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 Spirituality Vs. Therapy creates greater clarity in assessing the profound differences between the Western Cultural response to the Experiencer/Alien Abductee Phenomena and the response found in the process of Spiritual Awakening or the process of Enlightenment; with respect to all paranormal, anomalous phenomenon and the natural Evolution of Humanity as a species.

 The above picture was taken at my home & when you look above the house you can see three green orbs.


At first thought, you might think that these two disciplines Spirituality Vs. Therapy, share a great deal in common? While these two concepts, Spiritual Awakening & Therapy share some similarities their differences are far more real, especially for those of us who have spent years studying both the intellectual aspects of human behavior through Psychology and the Spiritual through many different religions and disciplines. Unfortunately, within the study of these two aspects of human development, we can see quickly that the intellectual, thinking aspect is only one part of what creates a whole, complete human being. When we focus on the intellectual, mental and psychological aspects of ourselves alone, we recognize that it is not enough to lead humanity into more advanced states of awareness and consciousness.

Further, when someone is experiencing paranormal phenomena to the extent of an Experiencer/Alien Abductee, then to believe that western perception has a role to play in coming to terms with these events, is absurd and a paradox. Western perception is conceived by the cultural environment determining what is “right & wrong” with respect to mental health. Clinicians who are clearly trained to think in the western perceptual vernacular do not embrace a Universal Awareness. The reason I present this as a paradox is because people who are involved in clinical therapy actually believe that the client/patient, having paranormal experiences, needs to be fixed. So the clinician seeks a protocol to bring about a healing and/or an understanding for the Experiencer/Alien Abductee based on his/her perceptual reality.

However, to bring about an understanding based in our present “Consensual Reality” for an Experiencer/Alien Abductee, literally flies in the face of reality. When you recognize, through these profound experiences that the world you are trying to come to terms with, the physical, perceptual world that western cultures bow down to, does not even EXIST. Then, you SEE the absurdity of Psychology and the intellectual endeavor to understand the human experience through a very small world view . Rather, the “Consensual Reality” is the DREAM, the ILLUSION and the belief that the physical world exists at all is the very thing keeping humanity trapped, attaching to people, places and things, perpetuating ignorance, sleep and more human suffering.

The Experiencer/Alien Abductee, is already in a far more advanced state of awareness than the clinician. Of course, most clinicians in our culture mistakenly “believe” that they are better than everyone else and you can experience this readily through one moment of conversation! So, to address these paranormal events through a person or a culture that has no comprehension of the vast nature of human consciousness, an awareness of a Universal Consciousness, or the fact that these states of consciousness exist at all, is to be further misdirected by the small minds that flourish within western cultures, civilizations and societies.

When looking closely at human behavior and western therapy, it becomes clear that the differences in the path to Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment and the work involved in understanding the human condition through the intellect and clinical therapies, are the antithesis of each other rather than any sharing of common attributes.

     “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”

            Albert Einstein

The immediate difficulty with western designed therapy is that its primary focus is on fixing the problems and issues in an attempt to solve them from an external, cognitive, intellectual paradigm. Whereas, in a spiritual focus you learn that it is impossible to solve a problem on the level of the problem. You also learn that problems are the very gifts and opportunities you need to grow and learn about your own mind and the world we live in. “You cannot solve a problem on the level of the problem”. If I heard this quote once from Maharishi over the years I studied with him, I heard it ten thousand times. It is also a significant premise within Buddhism.

Within Indigenous Cultures, Eastern Religions and Philosophies and Buddhism you recognize all issues and problems within your life as stemming from your own mind. Buddhist philosophy seeks to overcome the things in life that cause suffering through action. To accomplish this they work to change the mind and focus on positive attributes, qualities and actions, which they believe are the behaviors that dissolve problems. In their minds, talking or discussing a problem only feeds the problem and the Ego, fanning the flames if you will of the real problem, which is attachment and the perception of duality. This precept is the antithesis of traditional western therapies.

Western traditional therapies are essentially the opposite of the sacred teachings of many Indigenous Peoples, Eastern Religions and the Buddha and Buddhist thought. It is also at odds with the teachings of Christ in the Christian Religion. As I understand that the teachings of the Bible point out the fact that man/woman cannot ascend to the heights of Heaven unless he/she receives GRACE, which cannot be earned through deeds alone. But Grace is something that must be bestowed upon the faithful. It has to be given.

It is believed that GRACE is bestowed upon a disciple/parishioner when that person has given up his/her attachment to the phenomenal world, surrendering all worldly and individual gain, to serve Christ and mankind; Christ being the Son/Sun of God, represents the doorway or the portal to fulfillment, redemption and ultimately GRACE.

