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 Effects & Benefits

(I am always working to create more quality & value within this page, to help those who may need this information.)

The most important benefit to being an Experiencer/Alien Abductee and having Alien Abduction/Contact Experiences is that your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual bodies are unequivocally changed, effecting all your systems and your consciousness forever. You are altered, to an AWARENESS that what you were “taught” and consequently “thought” was real, is not reality. Further, it is NOTHING compared to the immense vastness of life within and outside our known Universe.


Effects & Benefits occurring for Experiencers/Alien Abductees create intense physical and emotional responses, which can cause distress when not seen in context or understood.  These experiences may also cause an Experiencer/Alien Abductee to develop amazing gifts that become intrinsic to their life experience. These experiences create Effects & Benefits, both seemingly positive and negative, but they have the potential to create a deeper understanding of all life, when seen within an evolutionary context.  

I created this page to share the Effects & Benefits of these amazing events, to increase awareness regarding the physical issues; both the illnesses & the benefits, associated with the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena. I hope that this knowledge will ease the minds of those who share these experiences, while giving informative and practical solutions to address the positive and seemingly negative, physical manifestations that Experiencers/Alien Abductees experience.

 ETs, UFO, Alien Abduction, Human Evolution, Consciousness

Many of the issues related to Alien Abduction Phenomena are presented below in linear form. However, beyond the list provided here is a discourse, discussing some of the relevant Effects & Benefits many Experiencers/Alien Abductees live with and experience within their lives… However, if we can see these experiences and events in light of Human Evolution they take on a different function and service.

(You may also find Symptoms Alien Abduction helpful and relevant.)


Effects & Benefits

Some of The Known Effects:

Common physical, mental and emotional Effects & Benefits often associated with the Alien Abduction Phenomena and the paranormal, anomalous experiences that are a part of these events:

1.)   Sinus problems, allergies, sensitivity to environmental toxins, irritable bowel syndrome, bladder infections, rashes, fatigue, migraines, onset of a sudden illness and intestinal infections. Also, there is an Immune Dysfunction element to many of the ensuing illnesses, such as: Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS or Lou Gareg’s disease, Shingles and other immune, deficient illnesses.

2.)    Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: After years of working with Experiencers/Alien Abductees who exhibit these symptoms I have found the Fibromyalgia Treatment Center website to be profoundly helpful. R. Paul St. Amand, M.D. has been involved in researching these illnesses over the last 45 years. His research as well as, numerous other researchers in the field, all corroborate the genesis of these illnesses as hereditary and therefore truly genetic, biological based illnesses, which continues to be a profound departure from what is traditionally accepted by the medical community.

The medical community seems insistent on continuing to affirm old stereotypes, even in the light of new research, suggesting that these illnesses are psychological and essentially psychosomatic. Therefore “they” surmise that these illnesses are not real. Many suffer with these illnesses for years never understanding that there may be a cure, if you look long enough and hard enough you will find help for these symptoms.

Dr. St. Amand has a comprehensive website including a treatment protocol, research, practitioners, FAQ’s and resources addressing these illnesses. Many Experiencers/Alien Abductees have successfully used this protocol and found it responsive to the devastating effects all Experiencers/Alien Abductees experience.

FYI: I do not gain any financial benefit for recommending Dr. St. Amand’s website and the research found there. You will also find that his website is not filled with ways to make money off your pain and suffering, which in and of itself is profoundly comforting.

            2. a) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome or CFIDS: While this appears to be a separate illness from the one above, it is not. Many people who have this diagnosis have been first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and this appears to be the same illness,  only with a different physician’s diagnosis. It may be that CFIDS is a more exaggerated, intense form of this illness, but it has the very same symptoms and characteristic.

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome  or CFIDS is also called Myalgia Encephalomyelitis (ME) and by other names. It is a complex, debilitating chronic illness that affects the brain and multiple body systems. This can be a debilitating illness and it is believed to have no known cause, diagnostic tests, or universally effective treatment. In spite of 25 years of research and more than 5,000 studies in the peer-reviewed literature not much headway has been made in solving it’s genesis or in finding a treatment or at least that is the predominant perception!

However, I have found that this illness fits within the parameters of Dr. St. Amand’s research and work relating to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As I stated above, he has been involved in this research for over 45 years and he has suffered from this illness himself along with many members of his family, including his children.  I find this profoundly hopeful. (FibromyalgiaTreatmentCenter/GuaifenesinProtocol www.                fibromyalgia treatment.com/ ). 

Initially, the medical community thought CFIDS might be associated with a virus, which is exactly what physicians thought caused FCFS. But, that theory has since been proven untrue in both illnesses.

             b.) Symptoms: The characteristic symptoms of CFS, as the name chronic fatigue syndrome suggests, is an illness marked by fatigue, a severe, incapacitating fatigue that isn’t improved by bed rest and that may be worsened by physical or mental activity of any kind. Although, its name trivializes the illness as little more than tiredness, CFS brings with it a constellation of symptoms.

