Pictures Reptilian Ets


  Pictures Reptilian Ets

The Pictures Reptilian Ets, below represents another class of Reptilian Aliens called the Draco.  They are known for their tall stature (6 to 9 feet tall) and wings that expand 6′ to 7′.  Like the Reptoid Reptilian Aliens, Draco’s have a similar body structure but do have some distinct differences.

Horns: Unlike Reptoid Reptilian Aliens, the Draco’s have been seen to have horns protrude from their heads and sometimes down their spine.

Wings: Made up of bones and scaly skin, these wings give the Draco aliens a distinctive look from all other beings. The wings can grow so long it looks like they are wearing a cape. Their wings could extent from 6′ to 7′ feet.

Analysis: These aliens are not commonly seen as the Reptoids and can account for some of our histories myths and folklore about dragons and winged gods that come from the sky. There is a group of them that do not have wings.

  This information was taken from: Arcturians | Reptilians | Grey Aliens | Pleiadians | Ancient Aliens

Pictures Reptilian Ets

This picture is ours..


This picture was taken in early July 2012

The picture above is a picture of many Reptilian Beings that were in the window of someone’s home. I saw the Beings there, after the picture was taken and then given to me for real estate purposes. When I looked at the photo I immediately saw these Reptilian Beings in the window. Then, as I magnified the picture, they became even more apparent.

While there exist several Reptoid Beings in different Galaxies who have evolved into Beings that participate along with other evolved Beings, in helping humanity and the Earth itself, into making a leap in consciousness, this Race of Reptilians is not one of them.

My first physical response at seeing these Beings was in my gut, feeling pain, sadness and sick to my stomach. I have never seen this kind of Reptilian before that I am aware of, as the photograph above so clearly reveals.

I had to think about whether or not I wanted to put this photo on our website. But I think this photograph can give people a feeling and visual aide, to recognizing the level of consciousness that these Beings actually express in the Universe. It also makes it very clear that they are everywhere and their intrusions into Human life are pervasive and insidious.

Since they require negative energy as their food source, they manipulate and control people to keep them involved in mental, physical or emotional turmoil, at the very least and they propagate hatred. They encourage people to be involved in their dramas and sad stories, so they may feed off Human’s negative emotions, which are very powerful. Thereby, taking the energy that Humans need to evolve, to become self-sufficient and self-determining Beings within this Universe.  They use us as we might use batteries, similar to the movie “The Matrix” or other energy sources for living. They work to keep us ignorant, asleep and suffering. While we are so involved in ourselves we are unable to SEE what others are doing.YOU DON’T WANT THESE BEINGS AROUND YOU!


To overcome these levels of negative energy, it is best to use the skills one develops in Martial Arts, Meditation, and other disciplines that teach one to transcend negativity instead of engaging it. That way it does not GET anymore of your ENERGY. These Beings seek to live off your life’s precious energy and when you do not react they are unable to take your energy. It causes those negative energies in the Universe, to give up and move on or die….So you need to Transcend those Beings instead of fighting them. 

Do not hate, or go into anger, fear or doubt about your precious value as a Human Being. Because that is what they feed off, in you, your doubt and fear! You can overcome negative energy by not reacting to it. This isn’t about controlling your energy because you need to be aware, not in a state of negation or avoidance. It is about choosing another path to deal with your positive and negative energies. There is no other way. If you do not engage it, it cannot affect you. This does not mean you should not feel. It only means you should be aware of how you deal with your feelings and emotions.

Reacting to these Beings just gives them the energies they want to take from you. So it literally feeds into their agenda. They want your fear, your anger, your envy, your pain, your frustration…. They want all of these reactions, which are really good food for them. These reactions sustain them and make them more powerful! And the most valuable to them is your FEAR.

If you look upon these levels of consciousness and let your attachment to them go and maybe even realize they are nothing, you take your energy back and your power remains your power not theirs. And they either go somewhere else to feed or they die. It is much like “extinguishing behaviors” I learned in Early Childhood Development.

When a child acts out in unproductive ways for them as human beings, you do not feed that behavior. Maybe you distract them or ignore them or whatever, but you do not feed the behavior. Of course, anyone who is a Mother of Father knows that is easier said then done. But it is the same idea!

You see there is a War going on, but it is a battle of Consciousness, which is more powerful than guns or weapons! So for those of you who have tried to get me to speak of these negative forces and energies, related to these Beings, for years and those of you who like to say I am evil because I don’t talk about this, maybe now you will understand that while I have been involved in this knowledge and understood it for 20 years, I made the choice to avoid feeding any negative responses or reactions with respect to these Beings; out of the awareness that anything we say about them only gives them attention and energy, which does nothing but feed those levels of consciousness.

They have already enslaved Humanity for too long. So let’s not give them anymore power! Let’s focus on the very things that do not feed lower levels of consciousness, love, joy, peace, respect, regard, kindness, and compassion. Just to name a few.

By Joy S. Gilbert