Consequently, Eastern philosophies and Buddhism engage the use of meditation and other meditative arts, to transcend duality. They see the human, root issues as stemming from attachment and/or ego. These philosophies and religions suggest that all things, good and bad, arise from the mind; everything you think, everything you see, everything you hear is a manifestation of your own mind. Therefore, you cannot blame others for the things you experience. So addressing the difficulties within the mind, solves the problems and issues you perceive are present in your life. Clearly, if you have a problem, it is a product of your perception and stems from your own mind.

If you believe you are a victim of Alien Abduction, that is a precept that arises from your perceptions of reality and your level of consciousness. Many think that they are in control of the Universe and if not the whole Universe, than certainly their part of it. But, once you have had an experience such as this, Alien Abduction, or like the Near Death Experience, or any Meditative State experience, you recognize that there is more to life, than you can possibly think or see.

Within the AWARENESS of paranormal experiences, there is a recognition of the phenomenal world as much bigger than you were led to believe. You REALIZE that the world is not as you were taught and you have some work to do, to catch up with what is really happening inside YOU and on this planet. Sadly, most therapy exists to bring you back into line with the status quo, which is the illusion, the lie and this kind of mental thinking will not set you free. Rather, it will chain you once again to the illusory world…..Reality is an Illusion – YouTube► 10:05► 10:05… (saying for over a millenia. Reality is an illusion, a projection f… … )

Electro Magnetic Spectrum

We see only an infinitesimal aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum. The Human eyes and visual cortex see between 350 to 777 nanometers of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. It is less than 1%, meaning that 99.9999999999% (on to infinity) of what exists in the Electromagnetic Spectrum of frequencies and wavelength is unseen and unknown, but not unknowable. The other profound issues is that once you see an object it takes the Visual Cortex less than 10 seconds to identify that object. Wow! This means that what you are seeing is then perceived very fast, based on what you have been told and taught about the world around you that you can only see with your eyes, which is less than 1% of the total frequencies and wavelengths available that describe the physical world.

Consequently, with almost no information at all we humans have the audacity to define creation and our experience with little or no knowledge. The moment you choose to define your reaction to a certain event, whether you are aware of it or not, you have done so without 99.9% of all the knowledge available.

That reaction and the paradigm that your neural networks created within your brain will be what you react to every time that a particular trigger is presented. The trigger, unless thwarted by a conscious awareness, will cause you to react in exactly the same way over and over again, even when the circumstances have been removed or are completely different and do not warrant that particular reaction and/or behavior.

Your mind is where you resolve the misinterpretation, not through focusing on the problem. You transcend the problem. One clear way of accomplishing this is to focus your attention on those who may be less fortunate than you are and see how you can serve their needs, or make their life better. This behavior allows you to stop focusing on yourself, which interrupts attachments and the habitual patterns within your neural networks. It also, helps to change the way you think, causing a break to occur in your neural networks or neural pathways. Once broken, over time, the habitual patterns will not cause you to attach perception or an automatic behavior to that particular trigger.

There will always be people who are richer, prettier, smarter, and more evolved than you are. By the same token, there will always be people with less than you in time and space. An action of service and helping others takes your mind off yourself, which allows you another perspective of life, expanding your understanding of not only your circumstances but the human condition. These kind acts allow you to develop essence, more conscious awareness and a greater understanding of how the mind of all creation works.

Transcending your own thinking mind is the very thing that can take you into the Unified Field of all life and all consciousness, which will allow you to SEE into all the other worlds and dimensions that are right here in front of us. It gives you a view and interferes with those thought processes that keep you trapped in sleep states and habitual patterns.

Therapy is nothing more than an intellectual endeavor, which is Ego driven and filled. Therapy is designed and maintained within the illusory reality. It serves to maintain the delusion, not to set you free from ignorance. Therapy is not capable of making physical changes in your neural pathways. It may contribute some aid, but it is not sufficient to help you evolve.

Therapy takes place on the mental or intellectual levels of consciousness, with is where the problems arise for the Mind. Using Spiritual Practices and Techniques allows you to “LET GO” of the Past and focus all your energy on the PRESENT, which is what is needed. Otherwise, if you stay in your thinking Mind or the Intellect you continue to recreate the same habitual patterns over and over again. You have to learn how to let go of the PAST and the FUTURE and focus all your attention on what you can do in this MOMENT.