The bone-deep fatigue, and accompanying characteristic symptoms lasting at least 6 months, which include: sleep difficulties (e.g., falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking unrefreshed), problems with concentration and short-term memory, joint pain (without swelling), muscle pain, tender lymph nodes, sore throat, and headache. A distinctive hallmark of the illness is post-exertional malaise, a worsening of symptoms following even very modest physical or mental exertion that can persist for days or weeks.

          c.) Physicians: One of the most difficult aspects of this illness is that most physicians have no significant knowledge of it and tell patients to get more exercise, which of course only worsens the symptoms and causes further suffering! They also believe it falls in the category of psychosomatic illnesses, as does every illness they do not comprehend. Really the only treatment offered at present by most physicians are cocktails of antidepressants and pain medication, which is really no treatment at all.

           d.) Treatment: I know those who have used Dr. St. Amand’s treatment with success for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as CFIDS. Really the word fibromyalgia refers simply to the level of nerve pain.  If you are able to catch this illness in its early stages your chances for being able to live a full life with Dr. St. Amands protocol are much better. (There is no monies exchanged for recommending this protocol or physician and you will find that his website is not filled with ways for him to make money off your pain. I just want people to get better….)

         e.) Conclusions: Living out this illness without any treatment is better than taking antidepressants and drugs that only mask the symptoms and have been proven in study after study to serve no significant purpose. Further, these classes of drugs have devastating side effects on our major organs. There are many alternative treatments, which I have researched for years and found that there is insignificant benefits or the relief from these devastating symptoms has been too modest to bother.  However, I have found that all physicians including Naturapaths and Chiropractors suggest that they can treat this illness with success. I have not found any evidence from those who have tried these protocols that indicates their protocols have any benefit, except for those doctors financial benefit. I have researched Naturapathy, Chiropractics, Acupuncture and I have studied a variety of self-help and natural remedies. However, they can help alleviate, for a time, your symptoms, which could allow your body to heal itself.

None of this research corroborated the benefits that these physicians suggest. Although, there is some relief and benefit to changing your diet and using the aid of holistic medical experts. Dr. St. Amands’ protocol has proved beneficial and benefits from his protocal were experienced within the first week!

I am personally always shocked that researchers are not working more together, sharing data that could be relevant, useful and helpful to their patients.

