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As an Experiencer/Alien Abductee you may often feel overwhelmed with fears, emotions and feelings that seem to take you over. If so, you are probably an Empath. You may recognize that these feelings and thoughts do not essentially feel connected to your life experience. You may find yourself having feelings or moods that do not resonate with your temperament or character, as you know yourself.  Often times the development of empathic abilities come upon us while we are unaware. But as you develop the ability to observe your mind and behavior it becomes very clear that these thoughts and feelings are not your own, but seem to be coming from outside your mind, or your perceptual reality.  

I like to explain it, as if you are walking down the street and suddenly you feel an overpowering craving to eat dark chocolate. Now, in your own mind you know that you do not like dark chocolate. Instead, coming into your mind is your love of a nice milk chocolate with caramel bursting out of its center, as an inside filling.. But, for some reason your mind is flooded with desires for dark chocolate?  

Initially this awareness is very confusing until you look over your shoulder and see a young women standing in front of a chocolate shop and longingly looking at a silver tray filled to over flowing with rich, dark, chocolate truffles, in the foremost front of the window. 

You are probably an Empath.

Empathy is a product of our DNA. However, not everyone develops these abilities and there are also different degrees to which we each evolve out. Although, to some these exquisite abilities can feel very often, much like a curse. I believe that these abilities were meant to be a part of all human experience, not just a few. We all have the ability to know the feelings that exist inside another, because we are all a part of each other! We are all connected.

As an Empath, you are left with a feeling of amusement and humor at the magnificence of all these experiences that connect you to the world around you, that connect you to the feelings and thoughts of others.  In a moment, you recognize that experiencing other’s emotions and feelings is part of the human experience for you in every flash of a second. But, very few people take the time to realize where the thoughts that enter their mind are coming from and how they impact our physical and perceptual reality? 

As an Empath, if you can develop the ability to become aware of what energies and neural networks within your mental, physical and emotional bodies influence and even control your behavior, then your life really gets good. You are able to see beyond the experience into its potential value. You are able to transcend behaviors that were previously controlled and manipulated by others and your attachments to them along with those thought processes.  

In this place an Empath has the ability to recognize all the experiences they have and the experiences that are not yours lose their hold on you. Your life experience then shifts into a place of clarity, understanding and recognition. This is the recognition that you exist in a dynamic exchange of energy with everything else in the Universe.  

Sadly, we as Empaths or those who have not yet developed those aspects of themselves, are too often unaware of the things that control our mind, our emotions and our behavior. We are not always aware that WE have the ability within ourselves to alter our perception, determining our life experience for ourselves. Once you become aware of this, you are capable of true self-determination. Of course, we can never control how others may react to us or our perceptions of life. But, we can……. determine how we will experience the life we live with all the paradox and complexities that each life exists within.  

I believe that many of the paranormal experiences we each have are a part of the “field of consciousness”. These thoughts, feelings and perceptions pervade our mental and physical realities, coloring our ability to SEE what is truly happening. The moment we attach to one of those constructs,  perceptions or ideas we have already allowed someone else to determine our experience of that moment.  If we can watch what comes in and out of our minds and learn to only react to those things that are positive and life-sustaining, then we will create a powerfully, exquisite life for ourselves.

Instead of evolution and mental clarity, many humans have accepted cultural “habitual patterns” literally creating mental, emotional and physical stagnation, which become a way of life. In this state of consciousness we as a people and civilization do not evolve. However, I believe that since we have been taught and learned to attach to constructs that others in our culture have created for us, like wanting a new Mercedes, we clearly have the ability to learn how to overcome those precepts, attachments and impressions from the phenomenal world.  (And if you want you can still have that new Mercedes!)

These are the very attachments that essentially determine what we think, what we accept as real and ultimately our very life experience. 

We have the capacity within our neural network to learn and continue to evolve if we would only realize that “thinking” is not evolution. Knowledge in and of itself is without heart and soul exists in the world without wisdom. We have the capacity to bring the heart and soul back into the human experience by choosing it over habitual patterns and delusion.  We all have the ability to transcend duality; thereby SEEING beyond the phenomenal world and its expression of life on this planet. Empathy is a critical part of that evolution because it makes you aware and closer to every other sentient being in our Universe.

So what could this mean to each of us in the everyday living we all do? When you realize you are Empathic and that many of the experiences you have are coming from someone else’s experience or when you are manipulated into believing you want this or that, you are beginning to take control of your own evolution, which you have not only the right to do, but you have a responsibility. 

Anytime you identify yourself as your experience, it is difficult to determine where those feelings are coming from and it is even more difficult for an Empath.  This is where your ability in deductive reasoning becomes important for your conscious awareness. Sometimes, I just wait and watch to assess where certain feelings are coming from and I am always able to find the point of origin. Most of what we think has been taught to us. It is not always easy to assess where the feelings and emotions are coming from. But, generally they are coming from the “Field of consciousness”.  

If you are patient with yourself and willing to be vulnerable and open to the answers, they will come almost as fast as your mind creates the questions. 