In spiritual practices, rather than feeding your problems and dilemmas by sitting around and talking about them with a therapist, you instead focus your attention on the opposite of the issue. An example would be, if you realize that you have an issue or an attachment to money, than you focus your actions on charity and generosity, to learn how to detach. This is just an example I am not suggesting that any one needs to give all their money away! In a spiritual path, it is important not to focus on yourself.

When I lived with Venerable Gyaltrul Rinpoche, a Tibetan Lama, I was never allowed to speak about my personal problems or issues. I was expected to “work” on becoming a better human being, which is not always easy. But, I was made aware, in no uncertain terms that any revelry in myself was completely unacceptable on every level, which was a profound teaching and one I hold dear to this day, because it works. It works because it takes your attention away from yourself and the very issues that have become habitual patterns of behavior in your Brain.

I was also required to spend as much time as humanly possible in the recitation of prayers, meditation and other spiritual arts. These acts take your mind away from the thinking that got to a place of misunderstanding and hence, suffering. Everything takes place in YOUR MIND. All the thoughts you attach to, everything you perceive and your ideas about yourself and others. It all stems from your own MIND.

Certain behaviors that people develop out from childhood create neural networks within the brain. So, even if the reason for the behavior has long been gone your mind may still be in the habitual loop, through your neural networks. It is tapping into those habitual patterns within your mind when you are presented with external triggers that appear the same from the outside. For instance, if you learn at a very young age that doing a particular behavior resulted in attention, even if it was negative, you may continue acting on that trigger long after the reasons to behave a particular way have been extinguished. You may be reacting to something that doesn’t even exist.

In spiritual training you recognize that you are not only your body or your mind. You are much more. Yet, you are much less at the same time. This kind of understanding and knowledge prepared me for the intense manifestations of the paranormal, anomalous experiences… And for me these experiences were about Awakening or Enlightenment, if you prefer, to who I was and who we all are on this Earth and within this Universe . These paranormal experiences do not stop, even for a moment. They continue to teach me about the Universe and further my evolution, which is infinite. Consequently, I had to let go of what I was taught….What I was taught in this Western culture at Universities and in the world around me, is not relevant. It is an illusion, a projection of mind. It is a hologram!

The Universe is always expanding and growing, so there is no end to evolution or knowledge. There is no point you come to where you have learned it all. If you realize this, which is an element of what Enlightenment is all about, then you can begin to make the suffering and difficulties within your life the gifts that teach you the true nature of the Universe and all life. Anything you fear becomes an opportunity or what I call a “Red Door”. The way to move swiftly through your own life experience and gain the most knowledge is to go through your “Red Doors”, which address all your fears.

Still, I am not embarrassed to say that it took me years to comprehend the significance and meaning of these precepts. Consequently, therapy has the potential to become a misadventure into an area of the mind that does not always allow you a doorway out of those self-indulgent patterns. Further, any long-term focus on a single problem often ends up distorting the truth of a situation, causing ineffective conclusions and no long-term resolution.

Hence, we live in a society that is dominated by pharmaceutical corporations. If you cannot sleep, take a pill. If you are depressed, take a pill, an anti-depressant. Presently, 97% of Canadians and Americans exist on antidepressants. Does this strike you as a healthy or intelligent society or social issue? When did humanity decide it was better not to feel? How could we as a civilization think that numbing ourselves was an answer to human problems? Many Experiencers feel compelled to numb themselves through alcohol when confronted with the intensity of these experiences and the realization that their life is at odds with the culture they live in.

Obviously, within western therapy there are some significant benefits to understanding our behavior, to reflection and to introspection. Therapy attempts to share useful tools and techniques to help the participant who is suffering deal with their issues. The focus is on the problem and how to fix the person, which can easily lead one into patterns of behavior that continually feed the mind, creating a habit of self-indulgence and self-involvement. These techniques are not a resolution. Plus too often participants wish to please the therapist as they might look for approval from their Mother or Father. It does not create self-sufficiency.

This process does not teach the participant how to transcend or evolve beyond many behaviors that are ingrained in the cells and that have become, over the years of their lives habitual patterns.

Last night I listened to a psychiatrist speaking about how a human being should……….behave and the dispensing of antidepressants, which he advocates based on his education. The difficulty here is that his background did not include anything other than western medicine and western education. He expressed a finite view of western knowledge, which is always linear and focuses on fixing the person who is presenting themselves for therapy. This concept infers that the person is wrong and needs help to be set on the right path, which is determined in this case by a western linear model of perception. I find this construct within the mental health field, not at all effective for Experiencers.

