Pics Ets & Interdimensional Beings

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You may also wish to visit the Pictures Ufos & Ets – , Tau Cetia Bear Ets, Arcturians & Horse Ets, Pictures Reptilian Ets page, showing many pictures and some Ets!  We are always adding pictures to both of these pages. Hopefully you can see how immense these Et Beings are in relationship to my home, which is about 4,500 square feet.

I have thousands of pictures of Ets and Interdimensional Beings that were taken with a simple camera at night around and inside my home. After a while you become aware that there are certain, specific forms that repeat themselves over and over again. I am making an effort to publish those photographs here on this website.

When we first started seeing these Light Configurations and clear Et & Interdimensional Beings I was very surprised. I was just taking pictures at night to send to a friend to show them my home in Montana. But, none of the pictures were without these Light Configurations or other Beings. Then, we used 2 – 4 different cameras, pointed at the same location, at the same time and found that all the pictures had these manifestations within them, at the same time and in the same place. As, I hope I have made clear throughout this website, I am not interesting in convincing or proving anything to anyone. This is just my life experience and these are pictures of what is and has been happening throughout my life.

Photo Shop was not used. I use a simple Microsoft Program that was in my computer at purchase. I lighten, contrast and saturate the colors. No colors are added or removed, which has become a very interesting reality to observe.

Pictures go all the way to end of this page.  I try to provide some descriptions and information, to help you all comprehend what you may be seeing. But, there are some pictures that cannot be described.

(I am in the process of continuing to add more pictures to this page….Still, if you look all the way to the end of this page you will see some incredible Et & Interdimensional Beings.)


17:58 Joy S. Gilbert, #8 of 8 Orbs, Lion Ets, Tau Cetia Ets &

Below are pictures of an Green Human-Like Being from Sirius. You will see other Et Beings there in all the colors. Each color represents a Being… They move in unison, becoming one Beings at they move through time & space.

Below you see a Tau Cetian Human-Like Male Et shielding a Tau Cetian Bear-Like Female Et.

 Below you see a Sirius Lion-Like Et entering into my Great Room through the Transom. the Room in 25 ft. X 30 ft. He is entering through the center window and what you there is a reflection from the transom above the door on the opposite wall, about 25 ft. away. You can also see a Human-Like Et standing on the porch outside the Great Room also preparing to enter into the Great Room. These Ets rarely bother to open the door. However, sometimes they do!

    Notice how clearly you can see the face. The nose is huge and you can clearly see his dark eyebrows over his beautiful eyes. Also, there is nothing there in that window, either in the transom over the door or the transom over the center window, which is where he is entering the house. None of these photos have been altered in any way, accept to lighten, contrast and saturate the color to see the Ets more clearly.


Below is a race of Ets from Arcturus. They stand about 3 – 4 feet tall and have an unusually, big hook nose. They are profoundly loving and kind. When you look at this picture you may notice that there are many Ets within the Blue & Purple Light, which is how they travel through time and space. If you look carefully you will see other Et Beings within the picture below!

Within the two pictures below, you can see the Et Beings peeking around the corner of the house, between the garage and the main house. You can also see many Tau Cetian Bear Ets, Lion & Cat Ets and other Et & Interdimensional Beings.

 Usually, the Et Beings that appear in gold light are Lion or Cat Ets. The Horse Ets and other Arcturian Ets from the Bootes Constellation come in the Blue & White Light. You can also see many Tau Cetian Bear Ets.

June 17, 2013

Thumbnail 12:02

Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Pictures: Huge Ship, Ufos, Ets & Interdimensional Beings Video #6, Joy shares these pictures that have not been altered by photo shop, simply lightened, contrasted and saturated. The colors you see are the colors that these Beings present, they are not altered in any way. Nothing has been added or removed. Joy share these pictures that have been taken in her home and on her property at night, revealing a huge ship, Ufos and thousands of Sirian Lion & Cat Beings, Arcturian Horse Ets, Tau Cetian Human-Like Ets and thousands of other Ets & Interdimensional Beings that flood her life and the lives of those who choose their evolution over darkness and ignorance. This phenomenon is about human evolution. Joy has been aware of these Beings since childhood and is happy to share these pictures to help others become aware of their constant presence in our world. Many of these Ets & Interdimensional Beings are here to help humanity evolve as a species.

  The video below was created on May 13, 2013

Thumbnail10:23 Ufos, Sirian Lion & Arcturian Horse Ets #5 Here we share pictures of Sirian Lion Ets & Arcturian Horse-Like Ets in and around the home.  Some of the pictures are very ethereal and in some you can absolutely SEE CLEARLY a Lion Being inside and an Arcturian Horse-Like Et also CLEARLY VISABLE. Obviously, these Beings are Light Beings and live in more expansive levels of awareness and consciousness. They are profoundly aware of us and yet, most of humanity is asleep to their exisitence. Joy talks about the two distinct races of Horse-Like Ets from Arcturus in the Bootes Constellation. All of these Et & Interdimensional Beings are incredible Light Beings who work to uplift and heal humanity.

The pictures below are some of the Ets & Interdimensional Beings seen in the above video, “Ufos, Sirian Lion & Arcturian Horse-Like Ets”.

Presented on May 13, 2013.

Notice what appears to be small Tau Cetian Bears in the middle window and clearly you see what appears to be a golden, Lion, Human-Like Being in the right window.

Below is a magnification of the first picture above. At first you aren’t sure about what you are looking at, only it is very clear they are sentient, living Beings who appear to be Lion-Like. Then, you notice that there are many Ets conbined into on mind. How amazing!

Now this magnification clearly shares a very clear picture of a Being who appears both Lion-Like and Human-Like! It appears that there is also an Arcturian Horse-Like Being there with him. You can see how exquisite he not only appears but feels. He feels very, kind and loving. His face is open, sweet and filled with light. These pictures required a great deal of darkening and saturation of color to bring his feature out. But he was clearly there as I see many, many of Beings like him and have since childhood.

