Joy S. Gilbert’s Paranormal Experiences

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Above is a picture of Joy on her property in Montana.

Joy S. Gilbert’s Paranormal Experiences:

Paranormal events & experiences started with my awareness in 1952 at the age of 3 years old, to a fully conscious Alien Abduction Event on January 31st, 1993. I had just turned 44 years old. Now paranormal experiences are just a part of my life! I realized many years ago that these paranormal events and experiences are a NORMAL part of the Human Experience. Studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Tibetan Lamas & my studies at Universities in Psychology, Neuroscience and Counseling, gave me a foundation. My time Meditating and learning from my Spiritual Teachers, created a context for these events to exist in my life as an evolving aspect of the human experience.

Prior to experiencing total conscious Contact and an Alien Abduction Event, I did not believe in Ufos, Ets or Aliens, as such. I was clear that these Beings existed, but I didn’t think I was having Contact. Some of my experiences even eluded to Contact with Ets. Yet, I remained skeptical, thinking that my mind was just creating a story or an environment to accept Contact and all the paranormal experiences surrounding my life. I didn’t totally believe my experiences nor did I disbelieve my experiences. I watched what was happening from a place of emptiness, without attaching to either construct. However, after a fully conscious Alien Abduction Event, belief was no longer relevant.

Belief, doesn’t enter the picture when you have a “Direct Experience” that cannot be denied physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. All aspects of my life were transformed and while you can think who you are, who we all are, I knew unequivocally that I could never go back to the person I had been in the early hours of that day. This awareness makes these events powerful, valuable, significant and completely mind altering forever, transforming my perception of myself, others and my understanding of the Universe. They literally erased the phenomenal existence away.

Beyond all the communication with the Beings I received during my childhood and throughout my life, was an event that took place in the late summer of 1952. I was 3 years old and sitting in the back seat of our car with my older sister, who I remember was taking up all the room on the backseat. She was laid out and asleep. My mother was slumped over in the passenger seat in the front with my father driving. We had just come out of a Drive-In Movie and we were going home. We waited through the long lines of cars leaving the parking area and finally got on a two lane highway, going toward home in the Skyway area of South Seattle, Washington.

As soon as we got out on the highway the only lighting was coming from oncoming cars. Suddenly, I heard this intense mechanical sound that seemed to be coming from the floor of the car, in front of me. My little legs didn’t reach the floor. They barely reached beyond the seat. I remember feeling annoyed at my sister because, “She always takes up all the room”. But the mechanical sound, seemed to be getting louder and it was a really disturbing sound, like two pieces of metal scraping together. It was not unlike the sounds you might hear from a small, wind-up toy. But it seemed much louder.

I was feeling afraid and yet curious as to where that sound was coming from. Finally, I mustered up enough courage to look over the seat and I saw a fluffy, curly haired looking toy Lamb that appeared to have been wound up. It was slowly moving from side to side, like a Penguin, as it came out around my father’s seat on the floor of the car. It was moving toward me.

Instantly, I felt a rush of terror sweep over me. My stomach turned inside my little body. Then, a feeling of calm came over me for just an instance. For a moment I thought my mother was playing a trick on me and I began to smile to myself. I leaned over toward her seat and touched her arm, but she was asleep. My heart sank into my stomach. Then, I thought maybe my father was playing a trick on me? He was the one who had put that toy there for me to play with or to surprise me? But, when I tried to say something to him about the toy Lamb, he didn’t seem to hear me. At that moment, I realized that the toy Lamb was still making that terrifying, mechanical noise and moving slowly across the floorboards of  the car. In my mind, I knew that it was not supposed to be there. Yet it was there. I could see it. I could hear it. It was there.

I was terrified that it was coming for me and that it might touch me. I didn’t  know what would happen if it did touch me, but I didn’t want to find out. I had already pulled my legs up under me on the seat to make certain it couldn’t touch me. But, I was afraid it was going to come up the seat wall. So, I held my breath and became very still, listening carefully for each and every sound it made. Then, I would be moved to peek over the side of the seat, again. I felt myself take a breath when I saw it was moving past me along the floor boards of the car. I was feeling a bit relieved, but it still wasn’t gone.

It was at this point for years that I couldn’t remember anything that had happened after the fluffy lamb had past me and moved along the floorboards of our car. It was many years later, after the Beings had taken me on January 31st, 1993 that I remembered the following. I can only say that when these memories awaken in your awareness you have no place to put them. They are what they are and there is nothing on this Earth that can either sway you from that knowledge, nor is there any comfort at the moment you realize that you are not who you thought you were. You have never been who you thought you were! Now, with my memory restored, I share the following.

Then, my father began to pull the car over to the shoulder and it was a dark road and I wondered what he was doing? The shoulder of the road was at a bit of an angle and the car began to tilt with my mother’s side down. As we came to a stop my father’s head slumped over the steering wheel and I saw a huge light appear, flooding down in the middle of the road and a man appeared at my window.  He pulled me through the glass and I wasn’t afraid anymore. I don’t remember feeling scared or concerned. It felt natural and a part of the life I was living and understood. We floated up and into the center of this huge ship that had a circular shape. A hole had been opened for us to float into the ship, at the bottom in the blue and white light.

The ship wasn’t very big and the man let me drive it with my mind. I was weaving a bit all over the sky and he would just touch my mind with his mind and I would become one with him and I knew how to drive the ship. I remembered that I had done it before, but I couldn’t remember when. We headed toward Mt. Rainier and as we flew over the mountain, I saw a huge, what could be only referred to as a Mother Ship, on the east side of the mountain. We entered into the side of the Mother Ship, which was so gigantic I couldn’t begin to tell you how big it was. But, from my perspective it appeared to be a city of light that was incased in a luminescent, almost clear substance. The substance appeared to be as alive as I was and yet it created a form that protected an inner world filled with many floors, corridors, rooms with Beings all working on different projects.