Of course, there are many clinicians I have known over the years who recognize the difficulty of maintaining one view and they tend to bring everything they have studied, plus their spiritual studies and experience to the table, when working with clients and patients. These are usually very good clinicians, at what they do and generally use different aspects of themselves, other than traditional, intellectual knowledge when assessing the needs of their clients and patients. Some of these clinicians may be referred to as Transpersonal Psychologists or Therapists.  However, not all clinicians who blend the spiritual and the western view are Transpersonal Psychologist.

A really excellent psychologist or therapist will have developed a great deal of empathy and an intuitive level of knowledge, which cannot be learned except through life experiences, care and respect for themselves and thus for others. These clinicians are most often working in Transpersonal Psychology and/or have done extensive work on themselves through developing other aspects of the human experience beyond their intellect, western education and our social structure.

There are those clinicians who have been practicing both from western and eastern models of knowledge.  These are the clinicians that Experiencers need to seek out, if they hope to have a successful experience with a clinician. However, not all of the clinicians within, even this model are aware or open to this phenomenon.

As I say over and over again, throughout this website, if someone feels the need for traditional therapy and they are involved in this phenomenon, they need to seek out a clinician who is aware and sensitive to these kinds of paranormal, anomalous experiences. A clinician who is kind, caring and open to the impact of paranormal, anomalous experiences, trauma and the impact of these events on an individual’s life and view of reality.

Buddhist Ruins in Cambodia

(Above is a picture of Buddhist Temple Ruins in Cambodia.)


It is estimated that more than 33 million people in the United States alone, have had UFO and/or Extraterrestrial encounters according to the most recent Roper’s Poll. (You can find a link to that poll on the ET & Alien Documentation page.) The Alien Abduction Phenomenon or as we refer to those people experiencing these events, Experiencers/Alien Abductees often find no sincere, credentialed treatment for experiences they know are real.

As a culture in the western world our natural response when confronted with a shocking life event is to seek out clinical professional help. Unfortunately, there is often no credible clinicians available or willing to work with Experiencers, which may in the end for some of us be a blessing. That is we are forced to seek other alternatives for dealing with these anomalous experiences, which do not fit into the linear perception of the western cultures.

Many of us in the first few  weeks or months after becoming aware of our relationship to this phenomenon, feel intense isolation and segregated from the rest of the population. I have heard many Experiencers over the years tell me stories of how they felt raped yet again by their mainstream clinical support, which only adds to the stress they already feel. These circumstances have the potential to create an endless cycle of trauma.

Within traditional psychology and counseling, instead of acceptance and support, Experiencers are relegated to a diagnosis such as; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Personality Disorders,  Psychosis, Dissociative Disorder with implications of child rape or some other childhood trauma that the mind cannot comprehend. These are the most common diagnosis offered an Experiencer when they come face to face, for the first time with a clinician who they believe they can trust.

The element of trust alone, is a devastating issue for Experiencers because they realize that their experiences are not culturally acceptable. In fact, they are acutely aware that if they share their experiences the potential is that they will be treated with disrespect and unkindness. So to be willing to trust a clinician enough to share these events is a devastating proposition to begin with.

Then, to be treated unkindly is beyond anything anyone should have to endure. But many clinicians do treat Experiencers unkindly, as more than one had mistreated me when I sought out their guidance. And, in their diligence to “fix you”, they will find many more diagnosis to fit their perceptions of your problem………

Mainstream clinicians often assume Experiencers imagine their alien abduction experiences and that they are born out of their exposure to science fiction films and books, which flood our popular culture. Another reason suggested for what they perceive as outlandish claims is that Experiencers have been so traumatized by an event that they are unable to see their true experiences.  So, Experiencers create this fantastic story as a screen memory, to be able to live with the trauma they may have experienced.

While a small percentage of these diagnosis may be attributed to those claiming to have these experiences, I have found over the years that this percentage is very small. I have found that even those Experiencers who have done a great deal of work on themselves, through therapy and using evolutionary tools, still continue to operate in the world with grave concerns about sharing their experiences with others. I know of many people who have these experiences, including myself, who comprehend the negative reactions to this phenomenon from our culture and our entire social and economic structure.

These events do not just impact a single Experiencer and then go away. They impact all aspects of our society; how we view the world and how we perceive all life on this planet. These experiences take one out of this world, which we have all been taught is the only world and they teach us about a Universe teeming with exquisite life that is neither dependent on our continued existence, nor whether we pay our 30 year mortgage, which keeps the wheels of this economy going.

