Arcturians & Horse Ets

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“Arcturus is the highest civilization in our galaxy.” – Edgar Cayce.

Arcturians & Horse Ets

There is so much to say and so many pictures and knowledge that these precious ET Beings have shared. You might think this is an expansive website, but I haven’t yet even begun to share all the knowledge available. All the different races of Ets and Interdimensional Beings have the ability to become miniscule and as large as they wish. They are not defined by time or space and their interest in humanity is for our well-being. Each of them are as individual as each human being on Earth.

However, they are aware that they are also ONE MIND and ONE BEING, which is something that humanity has not yet understood about its circumstances. The Arcturians along with other evolved races of beings, work in unison, to help races throughout the Universe that require their specific skills. They are particularly interested in cleansing the Earth and Humankind. So, their color Blue is often seen as spiritually healing human beings.

First of all there are four distinct races of ET Beings from the Bootes Constellation and there are many others races that I have not identified. There is a race of Arcturian Ets that stand between 3′ to 4′ tall. They are usually soft blue in color. But they can also be incredible shades of green, almost florissant. They usually have big blue, brown or dark ebony eyes with a large head, no hair on their bodies and a particularly large and a bit, hooked nose. When you see them you feel tremendous love and kindness eminating out of them. They hold inside them profound peace.

Then, there are the Arcturian Horse-Like Ets that come in different sizes and appear different from each other, just like humans on this planet. That is, there are some of these Beings that stand about 5 feet tall and they usually have more blunted snouts.  They can have either a great deal of long to medium fur or the fur is very short to their skin. Their manes often appear in different colors from their main color. That is, they can have a blonde mane and their bodies will be a soft, dark brown. Their eyes are forward on their face, like ours and they can have beautiful large pointed ears or very small pointed ears. They are very distinctly Horse-Like in their carriage and features.  They are bipedal and you know immediately that they are not like the horses we find here on this planet. Although, I find them profoundly precious as well.

Then there are a race of Ets that appear very much like Humans, accept that they have no hair and they have a blue skin tone. They are very beautiful.

When these Horse-Like Ets are in a state of manifestation they appear in brilliant white light,  blue light, golden light and violet light. When they manifest in form they can have white, gold, blue, green, red, brown, crimson and even ebony fur. They also have different colors of fur on their bodies, like the nose, ears, legs can be lighter or darker in color. All of these Arcturian Horse-Like Ets are bipedal. And you are truly blown away by their intelligence and beauty.

You cannot negate the connection between these races of Arcturian Horse-Like Beings and the Horses we experience here on Earth. You feel their nobility, their intelligence, their kindness and love. Always when you are aware that these Ets are near you, which is always, you feel the blue light eminating out of their forms into you and everything around you.

There is another race of Arcturian Horse-Like Ets that stand between 6′ and 8′ tall. They usually appear very much like the horses here in this dimension. Their noses are long and their nostrils can appear very huge when they are close to your face.. It can be daunting to awaken to them,  but they are filled with such love and sweetness for humanity that you cannot react with anything but love. These exquisite Beings usually have amazing fur with exquisite and very definite manes that can flop forward over their eyes. They along with the smaller Horse-Like Ets often appear as flowing light in white, violet and gold. They can range in color, when manifest from soft blues, purples, yellows, golds, white to darker rich colors of chestnut, dark brown, deep red, crimsons and even an amazing ebony shade,  almost black.

Then, of course there are the Human-Like Ets who usually manifest in soft blues, violets and purples. They look pretty much like we do but usually they have no hair. Again, they are as varied in appearance as each of us and each aspect of life that appears on this planet. 

I will continue to add pictures to this page so you can see them more clearly as time goes on…

The 3 pictures below were taken on 5-22-12 late at night. If you look at the right window pane you will see an Arcturian Et. His eyes are very blue and he stands about 3′ 1/2″ to 4′ tall. They have a very distinctive, almost hooked-like nose. 

This is a magnification of the right window where you can more clearly see the face of an Arcturian Et with thousands of other Ets, clearly visible throughout the picture. Photo shop was not used to gain clarity with these pictures. They were very clear once I lightened them and saturated the colors. No colors were added or changed. These are the only colors you could actually see these precious Beings when manipulating the saturation levels.

 This is one more magnification of the right pane within the above window. It was a window to my bedroom. These Ets are often Blue in color and the pictures here, very much appear like the drawing created below, where I talk about Edgar Cayce’s comments regarding this race of Et Beings in the Bootes Constellation. There are also Human-Like Ets from this area of the Universe, which I also have pictures on the Pictures Ets & Interdimensional Beings page toward the end. 

The  Arcturian Horse Beings usually appear in a column of light, usually white, golden or violet colors. They also appear in a range of colors once they are manifest and you can slightly see their outlines on the left side of the picture below, along the side of the window frame. Many times it is difficult to see them in a picture because they are so filled with light. But I do have some more clear pictures that I will be  putting on this page in time…

Within this page I will address the significant legends and myths in our cultures on Earth about Horse Beings, from Ancient times to the present. I will also look at research that suggests the countenance of horses here on Earth. We find that people throughout time have had unusually profound visions of Horse Beings, conveying knowledge, healing and love toward humanity. It may be that these visions are the true and very real, Arcturian Horse Ets.

One legend suggests that these Arcturian Horse Ets were created by the Beings who created humanity. However, from my experience it is more likely and truthful to say that the Arcturian Horse Ets & the Sirian Lion & Cat Ets were the designers, creators and maintainers of our genetic make up and our evolution. While it may be that the same entities that created them also created our race of Beings on Planet Earth it is fair to say that these Arcturians & Horse Ets have been involved in the caring, the healing and the genetic manipulation of human beings. Their primary function being to heal.