After we entered the docking bay a female Being came out to greet me and she took my hand as if we had done this many times before. She was my friend and I loved her instantly. We walked into a corridor and as I looked around all I could see were these amazing walls that appeared to be glass or glass-like, separating rooms, living quarters, lounging areas, work areas and everything emitted an amazing white luminescent light. As we walked  a women came toward us with a big smile on her face and as she passed us she reached out and touched my hair and said, “How pretty”. Her touch felt sweet, kind and yet I almost felt insulted. The female Being I was with took me into a room where there were about 4 or 5 chairs that looked very much like dentists chairs, lined up against a glass-like wall. Most of the rooms were incased in either a type of glass or a plastic substance that you could see through. Everyone could see you and you could see everyone in most all the areas. It was filled with white light and it all felt very warm and nurturing.

There was a sense of comfort there for me. The female Being took me to one of the chairs and asked me to sit there for a few minutes. She assured me with her mind that everything was okay. But, I wasn’t worried at all.

The moment I sat down in the chair, which was huge for my body, a tube, in the same diameter as the chair came down from above, slowly over my body and down to the floor, as I sat in the chair. A mist was released inside the chamber, where I sat incased in this circular tube. In moments I began to remember who I was and why I was here. But, being here in this dimension was a lot harder than I had thought it would be. I was profoundly aware that my body was too small to effect any kind of change in my environment. I was perplexed as to how I was going to accomplish my mission in this little, girl body?

When the mist stopped the tube began to retract up into the ceiling, from where it had initially come. The female Being slipped her hand in mine and we moved into a corridor and into what appeared to be a staging area. It wasn’t very large but there were these tubes that were again made of translucent glass-like substance. When I think about it, I think these forms were just light. A curved sliding door opened and together we moved into the tube where our bodies were suspended. There was no floor, we just floated up several floors of the huge ship. Finally, we departed on an upper floor and began walking to the left.

Please keep in mind, it was 1993 when I remembered these particular events, completely.

We walked into a room that appeared to be a conference room. It wasn’t huge, but it was enclosed in a metallic appearing substance, different from the rest of the ship where you could see into all the areas. You could not see through these walls. There were twelve seats, six  on either side of a long oval, silvery colored table and one seat at each end. In the six seats on each side representatives from different parts of the Universe sat waiting, except for one at the end on the right. That seat was next to the end of the table, where a man was flailing around, screaming, yelling at everyone and repeating over and over again that he was going to make certain that the United States of America was going to fire and shoot down all our ships. He said, “You had no right to take me and bring me to this ship, without my consent”. He was filled with rage, banging and pounding on the table with all his demands and indignation.

In each chair sat a Being who represented either a particular star system or a designated area of the Universe. At the head seat was the Chairman, the Being overseeing this meeting. He stood up when I and the female Being entered the room and he felt agitated. Our eyes met, but everything that was happening was important and clearly business. The man at the other end of the table continued his rant, yelling and throwing a fit. There were two of our soldiers standing on either side of him, mainly to protect him from himself as he flailed around. The seat to his left was the only empty seat and I went to that chair and sat down. It was clear to me that it was for me.

The man at the end of the table, now next to me, on my right, was dressed in a military uniform and the Chairman spoke to me telepathically telling me what I needed to say to this man whom I refer to as the General. I said, “He won’t listen to me because he only sees a little girl, sitting next to him.” I told the Chairman that little, human girls have no power or value in his culture. The Chairman wasn’t interested in my excuses and he sternly said, “Tell him”. At that moment I remember looking down and seeing that my feet barely cleared the chair, they didn’t touch the ground. I could see my Mary Jane’s with my little white socks and I thought, “What a paradox this world is! My body is so little!” I was truly amused.

I began speaking out loud, telling the General in no uncertain terms that he had no right to start another war in Southeast Asia. He was brought to this meeting to discuss the devastation of life and of the Earth’s precious life that was being destroyed and hurt by human ignorance. I remembered who I was, completely and I spoke with the authority and power that I knew was mine. It came from a knowing. But, the General was not interested in listening. I went on anyway, very sharply admonishing him for his arrogance and ignorance, telling him that this behavior was unacceptable and that the loss of life was not going to be tolerated by the Federation of Planets. There were moments when the Chairman and I had exchanges during this process. But, this General was so blocked to the concept of other that it seemed impossible to penetrate his ignorance and hatred.

There were moments when he would stop flailing around and yelling for just a moment and then he would lean back, tilt his head to the side and look at me, as if what he was seeing and hearing was in conflict with his perceptual reality. Hearing me speak to him was something that he could not comprehend, a child, a little girl in his small mind had the audacity to speak to him, the great General he saw himself to be, reprimanding him and his behaviors!

The Chairman was still agitated and paced back and forth behind his chair, leaning on it from time to time and looking into the eyes of this angry General, as I continued speaking to the General. The Chairman watched every movement the General made. The General would only stop screaming for a moment and then he would begin again, pounding the table and yelling at everyone present saying. “I am going to make certain that we shoot down all your ships”. As I think about it now, it was odd that someone who was supposed to have so much power was behaving more like a scared, little girl than I. The Chairman continued watching and studying every move the General made.

It was clear to me that the General was so angry and devastated, he could not hear anything. Still, I kept talking about the loss of life and what a waste it was for humanity and the rest of the Universe, to endure these atrocities again and again and again. These continued actions  did not speak well of humanity and this kind of loss was unacceptable.

Then the Chairman told the General that the Federation could not stand by and continue to accept this kind of behavior from any planet.

The Chairman no longer directed any comments to the General because the General was clearly out of his mind in fear and terror. The General was unable to focus or control his emotions. He had no intention of listening to what the Federation requested. At that point the General was removed from the room by the two soldiers and returned to his world.

