductees having to find this out through unpleasant experiences, something I experience first hand from someone that I had trusted.

Another blaring obstacle facing those who experience similar events is the fear within our culture and many Western cultures throughout the world, for anything that appears supernatural or is unknown. There are those people with good intentions who would seek to harm or impugn those having these experiences out of their own fears.

The Reptilian Complex within the Brain


It is here that the Reptilian Brain reacts, projecting feelings of fear and doubt toward an unknown event that is perceived as a threat, undermining our perceptions of what is needed to survive. Human Beings often react automatically to what they do not understand, particularly about the unknown, human evolution and consciousness.

The Reptilian Brain is similar to the brain of reptiles that preceded mammals, approximately 200 million years ago, or more. It is preverbal, but controls life functions; the autonomic nervous system, breathing, heart rate and the fight or flight response. It’s impulses are instinctual, ritualistic and concerned with fundamental needs such as survival, physical maintenance, hoarding, dominance, preening and mating. It is also found in lower life forms, like lizards, crocodiles and birds.

The Reptilian Brain is located at the base of the skull, the brain stem and it emerges from the spinal column. It is this part of the brain that directs emotions of love, hate, fear, lust, and contentment.

Over millions of years of evolution, layers of more sophisticated reasoning have been added upon this foundation. Thus creating the possibility for complex rational thought. And when these higher functions are involved there can be awareness of the layers and the immensity of Creation. Instead of reaction there is an ability to think, study and comprehend the unknown.


Since I have invested years of energy and time studying various spiritual disciplines over many decades, I  recognize myself as part of a Universe teeming with life both in the seen and unseen worlds. For thousands of years man has perceived himself and the Earth as the center of the Universe. However, now through technological advances in astronomy, physics and cosmology, we have come to realize that we are only a part of a much more expansive Universe of which we are not the most evolved.

These issues are much like Columbus having the courage and audacity to believe the world was round in a cultural climate that would have him imprisoned for such evil declarations.

The Atomic Structure of a Molecule

The Atomic Structure of a Molecule


When you consider that the human eye and the visual cortex only see an infinitesimal part of the electro magnetic spectrum, the more significant question has to be, “WHAT AREN’T YOU SEEING?”

Clearly, within the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomenon I find a genetic, biological and chemical component involved in our evolution. It is my hope that through this website Experiencers/Alien Abductees, their families and their friends will learn to recognize these paranormal, anomalous events as a natural part of the expansion of human consciousness.

I further hope that you and anyone finding this website will find intrigue and comfort in the gift of exploration and the pure joy associated with the further development of your beautiful minds, as well as working toward a deeper understanding of this magnificent life experience.

The Human Brain

Sebastian Seung ideas on mapping the connections between the neurons of the human brain. Seung thought that by analyzing brain images and identifying neural pathways using intelligent supercomputers, scientists could analyze trillions of synapses and ultimately create a computing architecture based on how the mind works.

Here I also hope people who need this knowledge and shared experience, may find a respite from their anxiety and the alleviation of further suffering.

 By, Joy S. Gilbert 

Joy S. Gilbert’s Biography

Joy S. Gilbert, Sedona, Arizona

Joy S. Gilbert was born in Seattle, Washington. She holds a Certificate in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and graduate work in Neuroscience and Counseling. Joy graduated with the honors, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa and has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education, as a Director of a child abuse agency, counseling in death and dying and she has owned and operated a successful retail business. Joy comprehends not only an intellectual, western understanding of Psychology, but she realizes the biological and physical implications of the development of consciousness within human beings. Further, Joy embodies the very essence of Infinite Mind and a State of Enlightenment,  which illuminates the truth and the REALIZATION behind the concept of Awakened Mind.

Joy is an accomplished teacher of Spiritual Arts and Meditative Practices, which are used to awaken the human mind into an awareness of itself as ONE with the Universe! As a child she experienced contact with Extraterrestrial Life, precognition and began her study of evolutionary concepts and human consciousness at the age of 10 years old reading the books, “The Masters of the Far East”, which were given to her by Spiritualist at a Spiritualist Library, she visited often throughout her primary and secondary education.

Joy became a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation in July of 1972 in Fuiggi Fonte, Italy and has lectured, taught meditation and worked to help others develop consciousness for over 50 years.

Joy is the author of It’s Time to Remember, which she wrote after experiencing a completely conscious Alien Abduction Event on January 31, 1993 in Sisters, Oregon. Her Alien Abduction Event catapulted her into a State of Enlightenment. Within this little book, Joy chronicles some  of her life long and ongoing relationships with Extraterrestrials and Interdimensional Beings. While Joy wrote this book in 1993 and it was published in 1995, she has had an additional 23 years, over two decades, to deepen and expand her relationship with Extraterrestrial Beings that exist within and outside our known Universe.

Joy has been invited to lecture over the years throughout the United States, Canada,  Ireland,  Denmark,  Sweden and the UK, sharing her experiences, teaching meditation, to encourage people’s awareness of our need as human beings to focus on developing consciousness, essence, well-being and the betterment of all humanity. 