The Picture below shows a glowing fluorescent green ball, configuration in the middle of the picture. On the right side of the picture you will notice that it appears thicker. You can see that the building is overcome by the light. This picture is darkened a great deal to see the detail. I darkened because it is so hard to SEE these incredible ethereal, Light Beings that the pictures need intense color to allow you to see them more clearly. On the right of this picture at the edge of the house, you can see some translucent Beings, whom are very clearly Sirian Lion & Cat Ets.

Above you will in the center of the picture a dark figure, which is a garden statue of a Quan Yin. She stands about 4 feet tall. On the left side of the picture I have the head of a Thai, Buddha head. It sits on a pedestal. But there you can see something moving on top of its head and around a glass door, into my Mud Room. # 2. Below is a magnification of the picture above. You can also see Interdimensional Beings on the left side of the tree. # 3 Below is a magnification of the picture above with a focus on the rights side of the house, where you can see clearly Lion & Cat Et and Interdimensional Beings. 9-22-12 004abc (3)

Within the pictures below you can see clearly an Arcturian Horse-Like Et in the left window. I magnify this picture below it..

Magnification of the picture above!

This is another magnification of the window where you clearly see the Arcturian Horse-Like Et.

Below is the magnification of the lower, window on the right.

This picture below was taken on March 3, 2013 and it shows what appears to be a African Male Et or an Indigenous/Aborigine-Like Et appearing in the lower right pane. You can see other Et and Interdimensional Beings within both window panes. However, it is often difficult to see their exact forms, because they move in one mind….and blend, merging their forms together! As you can see they saturate every fiber of my home, inside and outside, including the grounds and it is amazing to see them in the garage, as well.

Within this picture you can see Horse Ets, Lion & Cat Ets and many others. I was most drawn to the amazing form of the Africana-Like Et, which brings our awareness to the fact that the people of Africa and Indigenous/Aborigine-Like Ets, were absolutely seeded by the Ancient Ets who first seeded this planet with their genetic material. You can see him clearly in the bottom right pane of the window.

You can see him clearly to the right in the pictures!

Here you see him in the center of the picture, as I have magnified the one above.

Published on April 5, 2013

Thumbnail8:57 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee, Pictures of Human-Like, Sirian Lions, Cats, Arcturians & Other Ets by Joy S. Gilbert Joy reveals pictures of the many thousands of Ets she shares her life with & their intense knowledge, beauty, profound love and levels of consciousness!

Published on March 16th, 2013

6:43 Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Video Orbs & Ets #3         (Notice the Arcturian Horse-Like Et behind the amazing appearing Et with the huge eyes, a greenish colored, smooth skin and appears to have two small but clearly defined pointed ears on his head. The Horse-Like Being appears to be coming into the home and is one of the main races of Horse-Like Et Beings from Arcturus in the Bootes Constellation. His head may appear small in this picture because it was taken so far away from the house. However,  judging from where his head is coming down in the picture and it’s size, I wouldn’t be too far off in assessing that his head and mane are about 2 feet to 2 1/2 feet long. This is a very huge Horse Et. He is within the vicinity of 7 ft. to 8 ft. tall. His  characteristic form and stature ensure that his race of Ets are from Arcturus, in the Bootes Constellation.) This Video displays many pictures of Orbs, Ets & Interdimensional Beings who are involved in the evolution and upliftment of humanity. They are Light Beings who exist in multiple dimensions, existing here in this Universe …

 These pictures are a part of the above video and were taken on 12-7-12, late at night. In the picture below you can see many Et Beings on  the right side of the upper floor, some Sirian Cat Ets and many other Ets are there. Also, you see a Horse-Like Et entering the window on the lower level to the left of the side door into the house. There are many other Beings there as well, if you take a moment to look. You can also see eyes in the “Blue & Purple Light Configuration” coming in from the upper right.

 Looking into the picture below, if you look carefully you can see an Arcturian Horse-Like Et behind the grey-green Cat-Like Et with the large head, big eyes & not hair. This Horse-Like Et is about 7 feet tall, exposing a mane and he is bipedal. Also, notice the tremendous amount of light in the window on the right. You may think you see forms there and there are and those forms may appear to look a certain way. But when we look closer we often see other things that are hidden, right out in front of us.

When you look at the picture below you can see light and substance streaming into the upper part of the window from above. These appear like light fields that stream into the house almost like rivers of light.  In reality they are Et & Interdimensional Beings. You see what appears to be a distorted, brown face in the frame above the window. Having seen thousands of these Beings in different states of manifestation,  it is more than likely a Tau Cetian Bear Et. There appear to be other Arcturian Horse-Like Ets on the lower right side of the window, inside my home.

When you look at the picture you can see thousands of Et Beings. These Light Beings are not going to look like we do in the third dimension. They are Light Beings and it takes darkening and saturating the colors to bring them out. One of the most interesting things is that their colors are profoundly defind, saturating too much will make them disappear and saturating not enough will also make it difficult to see them. No colors are ever added or taken away.

There may be twe Arcturian Horse-Like Ets where you see one. It is amazing how they move and merge into each other, showing us layer after layer of creation!



Published March 5th, 2013 Below is another short video of pictures that were taken on 8-3-12 at Midnight, showing numbers of incredible Light Ets & Interdimensional Beings.

4:53 Pictures Ets, Interdimensional Beings & “The Centurian”! Pictures Ets, Interdimensional Beings & “The Centurian” share pictures we have taken over the last year. The pictures of “The Centurian” have never been previously shown or published. In point of fact, no one to my knowledge has ever been able to take pictures of these Beings & this is the first time we are sharing the pictures we have of this Et, who stands about 7 feet tall. This Race of Beings come from the Star System Centaurus and are known for their abilities in strategies & in bringing differing groups of sentient beings together for the purposes of unification and evolution. For your information there is not furniture, chairs or anything that could mimic the outline or presentation of  “The Centurian” that is revealed there!