The Chairman began to speak about a discussion that we had all had before about the planet Earth and its inhabitants. Many representatives at the table, including my people (for lack of a better word) wanted to give the people of Earth a chance to redeem themselves. We had spoken to the leaders in all the countries of the Earth and felt there was reason to hope for a peaceful solution, to the Human problem. But, now the Chairman was pacing back and forth saying that Humans had proved over and over again that they could not develop compassion or love and their actions could no longer be tolerated.

The Chairman spoke of destroying the Earth, obliterating the whole planet…However, there were those of us at the table that did not accept this solution and asked the combined group of representatives present for more time to make the necessary changes.

The next thing I remember is being in my bedroom with the man who came to get me from the car, on the road home. I stood looking at my bed with my clothes still on and I laid down and went to sleep. Now, again I was Joy, a little girl on planet Earth.


Is this a memory, a vision, a teaching that the Et Beings were providing me about the world we live in? Did it really happen in the world that we all define as our “Consensual Reality”? Maybe! Was it just the imaginings of a 3 year old girl? Although, I can’t imagine any 3 year old girl having these kinds of thoughts! The world we live in is an amazing place and the mind of a human being is even more amazing.

As I remember these events or as they occur in my life, I never attach to them, nor do I dismiss their significance. I experience them as both! They both have intrinsic value and knowledge that adds to my life experience and understanding. They neither define me nor do they take away from my intrinsic value or from my beautiful mind. However, the worlds I experience with the Beings are far more substantial and real to me, than the world I see with my eyes.

After years of living with these Beings and experiencing this phenomena, I am aware that I participate as a translator, emissary of sorts, between their world and this physical reality. I live in both. When they take me now I serve as a inter-mediator between worlds. The Beings will take me to events where human suffering is paramount and many in this world are suffering profound pain at the hands of those who should not have that power. It all happens in another world, like a dream taking place in another dimension!

I serve as a front person who neither galvanizes group consciousness, nor appears threatening to the forces that seek control and domination. There I speak to them on behalf of my people, The Beings, and I ask them the question they should be asking themselves about the suffering they cause. I work essentially with those factions, acting on behalf of the Earth, my people and all life in the Universe. 

When I was having profound paranormal experiences throughout my life, I learned how to deal with them from studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Tibetan Lamas. I learned to hold all things in the phenomenal world with an open palm. Therefore “No Thing” is absolutely true in the phenomenal existence and “No Thing”  is not true. It is all true and it is all not true, all at the same time. If you hold knowledge inside you and yet stay open to new knowledge than you have the potential to evolve at a very fast rate of  speed, because you are not defining your reality by belief or a paradigm.

That action has allowed me to be open and available for the next level of consciousness, which is always bigger than I/you can “think”….It is an amazing world. The Universe is infinite and always expanding and our potential is as infinite as the Universe


Paranormal Experiences Were and Are Ongoing in My Life:

For years I remembered that night in the late Summer and/or early Autumn of 1952. But, I could only remember the terror that I felt when I heard and saw that toy Lamb making that horrible, mechanical sound as it moved across the floor board of our car, in front of me. My mind would go back to that night over and over again, in an attempt to reconcile those events. But, until the Beings came for me, January 31, 1993 and I Awakened, I did not remember all the events of that night or the other events and experiences I had had with my Friends the Ets. I was 44 years old when they took me from a lodge in Sisters, Oregon on January 31st 1993. It was Super Bowl Sunday, for God’s sake. It all felt like a bizarre, insane, terrifying and yet liberating experience. I had lived through most of my life to that point, not remembering who I was, but experiencing profound moments of awareness, realization and I experienced profoundly paranormal experiences that I could not explain.

I had spent my life seeking out knowledge of the Human Condition, studying with Maharishi, Tibetan Lamas and western perceptions in psychology, neuroscience and pretty much anything I could find to help me understand why humanity seemed trapped in such abhorrent behaviors. There seemed to be absolutely no recognition of soul except in Religion and it was even a very faint realization within Religions.

As a child I remembered the man or a Being who came into my room at night wearing a fedora hat and a trench coat. I had thought for years he was my Grandfather, who died in November of 1952. I thought he had come back as my guardian angel. He would come and take me in a wind of swirling blue and white light, to a meadow with a beautiful huge Willow Tree that we would sit under and talk about the Universe, life and he would teach me things. I felt such love and kindness from this Being that I thought he was angelic and to me my grandfather was awesome. It was only many years later I realized that he was connected to this phenomena…

As a child I experienced precognition. I had dreams that came true and I could see things that were going to happen in the future. But, all of this was something I didn’t pay a great deal of attention too, myself. I felt that it was not the point and I was very shy and embarrassed by what I knew and what I saw. I knew it made me different here and I didn’t want to appear different. When I did accept my knowing, I would see something happen in the future that was not so good for myself or others and I would seek ways to change the events, to alter the outcome. But try as I might, I could never change the outcome. This was very hard at first and then I realized that maybe I wasn’t supposed to effect any kind of change. Maybe I was just witnessing events as creation had designed them and they needed to be played out, as they played out?

My childbearing years with the Beings began around 1959 until my ova was gone in 1993, according to what they told me. But, I hadn’t experienced any menstrual cycle for years before that night in Sisters, Oregon. I was aware of the physical things that were happening to me, but I was unaware as to how, why, where or what was happening to me. I only knew that something was happening. So, my teen years and early twenties were marked by many events that would bleed into my day to day life causing me a great deal of confusion and profound distress. There was one boy in particular that the Beings would pair me with and use our genetic material to create other, human children.

I never ever saw anything but Human children that I had been involved in creating. These events were particularly difficult because they would interfere with my day to day life. While I remember many things from those years that were a part of my relationship with these Beings, I just don’t think I can say everything here!