Consequently, the misconceptions that are continued, maintain the status quo and keep the culture intact, which is believed by some to be a benefit to society. So, those who know this phenomenon is real prefer to keep our society in the dark, while perpetuating information that causes the culture  and social structure within society to remain unchanged.

Experiencers find themselves becoming ostracized by the people and culture they love. Now, not only do they need to address the shocking events they have experienced, but they must endure a society that makes them the butt of jokes, creates  constant misinformation and ostracised them and their experiences from a legitimate life, which all human beings deserve. Now, I make lots of jokes about myself, as we humans are pretty funny creatures. But the jokes society and ignorant people offer, are generally malicious and their intent is upon emotional, mental and physical harm to Experiencers.

Unfortunately, the information disseminated throughout the western world continues to suggest that the Experiencer is mentally  ill or seeks attention through their association with this phenomenon. Of course, if someone has no realization of the social and cultural implications of sharing experiences like these, then they would probably fit into a category of mental illness.

However, the predominant attributes of the Experiencers/Alien Abductees suggest that they have a full grasp of how the culture may view their experiences. There are other compelling characteristics that all Experiencers share, which I refer to in this website as “Constellation of Experiences”, which you may find on the “Home” page.

If you stop to think about all these assumptions for just a moment, if you are at all intelligent, you quickly realize that it is utterly absurd to suggest that anyone would be looking for attention through sharing these experiences… Who would ever want that kind of attention?

Within a Spiritual model of integration, there is a tremendous acceptance of those things that cannot be easily explained. Spirituality addresses issues of faith, acceptance and inclusion from a level of understanding that is not met by traditional clinical therapies. While I may not totally embrace the traditional perception of God as he/she is depicted by many religions, I experience and appreciate those aspects of love, grace and mercy, which those religions provide in our culture. I find them spiritually fulfilling and in tune with the greater good of all mankind, which should be the focus of every human being on this planet.


Clinicians or people who wish to work with Experiencers and do not share these experiences, no matter how sincere, have no idea about my experiences or any other Experiencer. They can only use their training, which may simply be intellectual. Some even believe it is appropriate to project their perceived, unique experiences on abductees in an attempt to tie them to the Experiencer, which doesn’t even work in theory. 

Some research by Kenneth Ring, PhD. & “The Omega Project”, The Omega Project [Kindle Edition] Kenneth Ring  Visit Amazon’s Kenneth Ring Page has suggested that these experiences share common features with the Near Death Experience and the Meditative State. While it is clear that there are very common elements within these paranormal, anomalous experiences that are shared features, the thing that separates the Alien Abduction Phenomenon is the level of trauma. So, if you do seek outside clinical support, you need to find someone who is also skilled in understanding the effects of trauma.

Many clinicians I have met over the years are utterly inept and completely unable and/or unwilling to see Experiencers as anything other than victims or mentally ill, which has nothing to do with the reality or the truth of their experiences. They will not even take the time to  look at the research or investigate themselves, to see whether these events are real. Sadly, these clinicians are all disrespectful, rude and arrogant. I have heard them laughing, yes educated, professionals, making jokes about Experiencers to the point of being malicious.

This is a common reaction from the clinical community. This phenomenon seems to elicit a level of fear in the minds of those who are invested in our conventional, social structure and the people who maintain it. You can always tell when someone is in fear or insecure when they become angry, sarcastic and rude, which are all behaviors I have encountered from clinicians over the years in relationship to the Alien Abduction Phenomenon. I am just grateful that I learned to become my own person many years before I found myself seeking support for an Alien Abduction experience.

Clinicians are trained to think in pathological terms and they have been taught that anyone expressing these kinds of thoughts or saying they experienced an Alien Abduction, has psychological issues. Often, their learned knowledge becomes just another fixed construct or religion, a set of attributes to believe or not believe. Their education actually becomes the albatross they wear around their neck. 

Many of the clinicians who came to my lectures in the past would not openly reveal the fact that they were clinicians to others. When speaking to me about their experiences or their deep feelings associated with this phenomenon, they would even whisper, as if they were afraid to speak it out loud because someone might hear them or they might hear themselves and saying it out loud might make it true.

When I did make efforts to communicate to clinicians for help right after my initial experience, I was shocked to be assaulted and violated even by friends who were clinicians. I share this in the hopes that others may not have to go through the insults I have had to endure. Some of the clinicians who perceive themselves as capable of working with Experiencers were even worse, having little or no understanding of physics, biology, consciousness, spirituality or evolution.