The Wedding Gift 1994 Film
► 1:25► 1:25 The Wedding Gift Trailer – YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v… The Wedding Gift Trailer. Gisele candido·241 …. FILM SHOOT OF 498A THE WEDDING GIFT  This movie stars Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Thora Hird and Sian Thomas (2003) This movie is significant for anyone who has this illness CFS, CFIDS or knows someone who lives with its chronic and ongoing effects. This BBC TV Movie is based on the true story of Deric and Diana Longden. It reveals the difficulty she had finding clinical or medical support for her debilitating illness and how unkindly she was treated.
Many of us who have had these symptoms and chronic illnesses have dealt with a medical community that diminished the effects of this illness, claiming  Experiencers/Alien Abductees were looking for attention and malingering, which is the same treatment Diana Longden endured before her death.
4.)   Compartmentalization definition: Compartmentalization is an unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or the mental discomfort and anxiety caused by a person’s having conflicting values, cognitions, emotions, beliefs, etc. within themselves. Compartmentalization allows these conflicting ideas to co-exist by inhibiting direct or explicit acknowledgement and interaction between separate compartmentalized self states. This is a common response I find in Experiencers/Alien Abductees. [1]   
According to Glen O. Gabbard, often times, (example) “people with a borderline level of organization […] have compartmentalized people into ‘all good’ and ‘all bad'”, on the principle that “compartmentalized experiences […] prevent conflict stemming from the incompatibility of the two polarized aspects of self or other”. Often, “when the individual is confronted with the contradictions in behavior, thought, or affect, he/she regards the differences with bland denial or indifference”
I believe that the definition above suggests that compartmentalization is not a healthy response to life experiences. It creates a schism between aspects of yourself in the face of concepts that we are unable to integrate into our understanding and comprehension. This is a pattern I see way too often with Experiencers/Alien Abductees who may share their experiences in secret, away from family, friends and loved ones. They desperately try to maintain their lives without having to change the way they live or see the world. But of course, this doesn’t work. The difficulty occurs when they deny or negate an aspect of their own life experiences, hiding those experiences so as not to ruffle the feathers of others, to protect their status and to fit into someone else’s paradigm of reality. This is damaging to the soul and heart of a human being. I look for the integration of all aspects of a human being in order to create oneness and more important peace within our minds.
There is so much denial within this field that people continue to hide for years and years. Sadly hiding yourself and continuing to feed a line of behavior that separates you from your own life experience is a devastating strategy, which never works. When a person represents themselves as an expert in a field such as Experiencers/Alien Abductees, yet they hide this phenomena from many others in their respective fields, they model behavior that creates a far worse mental health issue, secrecy. 
If the clinicians who suggest they are experts are not willing to openly respect and accept their own work, then how could they possibly teach or show you how to respect and feel about your life experiences, which is ultimately your work. That is, a clinician who is not willing to openly respect Experiencers/Alien Abductees through publicly representing this population, then pray tell, what do they have to offer you? Nothing!
I see this behavior perpetuated over and over again, when the clinicians available to work with Experiencers/Alien Abductees do not even have the courage to say they work with this population publicly. When you continually keep these realities a secret you become a part of another psychological issue, which is continued through this kind of denial and behavior, causing societal acceptance to be diminished. We see this issue arise over and over again in people who are terrified of being up front and honest about their experiences of Alien Contact or Alien Abduction.
Unfortunately, these clinicians by their behavior,  maintain continued secrecy and hiding from the culture themselves, do so by not disclosing this work openly. Consequently, they have unwittingly contributed to their patients/clients suffering. These Experiencers/Alien Abductees, on a  subliminal level must feel an even deeper message from their therapists and the culture at large, suggesting that they are not worthy. These effects cause profound and continued suffering. They keep people trapped in those places of fear. How can someone move forward unless they are willing to accept themselves and their experiences as they are? They cannot! Wrong or right, duality doesn’t have anything to do with it. When those who set themselves up as experts in this field and they exhibit behaviors that suggest they are ashamed to work with this population, they perpetuate the status quo. If a clinician is not even willing to express their regard and respect for Experiencers/Alien Abductee publicly, how could any of you possibly trust them or their motives?
Those experts are not experts because of their very lack of courage, which tells you that they do not even respect themselves. I am certain clinicians who engage in these behaviors have a lot of excuses that sound really rational. But in the end they are making a statement about you and your experiences. If they are not even willing to be open about their “willingness” to work with Experiencers/Alien Abductees, then the message is loud and clear. Experiencers/Alien Abductees do not have the same rights or value as other patients/clients.
It follows that this population do not deserve to be treated with regard and respect!  This is reprehensible and all Experiencers/Alien Abductees should really ask themselves, if the clinician they are seeing or want to see falls into these categories. You certainly do not want to share your deepest and most profound experiences with someone who doesn’t even respect you enough to recognize this phenomena’s existence, openly. I do not care how hard it is. They have no respect for themselves, so how could they possibly have any respect for you? You do not want to have someone helping you, who is more afraid than you are! Please, have the courage to first respect yourself and recognize that you are worth more than hiding who you are in the world!
Modeling is a profound behavior that can tell you a great deal about the person you choose to seek help from. If they are unwilling to exhibit respect or regard for you by stating openly that they work with Experiencers/Alien Abductees why would you ever think that they were the least bit interested in you?  If they were really interested in helping you……they should at least respect you enough to be willing to publicly say they work with Experiencers/Alien Abductees. Otherwise, they can offer you nothing and I would get out now! If I were you and I had inadvertently gone to a clinician who behaved this way, I would Run….very fast!  
5.)    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: According to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV-TR, PTSD is a response to a traumatic event in which both of the following were present. These symptoms are not uncommon for Experiencers/Alien Abductees, as the initial shock can be so overwhelming as to render us in states of profound fear, reliving the traumatic nature of these events over and over again, until Experiencers/Alien Abductees are able to come to terms with what we/they perceive as the fantastic nature of these profound, paranormal events. The common symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are as follow:
a.) The person experienced, witnessed, or was confronted with an event or events that involved actual or threatened death or serious injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of self or others.
b.) The person’s response involved intense fear, helplessness or horror (in children, this may be expressed instead by disorganized or agitated behavior).

Experiencers/Alien Abductees are having experiences outside accepted reality, which can be profoundly devastating and shocking. They have had either conscious or unconscious traumatic memories associated with what I perceive as Extraterrestrials and/or Interdimensional Beings. They may experience some of the following symptoms:

b. Persistent re-experiencing of the abduction characterized by flashbacks.

c. Avoidance of any stimuli associated with abductions.   

Within this symptom there may be varied triggers that impact the Experiencer. For myself, when I was about 16 years old I worked in a fast food restaurant. After an Abduction Event I went to work as usually without thinking or remembering anything about my experience. When walking in the back door I saw immediately all the stainless steel and began to have a panic attack. At the time, I didn’t understand what was happening but as I began to understand that I was a part of this phenomenon I was awakened to why my response was so dramatic.

d. Denial of the abduction.

Many people who know my story have tried to tell me that I was in denial in the beginning of becoming aware of these experiences… While that is true, it is more true that your mind just cannot grasp the vastness of these events and your relationship to them.

e. Anxious avoidance of areas where the contact occurred. 

Throughout my life I found no solace in any environment that I lived in. I would always seek other places to live when I grew weary of the place I lived at the time.  Many may see this as flaky. But in reality I was experiencing intense fear from something I did not comprehend.

f. Emotional responses to movies, photos and books about extraterrestrials.

g. Fear of another abduction. h. Anxiety symptoms that persist such as hyper vigilant, exaggerated startle response, irritability and panic attacks. i. Numbing of emotions. j. Refraining from sleep at the time the contact occurred or anytime. k. Diminished interest in previously enjoyed activities. l. Sense of a foreshortened future with no expectation of a normal life.

