Pics Human-Like Ets

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Pictures Human-Like Ets

There are so many thousands of races of Beings, both Et & Interdimensional that it is hard to put them into a format. However, I will work to convey what I know to be true about these different races of Beings that have existed within our Universe longer than Humans have been on this Earth. Consequently, this process will take a long time and I will come back to this page and add information as I am able. It is a lot!

The pictures and information on this page will address Human-Like Ets. It is very clear that these Beings are profoundly more advanced spiritually, mentally, physically & emotionally than the Humans that inhabit this planet. So, it is impossible for me to refer to them as Human Beings, in what is presently our perception of what a human being is. However, they appear to look very much like us in all our diversity and so it becomes a way that I can speak about them.

The Human-Like Ets, which I have seen and been in contact with, look Nordic, Asian, Indigenous and others appear like Africanas. There are those that appear like the Tibetan Peoples, American Indians, Mediterranean or East Indian lineages. Then, there are those that appear very blonde or with brown hair and very white skin. So, there are Human-Like Ets that come from the Vegan System, the Bootes Constellation, being the Human-Like Arcturian Races, which often appear to be light blues and florescent greens. There are Human-Like Ets that are called Ummites who are Nordic in appearance as well as those that come from the Pleiades. The Andromedans often appear like Tibetan-Like or like the American Indian Peoples.

Essentially, I see that race of Human-Like Ets as Nordic. Although, even when their hair is dark their features and skin tones can be quite white or even alabaster.

As you may notice in the pictures on the Pics Ets & Interdimensional Beings  page, many of the Beings appear to have iridescent green, blue, violet, magenta, and soft red skin. They are truly exquisite to see. I will endeavour to continue showing whatever I can, to help the human beings on this planet realize that they are part of a much larger picture, than the perceptions of reality that are presented in this dimension and certainly in our western cultures.

1.) Below please notice the male Being with the glasses standing in the foyer of my home,  peering out over a Chinese screen that stands 6′ 2″ high. He appears to be around 7′ tall. You can see him very clearly. There is no one I know that looks like that & it was around 12:00 Midnight on 8-3-12. I was upstairs, the only person in the house, while Sasha and Ellie took this picture. It is always a surprise to see these exquisite Interdimensional Beings and I always feel honored that they allow us to take pictures of them.

Blue & Purple LightConfiguration of Sirian Lion and Tau-Centian Bear Beings Image #3 taken 8-3-2012

You will notice in the above picture that the Human-Like Et is bald and wearing dark glasses. This is something I notice with many of the Human-Like Et Beings. Their eyes seem to be very sensitive to the particular, kinds of light we express here in this physical, dimension. So, I see them wearing dark glasses in many instances…

Below you see what appears to be a mans profile in the left glass door. He is wearing sunglasses and would appear to be about 8 ft. tall. On the left side of the door you see what appears to be a Arcturian Horse Et wearing a hood. There are others there as well.

The series of pictures below were taken 8-3-12 at approximately 11:30 PM.

Notice how the curtain is pulled back and there are what appears to be Tau Cetian Teddy type Bears in the lower right had corner…. I am always amazed at all the life in the Universe….

8-3-12 003da(3)

 Here are a series of pictures taken on 7-1-12 at approximately 11:30 PM. If you look through the house there is a door on the right side of the fireplace, which comes from the garden into the house. There you will see a man about 8′ tall, wearing a dark overcoat. He is very fair & his hair is blond, although you cannot see that in these pictures. I will be adding more later so you can see his face and hair.

The pictures below were taken on 4-28-12 at around midnight. It is my bedroom window at the back of my home. There appears to be a Centurion Man standing in the window looking out at the girls as they take the pictures. There is nothing in that area of the room that could even represent anything similar to what we see here. 


I understand that some of these Et Beings can appear scary to those who do not have a great familiarity with Et Beings throughout the Universe. But none of these Beings are scary to me, as I understand their purpose and their imperative. These Centurion Beings are known for bringing different groups of Ets and Humans together to work for the well-being of our Universe.

Below you can see the Human-Like Man Beings standing outside the door, to the right of the fireplace. You can see clearly, only a portion of his face. But you see clearly his height and that he has very white skin and is wearing a black overcoat.

#3 Below in this picture you can see clearly the Beings standing outside the door and the Beings in the “Blue & Purple Light Configuration” moving through the glass in the transom.

# 4. Below you see a magnification of the transom above the door. This image is reflecting the Beings in the “Blue & Purple Light Configuration” as it merges through the window on the opposite wall of windows. These configurations of Light Beings hold thousands of exquisite entities from different planets. They are both interdimensional and Ets. They are not defined by time, space or the physical world as humans in the 3 dimension are. The Being in violet breaking through the window first appears to be a Lion Being. When you look closely you can see many, many Beings around him.

LightBeings7-1-12 024b (2)

The pictures below were taken 8-3-12 at midnight and you can see the Light Configurations moving into the roof of the home.

The pictures below were taken of the windows, from the picture above!

Blue Lioness-Like Being and Sirian Feline Being

The picture below appears to be a Blue Female. My perception is that she is Arcturian. Many Human-Like Ets from Sirius and Arcturus are Blue in color..However she could also be a Blue Sirian Lioness!

The picture below was taken on the same night, 7-1-12 at about 11:30 PM. You see a beautiful Mediteranean looking man with dark appear skin and hair.

The following picture was taken on 4-30-12. It is a close up of the “Blue & Purple Light Configurations,” bringing in the Extraterrestrial & Inter-dimensional Beings every night. The Human-Like Being you are seeing in the sky light is a Nordic or he could be a Ummite Human-Like Being, looking out from inside my home, he looks out the Sky Lite. He actually looks a lot like our idea of Prince Valiant!

There are many  different races of Ets that appear Nordic, both having light brown hair to very light blonde hair. You can find Pleidiens, Ummites, Sirians just to name a few. But they are very clearly not like the physical Humans of this planet.

If you look closely at the picture below you can see that there is more than one Human Looking Male!


Sometimes, when I am looking at a picture, I am drawn to a particular area of the photo and there I find staggering numbers of Beings of differing races from different Galaxies. Often, I can see them in pictures without any magnification and not just my pictures. It is as if I can feel where they are in a photo even when they try to camouflage their presence. Initially, I couldn’t tell whether I was the only one seeing these Beings, because I didn’t know exactly what my mind was filling in? Our minds are pretty amazing. But, as we all worked to make the Beings more visible, I was so grateful to know that others could see them in the photos as well.