Consequently, I learned to stay away from those people who “think” they know. Some just seemed to feel entitled to use Experiencers for their own purposes, to feel superior or to put their experiences into psychological boxes. Many clinicians will push drugs and other treatments to diminish your experiences, because in their minds the abduction experience does not exist. In their perception these anomalous, paranormal experiences are not real.

Other clinicians that I have researched over the years, help Experiencers by focusing on how you can live and meet the challenges you are faced with after an Alien Abduction. Your life changes as a result of experiencing such a profound and shocking life event. I am not so sure this technique works, but I am grateful that these clinicians recognize the need to integrate these paranormal, anomalous experiences into our lives. They deserve my respect because they are willing to put their credibility on the line, to work with Experiencers.

Some of the clinicians I have met over the years, have assumed that they knew me because they interviewed me or studied with me for a bit. This is far from any reality. When clinicians feel it is appropriate to seek me out to acquire information for themselves and their work, then “think” they have done ME some great service is beyond arrogant. It is interesting how people’s egos can turn events around to make them look good and everyone else bad. Obviously, I know that that person will not be a caring or respectful clinician with any Experiencers/Alien Abductees.

I do test them when they ask me to place them on my website and when they say they want to work with those of us, experiencing these profound paranormal events.  As long as, an Experiencer/Alien Abductee comes to them from a place of victim, these clinicians can exert their power over them, to tell them what their experience is or is not. This however, in my perception is unacceptable.

At this point, I do not recommend any clinicians and I encourage Experiencers/Alien Abductees to seek out spiritual remedies instead of seeking support from western trained clinicians. Unless, I absolutely know that a clinician will be kind and respectful, I will NOT under any circumstances recommend them.

When you look at Dr. John Mack you see someone willing to be open, humble and respectful. He was always aware of the devastation that sharing these experiences created in the hearts, minds and bodies of the people he worked with. There was a profound level of compassion and recognition. That is NOT the experience I have had with most western clinicians. He seemed to intuitively realize how profoundly sensitive Experiencers/Alien Abductees actually are. But too many of the clinicians I have met seem to think this is the area where they can make their mark, make money or become important. But having intellectual knowledge IS NOT an indication of embodiment of the same knowledge.

My experience in life has been that if I can trust and be patient, work toward understanding my own mind, all the knowledge and understanding around the circumstances, including Alien Abduction become clear. If you can delay the gratification you may require in “getting” the answers you think you want, you won’t be blocking your ability to receive knowledge and information, which is inside you.

When you try to fit this phenomenon into a mental or intellectual definition created by the world around you or someone else, you are literally pushing the answers a side and limiting your ability to AWAKEN. So, if you can reduce your stress, meditate, focus on your life and work, you may find that the answers will come to you naturally.

In spiritual terms, wanting to know everything right now, especially in the face of something this traumatic and unknown, literally keeps any resolution at arm’s length. This is essentially being impatience, which feeds fear and doubt while pandering to the least precious part of yourself, your EGO. The need to know can be an endless seeking of ego gratification, which is life on your terms. This phenomenon is not life on your terms. It is you becoming one with the Universe and it will draw you into itself if you are willing to let go of what you “think”.

After an experience like this, you can grasp this humbling concept; the Universe does not exist on your terms. The Universe exists on its own terms, which may be the antithesis of what you believe or you have been taught. This doesn’t mean you have no value or you should just give up. It means that the world as you have been shown and taught is a facade. It is not real.

Many clinicians are neither open, aware or interested in seeing the world any other way than “their” projection, which has been created for them by institutions like, Universities, Religious affiliation, family, the culture and the media. They will all tell you that they are open, but clearly with one conversation you may see that they are not! So again, you find that belief, having no substance or definition at all, becomes something fixed….in the mind of the observer and they do not even realize it.

Within the facts of physics, which attempts to describe the mechanisms involved in sustaining this Universe, we recognize that nothing is fixed anywhere in the Universe. Everything in the Universe is a dynamic exchange of energy with everything else in the Universe. Consequently, it is always changing and always evolving. Everything in existence is in flux or change and only the Absolute, the Void, and the Unified Field that permeates all life, remains the same and constant.

Many clinicians approach this subject from their heads, their culture and training, projecting a profoundly limited view of the Universe. Instead of help, they offer their ignorance, projecting their perceptions onto our experiences. They have long ago divorced themselves from their souls or hearts, to an objective clinician and observer, which is the problem.

The questions you need to ask if you choose to seek out clinical support are: Where are they looking at you from? What is their level of consciousness and knowledge? Many clinicians have exchanged their possibility for growth, evolution, essence and soul for cultural acceptance, prestige and the hope of monetary gain, at the expense of their clients and patients, who they say and believe that they want to help.



