Sirius Lion & Cat Ets

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Within Sirius Lion & Cat Ets

The Below Pictures are in the video, Ufos, Sirius Lion & Arcturian Horse Ets #5  Presented on May 13, 2013.

Notice the what looks like small Tau Cetian Bears in the middle window and clearly you see what appears to be a golden, Lion Being in the right window.

Below is a magnification of the first picture above. At first, you aren’t sure what you are looking at, only it is very clear they are sentient, living Beings who appear to be Lion-Like. Then, you notice that there are many Ets combined into one Being and/or one mind. How amazing!

Now this magnification clearly shares a pictures of a Being who appears both Sirius Lion-Like and Human-Like! It appears that there is also an Arcturian Horse-Like Being there with him. Notice also how precious and kind he appears and feels. It required a great deal of darkening and saturation of color to bring his feature out.


In experiencing these amazing Sirius Lion & Cat Et Beings, I feel very grateful and speak to you with some emotion. They are so exquisite that I find it difficult to write about them, which is why I haven’t expressed anything about them until recently. My relationship with them feels too precious and soulful to share with others. However, I believe that this is what they want. So, I will do my best to share their messages and the essence of their interactions with humanity, in an effort to give those who have deep feelings and connections with them, an opportunity to connect more deeply or as they may wish. 

Throughout this page you will see pictures we have taken of Sirius Lion & Cat Ets. Some of these Beings appear to look like a combination of Human and Lion Beings or Human and Cat Beings. They are Bipedal and profoundly conscious, brilliant and beyond loving. Some have a great deal  of fur, all  over their bodies and others have little fur. Their race of Beings is much like ours, every entity is filled with diversity. So there are no two creatures within creation the same.

In just being with them all the time, I feel forgiven for all the many mistakes I have made here on Earth and in my life. They are only interested in all of us moving forward in our evolution; each of us have to face the beauty within us and the things within us that are not so beautiful.

I have long ago, given up my right to feel regret as each of us, if we live from our soul, do the best we can with the knowledge we have available at the time. So there is never any reason to hold onto regret or torture yourself for past mistakes and errors. In their world, this activity is a waste of precious time.

None of the Ets or Interdimensional Beings I have been in contact with over the course of my life, spend any moments of time focused on what you did/do wrong. Rather, they focus on what you do right, from your heart and your level of sincerity. Their love is truly unconditional, sustaining and staggering in breadth and depth.

For me in seeing these pictures, no matter how some of these Interdimensional and Et Beings may appear to my mind, I see them as beautiful. The pictures we have of these Beings and the “Blue and Purple Light Configurations” are uplifting. They create a sense of peace and joy that seems to wash over you when you take the time to just look at them within these pictures. These Sirius Lion & Cat Ets are Beings of Light.

If, as for some human beings, you are overwhelmed by shock and/or fear, please remember that love, respect, care can only create love, respect and care! When you hold those ideals within your heart and mind in love for all aspects of creation, nothing negative can hurt you! You are your own best protection, what you hold in your heart, which determines your life experience.

Below you will see a series of 1 – 4 pictures that we have taken of the entryway, showing a Sirius Lion Being in the center of the wreath that is hanging above the front door! Of course, we did not SEE this Lion Being with our eyes. But later when I looked at the pictures, there he was….I do not have Lion heads that big lying around my house. I do and have always had Lions at my door, or Chinese Protection Lions! But you can….see them with your eyes..


Thumbnail 10:06  

Joy S. Gilbert, Contactee Pictures: Praying Mantis, Ancient Bird, Lion E

This video clearly shows a Praying Mantis Et, Ancient Bird Et, Lion & Cat Ets, Orbs and Light Configurations filled with Extraterrestrial & Interdimensional Life, living within and outside our known Universe. The pictures of the Experiencers/Alien Abductees and their relationship to Ets is clear and as with all the pictures taken on my property, we have used 2 – 4 cameras, at the same time, aimed at the same area and we see exactly the same Beings and Light Configurations in each of the picture, no matter the camera. These Light Configurations are themselves the very means or vehicles used by the Et and Interdimensional Beings, allowing them to move in unison, together, through time and space. The Light Configurations are filled with intelligent life. These Ets are all Beings of Light that live and are sustained by the light. They have the ability to move into thousands of dimensions as they live simultaneously in advanced states of consciousness.