Photo Shop was NOT used with any of these pictures or the videos we create. They were all taken at night and in order to see them more clearly we lightened them and increased the saturation of color, to see what emerged. However, you could easily see the light configurations and Beings, as they were already discernible before we lightened these pictures. No colors were ever added or taken away.
These pictures represent what was already there in the photos. The program we used to create more clarity was a simple unsophisticated Microsoft Program, already installed in the computer. The colors you see are the colors that these “Configurations of Light” emitted. Their colors are luminescent blue, violet/purple & combinations of those shades. Also, their centers are usually a soft luminescent white/blue, soft greens, pink and violet. Green never showed up as a dominant color except in some of the Orbs.

Some of the “Blue & Purple Light Configurations” were 50′ in length & 20′ wide and filled with what seemed like thousands of Ets & Interdimensional Beings. It makes you wonder whether what we SEE with our eyes is on any level an accurate reflection of the world around us?

Published March 3, 2013, Below is a Display of Pictures Taken on August 3rd, 2012 of the Black, Hooded Cloaked Ets & Interdimensional Beings

Black Hooded Cloaked Ets: Here is a short video of pictures that were taken on 8-3-12 at Midnight, showing distinctly the Beings who wear the “Black, Hooded Cloaks” and numbers of incredible Light Ets & Interdimensional Beings. 

This is a comment I made when someone made a negative comment about the Beings in the Black Hooded Cloak on my YouTube Channel.

“I experience a lot of blow back from the FEAR associated with the Beings who wear the Black Hooded Robes. It is insane first of all because many humans that look normal, acceptable and right to each other can be just as evil as Hitler. I have EXPERIENCED first hand the retribution from others because I am different. I do not ascribe to such behavior or thoughts. Some people think I am too nice and others think I am something else. I just don’t CARE what any of you think. 

People who are EVIL SEE EVIL in all Creation. I am definitely not afraid of these Beings or YOU. There are thousands of races of Ets and if you have negativity in your mind and heart, then it doesn’t matter what you SEE it will look EVIL to YOU!  I see them as precious, like all creation!  I do not judge any of them. However, Humans are another thing entirely!”

For years I didn’t realize these Beings would or even could, show up in pictures and I didn’t care. So, it was shocking and a surprise to see this Being in the “Black, Hooded Cloak” appear, clearly, in my front entry. I thought these pictures were just for my realtor, to see my home at night. All of those years of people telling me that what I experience isn’t real and that the world around me and all of us, is not filled with life. Of course, they tell you there is no other life in the Universe accept humans….What a crock and humanity is so gullible and asleep that it believes whatever the status quo tells them!  Wow!

Pictures Ets & Interdimensional Beings

Pictures Ets & Interdimensional Beings reveal amazing photos of Ets, Interdimensional, Beings of Light who come in exquisite “Blue & Purple Light Configurations” through the windows, roof and walls of my home. If you don’t believe in Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Beings you should take a look at these pictures….

Pictures Ets & Interdimensional Beings are shown here. You will see Sirian Cat & Lion Ets, Arcturians Horse Ets, Tau Cetia Bear Ets and Human appearing Ets from different worlds, dimensions and planets… Pictures Ets & Interdimensional Beings exists to provide those who do not believe an opportunity to look at the proof yourself that Ets & Interdimensional Beings, interacting with Humanity and all Creation are here?

Of course, for those who won’t or cannot believe there is no amount of evidence that will suffice. For those of you who do believe no amount of evidence is necessary. Some will see these photographs as not any indication at all, because they believe that Pictures Ets & Interdimensional Beings should look the way they “think” not the way they are! 

The pictures below were taken without seeing these “Blue & Purple Light Configurations” within the frame of the camera, which you can see clearly on the “Pictures Ufos & Ets” page Pictures Ufos & Ets – Interdimensional & Et Beings 

Pictures Ets & Interdimensional Beings, Photos of Sirians & Arcturians come in these incredible light configurations appear as did many of the Beings, both Human in appearance, Lion or Cat-Like in appearance and other Beings who are both Extraterrestrial and Inter-Dimensional when we looked at the pictures in the camera after they were taken and in my computer. The Cat Et you see in the picture below is not a statue I had in my home, anywhere. As many of the Beings we show on this website, they appeared in the picture after the picture was taken.

These photographs were taken at my home by Sasha Adams, Ellie Maier & Khit Adams. (For more information and clarity about these pictures go to the Pictures Ufos & Alien Beings page.)

This page will address Pictures Ets & Inter-dimensional Beings who are involved in the up-liftment and Evolution of Humanity, and the care of the Earth. While the Arcturians, the Sirians and the Pleiadien Races of Beings are more commonly known as the great healers, caretakers, guardians and experts in DNA manipulation for advanced levels of consciousness, there are many other Races involved in assisting the Earth, Humanity and all sentient beings. In an effort to share correct information I will be creating a catalog of definitions about these Beings and where they come from within this Universe.

I feel no responsibility to address the combatting, negative forces in this Universe. We all know them too intimately, as it is. We have all spent enough time within our lives dealing with those levels of consciousness. However, I may find it important to address those energies, from time to time when it seems judicious. – Thank you, Joy S. Gilbert

****If you have questions or comments about these pictures please feel free to address them on the Contact Page of this website. I have locks on most of them, so people cannot take them off this website. However, if someone has a good reason to want them, I am happy to consider your requests.****

This sequence of 5 pictures were taken around mid-night on 2-7-13

Within the Orbs of the pictures we have taken we seen green Orbs coming out of the bigger ones and we can also see what appears to be Beings inside the Orbs…Lens Flares to do not show up like the Orbs we have on our Orbs page or here. When you look at them you can see some of there forms cut off because they are behind the roof line or chimney or another part of the exterior house, which would clearly indicate they were not coming from a camera.. Also, they usually have certain colors, which cannot be changed..

Below is a magnified picture of the window taken from the photo above. There is a Quan Yin that stand on a table, which is about 3 ft. off the ground and she is 6 ft. tall. The height of the ceiling in that room is 14 ft. and we see the Et Beings literally inside the statue, which is white. Yet, here in this picture it appears to be brown. What appears inside her are Tau Cetian Bears, Lion & Cat Ets.