The subconscious mind is a mystery to many, but a clinicians need to sustain their livelihood may be in conflict with a clients ability to heal. This has been my experience over and over and over again, when meeting those who say they want to help Experiencers.

All this happens at your expense, because they “know” they are right and they “know” you are not! They read it in a book! These so-called well-meaning clinicians exist to uphold the status quo of our western cultures, to feed your life experiences into their mental boxes, in their fear of all things soulful, connected and spontaneous that they cannot comprehend. They long to make us like them and wrong for believing in ourselves and this feeds them.  These clinicians set out to fix us, because we must be broken, since the culture and institutions have taught them that we are wrong.

Of course, if you look at the evolution of science in the western world, you find that many things that were not believed and were laughed at 20 years ago, are now fact………….Clearly, we can all change. But one of the things I see working within this culture is a desire among clinicians and particularly researchers, to avoid sharing information with other clinicians, out of a need to maintain proprietory rights over the conclusions of their investigations. Knowledge is not readily exchanged between disciplines or academics. 

It is necessary to realize that in choosing to accept what someone else thinks or tells you about a particular event or topic, doesn’t make it true. Unless you can feel with your whole body heart and soul that what they are saying resonates with your inner core, you are not required to believe them and thank God!

John Mack,  MD was rare and one of very few people world-wide, who comprehended the evolutionary, the sensitivities, the social and the cultural implications of these profound experiences on a human being and he paid dearly for his acceptance of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon.  Sadly, some very qualified and excellent clinicians will  not affiliate themselves with this field, out of their fear of retribution from the clinical community. There are some that I recommend on our “Recommended Clinicians” page whom I feel will be honest, caring and concerned with you. I know that they recognize that these experiences are evolutionary events and that you are not insane. 

Still, very few clinicians I have met over the 20 years I have been involved in this phenomena are people I would recommend. They do not have the education, knowledge, heart and levels of consciousness needed to truly assist Experiencers in meeting the evolutionary, emotional, mental and spiritual implications of these events.

My experience has taught me that the most significant help you can seek is through the spiritual. That is, anyway you can seek support through understanding the spiritual world gives you the knowledge you need to integrate these events.

Many times I have found that western religions do not include the knowledge necessary to comprehend these experiences. However, I have been gratified to see many Catholic officiates of distinction recognizing (Please see the “Enlightenment, Ets and Religions” page) the importance and significance of these events. Some clergy realize that this phenomenon reveals an immense Universe with many different life forms. They find it in their hearts to see a bigger picture with inclusion, respect and appreciation, recognizing the vast array of life in the Universe.

Certainly, at this point I would not choose to communicate my experiences to anyone one on one, in the clergy or clinical community, as I did try that approach and found myself being assaulted. All clergy do not appreciate or recognize life outside their understandings of the Universe. So you need to look at who that person is before sharing such a deeply, intimate and profound experience with them.

It seems that within our culture people choose to go into fear and negativity first and acceptance if it comes, usually doesn’t come easy. I suggest you not speak to anyone who may treat you unkindly and who does not have the knowledge you may need to put this phenomenon into perspective for yourself.

You can further help yourself through your own investigation and study into ufology, physics, evolution and consciousness and using techniques to raise your own level of awareness, like meditation, yoga and other tools to raise your consciousness. This will increase your ability to comprehend what is happening to you and maybe understand more clearly what it is these Beings are sharing with you?

The most important thing you can develop is the ability to trust yourself……………..and your experiences, no matter what they are. Whatever your experience is, good or bad, it can be understood and met. You can gain an inner awareness that allows you to connect more deeply to everything and everyone in the Universe.

In my world, I recognize that I have these profound and ongoing experiences. Consequently, I am aware of a biological, physical link and an interconnection with my nervous system that lives in a profoundly different place than those who have needed to use outside stimulus to have these anomalous, paranormal experiences. Experiencers live their experiences and the knowledge they gain. If we are willing to be open our evolution is ongoing, infinite. Knowledge and the development of consciousness never ends..

These states of consciousness and awareness exist for me every day, in every second of my life. They do not come and go like thoughts, cars, TVs, expensive shoes, money, or even my body. They are a part of what I am, like my spirit, my essence, my soul; the oxygen that flows through me and the beautiful neural networks that fire within my brain. These Beings are always with me and I am aware of who they are and why they are here. And I believe that it is TIME.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

(Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado)


The prevalent clinical belief is that this is not a real phenomenon worth clinical study or even conversation, which makes it very difficult for clinicians and therapists to work with this population and for other clinicians to find the courage to openly work with Experiencers/Alien Abductees. Their livelihood and the extensive investment they have made in their education bring up intense concerns and bias for their well-being and their clinical standing.