A Crimson Sunset over the Pacific Ocean

A crimson sunset over the Pacific Ocean

These Additional Effects may also be experienced:

1. Social withdrawal and isolation.

2. Feelings of guilt if one’s children or grandchildren are involved in the         phenomena.

3. Avoidance of medical and/or dental care to the detriment of their health.

4. Efforts to self medicate with alcohol and/or drugs.

5. In females: gynecological problems, positive pregnancy tests with unexplainable missing fetuses, bladder infections.

If these symptoms are not addressed Experiencers/Alien Abductees can have more debilitating  illness’ developing within the Immune System; such as: Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus and other illnesses that fall into these classes. 

Glacier National Park Lookout, Montana

Glacier National Park lookout, Montana

6. The Five Stages of Grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance

A very helpful paradigm to use while you are in the process of integrating your Alien Abduction Experiences are the stages of grief established by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross & David Kessler. You may at first think this is a bit odd and yet if you stop for a moment you realize that these profound anomalous experiences literally shatter your perception of reality, causing a death of sorts of who you are while establishing yourself in another perceptual reality. After a time of processing, healing and evolving through the shock, you will find that you now have a broader view of life, which is more respectful, loving and you feel a deeper connection to all sentient life, in all time and all space. 

These stages have evolved since their introduction and have often been misunderstood within the clinical community. They were never created to help tuck messy emotions into neat packages. These stages represent some of the responses to loss that many people experience. There is no typical response to loss ever, as there is no typical loss. Our grief process is as individual as our lives.

The five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with new models of reality and the loss of our previous self-perception and world view. These concepts are tools to help us frame and identify what Experiencers/Alien Abductees may be feeling. But, they are not stops on some linear timeline. Not everyone goes through all of these stages or in a prescribed order.

Hopefully these stages can help Experiencers/Alien Abductees as much as they have aided people who have experienced a loss through the death of a loved one. Using this model helps us move through the loss of self-perception, our identity and our perception of the world around us, with greater efficiency, which naturally leads us into greater awareness.

ETs, UFO, Alien Abduction, Human Evolution, Consciousness


From early childhood many of us who have been a part of the Experiencer/Alien Abduction Phenomena have experienced profound illness, often without anyway of understanding what has been happening to us. Many times physicians were at a loss and would ascribe allergic reactions and other easily identifiable diagnosis to symptoms they “thought” they knew, but without ever determining their origins.

The symptoms might abate for a while, sometimes even for years.  But, they always return and  Experiencers/Alien Abductees continue suffering from physical symptoms that do not readily exist in the minds of our clinical professionals, which cause all of us in these circumstances to avoid mainstream medical professionals. It is not easy to go to a doctor and tell him/her you were abducted by aliens…Hmmmmm You think? (This is a bit of a joke because absolutely none of us would share this information with a physician, unless Experiencers/Alien Abductees knew they were predisposed to this phenomena.)

Actually, most Experiencers/Alien Abductees realize that going to a doctor and telling them what they are experiencing could cause much, much more suffering. So we tend to avoid doctors and choose to deal with these issues anyway possible without the mainstream or established medical community. (There are other reasons for this behavior, which I will not go into at this juncture.)

Many of us continue to deal with illnesses and sensitivities that make our lives difficult, causing us to often need outside support. Of course, the newest diagnosis is Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. (While this diagnosis has been around a while, mainstream researchers and clinicians still have no idea what causes the constellation of symptoms that conclude this diagnosis.)  Health professionals tend to treat any illness they do not yet comprehend as psychosomatic, which is how they perceive the afore-mentioned illnesses.

We do believe that the symptoms associated with these illnesses work together to create a paradigm that fits health issues surrounding this phenomena. However, it is apparent to all the people involved that the diagnosis does nothing to address the real issues or the genesis of the illnesses many Experiencers/Alien Abductees share.

Therefore, most of the clinical community does not offer any real solutions to these health issues, except mood altering chemicals and/or pain medication. The drugs within these classes only mask the symptoms and stifle our bodies ability to heal itself. When Experiencers/Alien Abductees believe the established projection of their illnesses, they are unable to find credible alternatives that can actually help us heal.

As I stated above, narcotics as pain management and antidepressants are the prescribed drugs by the majority of physicians. If you need them of course use them, but they are not a long-term solution. These drugs will never address or contribute any health benefits………..other than relieving the symptoms for a brief period of time. All of these drugs can have devastating side effects.



The first and foremost benefit to this phenomena for an Experiencer/Alien Abductee is the shock of what is perceived as Alien Contact and/or an Alien Abduction event, which instantly reveals the truth behind the façade and mass consciousness of this planet. Experiencers/Alien Abductees become profoundly aware, in the flash of a second that the world is NOT as we were taught, on all levels of our lives such as: educational institutions, parental guidance, religious affiliations and our own perception of SELF. How could you ever come to an intelligent conclusion about life on this planet and your role in it, if you have never been given the appropriate information to determine the events that effect, manipulate and control consciousness, perception and behavior on this planet. You can never actually see the whole picture, which is what this event exposed, clearly for myself and many others. So, how does contact with Ets or Interdimensional Beings effect the mind, body and soul connections of the human species?