Below is a magnification of the picture above showing the Ets more clearly! The Et Being at the top is clearly a Tau Cetian Bear & below him is a Sirian Lion Et.

If you take the time to really look at the picture below you see many Ets & Interdimensional Beings.

The next 2 pictures were taken on 2-7-13. Notice the golden Arcturian Horse Ets in the lower right, front window and the glass door on the right!

Arcturian Horse Ets


In the picture below you can see many Arcturian Horse Ets & Sirian Lion & Cat Ets.


There is a Sirian Lion Et in brown fur & other Tau Cetian Bear Ets on the left of the Christmas Tree. This picture was taken of the back of my home on 12-4-12 around Midnight from outside.


There are many more pictures below this discourse about the Beings in the Black, Hooded Cloaks, which we have pictures of below!


From: Joy S. Gilbert

Subject: Picture of Beings in Black, Hooded Cloaks & the “Ancient Ones” whom I have always known as the “Old Ones”, who come into my home late at night! They also come during the daytime hours, but they are harder to see.

Many years ago, in 2002, I moved into a new home and spent time remodeling it, as I always do. I have been buying and redoing homes for many years as a way to make a living. One day the neighbors told a women who was staying with me and helping me redo this home, that people in my home were wearing Black, Hooded Cloaks and they were involved in doing ceremonies with lit candles, throughout the night. They insinuated that we/I were doing something inappropriate. I laughed. (What were they doing?)


These Beings that appear in the Black, Hooded Cloaks come at night to pray for the well-being of all humanity and this precious planet, which is a living Being.  Their life and love for humanity is expressed in their willingness to come into the physical world on this very dense planet and in this dense plane of existence to work with the human element and to help humanity evolve.

The light that the neighbors saw that they perceived were candles, were not candles at all. They were in fact, Arcturian Horse Beings and other profoundly evolved Beings who are often seen as more light than form. They often appear very much like golden, white, violet and translucent, shimmering light. They are exquisite and when they are in the process of materialization they can become very small.

Of course, people who live in fear see things from that place. They project “their” fear onto everything they experience. Their minds live in states of profound arrogance and ignorance. When you “think” you know and you do not live in a state of Enlightenment, you are not open to seeing life as it truly is. Instead, you project your MIND ONTO ALL YOUR EXPERIENCES. So, instead of seeing the true reflection of beauty that YOU are and that these precious Beings are, people REACT in fear to the unknown. As a result they inadvertently block out even an ability to see or understand the Universe.

Most of humanity does not even begin to fathom or have any awareness of the exquisite and incredible diversity existing within our Universe, simply because of their arrogance, ignorance and fear. There is a chasm between the intellectual knowledge one learns in the cultures on this planet and the AWARENESS that exists within Awakened Mind, Enlightenment.

The knowledge learned of this world could fit into the eye of a needle. compared to the knowledge existing within your awareness, when you are willing to let go of your BELIEF AND PERCEPTIONS. Then you have the potential to actually SEE beyond this illusory world and beyond the walls of your mind.

The picture below was taken this past summer around 11:30 PM. I was alone in the house upstairs in my bedroom, while Sasha & Khit took these pictures. You will notice the Beings in an amazing looking Black, Hooded Cloak, standing in the foyer, beyond the front glass doors of my home. There stands Beings in a Black, Hooded Cloak. There are many, many other Beings present within the room, which you can see. He/they create what appears to be a small ceremonial table with a book placed before him and with one of the myriad of Light Beings writing within this sacred text, which he/they usually are seen carrying. This book is always with him/them.

You cannot see their faces clearly in this picture. However, I have other pictures, which I will share with you at some point in the future. It is clear that there is not just one Being within the Black, Hooded Cloak.

For me these Beings who come in the Black, Hooded Cloaks do so to hide the intense and powerful light that eminates out of them. They are the “Ancient Ones” who have guided and cared for all the sentient Beings within this Universe from it’s inception. The Book is not just a book for notes. Rather, it is a record of all life existing within this Universe. It holds the Akashic Records, which contain the very essence and knowledge of every Human Being that has existed or will exist on this planet and within this Universe.

These records hold the blue prints of each and every Human Beings life. Your life has already been written and now you must live it out. They read to me from this book, telling me what people need and sharing it’s knowledge.

The only kind of ceremony that is happening here is the congregation of love, to uplift the levels of consciousness on this planet. Many of you already know that there is a split coming, between worlds. One world will exist for those who are capable of evolving past this dimensional reality. Another world is being created for those who are not ready to move into the next dimension, but still have the potential and abilities to become Enlightened, to make that leap in consciousness. 

The doors of my home are 8′ feet tall and he/they are a bit hunched over watching the girls take the pictures, while they make certain the information in the book is verified and written. So, he/they are approximately 5′ 8″ to 6′ tall.

I will be adding more of these pictures soon. Again, we did not see these Beings with our physical eyes. But I have been communicating with all these races of Beings, both Ets & Interdimensional Beings, throughout my life. Now I communicate with them in every moment, as I became completely aware that we are the same Being 20 years ago. I am always in a state of awareness of our deep, intimate and physical connections.

The images of these Beings continue to show up in the photographs after the pictures are taken…….. I will put other pictures of these Beings on the “Pictures Ets & Interdimensional Beings” page in due time. For now, I hope you will be able to see how incredible the Universe is, therefore how incredible YOU are.

Above you can see clearly in the doorway a being in a Black, Hooded Cloak. The cloak is exquisite and the hood is really huge and beautiful. You will notice that there are Beings in front of the Beings within the Black, Hooded Cloak. It appears as if they are there to protect him/them. I have more pictures of these beings, which I will share at some point.. Also, notice the head of Cat-Like Being beyond the front door, on the top left of the Glass front door. You will see more about this entity below…I have no objects in my home like the ones that show up in these pictures… How awesome is the Universe we get to experience and live in!


