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Pictures Orbs

When we started taking these night pictures I was interested in night shots of my home to share with a friend. Seeing the Orbs, Et Beings and Blue & Purple Light Configurations was a complete surprise. We then used several other cameras to see if they picked the same things. To our surprise they did pick up almost exactly the same Orbs, Et Beings and the Blue & Purple Light Configurations. At that point we realized that they were real.

Alien Contact & Human Evolution created this page to show our Pictures of Orbs that we have taken, as well as some Pictures of Ets & Interdimensional Beings. These pictures represent the manifestation of Interdimensional and Et Beings in creation and within the layers of dimensions that make up the physical world.

We have many, more pictures to share here. So, as time goes on we will be putting more pictures on this page. I have seen one Orb that appears to approximately 250 feet tall and 175 feet wide. It was more like an egg-shaped Orb, which you will also see here.

There are also pictures on the Pictures Ets & Interdimensional Beings and in Joy’s Videos that show even more amazing Orbs of light with huge trails, which are filled with Ets and Interdimensional Beings.

The next 10 pictures were taken in sequence on 7-14-13

Picture below was taken on 6-9-13

Pictures taken on February 17, 2013

Within the 5 pictures below you can see a sequence of pictures showing the “Configuration of Light” turning into Orbs!

The two pictures below were taken on 12-4-12

Sasha & Khit took these pictures of my home at night around Midnight, showing several florissant Green Orbs above the home.



The 2 pictures below were taken on 12-4-12

They show a large Orb in the lower right of the picture. It was taken around midnight. It is approximately 10 feet in diameter.



The picture below was taken on 8-3-12 

Sasha Adams & Ellie Maier too this picture at my home around Midnight. Again you can see the green, florescent Orbs hovering over the house. I have pictures of similar florescent Orbs appear in Blue, Pink & Violet, which I hope to put on the website soon!

Blue Purple Light Configuration taken on 8-3-12 at 11:30 Image #1

Below #1: Taken on 7-7-2012

The pictures below were taken by Amrita Huntington and Craig Hamilton near their home, which is above Flathead Lake, Montana. What showed up in their pictures were these exquisite florissant Orbs. We have used one of the pictures, magnifying it while saturating the color, as you can see below.

Orbs photograph #1 taken on 7-7-2012

 Looking below you can see the florissant Orbs magnified one more time. Now, you can see that they are actually different colors and when you look closely they appear to have entities within them and around them!

Below #2: Taken on 7-7-2012 

Orbs photograph #1 taken on 7-7-2012

Here is another magnification of the same Orbs. If you look closely you can actually see little faces of creatures within the Orbs!

Below #3: Taken on 7-7-2012

Orbs photograph #3 taken on 7-7-2012

Below #4: Taken on 7-7-2012 Another magnification.

Orbs photograph #4 taken on 7-7-2012

All these Pictures were taken at my home and the home of friends!

Joy S. Gilbert