In many Indigenous cultures throughout the world, they believe illness is a portal into other states of consciousness. They believe that those who are very spiritual and gifted have these profound experiences and illnesses, as vehicles and portals into other worlds and other Universes. They realize that these events illumine and awaken the soul. They believe that these kinds of  men and women are sent into this world, this physical plane of existence, to help guide those who live in darkness back into the light.

This presentation is certainly what I have experienced throughout my life as an Experiencer/Alien Abductee, myself. That is, I feel that my experiences create an understanding about consciousness and human life in this dimension that others often do not yet comprehend. This understanding allows me the latitude to work toward the goals of Universal Consciousness, instead of being trapped by a perception or cultural construct that does not serve the whole  being or the whole of life that exist within, around and on this planet.

Many of the  positive skills and benefits born out of these events create a person who is highly telepathic ( Telepathy ), empathic ( Empath, ) psychic, able to see what is true behind what people project out into the world, as they describe themselves and others.  Experiencers/Alien Abductees see behind the veil into a world where matter is first created and maintained… Consequently, due to the illnesses Experiencers/Alien Abductees often face and the gifts we often experience we live in this world very differently than people who attach to the status quo perceptions they use to define themselves and by the constructs of a three-dimensional reality.  I see beyond the three-dimensional reality making my experience here in this dimension very clear and clean.

Most Experiencers/Alien Abductees find that their intelligence far exceeds that of those who are involved within the traditional, cultural values projected out by the mass consciousness on this planet. I just know what is true and what is not true and that carries into an understanding of physics, mathematics and other sciences where the knowledge it simple, yet it potentially has the ability to describe the workings of our Universe.

Many cultures throughout the world believe illness is an opportunity to experience oneself in different worlds. That is, they do not perceive that an illness is bad, like in Western Cultures. Here in this culture when someone is ill or has some disease, we have advanced to the state of blaming them….Yes!  Think about how many times in your life you have been ill when someone told you it was because of something “wrong” that you had done! This mirrors one of the lowest states of consciousness in this Universe, duality. Ask yourselves what you hear out of people’s mouths when they find out someone has Cancer. Their first response is often fear based and then they try to fix the person who exhibits that particular illness, to make themselves feel safe and comfortable.

After the sighs and the comment “Oh that’s too bad”, come the negative jabs at the person who is ill. How many times have you done the same thing in wanting to fix someone who is ill, because it makes YOU uncomfortable. Really, how many times have you heard people say it must be that they are unhappy, ate the wrong foods, they were negative, they smoked too much, (Even when they don’t smoke at all.) they lived in the wrong place…and on and on blaming the person who has the illness. In this culture we are taught to be terrified of anything we do not understand and illness fits neatly into that category.

For those people within this phenomenon who experience some of the symptoms of the illnesses associated and presented here, they immediately try to fix you. As if somehow they are better and know what you need to do to get better, even though they live their lives in sleep states. Without any real knowledge of this phenomenon or the illnesses related to these events and how those illnesses may just be about our physical evolution. Unfortunately, people like to offer knowledge they do not have, which does nothing to benefit anyone and usually only exists to allow them to feel superior. I am certain that many of these people “think” they are sincere. But, they are too often just operating out of “habitual patterns”, with a need to make themselves feel more comfortable in their sleep.

In many of the cultures throughout the world these experiences would be considered profound and people would consider those having these experiences as Shaman, Holy Men or Holy Women. They would be considered Spiritual Leaders. But, here in the Western World people within these cultures generally are asleep to these paranormal experiences and the worlds and realities they come from. They exist outside what is expected and outside our accepted reality. If they are having these experiences themselves they are often unable to remember them. Consequently, there is often no compassion. Instead, out of their own fears and even terror, they try to shove pills down Experiencers/Alien Abductees throats while telling them that there is something wrong with the person who they perceive is ill. 

People who don’t have these experiences are faced with something they do not understand. So, the person who is ill has to be wrong, bad, mentally ill or somehow needs to fit into their small minds, as something other than them, so they can feel secure! They take the focus off themselves and project their fear based consciousness on the person they perceive is ill.

Shocking me even further, some of those who believe in this phenomenon have created another set of rules, stating that Experiencers/Alien Abductees are ill because their Etheric Body and their Physical Body is not in synchronization. Again, they attach to duality and make Experiencers/Alien Abductees wrong. They go on to say, “When you make a strong tie to your Etheric Body, which they say is your Higher Self, (A contradiction to the evolutionary response and cultural projections.) you will no longer have illness”.  Wow! 

If that were indeed true, than I would have to eliminate every Enlightened Being I have ever met and determine that they were not what I believed they were. Unfortunately, you can actually see the impact on those who are willing to continue teaching human beings after they have Awakened and have gone into Enlightenment, on their physical bodies. Because people who live in ignorance and sleep states are not just asleep. Their bodies hold profound levels of pollution, to the point that they cannot SEE creation clearly. There minds distort reality, making their views no more real than their cultures on this small planet. When you are asleep it is because you have been brainwashed and your body is profoundly toxic. Otherwise, they would also have these paranormal experiences. 