“These “star seeds”, “star children” or “star people” are described by Brad and Francie Steiger as individuals whose ‘souls’ were formally incarnated on the worlds of other star systems and then traveled to Earth and decided to incarnate here in order to “boost” the spiritual evolutionary development of humanity. Most of humanity would consider this group of extraterrestrials to be ‘benevolent’ as described by Contactees” by John Stokes

I never felt connected to this world and couldn’t figure out why. I grew up in a dysfunctional home, like many children, in a multicultural environment in Seattle, Washington. There was the Viet Nam War and the Civil Rights Movement so everywhere there seemed to be overwhelming suffering, brutality and my body was hormonally impacted by many pregnancies, which I didn’t understand at the time. The Beings would place embryos in my Uterus and they would stay there for about two months and then they would be removed and implanted into another women’s womb, to be born into this dimension through that particular women. This process occurred 3 to 4 times a year for years. You can imagine the impact on my body and mind.

Everything in this world always seemed too insane to even be real, for me to deal with. I was confused about what was happening to me and yet so much of what was happening, was just like flashes and memories without any completion, affirmation or clarity. I couldn’t remember everything and yet it nagged at me day and night. No matter what I did these feelings, experiences and visions would show up in my daily life and haunt me. I kept thinking that somehow I was forgetting what I was here to do and I needed to remember! But I could not!

As a child I often felt like I had been left here and I wanted to go home! I started reading “Masters of the Far East” when I was around 11 years old. The things that I read in that book made sense. But, it was several years before I started meditating and met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, became a TM teacher, spent years meditating, taught meditation, lectured on consciousness, gave retreats, went to Universities and gained degrees with academic honors, lived with Tibetan Lamas and realized that I had to live in this world, too.

When I met Maharishi and told him of the intense paranormal experiences I was having he told me, “Very Good, Very Good, Very Good and patted me on the head. Then, he slowly put his index finger up to his lips, looking directly into my eyes and made a sound like, “Shhhhhhhhhhh”. I realized in that moment that I was not to speak of these things. That yes, they were happening and he knew what they were about but he wasn’t going to speak about it to me and I should not speak about it to others. I didn’t understand the implications of that knowledge totally then. I did understand that I should not speak or think about those things. Rather, I should continue focusing on the work on myself, meditation and service to humankind. So, I set out to do as he instructed and I did not realize at that time that the knowledge he gave me in those few moments would end up being some of the most important and significant advise I was ever given.

I have spent 45 years meditating and spent 5 years in long meditation, in a room, looking at myself and creation. While some might think meditation is a waste of time, it has changed my brain, my physical body, my perception of life and my conscious awareness! It was there as I sat in that dark room that I experienced the Golden Beings of Light that would come and stand at the foot of my bed, during those years. Also, I would sit there, with the blue & white light flickering and flashing within my room as it came from the center of my head. I would have stayed in that room forever, if I had not realized that I was here to accomplish specific tasks. However, within that time I knew that I was at one with the Universe. I knew who I was.

I cannot say that living in this world has been easy, especially when you absolutely know that human beings do not have to behave in the unkind ways that they do. Humanity at this time seems entrenched in their animal nature, unable to extricate themselves from the cycles of suffering that they create.

I am aware that every moment and every aspect of my life has been monitored, shaped and modeled for me to do the work here I was born to do. It doesn’t have to look like anything to others, but it is something I work on every day and night of my life. Having found myself and my work, my life is truly rich and beautiful. It helps that I am always in contact with my people.

Below I share excerpts taken out of my little book “It’s Time to Remember” written about my experiences of awakening to Alien Beings! I was trained as a research writer. So writing this book with the feelings and emotions connected to these experiences was quite difficult for me. Further, I attempted to present the experiences without very much philosophy beyond. Although the last chapter seems to pretty much speak for itself. I thought it was best to present the experiences and let people determine for themselves what they might experience through reading the events that I share in my book.

In no way do I perceive myself as a channel or medium or anything of that nature. I believe in consciousness and human evolution. We are all capable of levels of awareness we do not develop because we are forced into cultural mind-sets and habitual patterns that create the neural pathways in our brains, literally dumbing us down and prohibiting us from seeing the world the way it truly is. Instead, sadly we see the world the way others want us to see it. Humanity as a whole is not spiritually evolving fast enough to meet the cataclysmic events that we have created and will come if we do not change as a species.

I still feel a visceral response in my body when I am required to think or to talk about the event that occurred in 1993. When the Beings picked me up in Sisters, Oregon. Although, so much of what has happened in my life cannot be conveyed in words, I have worked over the past 22 years to find ways to communicate these events to help others having similar experiences or to help those who know this is real develop a deeper sense of self, within their hearts and minds.

Below are excerpts from my book,

Product DetailsIt’s Time to Remember: A Riveting Story of One Woman’s Awakening to Alien Beings by Joy S. Gilbert 



You too must not count overmuch on your reality as you feel it today, since, like that of  yesterday, it may prove an illusion for you tomorrow.”  by Luigi Pirandell, “Six Characters in Search of an Author” (1921), 3,tr, Edward Storer

Having spent the last week and a half attending business meetings in Los Angeles and San Francisco, my husband, Mark and I arrived home exhausted. Our daughter, Jennifer, had moved into a new house just before Christmas, in Sisters, Oregon. Proud of her new home, she wanted us to come for a visit. Jennifer attended a junior college in Bend, Oregon, about thirty miles from Sisters, Oregon and worked at a nearby ski resort. Cherishing the beautiful mountains and high desert of Central Oregon, she relished her new surroundings and her new-found freedom. But she like Mark and me were still adjusting to her first year away from home. She wanted to see us.