#1. The picture below shows the entry way with the wreath above the door on top of the transom a Sirius Lion Et. So there is a window behind the very huge wreath, approximately 5′ in diameter. The following pictures are magnifications of the wreath and the Lion Being within. Also please notice the left side of the picture and the thousands upon thousands of Sirius Lion Beings around the house & roof. They are blue & purple in color!

IMG_2553ba (3)

#2. Below is a further magnification of the entryway.  There is also a large Bear Like Being in the left entryway door! Also please notice the Beings on either side of the Lion Being in the center of the wreath. There is nothing up there in that window or transom, yet you can see the purple light emerging out of the heads of the people standing on either side of the Lion Being. They appear to be bowing in prayer and dressed in white robes with the purple, lavender light around their heads..IMG_2553bc (3)

#3. Below is a further magnification of the picture above. You can see the Sirius Lion Being in the middle of the wreath!IMG_2553bda(2)

#4. Below is a detailed magnification of the wreath with the Sirius Lion Being in the center.Below you can see the exquisite Beings in white robes more clearly on either side of the wreath with the Lion Being in the center. There you can more clearly see that they are Horse Beings….IMG_2553bd (3)

Below you will see a series of 1 – 3 pictures that we have taken of my home, showing the Sirius Lion & Cat Ets and Interdimensional Beings. You can see them clearly on the right side of the picture, at the edge of the home, along with other Human looking Ets. These Et and Interdimensional Beings are profoundly ethereal, made of exquisite Light. So it is hard to make them perfectly clear, like those of us in this physical dimension. Yet, you can clearly see their forms and features when you take the time to look!

The darker colors you see in the pictures come as a result of my attempts to make their forms and facial features clearer for you all to see.  They generally appear wrapped in vital, fluorescent violet, blue and soft green light. Below this series of pictures are magnified from one picture. I am at present 12-19-12, in the process of putting many more pictures on this page. But I am finally beginning to share some pictures I have that may shock you.

The “Pictures Ufos & Ets” page as well as the “Pictures Ets & Interdimensional Beings” page also share some amazing pictures.)

# 1. The Picture below shows a glowing fluorescent green ball, configuration in the middle of the picture. On the right side of the picture you will notice that it appears thicker. The color is darker because it is so hard to SEE these incredible ethereal, Light Beings that the pictures need intense color to allow you to see them more clearly. On the right of this picture at the edge of the house, you can see some translucent Beings, whom are very clearly Sirius Lion & Cat Ets.

Above you will in the center of the picture a dark figure, which is a garden statue of a Quan Yin. She stands about 4 feet tall. On the left side of the picture I have the head of a Thai, Buddha head. It sits on a pedestal. But there you can see something moving on top of its head and around a glass door, into my Mud Room.

# 2. Below is a magnification of the picture above. You can also see Interdimensional Beings on the left side of the tree.

# 3 Below is a magnification of the picture above with a focus on the rights side of the house, where you can see clearly Lion & Cat Et and Interdimensional Beings.

9-22-12 004abc (3)

The picture below was taken on 7-1-12. I have absolutely no artifacts or statues of Cat Beings within my home anywhere.

(Introduction Continued…..)

The stories surrounding the Sirius Lion & Cat Et Beings suggest that the designers and creators of this Universe asked them to come here, into this Universe to help all sentient beings, with the galaxies, planetary systems and all physical matter, reach their COMPLETION within this Universe. It is clear to me that their levels of knowledge surrounding this Universe and all that resides within it, is profoundly advanced.

While these Beings and many of the more advanced races of Beings within this Universe, I have encountered, do not speak of themselves or their capabilities, except as it applies to the needs of others. Essentially, they share nothing that isn’t relevant. Their work is related to consciousness, evolution and spirituality. Their concern for humanity comes from a very spiritual understanding and is felt deep within them. They feel a deep sadness at our present situation and they are working with others to benefit the well-being of humanity, this Earth and the Universe.

The Lion Beings have made it abundantly clear to me that the needs of humanity to evolve and develop, are critical at this point in time and that this is so pressing that any diversion would be perceived as counter productive. They are here to help us increase our consciousness and our abilities, to connect with everything in the Universe, including them and the other races of Beings.