Many not all, Human cultures on Earth have an unusual ignorance and arrogance that allows us to feel superior to other Beings within our Universe. We do not even acknowledge the fact that there are other intelligent entities within our Universe. Unfortunately for us, we are NOT the most evolved entities within this Universe. In fact, we fall on the lower end of the spectrum.  So, it is not the case that we are superior to any race of Beings within our Universe. We don’t even acknowledge their existence! Essentially, humans are delusional in our incessant perception of superiority. We have continued to be utterly ignorant to the facts and truth that surround the planet Earth in our Universe.

I have found that the precious Arcturians & Horse Ets, as well as other Human-Like Ets from the Bootes Constellation are profoundly loving and more than willing to help humanity evolve, when asked. They help heal our suffering, offering tremendous knowledge and love to all in an effort to raise our consciousness and bring us into Universal Awareness and Unity Consciousness.

When I see these exquisite Beings it is still always a bit of a shock and surprise, even though they have been in my life since before my birth here. Sometimes, when I look at them I am not certain if I am looking at a human like entity or a Horse-Like Being. Each of these precious Beings, like the variations in human appearance, have their own unique manifestations. Some have fur and some do not have fur. Some are very tall in stature around 7′ to 8′ tall and some are not as tall, at around 5 ft. They come in an amazing and staggering array of color. Since they are Beings of Light they are difficult to see in photographs. However, we have been fortunate, with their permission, to share the photos below with all of you….As time goes on I will work on sharing more of the pictures that can show you what these precious Et Beings look like, as Light Beings.

Below are magnified photographs of the Inter-dimensional, Extraterrestrial Arcturian Beings, I have experienced and around me and in my home since early childhood. In the first two photographs below you can see the Arcturian Horse-Like Beings in various stages of materialization. I should point out here that all these different races of Beings are profoundly diverse. I have seen the Horse-Like Beings in Gold, White, pale Blues, light Greens, soft Violets, deep Purples, Browns, Tans, Pinks and very deep shades of Crimson Reds.

These Horse-Like Ets are bi-pedal, profoundly intelligent, kind, conscious and aware entities, whose evolutionary knowledge and understanding of creation exceeds our abilities to even comprehend, by millions of our years. They are each as diverse, incredible and beautiful as we Humans and all the amazing life on this small precious, planet, Earth.

It needs to be said here that these Ets & Interdimensional Beings have the ability to become miniscule, becoming so tiny and small that they are able to manifest through the molecules of all matter in this dense, physical world.

These 2 pictures were taken on 2-7-13


Below you can clearly see numbers of Arcturian Horse Beings and Sirian Lion & Cat Beings….which are exquisite!


The picture below was taken in April of 2012

The picture below was taken in early December 2012. I should also say that the statue is a Quan Yin and she doesn’t have ears! Often times you will find that they literally blend their forms into matter, to camouflage their presence. They are often distorted in the process of materialization, both moving from their ships into this dimension and then moving through the physical matter of my home.


Arcturian Frequencies – Timeshift Activation -YouTube► 4:32► 4:32 Sep 20, 2007 – 5 min – The activation ‘Timeshift’ from Arcturian Frequencies

An illustration of the Arcturian Beings

Above is an illustration of the Arcturian Beings through someones perception. There are moments when they are in their dematerialization and materialization phases they look very similar to this illustration, like Tweedy Bird! Like Humans they are each of them very diverse in their appearance. I do have some pictures of these Arcturian Ets, which I will share on this page in time.



The Wind Horse Beings (Tib. Lung-ta), are mythical Tibetan creatures from pre-Buddhist times, who combine the speed of the wind and the strength of the horse, to carry prayers from earth to the heavens. This is interesting because again we see these Beings, like the Bear Beings within the Native American Peoples, as Beings that bridge the worlds of spirit and the physical world of matter. The Wind Horse Beings are associated with success and the element of space, which carries the “Wish Fulfilling Jewel of Enlightenment”. These Wind Horse Beings are the most prevalent symbol used on Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags. They represent good fortune; the uplifting life force energies and the opportunities to make our situations in life go smoothly.

According to Tibetan Buddhist Medicine, when one’s “lung-ta” is low, obstacles constantly arise. When “lung-ta” is high, then good opportunities abound. Within Tibetan Buddhism it is believed that when raising the Wind Horse Beings prayer flags, it is the best way to raise one’s “lung-ta” energy.

The traditional Wind Horse Prayer Flags are ancient designs. In the center of the flag on the right, is the Wind Horse, the uplifting energy that carries good fortune to all sentient beings. In the corners are the “Four Dignities”: the Garuda (wisdom), the Dragon (gentle power) the Snow Lion (fearless joy), and the Tiger (confidence). The Eight Auspicious Symbols are depicted around the perimeter. Various prayers and mantras are included in the text.

At the top center are the three main Bodhisattvas: Avalokiteshvara (Compassion), Manjushri (Wisdom), and Vajrapani (Power). At the bottom center are the figures called “the union of enemies” representing friendship. The two swastikas are symbols of eternal life. Within these symbols are many prayers for health, prosperity and good fortune.

While these descriptions may not exactly parallel the Horse Beings as others may understand them, they reflect an awareness of these Horse Beings as existing in either the real world or the spirit world, even suggesting that they have some power over the physical body and they have the ability to help humanity fulfill significant spiritual attributes, which is the way I see the role of these Horse Beings in my life and all humanities.