It was late January and an especially cold winter for Oregon. Two feet of snow had already fallen over the last week. The conditions for travel were treacherous. To make matters worse Sisters is located in the middle of the Cascade Mountains. We knew that traveling over the mountains in this weather would be dangerous. Yet, unsure of when we’d get another chance to make the trip, it had to be now.

Checking with the weather bureau, (We didn’t have iPods back then!) I found that we had a window of opportunity. There were no snow flurries or ice storms forecast for the next seventy-two-hours. Only mildly relieved, I was still apprehensive. I knew that the weather conditions could change in an instant. As we began our journey up into the Cascade Mountains, I was rejuvenated by the towering evergreen trees and the small, frozen waterfalls lining the banks of the highway. Embracing the magnificent scene sparked an inner stirring, deep within me.

Breathtaking mountains in all their grandeur hovered thousands of feet above us. Emanating an air of enchantment, the tiny road chiseled it’s way, winding through the high peaks and lakes of the pristine mountains. Shimmering through the clouds, the sun’s brilliance illuminated the glistening whiteness all around us. At this moment, I knew Oregon was my home.

Ten minutes  outside of Sisters, we called Jennifer from our cellular phone, to meet us at the lodge where we were spending the night. Moments after Mark and I checked in Jennifer arrived. As we hugged and kissed we drug our suitcases up two flights of stairs.

Pleasantly surprised, the room was large with high whitewashed open-beam ceilings and a southwestern motif. It was much nicer than I’d anticipated. After unpacking we drove to Jennifer’s to check out her new home. Her house was a new mobile home, painted in southwestern colors. Beautifully furnished, it had all the amenities. Glancing into each other’s eyes, Mark and I affirmed our delight. Silently we reveled in the fact that it was clean!

Strangely, I felt queasy and began to lose my breath. Slowly rising, without saying a word, I walked into the kitchen. Responding with mere nods when spoken to, I allowed the conversation to whirl around me, pretending to participate. A small garden window over the sink brought in a sweeping sunlight, an expansive meadow and breathtaking mountains. Placing one hand on each corner of the sink, I leaned into the window, to take in the heavenly views. There mesmerized, I innocently trusted the beauty of the scene could ease my symptoms.

Leaning further into the window my gaze was drawn up and fixed on an object about fifty feet above the meadow. It had a metallic-silver appearance. It was a UFO! Instantly, I felt like throwing-up. My intellect tried to rationalize what I was seeing, with what I believed. Shock, nausea, then panic surged through my body. All I could think was, “How fast can I get away from this window?”

Quickly, I moved into the family room and sat in front of a small, covered window. I thought, “As long as I can’t see what I just saw, I’ll be okay.” My heart pounded wildly throughout my body and the thought, “I’m okay”, kept racing through my mind. Agonizing, minimizing and working to contain my fear, I made every effort to persuade myself that nothing was happening. Sitting in the living room on a makeshift sofa that doubled as a twin bend, I continued talking with Mark and Jennifer as if nothing had happened. Attributing my delusion to the flu or being overly tired, I thought if I avoided the window I would be all right.

For a few moments I sat holding my stomach and waiting for the feelings of nausea to pass. I did everything in my power to negate the reality of what I had just seen and to deny I was experiencing anything. Then, thoughts started coming into my mind from somewhere else. They were not my own! Recognizing that the Ship was communicating with me, I couldn’t believe what was happening. Emotionally stunned, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Impressions and feelings fused into my body and mind, taking the form of thoughts and mental images. They advised me that everything was okay. Repeatedly, I was instructed not to be afraid. Desperately, I focused on my family.

Tired, Mark wanted to go back to the lodge and lie down before dinner. As we drove back to the lodge, I looked up. The UFO was still there? It tried to calm me telepathically. But, I was terrified. Fear and shock emerged and subsided inside me. I tried not to feel, not to think and not to see that they were there.

I had made reservations for dinner at our favorite restaurant, located in an area outside Sisters. Jennifer’s boyfriend was at a family friend’s house, watching the Super Bowl. It was Super Bowl Sunday, January 31, 1993. He planned to join us for dinner. As Jennifer and I walked out to the car, to pick him up, I paused for a moment. Leaning against the door, I scanned the sky. I didn’t see much of anything. My inner dialog had finally subsided and when we picked up Dan, I engrossed myself in conversation. Together we drove back to the lodge to pick up Mark for dinner.

For a moment I forgot about the metallic, spherical object. But, after leaving for the restaurant, I felt someone watching us. Again, I scanned the sky, but saw nothing. It had become dark.  Huge, gray clouds slowly moved across the night sky. They looked like snow clouds. Arriving at the restaurant, we parked our car about forty feet from the door in an empty, dark parking lot.

Walking into the restaurant through the two huge doors, we were welcomed by a small, cozy fire, in a large river rock fireplace. The fire created a golden glow throughout the room. It was a pleasant contrast from the cold darkness outside. Constructed of natural woods and decorated with American Indian Art, the restaurant was lovely. Expansive picture windows arose from the floor to meet thirty-foot vaults, overlooking a small glacier lake. Unfortunately, there were no lights outside to illuminate the inspiring setting. Looking out the window, all I could see were variegated shades of gray and black.

While  ushering us to our table a cordial hostess greeted our arrival. Then, startling even myself, I fell over my feet, the table, and chairs to claim a seat with its back to the window. In my panic, I thought if I put my back to the window I wouldn’t see or feel whoever was out there, watching. Making every effort to enjoy each moment, I ordered some wine and took in the conversation. Still, there wasn’t a moment I didn’t feel a presence, watching us.

When we finished dinner, we started back to the lodge. Darkness had fallen in around us. Satiated and relaxed by the wonderful meal, we drove in silence. The only lights along the road came from whatever businesses might still be open. And since there were few along that stretch of highway, I was acutely aware of the darkness. Looking up out of my window, I couldn’t see anything, not even any stars. The sky was completely black.