At a certain point  as an Empath, after many years of being involved in paranormal experiences you begin to realize that there is a difference between what your own experience is and what others may be feeling and experiencing that you are picking up in your mind, body and emotions. You see….. your beautiful brain, nervous system and body is like an amazing radio station for all the energies coming into the Universe and going out into the Universe with incalculable speed and specificity. Your body has more atoms within your spinal column than there are known stars in the Universe. That is why it sometimes takes you a moment or two to SEE where those thoughts in your mind are really coming from. But you can develop the ability to SEE!

In the early stages of realizing you are an Empath, you cannot tell the difference between your thoughts and the people around you, until you take a moment, to gain clarity and feel the energy. So it is important to assess your true relationship to those thoughts and feelings. At this point it is really important to be patient and kind with yourself. Try to withhold any actions until you understand where your feelings and thoughts originate. It is important to determine whether what you are feeling is coming from an outside source or from a deep place within your own soul.  

Empaths are often Experiencers/Alien Abductees who have the ability to take on other people’s thoughts and energy. In the development of your abilities as an empathic entity you very often do this automatically. You want to make everyone happy and fulfill everyone’s desires and it becomes very difficult to say NO. But in order to maintain and evolve yourself it is very necessary that you take the appropriate measures to protect your life energy. Clearly, you realize that your life’s path has already been determined for you. It ends up being your destiny and if you have these gifts there is an imperative to learn how to allow these energies to pass through you. 

Many people do not realize that the definition of Enlightenment is to “Breath In Pain and Breath Out Joy”… Many people think Enlightenment is a way out….But, Enlightenment is a way in life and as such your experience on all levels expands exponentially. Empathy has always been a part of an evolved persons life experience. As you evolve you find that these psychic and Empathic abilities become natural states. If you open yourself to the Universe and allow it all to flow through you then you will have an easier time dealing with the consequences physical and emotional consequences of seeing all the things an Empathic person SEEs. 

In Enlightenment you find that it is as natural as breathing, to take on the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others as a way to cleanse those worlds. But, you do not hold them. Rather you allow those feelings and worlds to pass through you on into the Universe. You do not take it upon yourself to judge or determine the right or wrong of an experience. You just allow it to be what it is and it is that place where negative energies can lose their power. 

No matter how many years I have worked with energy and matter, I am always growing and evolving. I make certain that I live in a quite, peaceful environment with amazing beauty all around me. I avoid situations and circumstances where energies have the possibility to drain my life force.  I am consequently in a state of Ah….when I watch the process of each moment unfold. It is all so exquisite and incredible.  

For those who choose to take the road less traveled you will find it profoundly difficult and yet profoundly fulfilling, all at the same time.  

It may take a bit of time and energy to learn to observe your mind and to sort it all out. But, if you take the time to watch your mind and how it operates and persevere, there will be amazing knowledge there for you. These types of practices come with profound opportunities and understandings. You can easily practice these skills without ever interrupting any of your daily activities. You just watch your mind. This practice can bring great knowledge within your life experience, creating awareness and a comprehension of how the subconscious mind operates.

Further, practice can bring you profound understandings of what exists within your mind and what drives not just your behaviors but all human behavior, which are often habitual patterns perpetuated from an unconscious mind. This knowledge only comes from being aware of what is happening in your mind, body and soul. Only then, can you determine what your feelings and emotions are in relationship to your own life. 

Often times someone will be thinking a thought and maybe you are talking to them on the phone or standing next to someone in the market check-out and you begin to have thoughts passing through and you become aware that the thoughts in your mind are a departure from what you know of yourself. It is here that you may need to go into silence to assess where those thoughts and emotions are coming from? If you are unaware you may think they are your thoughts and you could even act on them.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people who speak of mind transference, or are even aware that these experiences occur. Nonetheless, these experiences are very powerful and thought transference is something that happens ALL THE TIME. Nor do most people seem to be aware of how each of us  is impacted by the consciousness of the people around us!                                                                        

As a Sensitive and Empath, like many abductees, I find it important to maintain my own space with only those people around me who work to create positive life experiences for themselves. I have created a beautiful environment with only those people who recognize the significance and importance of developing their consciousness. That is, those people who are willing to work on themselves, to overcome the attachments of the Ego and to see these paranormal, anomalous experiences as a part of our natural evolution.

I avoid social relationships that have no significant purpose and expend energy that serves no one. I spend the majority of my time researching, meditating, writing, traveling and doing only those things that feed my soul.

While there is always the desire within me to help others, we each of us have to determine what ways we can best serve others, while remaining in circumstances that do not compromise us, further. I find that the pollution within humanity exists within the minds of men and women who are rarely aware of their unconscious thoughts and feelings. What we see in the external world is a direct manifestation of the human collective consciousness.

When you are an Empath, initially you do not realize how vulnerable and open you are on all levels. In the beginning, I was not aware of how profoundly the thoughts of others affected my mind, my body, my health and my precious soul. Consequently, I needed to be aware of who was/is around me and why. Then, each of us need to guard our lives from people who take our precious life energy and do nothing of value with it.

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