The speed with which they traverse this physical world is staggering and their minds are so much quicker than ours, it could not be calculated. They have said (This is only a way of sharing what they impart.) that it is necessary for all of us to develop our abilities to communicate, mind to mind or WE understand telepathic communication, as that form of communication allows for much broader knowledge, understanding and comprehension.

One word shared mind to mind, at those levels of consciousness impart staggering volumes of knowledge. You are then able to not only comprehend the intellectual, but you are given a direct experience of those events, which allows you to develop all aspects of that moment, creating in you the ability to vastly, speed up your evolution.

Even for myself at this point and over the last 20 years, I have found it increasingly laborious and intensely difficult to converse with others who define themselves by the third dimension. Conversation and especially with no purpose or for social reasons, feels intensely small and irrelevant. Communication with the Lion Beings, as well as the other Beings who share their work and similar levels  of consciousness, have a simplicity and ease, which allows knowledge to be constantly shared, literally in a stream, in every second.

Their communication is completely telepathic, which is a way of being in the Universe that is not yet available to those people who have not developed  their inner awareness. So, telepathy is a skill that humanity needs to develop.

Of course, to accomplish telepathy and other similar skills, like mathematics you need to start at the beginning to develop the language necessary for that form of communication. I have had to develop a vast vocabulary to help myself comprehend their messages. Further, those who wish to develop the ability to receive knowledge from these Beings need to create an openness, a faith in yourself and that all creation is sustained and maintained by love. You need to develop a willingness to “LET GO” of the world as it appears and the beliefs created by the cultures. This allows you to develop a deeper connection to the inner worlds, inside you, creating greater awareness of the things that pull you away from your true self.

Those worlds can only be reached through disciplines such as: Meditation, Reflection, Tai Chi, Yoga, Prayer, Contemplation and Intention. You do not need to give up the world, only your attachments to it.

To develop these skills people need to work on themselves, eliminating things from their lives that do not enhance their evolution and the development of their consciousness. In order to listen to what the natural world, our planet and the Universe is speaking to us, we need to quiet the mind and listen. It may sound like a simple task, but when we are filled with our own perceptions and construct we cannot hear, we cannot feel and we cannot SEE. Many Humans have only become a product of their cultures and the habitual behaviors they have been taught and shown.

We often project our own level of consciousness out onto the things and people around us. Consequently, in order to evolve it is necessary for us to learn the skill of suspending “belief”. I am not suggesting that you do not use your mind. Rather, I am suggesting that you do not judge everything you do or everything someone else may do. This can be very difficult, just try it. Because when you are judging you are literally not seeing anything, keeping everything out of your mind. You are not being open, aware or conscious in that place, inside you. Consequently you are incapable of seeing anything with clarity.

We need to clear the mind, to truly hear and see what the Earth and the Universe is saying to us. As I am certain you all realize, the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. Everything that exists in the external world outside you can also be reached through your very cells, inside you. But only, if you can and/or will give up your constructs, perceptions and attachments to what you “think” you know or what you “think” you want.

As I have stated in other parts of this website, I do not like to use concepts such as Starseeds as it is off the point. Using those paradigms, it is easy to not accept responsibility for your own mind. To clearly see your mind you need to be accountable for what you “think” you see and hear. Meaning you need to realize that what you see may only be a product of your perception and in reality an illusion.

Only then, when you realize that all things stem from your mind and you work to clear your mind, can you SEE.  After working on yourself, your consciousness and working to become aware, will you be able to transcend duality. Thereby, bringing your awareness into silence with the ability to SEE from your soul, your essence, your heart and not from your habitual patterns, your ego or your mind as molded by your culture, institutions, what you have been taught, and your physical eyes.


Obviously, I am most interested in the materials, which discuss the spiritual implications of the presence of the Lion-Human Beings and since these manifestations appear throughout the world in all recorded history, it is likely that these Beings represent something very powerful and spiritual within the physical world.

The Lion-Human Beings have been documented throughout our history….I have found material that goes back 35,000 years in writings and carvings of the Lion-Human Beings.

I will share the information that researchers have developed as well as my own perceptions of what their purpose is here now.

Picture of the “Lion Man” one of the oldest statues ever found.