Returning to the lodge, we all talked while Jennifer and Dan got into their car. After kissing the kids good night, we stood shivering in the dimly lit parking lot, waving as they drove away. Then Mark and I turned and raced each other up the stairs. Freezing, laughing and out of breath, we pushed open the door to our room.

Preparing for bed, we giggled about Jennifer and her boyfriend. Dan had been in a hurry when he left the party. So, he brought a change of clothes with him for dinner,  planning to change in our room. As soon as he walked through the door, he began changing. Talking on and on, he told us stories about a man I had only briefly met. Dan stood unzipping his pants, unaware that he was changing in front of us. Holding back our amusement, Mark and I cast smiles at each other. Now, we chuckled with those sweet impressions fresh in our mind.



      “We wake from one dream into another dream.”  Emerson, “Illusions,”

       The Conduct of Life (1860)

Television normally served as a transition from the stress of the day for us to sleep. But, this night was different. For some reason, after changing into our nightclothes we went straight to bed. After we turned off the lights, Mark quickly fell into a deep sleep. Enlivened by the dinner conversation and the joy of seeing Jennifer, I was no longer tired. At home, I would have gone to another part of the house; where I could read, catch up on correspondence, or watch TV. But, we weren’t at home. All I could do was lie there awake, hoping to fall asleep.

I hadn’t mentioned to anyone what I was experiencing. After all, I believed it wasn’t real, or at the very least, I wasn’t sure of anything. When we left the restaurant, I didn’t see anything like a UFO. And while the night sky was dark and cloudy, I was convinced it was gone. It was all a figment of my imagination. I thanked God it was over! It had passed like the twenty-four-hour flu.

Now, the bizarre events of the day were the farthest thing from my mind. I lay in bed hoping I would fall asleep. Yet, suddenly I was annoyed by a bright light, filtering through the edge of the heavy curtains, covering the sliding glass door to the balcony. Irritated, I began to think that the light was responsible for my insomnia. Our room overlooked a snow-covered pool and small meadow. Since I couldn’t sleep, I thought I’d get up to see where the light was coming from. Making every effort not to awaken Mark, I gently pulled back the covers and tiptoed to the sliding glass door. Carefully pulling back the curtains, I peeked out through the glass.

There in front of me, I saw three huge floodlights streaming down from the tops of the trees around the pool. An image of brilliant blue-white light ignited the snow, covered Earth. The dazzling snow, shimmered as it lay silent before me. Light sprinkled through the trees scattering a soft radiance, illuminating the atmosphere. Reflecting back up into the trees, the brilliance created an illusion of blue-white fire. The exquisite beauty of the scene was intoxicating. All was right with the world! I stood there entranced by its dazzling splendor. Feeling a sense of peace, I turned away from the scene and tiptoed back to bed.

A fleeting sense of wonder nagged at my quickly fading consciousness. Perhaps I should call the office and ask them to turn off the flood lights? Now,  looking back on that scene, it seems odd that I didn’t react differently. At the time, I assumed the lights were there for security. Crawling back into bed, I gently pulled the covers over me, thinking that I felt better knowing those lights were out there. Glancing over at Mark, I made sure I hadn’t awakened him. The digital clock on the nightstand next to him flashed ten-thirty. As my head touched the pillow, I instantly drifted off into that place just before sleep.

But before a moment had passed, abruptly, in dream-like movements four men (or what appeared to be men) entered the room. Materializing through the wall and sliding glass door, they appeared in front of me. Dazed, perplexed and dumbfounded, I couldn’t believe what was happening. Approximately five-feet-eight inches tall, with slight builds, they wore tight-fitting dark, blue body suits. Moving in unison they advanced toward me. As I lay there in shock, the Being closest to me extended what I thought was a very long finger. Then touching my forehead between the eyes, my head exploded into light.

Luminescent blue-white light pulsated inside me while particles of light burst in the space around me. A strange swirling sensation flooded through me. I tingled from the center of my being out, through every atom in my body, with a feeling unlike I ever remembered. (Throughout my life, I’d experienced a blue-white light pulsating inside my head. But, it was never associated with anything so shocking, or so I thought.)

Slowly, my body lifted up off the bed in a horizontal position. It moved into a beam  of light that just seemed to appear. Moving in unison, the men stood on each side of me, flanking my body without touching me. Somehow, unknown to my conscious mind, the light, the men and my own volition carried me into a luminescent beam of blue-white radiance. Entering the light, I felt intoxicated, happy and safe. In a flash, I found myself walking in dream-like movements, in a silvery looking corridor with rounded walls. My movements  languished, but my mind was very much awake. My feet had the sensation of touching what appeared to be the floor. But I was floating.

As I moved along the corridor, I was aware of a soft, luminescent light emanating from the upper part of a curve in the wall. Its iridescent quality softly illuminated the silvery, smooth metallic surfaces. I noticed hieroglyphics etched into a doorway as we passed through it. The characters, looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite make out their meaning. Still, I had the feeling that I knew.

Moving in unison through the doorway, we entered a round room with an examining table in the center. Ushering me to the table, they eased off my nightgown, as I lay down on the table. I looked to my right and saw a female Being entering the room from another doorway. I didn’t know she was female by anything that appeared in her form, it was simply that she felt female. Wrapped in a spiral of blue-white radiant light, her form appeared delicate. Emanating a smile toward me, I instantly returned her greetings of warmth and love without any forethought.

I remembered her! She had been in my room at night when I was a small child. It was she who came into my room when I slept, soothing my hair and holding my head. At first, I couldn’t make out what she was saying. Her mouth didn’t move, but she continued talking to me without speech. In those first moments, her lips did not express a smile. It was more like  feelings and impressions, transmitted directly from her mind into mine. Her thoughts merged into me, having a substance and quality all their own. They appeared as impressions of warmth and joy. She said, “A pleasure to see you my sweet friend.” Without any hesitation I responded, “ Yes, the pleasure is mine, as well. “ It was as if we knew each other intimately. Some part of myself had complete knowledge and total recall of all the times we’d been together.