Again, notice above the Cat-Like Et in the left side of the glass door at the top. Anyone who has been in my home knows that I have no art or sculptures of that nature in my home..

The first series of #1-4 pictures were taken on 7-1-2012 at around 12:30 AM. I was home, alone upstairs when these pictures were taken and Sasha Adams and Ellie Maier were outside taking these pictures.

#1 BelowThis picture showed up in the transom beyond the top part of my front doorsIn the transom you will notice several Beings. I have no animals or pets, yet you can see a small Bear Being sitting on the right in the transom with light in his head. The top of the left side of the front door, there you can see through the house, to the back windows, which is about 50′ from the Entry Doors and about 14 feet high. In the transom, above that back window is a Sirian Cat Being. The Cat Being is shining & appears as if it is metal, but it is a living Being or Beings. I have seen the Arcturian Horse Beings appearing to be gold metal, not as a color, but an actual metal appearance, as well as the Sirian Lion Beings. They actually shine like a precious metal, with sparkling white light dispersed throughout. They are truly exquisite.

Also there are no objects, either art of sculptures sitting inside that transom, which makes this picture revealing the Cat-Like Et Head all the more compelling.

#2 Below is a magnification with a closer look at the incredible shiny, metallic appearing Sirian Cat-Like Being in the far window of the room on the left. Judging from the area it is consuming It’s head appears to be approx. 2′ x 2′ and this Being (s) appears when a particular group within the Sirian Lion & Cat Beings, the Arcturian Horse Beings & other Human-Like Beings show up at my home. He feels like a protector and seems to have other responsibilities. There is a Human-Like Being on the right side of the picture, with a hood covering part of his head, which appears to be a Sirian Cat Beings.

Above you can see Tau Cetian Bear Beings above the window & Arcturian Horse Beings along the left side, in the frame and on top of the glass doors. The Horse Beings usually appear in a long, tubular physical arrangements of white or golden light, as they move through the walls or glass windows. All these Beings appear in layer upon layer, connected to each other, until they complete their materialization.

# 3) Below is a picture of the Metallic Cat Being magnified and there you can see a magnificent looking Male Being in the Center of the Metallic Sirian Cat Head. This Cat Et is an entity that appeared in the photograph, as all of the pictures below and it was not seen in the frame of the camera until after the picture was taken. I have no art or anything in my home that even vaguely appears like a cat in a window sill at the 12 foot height in my home. I believe…that the Metallic Cat Being is in reality a ship or craft. My experiences with their ships in the past have led me to understand that they are alive, living beings……..This concept makes a lot of sense to those of us who are Experiencers/Alien Abductees and who experience CONTACT.

# 4) Below is a magnified photo of the Male-Being in the previous picture and here you can see what appears to be a crown on his head with other very advanced Beings surrounding him. When you look closely you can see an exquisite Sirian Lion-Man Being and many Arcturian Horse Beings.

Next is a series of # 1- 4 pictures, which show some Inter-Dimensional and ET Beings in both of the double entry doors. It is often surprising to see these Beings without any magnification. When looking at these pictures, I am first drawn into what I know are inconsistencies, in relationship to how my home actually appears in this dimension. This is not art or scupltures in my home. When I have art and sculptures I will point them out, if they are not completely covered by the Beings.

Sirian Cat & Lion Ets Notice the Lion Et in the center of the wreath above the door. There are more pictures and more information on the Sirian Cat & Lion Ets The picture below was taken on 12-15-12 around 9:30 PM… If you look closely you can see a Arcturian Horse Being in the left glass door about 3/4 of the way up, looking out! In the back you can see a pretty huge, Tau Cetian Bear. The magic of this exquisite Universe we live in, never ends, does it? There is nothing in the center of the Wreath, but what shows up here are these Beings. IMG_2553bc (3)

#1 Below: You can see more clearly the Tau Cetian Bear Beings and other Beings peering over the Chinese Screen, which is 6′ 2″ tall, making those Beings between 7′ & 12′ in height. The entrance is 20′ high & the next room is 14′ high, & my Great Room is 18′ high, all inside heights. Also notice how filled the area inside the Entry appears. There is no furniture in that area, next to the front door. There is an entry iron & glass table about 10′ from the door, a chair & a Chinese Screen, which is a black with a green/blue background and white flowers. It is 16′ from the entry door. Clearly, you cannot see it through all the Beings there. I have also noticed that they move furniture around in my home. Unlike people in this dimension, they have the ability to manipulate matter with their minds.

Tau Cetian Bear Beings and other Beings peering over the Chinese Screen Image #1

#2 Below: In the right door, you can see a Sirian Lion Being in golden/white light, peering out at the top of the glass door with many other Beings beside him. There is also an Arcturian Horse Being at the top of the 6′ 2″ Chinese Screen on the right. Since there are only flowers on the Chinese Screen, what you see there are other Beings. In the left glass door you see a Human-Like Being who stands about 8′ tall and seems to be wearing red, wrap around sun glasses (?) or maybe those are his eyes. However I have seen those red glasses on many of the Human Like Beings who are Extraterrestrial. Further, it is very, clear that they are not human as we are….Below him are several of the Tau Cetian Bear Beings in front of the Chinese Screen. Other Beings can be seen throughout the picture both inside the house and outside.

# 2a. Below you can see more clearly the ET in the left glass door as well as the Bear Beings.The Et appears to be about 5′ 8″ with smooth blue, green skin & big eyes. They have a Cat-Like feeling. I have seen this Being in my bedroom as well.

#66on7-1-12 002ty(3)

#3 Below: Here you can see how these Beings literally saturate every inch of my home & environment. They seem to not only blend into the frames, stones etc., but also as I have stated before, they move through matter, time and space. They are capable of descending into the size of a partical. Again, when you look closely you can see many, many ET & Inter-Dimensional Beings.

(Notice the man who appears to be wearing red sun glasses. I see this in many of the pictures of the Human Looking ETs & Interdimensional Beings.)