Who keeps making up concepts that fit right into our Western perception of this is GOOD and this is EVIL or BAD? Only people who live in a mind of duality think such things! Who continues these disgusting lines of mental aberrations, perpetuating always….. the mind of duality, which creates nothing but schisms in the human experience? These paradigms recreate patterns of, “you are right or you are wrong” within your mind forever if they are not addressed.

While this may appear to be a new model of a Western Mind, it takes channeled information to just one more time, blame the person having these experiences. Here I see the same levels of consciousness replayed over and over again. So there can be one more, one up scenario, slapped on another unsuspecting Experiencer/Alien Abductee by those who “think” they know! 

Anything that creates schisms or separates the mind, does not come from conscious aware entities anywhere in this Universe or any other Universe.

I see this behavior and projection as more of the same construct that haunts the puritanical mentality of Western Societies, Good vs. Evil. Another paradigm that fits into what people are comfortable thinking, believing and doing. And if an Experiencer believes someone else’s perception who has a negative or limited perception of reality, they sadly end up creating another schism in their precious human mind.

The reality is that these physical responses, while some may be uncomfortable and unpleasant, are still amazing life altering experiences that may actually be just the response of our physical bodies and minds, to the new levels of consciousness we are experiencing and the more advanced frequencies we have entered! 

Depending on what level of work we are involved or what level of process we are integrating, that may be the determining factor in how our bodies react to the expansion of our consciousness. Experiencers/Alien Abductees may also be having a physical reaction to the density of this world and environment while they are living at frequencies and vibrations that rip a part the ignorance and sleep states on this planet. Everything in this Universe is about ENERGY. Maybe it isn’t about the Experiencer/Alien Abductee at all. Rather, it could very well be about our physical response to the ignorance and dense levels of consciousness we are confronted with in this physical world, in this dimension.

Where some may see these perceived negative effects as illness, they may only be the process by which we Awaken and maintain Awakening in a very dense world! It stands to reason that as you evolve you would become more and more sensitive to the world around you. While that may seem difficult at times, it may only be the process of evolution for which I am eternally grateful. In my perception the gifts within this phenomenon are far more numerous and vital than the alternative life experience, with I see as sleep and a “Waking Death”.

When you become aware that being in a particular place, or with particular people effects your body, heart and mind in uncomfortable ways, you have a clear message to remove yourself from the situation and maybe that is exactly what you should do. However, sometimes it may just be that you are growing.

I listen to Experiencers/Alien Abductees make excuses for their circumstances saying they need to do this or that when really they are not required by anyone to do the things they “think” they have to do. One sweet woman told me she had to live in a city and it was very painful for her. But it was something she believed that she was required to do to accomplish her work. Of course, there is any number of ways she could accomplish her work from another place that would nourish her body and soul. However, she is attached to her idea of how she has to accomplish something. If she opened her mind there might be any number of ways to accomplish the very same thing.

Dammakaya Temple

(Effects & Benefits continued)


As an Experiencer/Alien Abductee you may often feel overwhelmed with fears, emotions and feelings that seem to take you over. If so, you are probably an Empath. You may recognize that these feelings and thoughts do not essentially feel connected to your life experience. You may find yourself having feelings or moods that do not resonate with your temperament or character, as you know yourself.  Often times, the development of empathic abilities come upon us while we are unaware. But, as you develop the ability to observe your mind and behavior it becomes very clear that these thoughts and feelings are not your own, but seem to be coming from outside your mind, or your perceptual reality.  

I like to explain it, as if you are walking down the street and suddenly you feel an overpowering craving to eat dark chocolate. Now, in your own mind you know that you do not like dark chocolate. Instead, coming into your mind is your love of a nice milk chocolate with caramel bursting out of its center, as an inside filling.. But, for some reason your mind is flooded with desires for dark chocolate?  

Initially this awareness is very confusing until you look over your shoulder and see a young women standing in front of a chocolate shop and longingly looking at a silver tray filled to over flowing with rich, dark, chocolate truffles, in the foremost front of the window. 

You are probably an Empath.

Empathy is a product of our DNA. However, not everyone develops these abilities and there are also different degrees to which we each evolve. Although, to some these exquisite abilities can feel very often, much like a curse. I believe that these abilities were meant to be a part of all human experience, not just a few. We all have the ability to know the feelings that exist inside another, because we are all a part of each other! We are all connected. For more information on this go to Empath !


I have found over the years that what I eat is of profound significance to my physical systems. Primarily, how food impacts my physical, mental and  emotional bodies is very important to my overall health.  As with many Experiencers/Alien Abductees, I am allergic to many foods and cosmetic substances that have been tainted by chemicals, such as insecticides and other toxins used in the growing and processing of foods and sundries found in mainstream grocery stores and restaurants.