I had always thought my mother came into my room late at night. I had thought my mother gently stroked my hair to say good night. The female Being came over and began stroking my hair and forehead, just as I had remembered. Now, I knew it had been she and not my mother. A luminescent light emanated from the table into my body. The light radiating into me felt cool and soothing. My consciousness seemed to float inches above my body, appearing as a luminescent blue-white light, flitting in and out. I watched what was happening with curiosity.

There were other Beings in the room that seemed to be preparing instruments. I knew I had done this before. It was all familiar. A circular beam of light was placed over my body. Shaped like a doughnut, I was in the hole. Starting at my head, it flowed over me. Reaching my feet, the light returned, flowing in the opposite direction. It was cleaning my body.

The light in my head began increasing. Continuing to emanate from the center of my forehead, it now radiated out from my crown. The substance and quality of the light growing inside me was similar to the light surrounding the female Beings. Astounded, I suddenly realized that it was exactly the same blue-white light.

The doctor came into the room. I refer to this Being as the doctor because that is how he feels. Like the female Being, he appears in a spiral of blue-white radiant light. Again, there was no tangible evidence he was male. He only felt as though he had male attributes. He greeted me with warmth and love. Naturally, I returned greetings of warmth and love to him. I knew him.

After our initial salutations, my body became rigid, frightened, and then terrified. I wanted to scream out and cry, but I couldn’t. My body would not respond. He advanced toward me, as if driven by some duty. He stood at the edge of the examining table at my feet, which were slightly parted. Then, a feeling of tremendous cold, like an outrageous north wind, blew through and into my naked, petrified body. A strange tingling sensation engrossed me. I tried to retch, but I couldn’t move. I lay there, sick to my stomach, completely conscious. The doctor reached down into what seemed like the center of my body, literally parting my molecular structure.

Desperately, I tried to meet the pain before it reached my mind. Instinctively, my body attempted to double over. Again, I couldn’t move. An icy cold and a strange tingling sensation engulfed me. The light continued, flowing in and out of my poor, terrorized body. The female Being continued gently stroking my hair and forehead, soothing me. It was clear she empathized with my feelings of horror. She kept the pain at bay.

The Doctor pulled an object out of my body and held it up for me to examine. My first thought was that it looked like a silver Christmas Tree. Then, I saw that it was two triangles, piggy-back. The object, four inches in diameter was made of some sort of metal alloy. Although, it had a smooth metal appearance, it was pliable. Then, I wondered, “If they are taking that thing out of me, when had they put it in?”

Lying there cold and exposed, I was stunned. The doctor told me that I had to be conscious while these procedures were completed. I kept focusing on the  light. The white luminescence would hover over my body one moment and then merge back into it the next. Assisted by others whom I did not see, the doctor worked with speed and precision. After pulling out the triangular object, they continued working on my mid-section, forehead, and crown. I don’t remember everything occurring on the table. But, I clearly remember the profoundly gripping emotions of terror, shock and anger. Strangely, my emotions were coupled with boundless surges of joy, love gratitude and peace.

The doctor and female Being conveyed information telepathically to me throughout the procedures. I had no more ova. My cycle was completed. Emanating impressions into my mind that took the form of thoughts, they described everything they were doing. It was as if some part of me fully understood. And I participated with full knowledge, agreeing to it.

When the doctor completed his work, I felt them say “It’s time to go.” It seemed that the timing of everything was critical. The doctor told me that the light in my head was now, “Completely Activated and it was no longer necessary for the implant, which they had just removed.” Strangely, all my life I’d waited for the moment, to be awakened from my Earthly sleep. Still, I lay there in terror. This was not the kind of awakening I had in mind.

My panic and terror was so real and so shattering, I thought I would die. These Beings took me from a place of safety and put me on a table. Instruments were placed into my body, seemingly, without my consent. How could they just come into my room and take me from my bed? On the other side of my fear, I knew I was in the presence of my own  people.

When they finished, I sat up and they helped me put on my night clothes. Shivering form the cold, I was happy to get back into my nightgown. After stepping down from the table, I was led into another part of the ship. I had the feeling this was an area I had not been in before. All the assistants, the female Beings and the doctor entered the room with me. This was an important moment. Curiously, it felt like an initiation or celebration of some kind.

The female Being stood at my right and the doctor on my left. Together, we stood in front of a large, curved window, peering out over the mountainous terrain below. While nothing was said, at that moment I knew. I remembered they were here  to help. We stood in the silence looking out over the snow-capped mountains. My mind emptied, everything stopped. Everything I had previously learned about the world I lived in from the world my body lived in, was of little consequence.

Then, the doctor turned to me, looking into my eyes, mind to mind he stated with unmitigated clarity. “It’s time to remember.” An intensely powerful force surged into the very core of me, deep into my soul. Having a will of its own, it penetrated further and further piercing all matter of form and thought. Descending into the particles of my very being, I transcended. I became the Alpha and the Omega, seeing all life in form and matter and at the same time in its true state of emptiness. Finding myself in that place, uniting all creation, I now remembered. I had always known this place inside me. I was not what I appeared to be. I was not who I thought I was.

The doctor continued. “You were chosen. Your DNA was coded to awaken at this time.” Instantly, before I even realized it the thought, “Bull, find some other sucker,” raced through my mind. The doctor continued without acknowledging my thoughts. He told me to touch people. Thereby, activating those whose time had come to remember. It  was time to activate those who were ready.

