Research on Alien Abduction

There is enough negative material out there on the Alien Abduction Phenomena already. So, I am not interested in presenting those views.

1.) ABDUCTION: Human Encounters with Aliens: John E. Mack ……John-E-Mack/…/14165758… Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens [John E. Mack] on *FREE* … Dr. John Mack is a serious, careful and courageous researcher. Consider.

2.) John E. Mack – Alien Abductions Research ON HUMAN IDENTITY. The most important change that is needed by humanity now is to move beyond the boundaries of a limited group identity to a larger …

3.) UFO Media Matters: Dr. John Mack: Alien Abductions‎  Nov. 10, 2009 – Dr. John Mack was at the top of his game, a tenured Harvard Professor of psychiatry, tons of published papers and a Pulitzer Prize for … debunkers, and I’m sorry to say, some UFO researchers’, mantra to explain abductions.

4.) NOVA Online/Kidnapped by UFOs/John Mack – PBS…/aliens/johnmack.html  But they’re able to tell, distinguish clearly the abduction trauma from other … that these experiences have for those who undergo alien abduction encounters.

5.) Topography of Alien Abductees Brains Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. I I, No. 4, pp. 435-453, 1997 OS92-33 10/97 © 1997 Society tor Scientific Exploration Topographic Brain Mapping of UFO Experiencers NORMAN S. DON Kairos Foundation and University of Illinois at Chicago, 1107 Wilmette Ave.. #174. Wilmette, IL 60091 norman.s.don@ Gilda Moura Kairoa Foundation, Caixa Postal 14520, CEP 2241’2-000, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil gilda.moura

6.) ted. htmlAlien abductions revisited Study suggests alien abduction experiences not simply products of fantasy-proneness. Below is an Except from that study: “It is suggested that false memories are created by therapists during hypnotic regression to probe ‘missing time’, but almost a quarter had an overt memory of the supposed events. This supports the findings of Bullard and Mack (1989) who report a figure of “approximately 30 per cent”. The retrieval of buried ‘memories’ through hypnosis has been widely criticized, but over 80 per cent of our participants said they had ‘remembered’ by experiencing ‘flashbacks or dreams’. The natural leaching through of real suppressed traumatic events is accepted by therapists and clinical psychologists.”

7.) HowStuffWorks”Alien Abductions”…/aliens-ufos/alien-abductio…How Stuff Works: Many people have reported alien abduction stories. … Other studies since then have come to similar conclusions, and the scientific investigation of the abduction …

8.) Alien Abductions, Sleep Paralysis – Susan by Susan Blackmore (This study would have far more valid to me if one of the controls had been, as to whether the Alien Abductee Participants, in this study did not believe in Ufos & Aliens or Extraterrestrial Life prior to when they experienced a full blown Alien Abduction Event. For myself, I have found over the course of 21 years involved in this phenomenon and meeting other involved in this phenomenon that most of the Alien Abductees I have met did not necessarily believe in Ufos or Ets prior to their Full Blown Abduction Event. I know that I didn’t even think about it, except maybe once or twice in my life, prior to my experiencing a completely conscious Alien Abduction Event. by Joy S. Gilbert)

Department of Psychology University of the West of England Bristol BS16 2JP. Published in European Journal of UFO and Abduction Studies, 2000, 1, 113-118.

9.) The Marden-Stoner Study on Commonalities Among … Oct 29, 2012 – I had surveyed the psychological studies on self identified abduction experiencers for a chapter on alien abduction in SWW and a research …

10.) John Mack, M.D. – UFO Evidence   Home Page; UFO Topics; UFO Photos; UFO Cases; Sighting Reports; Report a … John E. Mack, M.D., professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and … These are questions that can only be answered fully by a great deal more research. … The publication of Dr. Mack’s book about alleged alien abductions was still a …

11.) Human Transformation and Alien Encounters | John E. Mack Institute…/human-transformation-and-alien-encounters/ When John Mack was in Australia I supported his research into indigenous aboriginal abduction & UFO experiences – an area we both had a strong … In this paper I will consider the elements of an expanded epistemology which might help to …

12.) Interviews |John E. Mack Institute Mack’s research into alien abductions has thrust him far out of the academic mainstream, yet the Harvard psychiatrist and his Program for Extraordinary …

13.) Alien Abductions: The Real Deal? | Psychology Today…/%5Btitle-raw%… Psychology Today Mar 1, 2003 – What leads people to believe they’ve been abducted by aliens? … Related Articles … in a western rationalist tradition of science; researchers in the department of psychology, Richard McNally, Ph.D., and Susan Clancy, Ph.D.,

13.) The Omega Project [Kindle Edition] Kenneth Ring Author) Visit Amazon’s Kenneth Ring Page Ring, K. (1989) Near-death and ufo encounters as shamanic initiations: Some conceptual and evolutionary implications. Journal of Near-Death Studies 11(3).

14.) Ring, K. (1992) The omega project: near-death experiences,UFO encounters, and mind at large. William Morrow, New York (link provided above)

(I just started compiling these Research Papers. So, there is much more to come.)