Tau Cetia Bear Ets

Tau Cetia Bear Ets

(I will be adding information about the Tau Cetian Human-Like Ets when time allows. For now, I hope this information is helpful.)

A Bear lifted me up so I could see all the Earth…..He said, I may jump among the high cliffs and I shall never die.”   Full Mouth (Crow)

I have added a discourse on these amazing Tau Cetian Bear Ets after the pictures. It was a bit of a surprise to see these huge Et Beings. Many years ago after the Ets came to me in 1993, telling me “It’s Time to Remember”, 4 huge Bear Beings came to my home about 3:00 AM one morning. They stood waiting for me outside my home in Oregon next to a 75′ spherical, metallic ship that hovered silently a few feet above the lawn. Each of these Bear Ets flanked the spherical ship; one stood to the North, another to the South, another to the West and the last stood to the East. 

The 3 pictures below were taken on 2-17-13. I have a Quan Yin standing on a table that is about 3 feet off the ground and the Quan Yin is 6 feet tall. The height in the room is about 14 feet. The Quan Yin is from China and painted white with her facial features painted and her robes, dress, hands, feet and face are painted with light colors and skin tones. However, here she appears to be brown, which she is not…

You can also see the many small and large Tau Cetian Bear Ets. You generally see their noses first and they are often a light shade of tan, while many of the Bears have darker brown fur as seen here. Their colors are not unlike the Bears of Earth. Also, notice how they appear much like the American Indian Totems. These incredible Beings are bipedal. Their fur can appear brown, ebony, auburn and white. There eyes are usually brown or black. But, I have seen a few who have almost golden eyes.


 The picture below is a magnification of the top portion of the picture above. Here you can see that their forms are somewhat distorted as the merge and blend into objects in this physical dimension.

Below is a magnification of the lower portion of the first picture above.

2-7-13 037CPVb (3)

Below are two pictures that were taken 12-4-12 of a few Tau Cetian Bears, standing to the left of my Christmas Tree. The picture was taken from the backyard of the back of my home, at around Midnight. These Beings stand about 7′ tall. However they can become very huge. When seen outside they may appear to be 150′ tall and 100′ wide. Then with their immense and often curly fur they can appear even bigger.



Below is a picture of several Tau Cetian Bear Ets that was taken 8-3-12 at my home by Ellie Maier & Sasha Adams. This is a column of stone, as part of the Portico in the front of my home. Notice the different colors that make up the different Beings. You can see that they are translucent, filled with light. I have needed to darken and saturate these pictures in order to see these Ets more clearly. Although, you can see clearly that they have a defined form these Et Beings are so evolved that they can alter the size of their forms at will. They can manipulate matter and they can merge into what we perceive as solid physical manifestations. 

4-30-12night 003bear(3)


I find the Tau Cetian Bear Beings a particularly constant presence within my life and home. While they are profound teachers of the spiritual worlds, they are particularly playful and humourous in nature. But, I would never perceive their humor and playfulness as having a lack of profound purpose, power or intelligence. They are profoundly conscious Beings/Ets. On a phenomenal level and in the reality/dimension we all live here, they have been a focus within my life and many Indigenous cultures within our world. Ironically for years before I became aware of them, whenever I would go some place, away from home, I would find myself looking for a picture, small trinket or a model of a Bear to bring home.

When I saw them there flanking a ufo, I thought they were giving me a screen memory so I wouldn’t be frightened. It was a surprise to realize many years later that they actually were Bear Et Beings. Really, you cannot make this stuff up! For many years prior to this realization I had dreamt of Bears. I believed they had shared knowledge with me, taught me things about the world and helped guide me through the myriad of obstacles in this physical world, to Awakening. 

One night in Oregon, about 19 years ago in 1994, after the Beings/Ets had come, telling me “It is Time to Remember”, a ship appeared hovering over the lawn at the back of my home. My ex-husband and I had property out in a rural area with five acres of land. There appeared four very large Bears that stood outside a ship/ufo, at the four corners of the Earth, East, West, South and North.  They were standing around a spherical, sleek mettalic appearing ship that hovered, silently above the ground.

I was asleep at the time they came. Yet, I felt them there, calling me to come outside. When I walked down the stairs toward the back of my home and out through the back door, they were there in position waiting for me. Further, creating an unusual story, the neighbors behind our 5 acre parcels told other neighbors that they had seen four adult Bears in the vicinity. Unless Bears are feeding you rarely see more than one Bear. The only other circumstances where you might see more than one  Bear is when a mother Bear is teaching her cubs how to forage food.