Below notice all the Sirian Cat Beings….Also  you can see what appears to be an Arcturian Horse Beings with a hood. But I believe that the hood is another Cat Being on his hears.

#66on7-1-12 002hk(2)

The series below of # 1 – 3 pictures was taken on 7-1-12 around midnight.

#1 Below: As you can see, the moment I saw these pictures, I noticed immediately the large, furry creatures in the left door. You see I don’t have any large furry curtains? Nor do I have any brown furry things in my entry. After looking at the picture I realized there are several Tau-Cetian Bear Beings and Arcturian Horse Beings in both glass doors, particularly in the white light on the right side of the right glass door and the golden light on the right side of the left glass door. Also notice the Beings in the dark blue on the left side of the house, outside. There are Bear & Lion Beings.

LightBeings7-1-12 001ut(2)

#2 Below: A closer image allows you to see the Beings in the right glass door. There are some very large Sirian Lion Beings at the back of the room, which is approximately 50′ feet from the entry door. If you look closely you will notice that in the other pictures shown here, in the left window there is a huge area of Golden Light. There you will see an Arcturian Horse Being. He stands in front of a Chinese Screen, 6′ 2″ tall and about 6′ wide.

LightBeings7-1-12 001bc(3)

#3 Below: Notice the Arcturian Horse Beings on the Right in white light. We will continue working to get a very clear picture on this website but this will suffice for the time being with the other pictures here you can get a good idea that there is a consistency to the appearance of all these Extraterrestrial and Inter-Dimensional Beings.

# 3. Here we tried to make the Lion Beings in the back window more visable. Sometimes they are clearer at a distance than up close.

LightBeings7-1-12 001tm(3)

The Arcturian Horse Beings usually appear in layers of white,  purple and gold light. Interestingly, when they manifest they can be red, green, blue, chesnut, pink, white, gold and ebony. Some of their faces look exactly like the horses we see here on Earth, with either short or long fur and hair. Others will look more human but they will still clearly be Horse Beings.

I have seen ones that are as tall as 15′ feet and others that are approximately 5′ tall when completely materialized. They are shockingly slender and move with staggering grace with respect to their incredible size. When you look into their eyes you see something else, their intelligence and consciousness far, far exceeds humanities.

As a sweet side note, when they are in the process of materializing they can easily look as if they are Unicorns.

# 1. Below is picture with what appears to be Arcturian Horse Beings hanging on the Quan Yin in my garden. If you look closely you notice it has the appearance of a Horse shape though smaller than the normal size. Also note that there seem to be breaks in the light, which appear to me to designate more than one Being within that configuration of light, which we see when they are magnified. Also, the Beings that come in these colors of  light appear to be Horse Beings, Lion & Cat Beings & other Beings that exist at the same levels of consciousness. Their frequency determines their fellow travelers.

HouseNightS 015h (2)

Below is a series of # 1 – 6 photos taken on 8-3-12. These pictures were lightened and taken around 11:00PM. They reveal Sirian Lion & Cat Beings and Tau Cetian Bear Beings materializing out of the “Blue & Purple Light Configurations”. There was no one in the house when these photos were taken, except myself. I was on the top floor alone, not downstairs entertaining!

#1 Below: You can see the “Blue & Purple Light Configurations” with the Beings materializing right in front of the camera.

#2 Below: You will notice the Human-Like Extraterrestrial Being, with no hair, is standing partially behind the Chinese Screen, which is 6′ 2″ in height. He appears to be wearing sun glasses. Also, the screen is covered with Beings as it does not look like that at all.  Again, I was in the house alone and upstairs. I am not a man, nor do I look like any of the other Beings there. As you look into the “Blue & Purple Light Configuration you can see literally see the Beings materialize and in particular Tau Cetian Bear-Like Beings & Sirian Lion-Like Beings.  Also if you notice the Quan Yin in the yard, she is covered with different Beings. There are curtains in the Entry, but I do not close them in the summer & I would never just close one. So it would appear that some of the Beings were attempting to hide from the camera, behind the screen and they create the appearance of a curtain.

#3 Below: This picture provides a close up of the exquisite purple Beings on the Quan Yin, which stands outside, next to the stone columns and inside the entry at the front, along with other Beings that you can see clearly. Again, I was the only person in the house when these photos were taken. It was Midnight.

Blue & Purple LightConfiguration of Sirian Lion and Tau-Centian Bear Beings Image #3 taken 8-3-2012

# 3 a. Below you can see more clearly the bald man in the dark glasses standing behind the Chinese Screen. The screen is 6’2″ tall, which makes him approximately 7′ tall. He appears to be trying to hide himself. Imagine taking some pictures of your home at night to send to a friend because you think your home is beautiful and you want to share it. Then, other Beings and Humans like Beings show up. Beings that you cannot see with your physical eyes…But, there they are as big and as clear as can be…. There is also a Lion Being Head in the lower left glass door.

#5 Below: Please notice the Beings materializing in the “Blue and Purple Light Configurations”. Also there is a diamond-shaped object in what appears to be the center of my kitchen, under the Sky Light, which you can see through the garden window. I believe it is an ET vehicle or ship. There are no objects like that anywhere in my home & certainly not in the middle of my kitchen.

Blue & Purple LightConfiguration of Sirian Lion and Tau-Centian Bear Beings Image #5 taken 8-3-2012

#6 Below: Here is a clear picture of the diamond-shaped vehicle in the window.  Also notice the Tau Cetian Bear Being materializing in the Purple Light. Many times it is difficult to determine whether the Being manifesting is a Tau Cetian Bear or a Sirian Lion Being. But when you see the nose in the photo below I immediately thought Bear. When you look closely to the picture you see numbers of Beings within the “Blue & Purple Light Configuration”.

The picture below was taken 4-27-12 at 10:42 PM. There we have created Montages within a Series of #1- 4 Photos. You can see the exquisite “Blue & Purple Light Configurations” entering into my home!