I have truly tried everything and have concluded that the best way to insure good health for ourselves/abductees is to choose an organic diet and life style. This does not  mean we have had to give up anything that we enjoy or even love….to eat. Nor does it mean we have to wear Birkenstocks. It does mean we are very careful to insure that our food intake is not tainted.

Dammakaya Temple, outside Bangkok, Thailand. If you look closely you will see that each light is a lit candle being held by Monks or Nuns sitting consecutively around the Temple in prayer

I have found it necessary to be Vegetarian, for both physical and  moral reasons, which has really helped in healing and maintaining my health. I have experienced good results from these choices. Further, I have taken steps to eliminate unnecessary stressors in my lives, as much as humanly possible. I have  also found it necessary to change my residence, friends and occupation.

Tibetan Buddhist Monks working on a Sand Mandala


It is important and maybe even critical to be high functioning and as productive as possible. I find that there is a greater integration of the anomalous experiences when I am physically engaged. This might be exercise, something as simple as learning carpentry, painting or other physical acts that require eye, hand, mind, and body involvement. Some of the most helpful ways to engage your body on all levels is through the skills mentioned on the Tools Page, such as Meditation, Tai Chi and/or Yoga.

These physical activities make the mind/body/heart connection more powerful, deeper, stronger and create enhanced awareness; thus integration occurs with greater inner expansion and outer breadth. It is the engagement of these aspects of the human experience that allow us to become proficient, self-sufficient while developing self-determination. If you prefer, these skill sets help you increase and develop your consciousness, allowing you to be less influenced by others and more in tune and aware of your own calling, needs and the true needs  of  those around you.



We find that meditation is a critical element to add in your life, if you haven’t already, creating integration and understanding of these experiences. People who meditate find that their levels of discomfort are profoundly reduced and even disappear completely. Most of us use Transcendental Meditation as I spent many years studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and became a teacher of TM in 1972. 

TM has been researched and documented by credible scientists over decades. The most significant study asserts that TM creates a synchronization of the two hemispheres of the brain. It creates greater cognitive awareness within all the different levels of your mind. TM aligns the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies creating a profound harmony within those systems. It also creates a profound level of relaxation that allows the body the deep rest it needs to heal itself.



There are certainly other things Experiencers/Alien Abductees  can all do to make their lives richer, more meaningful, while creating a life with greater simplicity. Within this dynamic it is profoundly useful to determine what stressors negatively impact our bodies, our minds and our emotions. Then, do what you can to eliminate stressors that cause your health to be compromised. 

Of course, realizing you are a part of this phenomena can be a huge stressor, not likely to be eliminated. But I hope you can keep in mind that there are definite high points and amazing gifts associated with these anomalous and paranormal experiences. And good stressors exist in our lives to help us grow and evolve. As a part of this phenomena many of us have found that our bodies continue to become more and more sensitive, profoundly reacting to our proximal environment. 

Since, I have spent years being aware of these experiences and this phenomena I find that making jokes from time to time and saying that I am allergic to Planet Earth reduces some of the stress…But , of course I don’t think it is a joke at all, I believe it is true!


As a Sensitive, like many abductees, I find it important to maintain my own space with those people around me who also work to create positive life experiences for themselves.  I create a beautiful environment with those who recognize the importance of developing their consciousness.  That is, those people who are willing to work on themselves, to overcome the attachments of the Ego and to see these anomalous experiences as a part of our natural evolution.

I avoid social relationships that have no significant purpose and expend energy that serves no one. I spend the majority of my time researching, meditating, writing, traveling and doing only those things that feed my soul. 

While there is always the desire within me to help others, I recognize that each of us have to determine what ways we can best serve others and help them, while remaining in circumstances that do not compromise us further. I find that the pollution within humanity exists within the minds of men and women who are rarely aware of their unconscious thoughts and feelings. What we see in the external world is a direct manifestation of the human collective consciousness.

When you are a Sensitive, initially you do not realize how vulnerable and open you are on all levels. In the beginning, I was not aware of how profoundly the thoughts of others affected my mind, my body, my health and my precious soul. Consequently, I needed to be aware of who was/is around me and why. Then, each of us need to guard our lives from people who take our precious life energy and do nothing of value with it.


In an effort to help those dealing with these health issues and myself,  I did extensive research and finally found a physician who has created a protocol, curing Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Yes….we said he has found a cure addressing many of our symptoms. While he and his staff are not involved in this phenomena, he has suffered from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome along with many of his other family members, for years before he was diagnosed.

After he spent many years of research and study, seeking to understand these illnesses he found some profound answers, which will definitely be of value to everyone involved in this phenomena and those experiencing these symptoms. His research and other new research clearly suggests that these illnesses are genetic, therefore hereditary. The research indicates that there is a gene missing, which is responsible for helping the body to eliminate certain kinds of toxins. Consequently, they build up in the muscle, lymph system, and compromise many of our important body functions.