When I wrote my book it was published under Laughing Bear Publishing Co. Later, when I needed to create a business name I choose Laughing Bear LLC, as the Bear energy had seemed to be a profoundly deep influence within my life. There are other places in my life where the Bear is a very real and significant symbol and my feelings for these exquisite Bear Beings/Ets are as strong as the feelings I hold for the Arcturian Horse Beings, although the work we do together is a bit different. The Bear Beings have a ferocity and power that is unparalleled within the physical world. They are here to teach, protect and amuse. 

I have noted on the header picture for the “Pictures ETs & Interdimensional Beings” page that the prehistoric Polynesian navigators knew the Arcturus Star as the “Star of Joy”.  And the name Arcturus derives from the ancient Greek meaning, “Guardian of the Bear”.  Since the Beings told me 20 years ago that they named me Joy maybe there is a connection!

Within the pictures on this website you will see Tau Cetian Bear Beings who have come to the aid of humanity for eons, in its struggle for consciousness and evolution. These Bear Beings are profoundly strong, kind, warm and loving. They are great Teachers within this Universe and they are a part of a group of Beings who interact with humanity on different dimensions. They are here in an effort to uplift our consciousness, inspire spirituality and aid our souls in connecting to all life within this Universe and beyond.

On this page you will find meanings and concepts that I have found within our cultures both indigenous and western. I will also share my intimate levels of communication with these precious Bear Beings and anything I feel that will help others increase their understanding and awareness of the spiritual, soulful and Awakening implications that these profoundly gifted creatures bring to humanity, as well as knowledge that may impact humanity in this particular time and in our evolution as a species.


As a Native American symbol, many tribes believe that the Bear represents freedom of spirit. Bears are as powerful as the great wind.  The Bear expressed the qualities of unpredictability and is seen in all cultures as a massive being, which forages peacefully in the wilderness areas on berries and bushes. However, if provoked the first Peoples witnessed a ferocity that could elicit terror. Consequently, the Bear is often perceived as a protective Mother. If anyone finds themselves in the wilderness where a Bear is in its own habitat and you come across a Mother Bear with her cub or cubs, you know a terror that few people live through.

Any people who are aware of these places are warned, those hiking or traveling through wilderness areas need to stay away from a Mother Bear and her cubs.

The Bear holds a potentially furious storm and the native forebears were extremely cautious, respectful and in Ah of this incredible Being. Even the tribes who were living in peace, attributed the Bear with the honor of, “Spirit of a Warrior”. It is believed that in just the witnessing of a Bear, someone is able to embody the powerful surge of courage and strength.

Bear meanings have grown by the observations of Tribal Sages, Shaman and Medicine Men/Women. These significant tribal leaders were involved in the deeper understandings of creation and the tribes interconnectedness with the natural world. They found the spiritual within their natural connections between their people and the natural world. The Shaman were believed to be blessed with the ability to intuitively, interpret significant events and their meanings, which compelled the tribal Peoples into directions, actions, wisdom and a reverence for all life.

A particularly significant meaning of the Bear Beings, and the worldly Bear itself, comes from a Shoshone Sage who set about to bridge the spirit worlds with the physical world, in a trance state. During his vision he was gifted with the sight of a clan of Bears, who performed a ritual dance in front of him.

As he watched them dance, he realized that these Bears were not in spirit, but they were real Bears. They stood bipedal, on their hind legs while dancing in the golden rays of the sun. The Shoshone Sage recognized this as a dance of “Gratitude and Prayer” for the healing and protection of their young. From that point on the Shoshone Tribe created a ritual known as the “Sun Dance” where the Bear is seen as the central feature, symbolizing protection, strength and the continuation of progeny within the tribe.

Sioux Bear Meaning

Within the Sioux tribes the Bear also represents healing. A Sioux legend tells of a Mother Bear becoming tired from carrying her heavy babies, within her.  She has difficulties walking and was afraid she could not make the journey to the foraging fields, to feed herself during the last days of her pregnancy.

Resting against a redwood sorrel plant, the plant began to speak to her, telling her that if she ate its leaves she would be strong enough to make the trip. The Mother Bear, recognizing the wisdom of the Earth ate the sorrel, discovering that it worked. She knew her Sioux sisters would have the same difficulties when they were heavy with child, so she shared this knowledge with the Sioux Medicine Woman.

(We are still in the process of putting pictures on this page.)