# 1 Below is a picture of the house & the Left Window of my bedroom.

#2 Photo Below: Shows the Extraterrestrial & Inter-Dimensional Beings in the Right Pane of the Window above.

Extraterrestrial & Inter-Dimensional Beings and the Blue Lion Beings

#3 Photo Below: Here you see a magnification of the Left Window Pane with  many Beings. We are unable to show all of them. But we do show an incredible Sirian, Blue Lioness Being, a Violet Arcturian Human-Like Being, a Tau-Cetian Mediterranean Human-Like Being & a Sirian Feline Being….

Blue Lioness-Like Being and Sirian Feline Being

# 3a. I just thought this was a beautiful, very clear picture of the Blue Lioness Being. As you can see when looking at these photos there are layers of Beings, one upon the other. These are what can be referred to as “Light Beings” and they have translucent qualities.

#4 Photo Below: Shows the bottom 1/3 of the Left Window Pane. There you see a Human-Like Being in Blue. She has other Beings on her head and around her. She is an Arcturian Human-Like Being.

The following picture was taken on April 30, 2012. It is a close up of the “Blue & Purple Light Configurations,” bringing in the Extraterrestrial & Inter-dimensional Beings every night. The Human-Like Being you are seeing in the sky light is a Nordic or Ummite Human-Like Being, looking out from inside my home. He looks a lot like Prince Valiant! (Hee Hee)

(If you look closely at the picture below you can see that there is more than one Human Looking Male!)


Sometimes, when I am looking at a picture, I am drawn to a particular area of the photo and there I find staggering numbers of Beings of differing races from different Galaxies. Often, I can see them in pictures without any magnification and not just my pictures. It is as if I can feel where they are in a photo even when they try to camouflage their presence. Initially, I couldn’t tell whether I was the only one seeing these Beings, because I didn’t know exactly what my mind was filling in? Our minds are pretty amazing. But, as we all worked to make the Beings more visible, I was so grateful to know that others could see them in the photos as well.

Although, I was profoundly surprised and amazed both at the diversity and the sheer numbers, I felt even more regard, love and respect toward these incredibly exquisite Beings, who are so loving, kind and compassionate as to show themselves to myself and others. Of course, they have been with me and teaching me for what seems like an eternity.

Please keep in mind that as Humans we are often trapped in a three-dimensional, perceptual reality. But that perception is not the truth. Our beliefs often keep us from SEEING what is right in front of us. We “think”, even though physicists say differently that something at the level of DNA, a QUARK or a PARTICLE is FIXED. In this case, we see below different Races of Beings who are both Inter-dimensional and Extraterrestrial. When in transport, or dematerialization they can descend into the size of a particle then re-materialize into their normal state and height.

I have always known these Beings were here, whether I could see them in the physical world or not. But for those who may or may not believe these realities, other dimensions and levels of consciousness exist, I hope you find this photographic evidence hard to dismiss or overlook!

Below is a series of Montages in #1 – 6 pictures.  Note the Beings in the windows, the Kitties in the trees, all over the house & in the sky as well.

#1 Photo Below: Beings seen within the Window Panes of my bedroom. The photos that follow are where I spend most of my time, studying, meditating and doing my “work”. Here we attempt to make clear the sequence, showing you where and when these pictures were taken. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of the scale!

#2 The Photo Below: A clarification and magnification of the windows! If you look at the picture on the right and the in the left side of the window you will see a Horse Et in the center of the window. Some of them are huge. This Horse Beings head is approximately 2 feet long and about 18″ wide. That side of the window is 4′ high by 2 1/2′ wide, to give you some idea of how big his head is…

# 2a.) Below you can clearly see the green Lion Being in the right side of the window.

ACT photo26abtuzo(3) Original 1

Above notice the left side of the window toward the bottom where you will see on the left toward the middle a light brown Arcturian Horse Being.

#2b. Here is a break down of the right side of the window and you can see clearly Ets and Interdimensional Beings within it.

You can see how difficult it is to get a clear picture of these very evolved Light Beings. I can see them clearly in my mind’s eye, because I remember them. But it never occurred to me that I would be given these pictures of them to share with others. Yet, there are thousands of these Beings reduced to the particle state within each square inch of matter.

When you look at these pictures you can get a sense of how many dimensions and layers of creation are manifesting in the world around you and within you. The idea of only eleven dimensions as suggested by physicists seems profoundly limited, unlikely and completely absurd given AWARENESS OF THESE WORLDS. Even twelve dimensions does not seem to touch the staggering numbers of worlds within worlds, I see and experience.

Part of the fuzziness exists because they are not in solid form, nor do they live or come in this dimension as we do. Clearly, it is difficult on any level to take pictures of Light Beings, which is further complicated by the fact that they are in states of dematerialization & materialization. Still, you can see vividly that there are distinct entities within these photos with very clear forms.

#3 The Photo Below: These pictures were magnified to show Light Beings who can be seen in the Left pane of the Window!

  #4 Below: Right window pane reveals a very large Lion-Like Being or Feline Race Extraterrestrials and other Inter-dimensional & Extraterrestrial Light Beings. From where he stands in the window he appears to be around 6 1/2′ to 7′ tall. But he may not be completely materialized, or completely in his natural state. I have taken out and magnified some of the Beings within the window so they could be seen more clearly. There is the Green Lion Being, a Tau Cetian Bear, another Bear, a Cat Being and an incredible Bird like Being in green and other colors.


The Horse-Like Arcturian Light Beings are as diverse in colors, size and form as many of the Races of entities within our own world. However, I do find that they move in states of consciousness as they are seen, for the most part in shades of intense gold and white light. Their form and content is extremely exquisite.

For those of you who have dreams about Bears, there may be a reason for this that has escaped many people and most definitely our Western cultures. The Cetian Bear-Like Beings or Bears in general are seen as teachers by many indigenous cultures, when experienced in a vision.

#5: The photo below:  This photo reveals further manifestations of Extraterrestrial & Inter-dimensional Beings from Arcturus, Sirius and Tau-Ceti in the window pane on the right side.