Below I share his website and there you can gain some valuable information, which may give you a clear way of thinking about these illnesses. Although, the cure can be pretty intense and as painful as the illnesses, it works. I have used his protocol for many years now and I have recommended it to others who have experienced profound results and a reduction of pain and these symptoms


Having these illnesses myself, I was misdiagnosed. At first I did not realize that these symptoms were  part of a bigger health issue. As a consequence, I went for many years without realizing that I had been experiencing symptoms that were connected to this phenomena.

Surprisingly, when you live with certain symptoms for years your mind may experience them as your norm. It was only when mine became debilitating that I recognized that something was off, but I had been having these symptoms since childhood. As the symptoms became more overpowering and invasive I looked back over my life and saw that there were patterns, symptoms clustered together that finally made sense altogether.


After you have experienced these kinds of events you can never go back to being the same person, or the person you had thought you were. However, you can and will become better, more aware and a more conscious human being.

The most difficult aspect for Experiencers can be the way that your family and friends react to your situation and experiences. It can cause you to make efforts to be something you are not, like denial, in an effort to hold on to those relationships. Trust me when I say that this response cannot and/or does not work, either for your family and friends, or for your own mental and physical health.

While it can sting to realize that you can no longer relate to the people you love the way you have in the past; what is worse, is to lie to yourself and others, while you withhold acceptance for yourself and your experiences. This is a far more damaging response, than for you to choose to be open about your experiences. You may be shocked  and surprised, as I was, to find that many more people than I had thought were very open to accepting these kinds of paranormal events and experiences.

You are certainly not alone here, ever!

I use the word acceptance and not resignation, because as you become more and more aware of the meaning behind these events, you enter into life in a new way. This new life you find yourself in, is incredible. Every second you live you are more alive than you had ever known was even possible. After these events and prior to waking up to these memories, you realize that you were not really alive.

I would not lie here. There were many times, years ago, where I felt some resignation as to what was happening in my life. That is, I harbored resentment at having to go through these experiences alone, without truly understanding what was happening. I hope that this website can change those feelings for some of you.

Except for Maharishi and Gyaltrul Rinpoche, whom I knew understood these anomalous, paranormal experiences, because of the lectures and teachings they shared with me publicly and privately. Of course, neither one of those amazing people had English as a first language. When I studied with them I knew that these phenomenal experiences were never the point of evolution or consciousness, except as it made you more aware, more compassionate and more respectful of all life.

The teachers I studied with would never speak of these things openly, because in their culture it is considered bragging. Within both of these other cultures bragging is a sign of bad character, ignorance, arrogance and not at all permissible. You would especially, never speak of those things to your teacher, as his/her time is too precious to waste talking about yourself, ever! You see they were Enlightened Beings and they saw me as I now see others, from the inside out.

Further, there are many things you cannot really learn from someone else. You have to find your own way and you must keep letting go and working to honor and respect your heart, your life and ignore what others think of you. Then, in time you become the person you were meant to be, not a product of your culture, your habitual patterns or your biology.

Having shared and worked through the feelings that Experiencers/Alien Abductees go through for two decades, I have learned effective methods to integrate these experiences. The exploration of this phenomenon continues to lead us into an expanded sense of spiritual connection with dimensions considered to be outside accepted reality, outside our perceptual boxes.

When you reach this point your experience is liberating, peaceful, soft, and filled with profound love for all aspects of creation. It is a feeling of completion that comes with a sense of knowing, understanding and living in gratitude to all life and to those who walked this path before you. 

There is no reason why you and others can’t come to a place of peace within yourself, your soul and be in this world as who you truly are, without any feelings of needing to apologize for your unique and precious differences, to anyone, including your family. Nor is there a need to feel superior to others by creating another paradigm or religion, which is just more of the illusory world.

These ongoing experiences have led many to a deepening sense of ourselves as part of a vast and miraculous Universe, as well as our connection to each other and all creation. This growth and awareness always continues…..to evolve.

It is easy to feel insane, alone and apart from reality due to the lack of positive and supportive resources. This website was created in an attempt to reach out to others dealing with these issues from a place of compassion, regard and understanding. Our goal is to be a useful and supportive resource that is respectful and non-judgmental of all those who connect with us. 

Because of this, I do not address issues of Government/Military involvement or Conspiracy Theories. I do not see these Beings as malicious or here on Earth to meet an agenda that has been created in someone’s mind and then projected on others. Especially, I am unwilling to push aside my own knowledge and experience to consider any information as intelligent from people who have no real or concrete experience with these Beings.

Nor do I align with those who purport negative theories, while never having studied or developed their own minds, through scholarly or soulful works such as: experienced in the study of Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Religion, Medicine, Physics, Ethics, Mathematics, Neuroscience or Education (To name just a few) that is relevant to understanding and comprehending the evolutionary consequences of CONTACT for all mankind; from the mere mention of these experiences and even more from those who experience these anomalous, paranormal events.

While I reserve the right on a personal level to accept or deny these theories, I choose to focus on the well-being of people associated with this phenomenon, their families, their friends and those clinicians who seek a supportive, authentic base to work from and with this phenomenon. 

I will continue working and updating this site with new information that I perceive useful and relevant. 

By, Joy S. Gilbert –  Alien Contact & Human Evolution