Joy has lived in India, Switzerland, Italy and traveled over much of Europe; Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, France and Germany, as well as the Bahamas, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and Belize. She spent 8 years of her life studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. During that time Joy spent approximately 5 years in retreat, meditating full-time. Joy has lived and traveled throughout the United States while in her early and mid-twenties, helping to set up Meditation Centers. 

Later Joy studied The Fourth Way  and Sufism while continuing her education at University. Due to her deep desire and resolve to become a better human being and to understand the paranormal experiences that plagued her from childhood, she spent her life studying with the most accomplished teachers on our little planet. Finally, Joy had the great honor of studying with His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, Head of the Nyingmapa School of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama, who is the Political & Spiritual Head of Tibet and she had the good fortune to live and study with Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche, as well as, taking teachings from other accomplished Yogis and Lamas.

All of this exposure and knowledge throughout the years of Joy’s life, from her earliest memories until now, along with her sincere willingness to be open to those who carried within their very being, profound knowledge, allowed Joy to develop states of consciousness that are rarely experienced on an ongoing level in our present times. Joy maintains and sustains an Enlightened Mind and a profound understanding of Human Evolution and Consciousness, recognizing that the consequences for humanity, to not develop or reach its full potential on an evolutionary level at this time, could have disastrous effects for our children’s future and on our planet.

It's Time to Remember by Joy S. Gilbert, Enlightenment, Awakening, Spirituality, Consciousness, Alien AbductionIt’s Time to Remember : A Riveting Story of One Woman’s Awakening to Alien Beings. This little book is a biographical account of my alien abduction experiences and the main one that Awakened me to what had been happening throughout my entire life.  I felt my experiences were not only shattering but, were profoundly Enlightening, as well. These paranormal anomalous experiences catapulted me into shocking, vast and expanded states of consciousness, which allows me to SEE the world very differently than what is considered, the norm or what I refer to as the “Consensual Reality” of the majority of human beings.

Yes, it is at first terrifying and overwhelming to realize you are involved in this phenomena. But, you soon realize that you have been given an amazing opportunity to SEE the world in a new and powerful way. In this little book I share my experiences knowing that some people will make a joke out of my life and others will think I am insane or just plain crazy. But, there are those out there who are also having these experiences and who I hope, may find solace and a deeper understanding about their experiences.

I truly hope this book will offer another view and that it may lead someone to an awareness of their own profound value and potential. I believe that each of us have the ability to evolve and see the world as it truly exists behind the veil that has been dropped over this planet.  

Writing It’s Time to Remember, was very challenging, primarily because it was such a personal account of events that had happened throughout my life. While at University I was trained as a research writer, which is a very different focus and style of writing from a book describing such personal and intimate experiences.  

Below is an interview on Dreamland with Art Bell, sharing my experiences with Extraterrestrial Beings. Art Bell, an American broadcaster and author, is known as one of the founders and original host of the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast. The difficult thing for me occurring during interviews, is that usually the person doing the interview has already established a perception of what they believe is happening within this phenomenon. They have an agenda before the interview begins. 

Many interviewers were not interested in my perception of the experiences. Rather, they had an agenda and wanted to create a view out of my responses and used my answers to met their views, which I found repellant. It became very clear to me, after doing hundreds of interviews that the interviewers were more interested in meeting their views and they were not interested in what I knew or understood about my experiences. In this way they could manipulate the interview to appear the way they wanted it to appear, rather than any truth.

Subject: “It’s Time to Remember”. This was a note sent to me by an Experiencer/Alien Abductee who has gone through the feelings and experiences we have all gone through and who share these events within our lives. You can feel and sense his intelligence, kindness and his ability to see through the facade. I am always struck by the incredible intelligence of the Experiencers/Alien Abductees I meet. This has to be one of the most significant emails I received because it conveys such depth of consciousness and a sincere heart. Clearly, this man was able to overcome the negative precepts placed on his experience by this culture!

     Ms. Gilbert: I just found your website, but have wanted to send you a message for a long time to let you know how much I appreciate this book.  Though modest in size, I think it is one of the most important books to be published on this subject.  After reading SECRET LIFE and THE THREAT by  Dr. Jacobs, I became depressed and fearful.  Reading your book changed my outlook, causing me to not focus on the appearance of things, but rather the essence of things.  I am no longer fearful, having realized that we are all simply different manifestations of the same thing–soul essence from the Creator.     Thank you for publishing this book.  You are a shining beacon of light and truth in a shadow world.

Love & Oneness,

Joy Gilbert on Dreamland with Art Bell 1997  (Part 1),  Joy Gilbert on Dreamland with Art Bell 1997  (Part 2)

Joy S. Gilbert was interviewed by Alan Steinfeld for his show New Realities, April 24th, 2012.  Below is a link to this podcast. Joy S. Gilbert on New Realities with Alan Steinfeld The focus of this Interview was on the Encounter Experience and Consciousness, recognizing that all forms of reality; or levels of perception are very much a part of this phenomenon…. (There are many videos clips and interviews I will be putting on this website over the next few months.)

Messa Verde National Park, Colorado

 (Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado Ancestral Puebloans made Mesa Verde their home from A.D. 550 to 1300. For more than 700 years they and their descendants lived and flourished in the 4,000 cite found here in this park.)