In the picture above you can see a Tau Cetian Human-Like Man. These Beings appear like Indigenous people of Earth. You can see his nose, which is broad and his lips are large. He has a darker skin tone. These Beings look very much like Tibetans, American Indians, South American Indians or Mediterranean. They wear flat top hair styles, which are really flat tops!

#6 Photo Below: This was a magnification we found within the Arcturian Horse Being picture above. We were very surprised to see into another dimension of many, many Beings in such a tiny, infinitesimal space. But there it was and the color was magnificent.

The Bear-Like Beings are from the Tau Ceti constellation. They can be huge, furry Beings with small furry tails & Bear-Like bodies in brown, black, red or blonde fur. Like the Sirian Lion Beings & Cat Beings, we see variations in size with the Bear Beings. The smaller ones look much like Teddy Bears. There heads are bear-shaped and their teeth resemble those of a human, rather than of an Earth Bear. Their eyes are set forward and usually very large. And like humans, their eyes are brown, blue or black. Their ears are at the side of the head just above the eyes, like the Bears of Earth.

All of these Bear-Like Beings are highly evolved and bipedal. They range in height from 9 to 12 feet (2.74 to 3.66 meters). The information about these Bear-Like Beings was taken from TYPES OF ALIENS, which has some very credible information. 

#1 Picture below: Taken 4-25-2012, at 10:30 PM.  Below is a Series of 1-12 photos of Arcturian Horse-Like Beings & Sirian Lion & Cat-Like Beings, amongst other races of Extraterrestrial & Inter-Dimensional Beings..Arcturian Horse-Like Beings & Sirian Lion & Cat-Like Beings taken 4-25-12 Image #1

#2 & #3 Below: These 2 photos are magnifications of the above photo. The right picture on the tree has a formation of light green, white and gold light culminating at the top in what appears to be an Arcturian Horse Beings Head. You can see clearly that it is not a part of the tree. We see many Horse Beings there. It almost looks like DNA strands.

#4 & #5 Below: Further magnifications of the Beings. If you notice in the right picture, on the right side a little more than half way up the picture you can see  Lion & Cat Beings in the Blue Light.

#6 & #7 Below: Further magnifications show the Arcturian Horse Beings & Sirian Lion & Cat Beings manifesting in different states of materialization.

#8 & #9 Below: Magnifications from the left side of the stone column.

. #10, #11 & #12 Below: Further magnifications of the Horse, Lion and Human-Like Beings in front of the stone column.

    The Human looking Beings in the picture above are Pleiadeans. They are both caucasian and it is said that this Race of Beings are leading the Alliance forces to serve Humanity, ushering a new level of consciousness on Earth. (TYPES OF ALIENS enhanced the colors, but we did not add or subtract colors to any photos.

#1 Below: Taken on 4-29-2012, around 10:30 PM.  Please see a Series of 1-10 pictures of the Arcturian Horse Beings on the back, glass door. Initially, I thought that the light in front of the glass door was a reflection. Then, I was drawn to magnify that area of the picture and there they were!

#2 & #3 Below: These two pictures are magnifications of the above photograph.

#4 Below: This image is a further magnification of the glass door.

.#5, #6 & #7 Below: With slight magnifications you can see the Arcturian Horse-Like Beings in various stages of materialization.

#8, #9 & #10 Below: This image shows more details of the Arcturian Horse Beings from the glass door. We did not circle all of the Beings here.

The picture below was taken and magnified.  Notice the Blue Light appearing to be inside the window of the house. Here you see the Arcturian Dolphin-Nose Being, looking out the window at the person taking this picture. The colors in these photographs have not been changed. They appear darker than they are in reality, because we used saturation and contrast to more clearly see the Beings. These pictures have not had anything else done to them, except  magnification, lightened or darkened, as needed.
#1 Below: The Picture was Taken 4/29/2012  and is a series of 1-5.

#2 & #3 Below: These are magnifications of the window with the Blue Light. You can see clearly the Arcturian Dolphin-Nose Being! There is also Arcturian Horse Being in gold, poking his head out on the top right of picture #2. The Horse Beings are usually lit up with a radiant white or gold light flooding out of them and all around them. They all have manes that sometimes appear like a spiky type hair cut or feathered. I have seen some manes that looked well-groomed to perfection. It is absolutely staggering and awesome seeing into these dimensions with such clarity.

#4 & #5 Below: Here we zoomed in on the window, to see the Beings in the Blue LIght clearly. They appear one layer on top of another. There are many of the same Arcturian Beings in that one picture in different states of materialization.

Further magnification of this Arcturian Dolphin-Nose Being and other Beings are there, hanging out with him. I don’t think I could ever convey how unusual their noses appear! But I am sure this picture conveys it all for you.

#1 Below: The Picture was Taken 4/5/2012  and is a series of 1-6.

Below #2: Thermal Imaging of the photo above. All the yellow, gold and orange light shows heat signatures, which actually define the living beings within those areas of the photo.

Below #3 & #4: Here are further magnifications of photo #1.

Below #5 & #6:  Below is a further magnification of photo #1 showing the Mintakan Alien Race, whose physical appearance resembles the frogs and toads of Earth. They are mainly bipedal  and small in stature. Their skin is smooth, hairless and noted for its iridescent colors, which range from bright reds, oranges and greens, to yellows and browns (

The picture below was taken on 9-13-12 in the evening and you can see clearly the Cat Being in the transom in the left glass door.

Below you see more Bear Ets. Each one of them is as individual as each of us, within this dimension. They are most clearly Bear Ets even when their facial features appear Human-Like. Some appear very much like the Bear beings here on Earth. Others look Human-Like in varying degrees, much like the Lion Ets. That is what is so interesting about seeing these Beings. They are as varied and incredible as each of us. While they are individual they have the ability to merge and travel through time and space as one Being, at one level of consciousness. They are truly staggering in their appearance.

LightBeings7-1-12 056

By Joy S. Gilbert with the help of Sasha Adams, Ellie Maier and Craig Hamilton