Above is a picture of the “Lion Man”, ‘der Löwenmensch’ in German, which is one of the oldest and certainly one of the most remarkable statuettes ever found in human history. It is (calibrated) to be about 35.000 years old. The quality of the art production of Neanderthalers never came near of that of Homo sapiens, researchers suppose this statuette was made by the first wave of modern people who reached Southern Germany. Of course, this is the theory that human history has established, which may not be true. These statues may very well be representing “real” entities, existing in that time!

The statuette was put together from hundreds of pieces. The first 200 parts were found in a cave in Hohlenstein-Stadel, Schwaben1, Germany in 1939. It was only in 1969 that researchers realised that this was a statuette that was a combination of a human and a Lion. Later when more pieces were found the sculpture was completely recomposed. It is 28 cm high and made of mammoth ivory. The height is exceptional for a mobile work of art. It was previously believed that a statuette made of stone were seldom larger than 10 cm. In Schwaben two comparable statuettes were also found. One was found in Hohler Fels. Its height was only 2,5 cm.

The explanation researchers gave for the meaning of this work of art was: a shaman disguised as a Lion… All other finds in the area were singular representations of animals, with no other morphological combinations of men and animal, suggesting the Lion-Human was perhaps used for specific ritual purposes.

The Lion-Human Being has been seen throughout human history as half human and half Lion. In ancient Egypt we see the Sphinx a Lion-Human Goddess who serves as the protectors of the Pharaohs.  The Lion is a symbol of the sun-god Mithra, representing the Etruscan Lion with wings, which stands at the entrance of the Temple Mountain, at Troy.

Sekhmet, Egyptian Lion Goddess


In the Muslim religion we see Muhammad’s son-in-law and cousin as the Lion of God, which is depicted as a Lion headed angel and one of the four beings supporting Allah’s throne.


Within Buddhism the Lion is a deeply significant creature and symbol. Lions are frequently pictured with Bodhisattvas who guide people to the path of enlightenment. Manjusri, a well established Bodhisattva represents transcendental wisdom and is frequently depicted on the back of a Lion.

Tibetan Snow Lion

The Four Dignities within Tibetan Buddhism are mythical creatures who represent the various aspects of the Bodhisattva attitude, like strength, protection and joy. The Snow Lion resides in the East and represents unconditional joy, a mind free of doubt, clear and precise. The Snow Lion is beauty and dignity cultivated from a body and mind in profound synchronization  The Snow Lion is a youthful, vibrant energy of goodness with a natural sense of joy and delight.

In Tibetan Buddhist art you can often see the throne of the Buddha depicted with eight Snow Lions, representing the 8 main Bodhisattva, the disciples of Buddha Shakyamuni. Their qualities are known as fearlessness, dominance over mountains, and the elements that make up the Earth.

Within Tibetan Buddhism, Snow Lions are mythical creatures, considered to be an auspicious and good omen. Further, the Snow Lion has been the official symbol for Tibet, since 1909.

The Lion is not merely present across all the major religions; it also suggests links or commonalities to the roots of many religions.  For Jews, the Lion is a symbol of messianic promise and redemption.   This has parallels to both ancient civilizations and Christianity.

It has been and continues to be an amazing experience working on the pictures for this website.  Every time I see The Beings emerge I am changed.  My limited perceptual neural pathways are blown apart to make room for something bigger than my brain can hold within its narrow constraints.  How magnificent to become aware that there are infinite dimensions packed in on top of, and inside of each other, dense with Beings and that we are gifted with the opportunity to actually SEE THEM!

By Joy S. Gilbert

 Aslan’s Appearance in C. S. Lewis’, “The  Chronicles of Narnia”

One of my favorite “fictional” characters is the Lion Aslan from the Narnia Chronicles.  Needless to say that seeing the myriad of Lion Beings in the pictures triggered my investigation as to the origin of this story and this character for C. S. Lewis.  Much to my delight I found a paper on C. S. Lewis and his reasons for writing the Chronicles and more specifically, writing in the character – Lion Aslan.

“Before he wrote Aslan into the story, Lewis was visited for a number of nights with dreams of lions. These haunting pictures came to him from an unknown source, but many of them all but demanded to be voiced in his stories”.

Interesting, heh?  I do not think that there is any doubt to the parallels between the significant spiritual importance of Lion Aslan and the powerful influence that these Lion Beings have on me and anyone else who truly takes the time to absorb what is really happening here!

 By Ellie Maier

More pictures that we have taken of these Lion and Cat, incredible Et and Inter-dimensional Beings will be added.