Very few people, and/or clinicians can comprehend this phenomenon let alone the ongoing nature of these events. There seems to be an endemic lack of awareness and/or denial connected to this ongoing phenomenon in all layers of our society.

There is an aspect within the clinical spectrum that presumes everything in this world can be fixed, suggesting there is something wrong with you. There is the perception that this phenomenon has a beginning, a middle and an end. But for those of us involved, there is no end and many of us realize that it began long before we had a human body.

Hence, for Experiencers/Alien Abductees there is no beginning, middle or end and concurrently there is no time and no space. It is all happening in the same moment; past, present and future. “Everything that will be has already occurred”, which is something I have been saying for 20 years. Ah, the paradox of  it all. It is all about the process and the beingness of  our lives, which I am aware………exists in multiple dimensions, multiple Universes and multiple worlds. 

Glacier National Park, Montana

(Glacier National Park, Montana)

For some of us who spoke to a clinician or two, they lied saying they had knowledge of this phenomena. Their knowledge generally consisted of seeing Whitley Strieber on a late night talk show and maybe looking at his book at the bookstore from 10 feet away. It was an empty, futile event with incessant questions, lacking authenticity and sincerity; while mentally they watched and assessed us swiftly, hurling us into their projections and bias’. All the time they thought we were too unaware and ignorant to even realize what they were doing.

Certainly. some treated me with no more kindness than they would offer to their lab rats. I was a mere subject for their purposes both pro and con. There were scientists that thought I should avail myself to their work, by allowing them to hook me up to machines. Many of the scientists I met who were interested in this  phenomenon, were not interested in how I was experiencing their interrogations nor were they aware of the intense consequences for my life and well-being in sharing these events with them. They were only interested in what they could GET.  

Further, throughout my life, when I did not find answers to questions about my human life experiences within my culture of origin associated with the paranormal, I sought out knowledge from other more ancient and indigenous cultures. I was never too proud to ask the questions I felt were necessary to meet my needs. I never felt too important to learn from anyone who might have knowledge that could help me and others achieve an understanding.

Over time I have all been able to find appropriate and healthy ways to cope with the ongoing, invasive nature of these experiences. I have successfully integrated the anomalous, paranormal phenomena, which is ongoing, allowing it to be a part of who I am and a part of my life experience.

I can assure you, I do not always offer the information to others whom I do not know. But I am never ashamed or feel any embarrassment whatsoever for what the culture perceives as these unacceptable and laughable experiences. Within these parameters, I continue to adjust my relationships with others. This phenomenon has an ongoing nature and it affects how I SEE and EXPERIENCE THE WORLD OF SELF and OTHERS here in this dimension. So, I work to not only help others evolve, but to care for my own life in the process.

I have had the strange and destabilizing feelings that naturally accompany this phenomenon. And I have continued to positively integrate, learning how these experiences change me and impact my life, while forcing me to evolve into greater awareness and a greater view of all life.


For myself, the point of all the years of work, effort, experience and study I have done, is to share that knowledge with those who can use it, on whatever level they may require. And that is really all that is important to me. 

Understandings and experience has led me to REALIZE, I was with the Beings before I took on this body. I came into this dimension with a purpose and mission, to help people comprehend what is happening here on this little planet. When I die these Beings will be there with me. When I go home to where I am from in another Universe, these Beings will be there with me. These Beings are always here with me; to my right, to my left, above me, below me, behind me, in front of me and inside me.

They are in my very breath, my prana, a part of my very being and soul. They are my true family. I will be with them long, long, long after I have departed this Earth, because we never die. Our bodies may wear out and die, but our souls live on into infinity. So, we may change our bodies as we change our clothes. Our perceptions of death are illusions, created within this world to keep us ignorant and asleep. Death does not exist.

This level of consciousness and awareness I am speaking of is about recognizing that the material world is sustained by the unmanifest world and the sub-atomic levels of creation, which are far more powerful and far more significant, than western perceptions of what is powerful and significant. 

Subatomic Particles

More to the point, the Universe is vast and incredible so why spend your life worrying about what someone else thinks of you. In this life, now you have an opportunity to choose the expanse of understanding and evolution. So, let that knowledge guide you through your life. There is no reason for you to care about what someone may think of you, including me?

By Joy S. Gilbert