Suddenly, my body turned around, seemingly without my volition. There, beyond the doorway in the room I had just come out of a young woman stood in her nightgown with long flowing black hair. Her eyes did not blink. They were opened in a dazed,  distorted frantic stare, a stare that I knew. She was paralyzed. The Beings who brought me to the ship flanked each side of her. Once she saw me her expression changed to relief, then joy. She knew me. I reached out my hand to hers and together we walked to the examining table. As she lay down, her eyes never left mine. Loving her with my mind, I assured her, easing her fear. She was safe in my care.

The doctor and others performed procedures on her body while her eyes bathed in my love. The female Being stood at her head and lovingly stroked her hair and forehead. I held her hand. There was no pain. I knew that this was the way of things. To survive the shock of these events, from the impressions of her world, this young woman needed to know she was safe. Fear would only serve to create images of suffering, where there were none.

When they completed their work with her, I helped her with her nightgown. As she gazed into my eyes, I said goodbye with my mind, holding her hand long enough for her to know that I loved her. Immersed in our love she was escorted back to her home.

I thought it would be time for me to go. I was ready. I had reached my limits of available patience, tolerance and understanding. I couldn’t be there anymore. I kept trying to wake up, thinking that maybe this is just a dream. I even took a moment after the young girl left, to lean against the examining table and I begged them to take me home. Instead, they led me into another small room and coerced me into eating some sort of small cake-like food substance. It was only about an inch square.

Although, I resisted, they were insistent. Biting into the food, I was jolted by the terribly bitter taste and odd texture. It was awful. When I finished eating the doctor gently slipped his hand in mine. They all stood around fixated on me. They were pleased with me. But more than that, they appeared to be gloating. I was happy to be with them and felt a sense of elation, deep within my soul. There was a peace now there that I had been longing for my whole life.

At the doctor’s touch, I felt a tremendous warmth and love coursing through my body. The love expressed to me was more profound than I have ever remembered knowing. We began to talk with our minds back and forth, like lovers who had not seen each other in a long time. Seizing the moment, we caught up on all the things that had happened in the time we had been a part. He instructed me. I knew who I was and where I belonged. We had never really been a part.

We walked along the corridor in dream-like movements and I could feel my body expanding, more and more and more. Finally, I felt so huge that the ship was inside me and I felt myself expanding out into the Universe. Accustomed to the sensations, it all felt natural, comfortable and more real than what I had perceived as my life. I was home!

From the corridor we descended into a chamber that opened with a swirling motion of light. Responding to our thought, the ship was alive. An immense luminescent blue-white light streamed down, like a rushing waterfall of light, cascading without sound, down to earth. Continuing to hold hands, we entered the light.

Gently floating downward, my arms, as if experiencing gravity, lifted slowly over my head. My nightgown billowed as a soothing wind blew all around me. Together we drifted ever so softly onto the balcony outside my room. Merging through the sliding glass door, we materialized inside the room. Everything I experienced was normal and natural.

I stood there with the Doctor looking at Mark as he lay sleeping on the bed. It was as if he wanted me to make notes of these moments, so I would remember these events. There was nothing but emptiness where I had previously lain waiting to fall asleep. Glancing at the digital clock on the nightstand, I noticed it was four-thirty. Still holding hands, we walked together toward the bed. I looked over into my Friend’s eyes one more time and he in mine. I didn’t want to leave him. I wanted to stay with him and my home.

Waves of warm liquid light flowed over my head and down into my body. Smiling in his mind the sweet warmth emanating from his being filled me with joy. My heart knew, I would never be apart from my Friends again. The dream of this world could not keep us apart.

(I will stop here because there is so much more. But, this is enough I think for now.)

Although, it is sometimes difficult to share my experiences, I do share many of them throughout my videos during lectures with students I have been working with for many years. However, there was one experience that brought everything together for me and that is the Alien Abduction Event that occurred in 1993, which I share in the 9 videos below.

Within the 1-9 videos below, I share the Alien Abduction Event of January 31st, 1993 in Sisters, Oregon. When I share this story my body remembers the events and I find myself back there, reliving every moment as if it was happening all over again. It has been 22 years since that event occurred and I have had beyond numerous experiences with the Ets since that event. I experience a connection and relationship with them that exceeds thought and/or all physical worlds of matter. I am very aware of the peace, joy, bliss, as well as the Extraterrestrials I share each moment of my life with.

This Abduction Event allowed me to transcend duality, the physical world from the finest to the densest. Literally, physically, mentally, and emotionally it catapulted me into a state of Oneness with the Universe with an awareness of who I am, what I am and where I am from. I experienced a life review and my ego was shattered, gone. Like Humpty Dumpty I fell off the wall and “All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again”. I never returned to the person I had been before, in the earlier hours of that day. Now I am “Something Else” entirely.

While I have come to a place of understanding, awareness and peace, to properly share that event I need to go back to the person I was before, 22 years ago. That one event continues to effect my body, heart and mind and it is never over. It has been and continues to be the most powerful and pivotal experience of my life, which is difficult to share publically with others. This event was intimate, personal, deeply shocking, terrifying and yet profoundly spiritual. It was so shattering that the two aspects of reality existing within my mind, the good and the evil, cancelled each other out. I transcended the phenomenal worlds.

Realizing the importance of sharing these events, I make the efforts necessary to continue lecturing and sharing these experiences with others. I know that in the telling of these experiences, the memories of those who also have these experiences will be triggered.

I am very clear that the Beings, my Friends, want me to share my experiences and to tell people that they are here and they are NOT here to harm human beings or anyone. But, more than that they are here to help Humankind Evolve into what we were meant to be; kind, caring, soulful entities that give to the advancement and beauty of all Creation, instead of what we have become. They are not here to do the Work that humanity needs to do for themselves. Rather, they are here to show and teach humankind how to be who we/they were meant to be as a species.

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